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Anyone else here actually like the Water Temple?

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I did when I played through it again as an adult on the DStriple

I've come to realize I never used the map in Zelda as a kid because I was retarded

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I thought it was pretty clever actually, people just hate it because they played the game when they were like four

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It's my favorite temple in the game. I still don't fully understand why it's so infamous.

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There's a Dr. Slump anime?! I thought it was only a manga.

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I think there were several but I'm not entirely sure.

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It pissed me off in the original one since removing your boots was such a chore. But I replayed it on the 3DS and turning the iron boots into an item actually made it sort of enjoyable. It's a shame that Dark Link is a complete pushover when you know to not Z-target him and Morpha is still a little underwhelming.

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Wasn't there a rumor that 50% of it was meant for the Light Temple in an older build of OOT?

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I do.
I mean yeah, it's a little bit tedious changing the Iron Boots, but every other problem is due to player error and not faulty design, and it's got a really cool feel and design to it, much more structured than many other Temples.

The boss is fucking cancer though, get that shit out of my life Nintendo.

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I wouldn't be surprised given how much OoT, and many other Zeldas, get shuffled around and changed out during development.

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The music gives me goosebumps

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I am ashamed to say that twice I have played OoT and twice I got pissed at the water temple. Ended up quitting both times with the intentions of coming back and finishing it later.

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Do it. You still have a lot of game left.

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I do.
I never got why it reached internet meme status.

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It's no lie that the Water Temple can be difficult (though most of it is just tedious) at certain points. People have just exaggerated it to astronomical proportions.

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I, for one do like it.

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Someday. Don't actually own the game anymore. Wouldn't mind picking it back up again.

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I don't know about others. but the reason I had an issue with it was because I was constantly having to switch between boots, and the problem lies within the loading times for opening and closing the menu. It's a slow process. And it becomes a very tedious process.

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I never finished it.

Honestly, I never actually beat it. I put the game down for a while so I wouldn't get frustrated, then due to circumstances I wasn't able to play the game again.

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I thought that was the Spirit Temple? It would explain why there were so many reflection-based puzzles.

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its fine in the 3ds version

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That's because boots become a c-item.

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Annoying, but not impossible.

Pay attention to the torch placement and you'll be fine.

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The boots were the most painful part.

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As a Dungeon is kinda sucked, but the main puzzle gimmick was novel, the longshot was a sweet update, the Shadow Link fight is unparalleled and the Boss made both Link and fangirls wet.

also that chill as fuck tune


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and there's little lit-up paths to the places where you can change the water level

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It took 9-year-old me ages to beat it, but I liked The Water Temple. I didn't mind spending hours in it 'cause its atmosphere was a hell of a lot more relaxed than the other temples. I found that most of the other ones had this unsettling, foreboding atmosphere that made me want to finish them asap. I still get chills whenever I hear that goddamn Forest Temple theme.

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People tend to forget to get that key in the central pillar...you know, the one where the way is revealed when you rise the water inside the pilar.

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I like underwater levels AND sewer levels.

Spent a lot of time swimming as a kid.

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>I like underwater levels AND sewer levels.

You, Sir, are sick in the head and

>Spent a lot of time swimming as a kid.

after reading this, I am sickened and disgusted.

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I didnt like it but i never felt the need to sperg out over it for the past 15 years

Whenever i hear someone crying about the water temple this video pops into my head https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aSfQobvNQqg

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I do because I'm not a retard..

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I never understood why people called it "hard". Somewhat confusing, maybe. But far from hard.

Shadow Temple was harder.

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It's pretty good in any version but the 64

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>I like underwater levels AND sewer levels. Spent a lot of time swimming as a kid.
Same. I liked that "evil swimming pool" aesthetic of the Water Temple, and I've spent half my childhood in swimming pools.

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Apparently the Spirit Temple was 100% as it was intended.

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I really like the Chinese aesthetic. For just atmosphere, it's second only to the Forest Temple.

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it's my favorite temple due to it being atmospheric and having a kickass song

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There's two. The first one is called Dr. Slump: Arale-chan and the second just Dr. Slump.



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I liked it but it's definitely tedious.

The slight changes they made in the 3DS one make it way better.

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>Playing through OoT a some years back on an emulator
>Like a ten second delay between the menu opening tune playing and the menu actually opening
>"Well this is pretty annoying but I can deal with it, it's not like you have to open the menu all the time"
>get to the water temple

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I just love waterflow puzzles. In all games.

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