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Hey let's talk about one of the most inconsistent add-ons ever, the Sega CD. We got some of the shittiest piles of FMV garbage ever to masquerade as games like Sewer Shark, Fahrenheit and Corpse Killer.

But on the other hand we got some of the best RPGs of the era like the Lunar games, Dark Wizard, Popful Mail, Shining Force CD and Vay. As well as some seriously beefed up ports such as Ecco the Dolphin, Earthworm Jim, Mickey Mania and Final Fight. Or The Misadventures of Flink that had a regular Genesis version but it was horribly edited down.

What a bizarre system this was! Post your thoughts, your memories. Your favorites and those games you regretted ever playing. I wasted far too much time beating Sewer Shark. I even had myself convinced it wasn't utter shit for a period of time

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I loved mine. Got it for Christmas the year it came out. The thing was also my first CD player as well. I remember playing the fuck out of Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective. It also came with a multi CD full of Genesis games, and a music sampler CD that added images to go along with the songs. My sister and I loved it and played the fuck out of it. Our favorite game to play together was The Adventures of Willy Beamish. It was a great day when we finally managed to beat it by putting our heads together. Aside from the RPGs you mentioned, I also loved the adventure games on the system, mainly Snatcher, Rise of the Dragon, the previously mentioned Beamish, and Mystery Mansion. I actually liked some of the FMV games, like Night Trap and Double Switch, too.

I loved the system, and Sega will always have a special place in my heart. I always seemed to love the Sega systems more, except when it came to SNES and Genesis. I still play my Saturn and Dreamcast regularly.

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A lot of the crappy FMV games are a good object lesson in why you don't break the fourth wall. I'm not sure if it was intentional on the part of developers thinking it would work to make an immersive experience, or just ignorance to basic directing of film. It's like a bunch of 12 year olds got their first recording software and made a bunch of fart noises like it was the most awesome thing ever, except the 12 year olds are 40 and awesome is "holy shit, games with huge ass movies!"

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I had one that I got from my grandpa's ex-GF a while ago. It had a Genesis, 32X, Sega CD and a ton of games. I really liked it, but I was a stupid kid so I traded a TON of games in to the video store for a little over 10 bucks and bought a used copy of Diablo. I sold the 32X on eBay, then made stupid move number 2 later when I gave the Genesis and Sega CD away to this poor little kid that lived down the street from me. His mom was a stupid alcoholic bitch so she probably pawned it before he could even figure how to hook the thing up. Oh well.

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The best game for the Sega CD, hands down:

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People laugh when I say it's my favorite fighter from that generation, but I don't care. I got so many hours of fun out of Eternal Champions CD with my fighting game bro.

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It`s not a bad game by any means. We played the cart version a lot. The grimdark atmosphere was pretty cool.

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System should have went the turbo cd route by making more enhanced ports..

I was in 2nd grade when sega cd came out and I wanted one so bad, even though I didn't have a genesis. I lived vicariously through magazines and Kris Kross was the popular thing at school, and the prospect of a Kris Kross game blew my fragile mind.

Another memory was Road Avenger, and going only off magazine articles I was lead to believe the game actually played as a cel shaded racer and not a QTE dragons lair clone. I was so damned impressed by those graphics thinking the whole game looked like pic related

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Also ffs Night Trap. Back when games didnt have ratings I was blown away by "adult" games.. There was one person who wrote into Gamepro named James Geiger and he submitted tips over the years for Night Trap and Snatcher, and in my head I assumed only kids read Gamepro, so somewhere out there was this badass kid whose parents let him play mature games, and it never crossed my mind that he could have been an adult.

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Never had one, but my friend did. Most of the games we played on it were pretty bad, but I did have a lot of fun with Ground Zero Texas though.

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i wish Popful Mail, Shining Force CD and all the shmups didn't cost an arm and a leg

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It's one of my favorite consoles and definitely the best and most supported add-on console ever made, here's a recommendation list that some anon made.

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thanks for this

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This is the saddest story of all time.

I remember renting Snatcher and Rise of the Dragon several times really wanted to get into them because the atmosphere was so cool but just never could. Something about adventure games has never done it for me.

I was in highschool when I got mine and it was because I really, really wanted to play Lunar Eternal Blue. Turns out it was well worth it, that game was awesome and there were tons of other that came along.

I'm kinda happy I passed on the 32X though.

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I totally forgot about Wing Commander until I looked at this. Ohh god the hours I wasted away playing that game.

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And the Image Of The Day Award goes to ...

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>and most supported add-on console ever made

In the west maybe...

Also I would pick Captain Tsubasa instead of Shadowrun which is a really mediocre game.

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Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Darkside is missing.

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How is Shadowrun on Sega CD? I'm a huge fan of the PnP version, and I played the fuck out of the SNES and Genesis games. Also, while not /vr/, Shadowrun Returns gets way too much flack. I know the base game left people feeling cheated, but once you add in the expansion along with a little fan mod from the workshop called Shadowrun Unlimited, lemme tell ya. You've got yourself right there the ultimate Shadowrun video game.

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>How is Shadowrun on Sega CD?
Comparatively crap.

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Why so? I heard it's kind of like a VN with shooting segments. I mean, is the story just that bad? What makes it so crappy?

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>How is Shadowrun on Sega CD?

IMHO it was really disappointing, it's clearly a rushed game that had potential at some point, but everything about it is flawed. The branching in missions just dissappears half way through the game, scenarios look completely dead and half-assed, and the less I talk about the combat the better.

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For me, the shoehorned animu presentation. It just doesn't fit Shadowrun at all.

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>shooting segments

No, it doesnt have shooting segments. The combat it's just like an SRPG but it uses dices too.

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>japan only games
>europe only games
>games that usually cost over $100(popful mail)

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Good thing the Sega CD didn't have any copyright protection, huh?

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go away emulatorfag

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YEAH! If you're not willing to pay exorbitant prices for rare, obscure games of dubious quality GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE

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I burn the isos and play on my console, what now?

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You fucking idiot. How did you get emulation out of that?

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I found Fahrenheit to be a decent FMV game
Had a very cheesy late night drama vibe to it.


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My sega cd model 1 is fucked. Kill me

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>tfw scared to strain your Sega CD until someone releases a flashcart adapter like for the Dreamcast

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I think I'm the only person in the world that likes some of these FMV games. Tomcat Alley for example was pretty excellent, it is the best example of an FMV game done correctly. It's cheesy as fuck, but totally entertaining. I enjoyed Ground Zero and Road Aveneger too, for the same reasons.

Sewer Shark got a bad rep, I had to own it. I managed to get my parents to buy me it for a birthday present, I was little at the time. I did actually manage to complete it, it's not that hard really. It is a good example of a bad FMV game in that it doesn't actually tell a story, it's still cheesy in a fun way but nothing really happens. It doesn't use the video technology to enhance immersion.

I still think the Sega CD was a wasted opportunity. The massive improvement CD's offered in terms of data storage were never utilised to it's maximum potential; so it became a gimmick. A shame really, considering the Mega Drive had the capability to produce full 3D games with out any additions. It's could have been something pretty spectacular. FMV's were just cheap to make I suppose.

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Fucken saved.

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>Snatcher on mega CD £150 - £190 on ebay.

>Pack of 50 R-CDs to burn ROM files £14.99

Same hardware used, same quality of game play.

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Anyone ever play jurassic park on this beast? I've been wanting to try it as I'm a huge JP fan but I've heard it's bad (I know it's a point and click but I'm fine with that)

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Sometimes they can be easy to fix, sometimes they can be a nightmare. It depends on which particular model you've got. If it's the one with the JVC laser you're fucked.

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I was going to say yes but then I remember it was actually cadillacs and dinosaurs that I played.

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