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Could this possibly be the best platformer for the SNES? The difficulty paired with the level design make this hard to compare to anything else. Sonic need not apply.

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We get a thread like this every week

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Certainly better than the mediocre disappointment Super Mario World was, to me at least, even back then.

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>mfw my father rented this for me and my brother when we were younger
>mfw I had no fucking clue what was going on
>mfw I heard baby Mario scream for the first time

I recently downloaded the ROM and am thoroughly enjoying it.

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Are you old enough to remember the hype for super Mario for the snes? Ifor you were, I'd like to hear about it and how the hype did not meet its gameplay

Maybe I was young when it came out because I enjoyed it so much that I probably have beat it a few dozen times. Perhaps because I was your and retarded and I loved the simplicity.

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Level 6-1 and 6-4 almost made me rage quit

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>my face when

lrn2 use it correctly or don't use it at all

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Nope. Every other snes game is better.

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