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The sticky doesn't have any recommended games. Does /vr/ have charts or lists for recommended games, the best games for each platform, like other boards have?

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Yes, I will dump what I have.

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I'm not aware of that, however if you also liked Final Fight, you should check Legend for the PS1.
While it was a PAL exclusive release, it still remains a great game.

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>aw yeah beat em up thre-

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I'm looking for recommendations in genre rather than platform

single-screen block puzzlan

anything in the vein of Sokoban, Goof Troop, Kickle Kubicle, Fire N Ice, Adventures of Lolo?

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I made this chart of NES games to try after playing the must play classics like Mario, Zelda and Mega Man everyone already knows about.

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pitman/catrap ?

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I have a link to this nes pack. It has some broken roms and translation patches in it, but aside from that it's pretty complete.


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>100 levels
Aww yiss, nigga, dis gon b gud. I'm not >>2193068, btw.

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vr could stand to do its own top 10 list for each retro console.

>the best games for each platform, like other boards have
So what's /tv/'s favorites?

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4/5 most of those games are OK.

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The game about nothing.

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thanks, trying catrap now
dat time rewind

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>no 1

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zipang on pc engine
solomons key

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Boxxle 2

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Atari games belong into the trash. There isn't a single game on the Atari that is worth playing nowadays.

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Boxxle 1 & 2
Mole Mania
Daedaleon Opus
- all for game boy

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Boxxle is Sôkoban

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Cheers fellas, not OP, but this is exactly what I've been looking for.

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What about we make some charts? I was thinking of making a multiplat chart of genres. Anyone with me?

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It needs some recommendations because I'm sick of people posting asking for what games they should play like I'm going to write a list of games for everyone

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Just report them, requests are against the rules. If it works for /a/ then it should for /vr/.

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