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Terrible games that you loved as a kid.

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Never played it, but the other day I was reading this game was created by the guy who did Star Fox along with shiggy (Dylan Cuthbert or whatever).

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pick only one.

sure its not the greatest game ever, but its far from terrible. plus based Phil Hartman

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I should rephrase. When I was a kid I thought this was the best game ever. I tried it recently for the first time in years and I was kinda disappointed.

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If we're talking stuff like that then Glover is definitely my vote.

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...got shot... bad way to die... OH WELL, SEE YA!

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I played the hell out of that game.

I never beat it though. I remember I got stuck on some level that had circular things that spun and you had to climb on top of them.

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I never owned it. I'd always pester my mom to rent it from blockbuster, so I never beat it either.

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I never loved, or even liked, a terrible game. A terrible game might have had impressive sound and graphics but for me it's always been about the game play. Of course a lot of babies say games I like are terrible because the sound and graphics isn't to their taste and the game doesn't have 3 layers of deep meaningful fan imagined subplots. So I guess it's all subjective.

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but then again I still wouldn't call it terible, even though underage morons that haven't even played it or only played ten minutes of it seem to think it is.

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"Adding to the industry's woes was a glut of poor titles from hastily-financed startup companies. These games, combined with weak high-profile Atari 2600 games, such as Pac-Man and the video-game version of the 1982 hit movie E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, seriously damaged the reputation of the industry."


It's a shit game. You can play devil's advocate all you want while blaming young people but it's shit.

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you are a complete moron if you actually think it caused the crash, seriously.

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it's not playing the devils advocate, it's just that it's really NOT that bad of a game. The reason the game failed wasn't because it was horrible, but because at the time people didn't expect or understand a game that you actually had to sit down and devote a long time to learn how to play, people were more used to simplistic arcade shooters and pac-man like games. Even the adventure games of the time were more like interconnected minigames than what would be considered an adventure game now.

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If a deluge of horrible games saturating the market like E.T. (developed in 5 and a half weeks, great, unappreciated game right) didn't cause it, then what DID cause the game crash?

By the way I never said E.T. was solely responsible. However it certainly didn't help things.

I highly doubt it's as deep and misunderstood as you claim.

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Let me guess, you learned about ET for 2600 from AVGN.

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i was a teenager when i played wolverine's revenge and loved it, but it was critically panned

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I remember being really excited for it, but I don't think I ever actually got around to playing it.

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Nigga you best not be talking shit about Blasto. Based jetpack and white blaster.

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i just passed on this game at goodwill for 2.99

did i fuck up?

i also got crash 1, 2, bash, ctr and warped for 3.99 each, yellow stickers were half off that day.

oh and an INCREDIBLY MINT FFVII (greatest hits) for US$4.99

i've never played any ff before so i saw this as an omen to finally play it
then sell them for modest prices

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To this day I will say I enjoyed all three Gex games growing up and still like them today.

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I got this game as a birthday present. I never cared to play it much, but my father completed the game.

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Don't get me wrong. There's plenty of reasons I used to love it.
Oh my god, this.
For $2.99? Yeah, you fucked up.

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>For $2.99? Yeah, you fucked up.
i should have taken the entire lot but i didn't have much cash on me.
i passed on tomb raider 2, blasto, xfiles and then a bunch of shitty kids games.

i also got 3 original psx controllers (no sticks) and a official multitap for 2.99 each
and two ps2 controllers to use on my psx for 3.99 each
all clean and working too.

best goodwill trip in my life, they just got them in that morning.

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i played this in a local "comet" (britbong) store when they used to have 1 of every console out to play. i was fucking blown away.. that tim burton atmosphere, the music, pushing crates, tailspinning pumpkin enemies, the amazing visual style.. i got dragged out the store by my parents but when i identified the game i HAD to have it. i looked FUCKING EVERYWHERE for that game. every game store you can imagine, every supermarket game shelf..any place that did games.. i just couldn't find it. i even checked those "order a game over the phone" adverts in the back of playstation magazines.

then while visiting another town with my parents i saw it. i saw it in a 2nd hand VHS rental store, on the "ex rental games for sale" shelf. it had that familiar cracked case look with a half torn off price label, and several new price labels applied one on top of the other, hidden half revealed in a pile of old PS1 games i vaguely remember from poor magazine reviews.

i bought it. i loved it. couldn't get past the cargo ship level because it was such a hard game.. the open exploration, atmosphere, art style and feel of the game were amazing. it felt really unique.

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Gotta love Goodwill. I almost want to go today because of your post.
I played it as a rental when I was too young to remember what it was called, and just a couple years ago I finally found it and was ecstatic. So much fun.

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Sheep Raider RULES

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I wouldn't say it was terrible, just not very good. I still had a great time with it as a kid though.

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Most 2600 games are terrible

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E.T. was the straw that broke the camel's back. It wasn't the sole cause, but with how much of a high profile failure it was it ended up being the harbinger of the end.

>The reason the game failed wasn't because it was horrible, but because at the time people didn't expect or understand a game that you actually had to sit down and devote a long time to learn how to play

Did you just call E.T. deep and complex?

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Chester Cheetah's Wild Wild Quest.

Also Mort the Chicken.

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guys... mass effect called it

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I thought the real reason it failed was the fact some dumbasses made more carts than 2600's existed

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Ikari Warriors 2 kicked ass, especially with 2 players

game is awesome you schmuck.

*tips fedora*

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All atari games suck now.

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Played this a LOT with my cousins.

I feel sorry for the guy who made it because I don't think anyone ever bought the game.

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I didn't think there was anyone else out there that actually liked victory road. You are now my brother, shit is actually too good with the Advantage and being able to swtich turbo on and off actually makes the game control quiet well.

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Absolutely loved this game when I was a kid it wasn't till a few months ago that a friend explained how bad it really was.

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you let your friend tell you which games you should and shouldn't like?

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fucking ace game u made a poor choice in buddies

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I remember renting TRIII all the time as a kid and loving it. Decided to buy the entire collection off of GOG and holy shit these games have aged like milk. Back in the day I played it on the PS1 though so for all I know the PS version is better than the PC version.

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Doesn't have anything to do with it, I like plenty of bad games.

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Maybe Bug was shitty but I remember enjoying Bug Too very much

try that one, it's on PC if you have Pentium2/3 still lying around

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This. Maybe it's just me, but I tried playing this somewhat recently and the controls were just so fucking wonky I couldn't get anything done.

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The PS1 version controls like shit, I tried playing through the first one off the PSN and stopped because there was this one jump I just could not line up to make.

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I liked 3 a heck of a lot more than 2, but neither of them were anywhere near as good as the first game.

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Here's mine. Not a troll post. I loved this game as a kid and played the fuck out of it, but honestly the original version of FF is pretty terrible. It's grindy as all hell and full of glitches. I had two major game breaking ones, one in the final dungeon that made it take three tries just to actually finish it.

That said, some of the remakes especially the GBA one make it a much more solid game. Ditto for FFII, the Dawn of Souls version of which is legitimately fantastic. (if you like the SaGa leveling system)

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>The PS1 version controls like shit

How? It's very precise and only takes like two minutes to get used to it. Or is it too slow for you?

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A lot of people have issues with the original Tomb Raider control scheme because it is clunky and if you want to play it like a 3D action game you'd be disappointed. But it's basically Prince of Persia in 3D, and when looked at like that the control scheme works quite well.

I can't understand at all how anyone could get stuck not being able to make a jump though. Everything is basically a grid in those games, there was never a challenge in lining up a jump to where you want to go. Unless he was just stupid and got stuck trying to jump somewhere impossible and then gave up without finding the right path.

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I rented it once and hated it

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hey man i had that on the NES, and if i recall correctly its just a port of the nes game? i actually really love that game, played it loads as a kid but never completed it. gets a bit tricky trying to destroy ALL of the eggs every level. perhaps you would enjoy it more in colour on the nes.

as for my pick probs be monkey hero on the ps1. most people claim its a bad game that just ripped off link to the past. but i love it. definatly worth a shot to anyone reading this

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Sheeeeeit, i totally forgot about Firo & Klawd!

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agreed, altho its still better than ff4 tho imo

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>Loved this game as a kid because I loved LEGO

I watched some one playing it on Youtube recently and wow there's not much to it, guessing repetitiveness was ok back in the day.

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I played this one, Lego Racers, and the medieval lego game all the time.

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Ohh yeah, it's easily better than IV. IV is a pretty shit game when all's said and done. FFI is a good game with some broken shit.

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It's an empty island with great production cost for writing and sound design. I still think it's a pretty good game.

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I actually don't remember if this game was good or bad.

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Calling bullshit on this. E.T. was a shitty movie licensed game just like the vast majority of other shitty movie and TV licensed games. Did it singlehandedly cause the 80s video game crash? Of course not, but don't act like it's some under-appreciated gem.

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I was just going to post this. My uncle got a Saturn when I still had a SNES and I thought this game was amazing.

>> No.2244247

Thank you based /vr/ I forgot the name of this game.

>> No.2244250

Why the hell did you post it then

Klonoa is wonderful

>> No.2244256

nice b8
here's you're reply

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Jesus, sorry guys. I'm drunk and just posted it cause of nostalgia. I guess I'm gonna have to find it and play it again.

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The remake on Wii is really well done if you can't find the original at a good price.

>> No.2244898

I will honestly find that.

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there's a romhack or something that came out recently that fixes a lot of the broken things.
i can still enjoy the hell out of this game though.
it's just timeless to me.
on to the topic.
i remember playing the shit out of this game, it was so bad but i still played it constantly.

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This game. Son of a bitch, this game.

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haha my dad worked for broderbund for a while in the 90's. Totally forgot that it was even a thing until now.

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I had Ghostbusters for the NES. The stair climbing is obviously terrible.

But I liked the repetitive work of driving somewhere, catching ghosts, dropping them off at the HQ, and so on. It was relaxing compared to other NES games.

I'd play for a while, make some money, then when it was time to go to Zuul, I'd turn the game off.

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I used to rent this game a lot. I really fucking liked it at the time, thought it was awesome.

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I've played it some time age. Not as fun as I remember it. Pretty average but not terrible

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This fucking game. I got this as a christmas present and didn't even take it out of the plastic until 14 years later.

It was so bad it felt surreal.

>> No.2245097

I loved it as a kid and still do but it's complete garbage

>> No.2245326

Oh man, I forgot about this game.

>> No.2245381

When I was a kid I loved the Gameboy port of Street Fighter II. Now I realise that it wasn't such a good port even for Game Boy's standards (see other fighting games on GB like Killer Instinct and Battle Arena Toshiden to see what I mean).

I also liked The Amazing Spiderman for GB. After seeing AVGN's episode on crappy Spiderman games I was like "Eeeeeh? But it was a good game.". So after seeing the episode I downloaded the rom and played it again to realise how awful were the controls and the gameplay. And I was like "How the hell was I enjoying this crap.".

>> No.2245389

What's the point to play the original when the superior remake for Wii exists that fixes all the problems of the original? Don't get me wrong, I always loved the orginal before the Wii remake came out. But if I had to choose, I would definitely pick the remake.

>> No.2245413

>Deadly Towers
My nigga! I love that shitty game. And really, it's not that bad if you consider what it was trying to accomplish.

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blasto was great what you talkin about

pic related for me, oh and NAMCO museum

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This game is awesome, but it's agonizingly difficult.

>> No.2248639

FROGGER was boss, but like other anon said, difficult as hell. I don't think I made it very far. I never owned it, just rented.

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File: 164 KB, 600x603, Star%20Wars%20-%20Episode%20I%20-%20The%20Phantom%20Menace%20[U]%20[SLUS-00884]-front[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It could've been a great game but was ruined by bugs, bad controls, and ridiculous difficulty.

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Oh god, yes. To this day I never beat Maul. With cheats.

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To little anon from grandpa

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