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What are some games with really fucking cool enemies? Pic related, it's from Brain Lord on the SNES.

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LOL. This is TEH Funnest enemeh.

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Really fucking cool and Brain Lord are two things I didn't think I'd ever hear in the same sentence.


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https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ghKiup9yJmM here you see some cool bosses its a mario hack but its nice to watch because u see bosses from many different retro games

Also my favorited bosses are in pic related game. i also liked the bosses from a link to the past

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good pick

my vote goes to toilet kids on pce, you fight flying dicks

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I love the RE enemy designs, particularly the boss enemies. You can tell that stuff like the G Birkin forms were inspired by the The Thing or the tyrants in general are practically the modern equivalent of Frankenstein.

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kid niki
Boss literally dropping F bombs

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Speaking of Kid Niki/Yanchamaru

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(A picture of the gnomes from Golden Axe)

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I like enemies that wield hammers.
Or in this case, a huge-ass meat tenderizer.