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SO after playing MG2 i can say its officially better than MGS1.
Not the best MG game but better than MGS1 as afar as actual game play goes.

You can say MG was original Zelda whit guns.
And MG2 was A Link to the Past whit guns.
MGS1 was basically almost like kojima sacrificed actual game play for more story.

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>Not the best MG game
Personally, I actually think it is. But of course everyone is entitled to their opinions.

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Personally my best MG game was MG3.
It had a perfect Story/Gameplay ratio.
It would be so amazing if MG2 had a remake.
But not a complete overhaul instead just a update to the 2d grafics and the move set of enemies and snake.
Especially bosses.
The game would have bean perfect if most bosses had more than just one attack.

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MGS was basically just a 3D remake of MG2. So many scenarios were copied over its ridiculous. The heat sensitive cards, the stairway battle, invisible dudes in the elevator, etc.

I can understand why people raved about MGS when it came out since they hadn't played MG2, but after having played both MG2 did it way better.

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I like it too, I finally sat down with it on the hd collection, it emcompasses all the metal gear cliches which I guess werent cliche at the time , I want to know everything and get Ready for V

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>MGS1 was basically almost like kojima sacrificed actual game play for more story.

As he did with the entire series since MGS1. Also I disagree. I think MG2 is the best Metal Gear game. Unlike so many others I don't see MGS series as a god tier story of gaming. All those cutscenes and it's overall story isn't even good. What a damn waste I say. The MGS games are average at best. MGS4 being a shit pile. MG1 was also good though.

I agree with your opinion of these games being Zelda with guns. Although the world exploration is more Metroid like.

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I don't think I've ever been more disappointed in a game than MGS4.

>this is it, this is the one that's going to tie up all those loose ends and reveal all the secrets
>finally get all the answers
>they're stupid as fuck
>feel like all those years invested in the series just went down the drain

Kojima needs to pull a "lol j/k", make it an alternate universe what-if, and do a true sequel to MGS2.

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Metal Gear Solid's story is fun, but you definitely have to ignore the details. So much stuff gets retconned because Kojima doesn't have any kind of overall plan for the story, he just makes it up as he goes along.

Also, to be fair, MGS4 was Kojima's attempt to kill MGS4. He was tired of working on it and wanted to move on to a new project. So if things look half-assed, it's because Kojima was trying to wrap up the storyline well enough that Konami wouldn't be able to make him produce another MGS game.

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>I want to know everything and get Ready for V

Only the general events of MG and MG2 are cannon; basically the stuff mentioned in the MGS manual and the events in MGS. Don't bother playing them for the story, 90% of it has been retconned.

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I suck so bad at MG2 it's not even funny. I got to the quicksand area and I had to stop because I kept dying. I don't even know how I made it that far because I couldn't stay hidden from the guards if I wanted to. Game is fucking brutal.

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You know things are in a sad state when a creator hates his own work enough to try to kill it off. It really showed too.

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Isn't Peace Walker going to be important? I haven't played it yet (PW) but it looks like V is the sequel to PW.

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I don't think he hated it, but I don't blame the guy for wanting to work on something different.

Imagine being known one thing your entire life. I think him putting his name on his work has helped him less than he would've liked, because now Hideo Kojima is the Metal Gear guy and if he wanted to do something different nobody would want it. "Make another Metal Gear!" He got death threats for crying out loud.

I would hate to be famous.

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I don't think he hates it, but I think he's burnt out. He's mentioned in an interview that he wants to do a game set in WWI starring Cobra Unit. It just seems like Kojima wanted to do something different after MGS2, and Konami was forcing him to make more MGS games. It's a shame, because the series could have been so much better had Kojima felt like putting some effort into it.

Now Snake is dead and Kojima managed to eat up those missing 10 years of Big Boss's life by putting him in another coma. There's not much of the story left for him to be involved in, and now he's moving on to Silent Hills. He's free of MGS, but now we're in an era where new IPs are few and far between because of massive development costs. Maybe it'll work out, but I just don't see Konami putting big budget behind a new IP, nor do I see Kojima being happy developing on low-investment platforms/portables. So I think the extent to which he can do something new and original is pretty limited now.

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MSX best version

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I would argue MGS1 copies just as much from MG1 as it did from MG2.

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Weren't all the MSX character portraits straight lifts from various movie actors?

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I'm not convinced Yozev Norden is Bob Hoskins. Everyone else is spot on though.

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I played through all the series with the "solid" titles and I've had the itch to play the original Metal Gears. Up to the tank boss fight in metal gear 1 and it's fairly mind numbing. Luckily enough all the rooms load into memory so you can abuse stocking up ammo on all types of weapons. Only boss I had legitimate trouble on was shootgunner but even that wasn't too bad.

Kinda feel Metal Gear 1 is the test bed for Metal Gear 2 and I'm bretty excited to move onto to second game. Just need to get passed the tank boss fight. terrible fucking idea placing mines in front of the tank while it takes chunks of health off you.

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Who were Holly White and Natasha Markova then?

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Holly White was modeled after Sgt. Nim from GUNHED (the movie, not the PCE game). I have no idea who Natasha Marcova, McDonnell Miller or Kio Marv are based on.

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>Ocelot did it
>Ocelot did it because Nanomachines

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MGS2 was so immensely stupid all around, that no sequel to it can tie it's loose ends in any sort of intelligent manner. Perhaps the best kind of sequel to somehting like MGS2 would be something like Team Fortress 2, stylistically speaking, because you simply can't take MGS seriously after you play the second fucking game.

Also, Ground Zeroes shows that Kojima is quickly going further down in his retardation. That shit was so patently awful, I was awe-fucking-struck. As a film, I mean. As a game, it was rather decent, if derivative.

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Then it's a good thing it's not a film.

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I agree with you, though I also love MGS2 and Ghost Babel. MG2's biggest problem is some of the backtracking. The boss fights could be better, too, but they're not bad.
>MGS2 was so immensely stupid all around, that no sequel to it can tie it's loose ends
That's not stupid. That was the point of the game. That was its intention. It made the game interesting. I can understand why you didn't like it, but that's what the game was going for and it succeeded at it. MGS2 has some of the best game play in the series, too.

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>MGS2 has some of the best game play in the series, too.
Definitely in agreement about this.

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I actually just started playing MG2 myself
I wanted to get into the Metal Gear series so I decided to start at the beginning and finished the first Metal Gear yesterday.
So far it was one of the best 8-bit games I've had the pleasure of playing
Right now I in the game (MG2) I've just been told to look/wait for the female spy in the women's bathroom and as for as I can tell this might be the best 8-bit game I've ever played, and that's coming from someone that's played and beaten most of the popular/worthwhile NES as well as a few Master Game System games.

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>Also, Ground Zeroes shows that Kojima is quickly going further down in his retardation. That shit was so patently awful, I was awe-fucking-struck. As a film, I mean. As a game, it was rather decent, if derivative.
What's wrong with GZ's plot? It seems pretty sensible compared to MGS4 and PW.

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be more specific
what bit in particular did you silike?

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Only after playing MGS1, MGS2 and MGS3 (on their respective consoles and at the time they were released) that I decided to have a look at the beginning of the series. I agree with you, although I probably haven't played as much 8-bit games as you, this's one of my favorite and most pleasuring 8-bit games too, if not one of my favorites of all time.

In fact, the MG's of MSX were the reason why I started emulating games. At first I was only searching my way on how to do it with an emulator for the MSX but it ended in addiction afterwards, leaving me with a 166GB folder named "Emulators"...

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>SO after playing MG2 i can say its officially better than MGS1.
welcome to the club.

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That's why i have a headcanon for MG. MGS was simply the end of Snake's saga, he gets the girl, or the nerd , and has to live without knowing when he will die, but it's fine, because nobody else knows when they're going to die too, living life to the fullest, just as Naomi advised him. The other games just being fun "what if" scenarios.

Yeah, it's sad, but so is MGS4, and not in the way it was meant to be.

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I don't think a better sequel to MGS2 could be done. It never needed or demanded a sequel to begin with.

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