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god tier psx games

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Oh man, I remember that Nitro Cart sucked dick and the OP one was fucking pro

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yh the ps1 crash games were good
they run out of ideas really quick on the ps2 tho
sucks really

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Nitro Cart was good.

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I commend Naughty Dog for moving onto new things before the series went stale but I would have loved for them to have done at least one Crash for the PS2

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well you already named the main one beside metal gear solid what else are we supposed to say

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If I have a ps3, is it worth buying a psx or ps2 to play my psx games on? (I bring up ps2 because there are a couple games i'm interested in there, but it's not a deal breaker.)

Do the ps1 games have higher-fi on original hardware? does it make a difference on a modern tv?

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God tier PS1 games:

>Resident Evil 2
>Resident Evil 3
>Final Fantasy VII
>Final Fantasy VIII (fuck you, I don't care what anyone thinks about it)
>Tomb Raider
>Crash Bandicoot 2
>Spyro the Dragon
>Need for Speed 3: Hot pursuit
>Twisted Metal 2
>Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2
>Tekken 3
>Silent Hill
>Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
>Tail Concerto
>Star Ocean 2
>Vagrant Story
>Xenogears (I even like the second half)
>R4: Ridge Racer Type 4
>Parasite Eve
>Parasite Eve 2
>Brave Fencer Musashi
>Street Fighter Alpha 3
>Metal Gear Solid

you are a faggot.

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You must have been a nintendo kid.

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Spyro 1 is my favorite platformer on psx, but it's super easy.

Croc on the other hand is sadistic, and might be the best hardcore 3d platformer ever made.

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posting best game

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this list +

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It is not god-tier at all but I so want it to be. Shame it has so many fucking problems.

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I actually consider Musashi to be more of an action-rpg than a platformer.

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Easily in my top 5 games.

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dat soundtrack

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Chrono fag here all day

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I only had the demo disk with a demo of this and loved it. I went to buy it recently because the demo was so fun and it's pretty expensive for a PS1 game, what the hell man

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PS1 games look nicer, and have shorter load times on PS3.

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Thanks man good to know. That saves me some money anyway. I wish they made a ps3 as nice as the ps2 slim though.

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PS2 is better for PS1 games anyway. It reduces load times, allows for faster input, and doesn't overheat to warrant the need to flip the console over.

And yes, a PS2 is a necessity.

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If you have a PS3 just don't ever bother getting a PS1 or PS2.

Theres a lot of benefits.
>1 console for 3 consoles. saving media unit space
>1 set of controllers for 3 consoles
>No need for multitaps

I only use my PS3 for PS1/PS2.

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Not to mention a delicious wireless controller.

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And lots of virtual memory card space.

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Ps3 can't play ps2, except for remakes/digital rereleases.

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You can if you have custom firmware.
This might be quite a recent development.

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Every halloween it's this and the sequel.

For the most part PS2 actually makes it look better. There are some games that have major problems on it though, like Xenogears. You may want to invest in a PS1 instead for these if you don't want to pay on PSN.

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Better not forget this motherfucker.

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>tfw the ending

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Tried out FF7 on my brother's PS3, it simply could not get the sound effects right, even some of the unofficial PC emulators do a better job.

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