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Preferably canon pairings but anything goes. Let's talk about cute duos in retro games.

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Spyro x Elora and Bianca x Hunter were both so cute. It's a shame all the girls got fucked in the post trilogy games

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Lufia and the Hero are my favorite couple, but there doesn't seem to be too much artwork of them.

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Favorote FF couple.

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Best Spyro couple coming right through.

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Alex and Luna
Hiro and Lucia
Fei and Elly
Squall and Rinoa
Maxim and Selan
Zidane and Garnet
Cecil and Rosa
Locke and Celes
Justin and Feena
Crono and Marle
Serge and Kid

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They're overshadowed by Alex and Luna from Lunar, mainly because they're similar(blue haired childhood friend is really a reincarnated goddess who temporarily becomes an enemy).

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I always liked Ninten and Anna/Ness and Paula

It seems like they're really best friends who make each other better instead of just being romantically linked

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The thing that irked me the most about Spyro's designs is the fact that every character's official art was designed to look blocky as hell, possibly to make the PS1's graphics not seem to blocky.

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I don't even know why they bothered to give you the illusion of choice in this game. Bianca is the only choice. It still baffles me that they tagged on a titty monster in the DS version.

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Because titties.

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Julio and Chris from Legend of Heroes III: Shiroko Majo (White Witch).

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Titty monster is best wife.

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Any canon same sex couples? The only one I can think of is Hana and Rain from Fear Effect 2.

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Sure they're platonic, but Adol and Dogi are basically canon.

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Maybe Tony and Jeff from Earthbound?

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Spaz and Lori, before they were retconned into brother and sister.

N-no furfag

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So? I find it very neat that it was made this way.

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One of my favorite couples

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Debora's a pretty humorous choice. I'm doing another playthrough right now with her as my waifu and every other party chat has made me laugh so far.

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Which of Adol's bitches is that?

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That's Lufia, not Ys.

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I like to stir the pot

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I don't think Randi and Purim have ever shown any interest in each other, except maybe Purim showing jealousy towards Crissi. Most of the time she's obsessing over Dyluck.

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Gray was the best bachelor by far

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I actually had to go back and save Lala. HAL, the cruel bastards, had to make Lolo cry in the title screen because he couldn't save her, and poor me couldn't help as an eight year old. But I stuffed those baddies now that I'm older goddamnit. That shit nearly scarred me.

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If they're Ana and Ninten, yes.

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Legend of Spyro really should have had Bianca appear

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I don't know why I didn't become a furfag since I liked them so much.

Wait, Pinstripe has a canon gf?

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Zelda maybe link's boss but Marins are usually link's gf.

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Zelda never puts out. Marin does. The choice is obvious.

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In Japan Tawna left Crash for Pinstripe

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There's only one Marin though.

Personally I don't find any of the retro Zelda's romantically inclined to Link. Not Zelda 1, Sleeping Zelda, OOT Zelda, ALTTP Zelda.. They're friends, if that.

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Marin = Malon
not too much of a stretch there.

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No, they're separate characters. Malon is based on Marin but they're individuals. Also there's only been like two Malon

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Were this modifications made canon anywhere outside Japan? Even crash women are sluts, good god.

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Sleeping Zelda kisses him though

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I'm pretty sure "Tawna leaving Pinstripe" was mentioned in a defunct official site.

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*Tawna leaving Crash for Pinstripe
Either way, it was basically a way to get rid of her in the sequels.

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More of a love triangle than a couple.

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Not all kisses are romantic. Seriously, she woke up like 2 minutes ago she's not gonna be in love witj him.

It's a thank you kiss.

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I don't remember them showing any interest in each other, then again I only played the godawful GBA port.

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And they lived happily ever after

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Yeah technically they can wind up with other people, but it's hard. And the sequel indicated they wound up together.

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>Nintendo won't allow gay relationships in Animal Crossing.
>They are happy to ave Yoshi date a tranny.

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But it's canon.

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I already said "zelda" like they are all one character so it's pretty much assumed.

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What about platonic friendship pairings?

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Yoshi is a good boyfriend and doesn't care if his girlfriend is a trans woman.

Also you can't date in Animal Crossing nor does it really matter who the others date. The Lazy villagers are pretty gay anyway

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what the fuck is wrong with you

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>get embarrassed when there's only one bed to sleep in
>that scene in the snowy town right before the end of the game
Yes, they're a canon couple.

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The Claude + Precis was better, though. Similar interests, technological aptitude, etc. and moving forward.

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Wasn't in that town too where she confess that she knew from the beginning that her mother died in that dungeon but thanks to him she didn't give up on living?

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Do you think Rocky slayed that puss?

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Pete/Ann1, Pete/Ellen, Pete/Sara are the way to go.

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It was pretty traumatizing.

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>Maxim and Selan
>not Maxim and Tia

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That's correct, not her.

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Strange, I don't remember Maxim marrying, having a child, and dying with Tia.

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In the remake, Tia and Dekar become a couple.

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I don't really care about Animal Crossing, I just found it funny how they have a transgender character dating one of the main characters in their flagship series. It just seems really out of place for Nintendo.

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>Harvest Moon
>canon pairings

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It's technically canon if it can occur in the game and isn't contradicted by a sequel.

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