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Let's have a retro Konami thread.

Because you know, much like Capcom Konami is sitting on a huge heap of amazing licenses and doesn't do anything with them.

Let's reminisce about the stuff we loved.

Konami's fantastic Turtles games
Bayou Billy
Sunset Riders

And whatnot

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Don't forget Ultra games as well.

What about underrated/overlooked Konami games? I personally love Moai Kun on Famicom, it's a very solid puzzle platformer with a perfect difficulty curve.
If you know the game Toki Tori, they took a lot of "inspiration" from Moai Kun and nobody noticed.

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Goemon 1 for SNES is still my favorite of the bunch.

Probably because it was my first.

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Anyone else able to recognize old Konami titles by music alone?

I don't mean classic Konami themes. I mean the sound. They had a really unique soundchip that gave their games a tone like no other company had.

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is the Saturn Konami Antiques MSX Collection good?

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Metal... Gear?

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gradius 3 was one of my all time favs.

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>Bayou Billy
Fuck that game. Of course I'm extra butthurt about it because I traded my Mike Tyson's Punch-Out cart for it over summer vacation, but then next school year I never see him again and find out he and his mom moved.

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bayou billy? really? come on now


Rocket knight

Also for all the people saying goemon.. the games are great but the IP is pretty crappy

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the IP is pretty crappy

You could say the same for Mario

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A new 3D cartoony Goemon game would be interesting to see.

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>rocket knight adventures, contra hard corps, and castlevania bloodlines have NEVER EVER been rereleased on virtual console or on any sort of compilation/port

Why does konami hate their genesis games? Especially since rocket knight adventures is fucking GOAT and hard corps is best contra.

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Probably because of Treasure.

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The arcades yeah, they all had those cool "orchestras strikes". The SNES games are recognizable too because they all used similar/same soundfonts.

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although mario seems pretty normal nowadays the actual fantasy/lore of the series is far more interesting than goemon. Goemon is just cartoony feudal japan. pretty boring

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konami RPGs like

azure dreams
survival kids

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What's wrong with Bayou Billy? I thought it was fun.

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I adore the Parodius and Twinbee games. All of the games are full of love and super great fun.

It absolutely shits me that Konami took Parodius and turned it into the 3D-model fanservice tripe that is Otomedius. Like, jesus christ.

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I never followed the Otomoedius games. At all.
The only contact I had with them was the announcement in Konami's legendary E3 conference.

Are they that bad or just not as good as Parodius?

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They're bad games. Plain and simple.
It's basically Parodius but 1/4 as fun, the pleasing 2D art has been replaced by terrible 3D models and all the ships are "kawaii" personifications of other Konami games. I remember the arcade cabinets had you basically feeling up your "ship" for bonuses or something. Completely shameless.

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Seems like I didn't miss much then.

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>Konami is sitting on a huge heap of amazing licenses and doesn't do anything with them.
Shutting down every game development studio that wasn't KojiPro and the people who makes PES didn't really exactly help.

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It's a shame that these old series and IPs are rotting.

If they had just pushed them a little over the years, to ,at least, mantain a solid audience, it would have been benefecial or at least provide a bigger portfolio for Konami.

Now that they haven't done anything with their IPs in so long, a revival seems impossible and would be extremely costly. Since many newer gamers, pardon the use of the word, simply aren't familiar with older but great games.

And the same applies to Capcom.

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