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Are the prices of N64 games ever going to get lower or will they keep rising? I'm interested in the games, but I'm not going to pay $40 for these babies. How long has it been this high?

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They have always been pricey and i would guess that the price can only rise,just get an everdrive 64 they arent that expensive.

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How's the emulation on that? I don't know a lot about emulators. Does it play just as good as the actual games?

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Its not an emulator its a cartridge that uses SD cards to load the rom,its the exact same thing as inserting a real cartridge the rom is still loaded into the system the same way,so its 100% perfect,i think about 2 games dont work and you have to use a patched banjo tooie rom to get that to work.

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Is there anything about this that's better than just emulating with a computer?

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Well its the real hardware and the real roms being loaded into the system,an emulator cant beat the real thing and also n64 emulation is shit.

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except it has 100% compatibility now

it's not emulating, every game works 100% the same way it would as if you put the cartridge in the system.
n64 emulation blows ass except the 1st party games

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I don't think the good N64 games ever really went below $20. Far as online sales go.
Still find it for around $20 though if you look.

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M8. Oot goes for like $150 in local shops, and I tried to pick up a snes copy of chrono trigger before I realized the three copies they had were all going for $249.

Sure getting the $20 range for games is ideal, but. Ideal doesn't happen all the time. You gotta hunt for deals.

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>chrono trigger
>near $300

I'm thankful every day I don't wake up in 3rd world.

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>Oot goes for like $150 in local shops
The only games I've seen at my local shop that get that high are Earthbound, Mega Man X3, and Wild Guns. The max I see N64 games go for there is $50.

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>high prices are a function if living in the 3rd world

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Are you saying it's not? I don't know of any 3rd world shithole not dealing with inflation.

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im saying things are more expensive in more developed country generally ya lol

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>things are more expensive in more developed country generally
You'd be wrong after adjusting currencies.

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wait so, if the average person from guinea comes to new york, and we adjust their currency, they are going to be able to buy things in new york?

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How old are you? Seriously?
You have no comprehension of how money works. Their money is worthless. If you convert USD to mud coins all you have is shit. Inflation doesn't magically go away with a change of currency. (legally anyway)

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>flash carts

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ok i guess i'll cancel my trip to india, everything is so expensive there

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If you're American it's not. Inflation in India wont affect you because the USD is worth so much... This board is going downhill fucking quick.

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>things are more expensive in chad than denmark

-an adult VR poster who fully understands money

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I remember when snes game were only 40 dollars. Those were the days.

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My god...
Maybe you should move to Chad? Everything is so cheap according to you? Actually fuck that. Any 3rd world country is a cheap Paradise!!! They're practically giving everything away! There's no rampant hunger, poverty, or healthcare issues. Everything's so fucking cheap, just buy that shit. What are you still doing in that 1st world country? Just ignore that open sewer.

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No way chad can keep their boko harum nightmare.

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It's soooo cheap though!
It's not like it costs those people multiple years of income just to get a TV or anything. They just get that for like a penny.