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What's the best usb controller to play emulated games ? Mostly for NES SNES Genesis.

Something that's of nice quality/price and with responsible controls, preferably.

(sorry i'm french)

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Get an USB adapter and use the pad of your liking (NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, N64 etc). It's the cheapest solution, they only cost a couple of bucks.

Personally I use a PS2 pad

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And I deduct that PS2 pads will work with many consoles on many emulators ? Do you prefer one peculiar product and/or emulator ?

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The cheapest solution is something you already have. A keyboard is the most obvious choice in that regard.

There is no best. It's all a matter of personal preference and how you plan to use it.
An arcade stick is an option if you're willing to spend lots of money.

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Not him, but I use a first party PS2 controller w/ a mayflash adapter. The adapter is ridiculously cheap (less than $2), supports two controllers, and works well. The only issue is it doesn't support rumble which isn't really a problem in my eyes.

I've heard great things about the PS4 controller too.

Also this: >>2162447
Use what you know and like and get an adapter for it. They're by in large pretty cheap. I recommend a controller you can use for most everything with varying configs rather than a controller for specific emulators. For NES, SNES, and Genesis, PSx should be fine unless you absolutely need a 6 button controller for some Genesis game. N64 emulation is a bit weird with pretty much any non-N64 controller and I tend to use genre or game sepecific configs for it.

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Amazon.it has a SNES USB controller that looks just like the real deal for just 7 euros. I think Amazon.fr might have it. At worst you'll have to pay like 4 extra Euros.


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I enjoy the Play Sega! USB Saturn controllers - they feel responsive and the buttons feel sturdy. The only -small- negative is that the d-pad can feel a little mushy. But that is a small gripe and in general the controller is more than satisfactory. The controllers should not be expensive.

I do not know what type you would want for a more SNES-style layout. People tell me that if you really love the SNES layout, a Wii Classic Controller Pro (or a Wii U Pro Controller) with a USB adapter is a safe bet.

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I just put down my Saitek P2500 to get on the internet

I've dropped this thing so many times and it still works after all these years, well the rumble is dead but I don't even remember that ever working

My only complaints are not enough shoulder buttons. I use 5 and 6 as select and start buttons and I like it I think controllers should start doing that and I would say that the analog sticks are kind of weak and flimsy, as I wish they had some sort of drag to them, but they've taken plenty of falls and random shit putting weight on them and still have a sturdy as hell stand, they go back in place no matter what.

Not too freakin bad, this thing keeps me putting off another controller or controller PC adapters, particularly a Gamecube PC adapter

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I tried like every 3rd party program to get my DS3 to work with emulators, and motionjoy was the only one that worked at all

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Well enjoy your malware.
Better DS3 should be alright but XInput wrapper is the best.

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Was pretty happy with my may flash Wii classic controller adapter until ground zeroes came out and used more buttons than its got. Just received the ps2-usb hub I ordered. It's got rumble but doesn't have pressure sensitivity so you have to push the button all the way down to register

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I just use a PS3 controller.
Seems to work pretty good for most games.
Some controllers with different layouts (i.e. Sega Genesis, Saturn, N64) might have to have layouts adjusted per game depending on the game, but for the most part, it's alright.

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>doesn't have pressure sensitivity so you have to push the button all the way down to register
PS2 controllers had that? I never really thought about it, but I didn't think that most controllers had this although I always pressed harder on racing games aside from the Gamecube's triggers.

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>sorry i'm french

You should be sorry!

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I think Playstations retained it. Dunno how far. Xbox had it, but since hardly anyone used it, they dropped it for 360.

So quick question:
Even with Bluetooth support, PS controllers still need 3rd party software? They don't show up as generic HID gamepads?

I've usually use 360 pads, but I'm just looking at Bluetooth options for a tablet.

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>buffalo controller
stop with this meme please

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I've never used one but I don't think I've ever heard legitimately bad things about Buffalo controllers.

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The Wii U Pro is the best out there as far as I'm concerned. It doesn't take long at all to get used to the layout.

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Looked into it now, controllers with pressure sensitive buttons:
>Dreamcast: Triggers only
>DS2/3: All buttons except R/L3, Start, Select
>Xbox: All buttons except R/L3, Start, Select
>Gamecube: Triggers only well, sort of. It functioned more as one button when you pushed it down slightly and a second when you pushed it down fully - don't think there was really any inbetween.

This seems to be it for 1st party controllers, correct me if I'm wrong.
It was a good idea, wonder why it was discontinued.

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File: 81 KB, 400x292, Wii-U-Pro-Controller[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

...do you actually mean Wii U Pro and not Wii Classic Pro?
I feel like it'd be really weird having the face buttons below the second analog stick.

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PS4 controller is new master race.
Feels better then Xbox360, works on PC, works on PS4, battery life isn't great but its easy enough to charge.

It just feels... good. Although I haven't tried the Xbox One, I feel like this is getting damn close to a perfect controller.

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It's a little weird at first but I just think it's overall the more comfortable controller.

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It's not a bad idea but it seems to be a feature that didn't get used a whole lot.

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Doesn't it take too long to go from the analog stick to what is B and Y on that controller? I feel like those are the two most commonly used buttons in most games and having the joystick so far away seems annoying.

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Were did you purchase that?

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Are there any kind of inpu lag with those? I am tempted to get one which has two gamecube ports.

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I remember Sega selling it through their website a few years ago.

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Gamecube triggers were pressure sensitive too before the final *click*. You can see it in Sky Crawlers for Wii or R: Racing for GameCube. Also, Mario Sunshine.

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Anyone have some good recommendations for a 6-button gamepad?

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So pic related is what you play on? I've been considering buying one of these for my PC fighting games and whatnot, how close to the official Saturn pads do they feel? I'm mainly concerned about how accurate the dpad feels.

They look super legit, I heard something on gamefags about them not really being made by Sega, however I don't know how true that is. I don't really care either as long as it's solid.

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In my experience, they are very solid. It is a breeze to play older games on them.

One of my controllers has a bit of a faulty d-pad that sometimes stops working (I need to open it up and see if something's going on), but I give the controller high marks in nearly every respect - especially price, since the "official" sega usb is loads expensive.

I think I do....

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Also speaking of Saturn pads, how many of you guys have ever tried something like this?

Is all you have to do is chop the wires and solder the console plug in of your choice on?

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Awesome, thanks anon. I'm gonna go ahead and buy it then, it's like 15 bucks on ebay so if you're giving it a 9/10 I think 15 dollars isn't much to spare for the small margin of error there with the dpad.

I'm sure whatever is wrong with yours can't be fixed by popping it open, jostling some things around, and putting it back together. You wouldn't believe how many times that method has worked for me.

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File: 1.70 MB, 3627x3438, sls_controller.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They're all shit tier counterfeits. Get your hands on a SLS controller. Those shitty knockoffs use really shitty plastic & the molds are not exact.

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i didnt post that, but why? i got a buffalo SNES controller and its amazing. i like it more then the original controller

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None on ebay. Suggest possible search queries? I just put in "usb saturn controller" "usb sega saturn controller" "sls saturn controller" "sls usb controller" but no dice. I'd reckon searching on amazon would only be more difficult.

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They pop up from time to time, got mine on ebay for a score because the putz selling it didn't know what he had. and he got pissed when I let him know just how much i appreciated his stupidity. trolololol

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I have the official release of the Saturn's and it's even better than the original. If you're really into those 3 systems just get a replica of each controller from eBay. They cost next to nothing.

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That's a PS2 version, is it as good as the official Saturn SLS USB pads? Those things are fucking rare now. I should have bought more than one when they were everywhere on ebay for 10-ish bucks.

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Hahaha nice anon! I did try one more combination of the terms and found one really amazing one, but I totally don't care to spend the money on it. But if I was rich...


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I hook up a real 6-button Genesis one to a USB port. Can't get much better than that.

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They're SLS, so yes. The SLS controllers are almost equal to the original Saturn controllers. ALMOST. The plastic is still a little feaker, the microswitches are still not the same and the molding is not as textured, but it feels & performs equal. Of which those shitty knockoffs do not.

The SLS controllers usually average 70-150, depending on condition. There's be more relisted, there always are.

If you really want to take a chance, buy a real Sega Saturn controller and one of those shitty knockoffs. The PCB will fit right inside the real controller. But, I'll warn you right now. The new contract pads from the knockoff USB controller will NOT work in the official molding. Well, it'll 'work', but not right. They're designed for the counterfeit molding, which as mentioned is not the same. And you should swap the microswitches. As the clone trigger molding is slightly different. If done right, you could have a cheap USB Saturn controller for under 20 bucks.

Problem is, just how well does the USB logic chip compare to the ones used in a licensed controller. Remember, we're talking about shitty chinese controllers, that cost practically nothing. Not exactly the kind you expect good things from. That is something I cannot answer. I gave the one I created to a friend because I scored that SLS controller on the cheap and did not need the franken-controller any longer.

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I'm surprised to hear that the builds are different. I bought a saturn over the summer and while I didn't end up getting to play it as much as planned, I didn't find much of a difference between multiple type 2 pads and the USB pad I have.

The 3D Pad is tits though, I wish I could use it on the Dreamcast without it turning into a racing wheel.

You're right about the horrible nature of the knockoffs though. Mine I got for 7 bucks and it's sitting disassembled in a pile right now, waiting for me to finish a mod to make it into a Pop'n Music controller for my PC.

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Man, why would you ever want to use a gamepad for any fighting game? I almost refuse to play any fighting game without an arcade stick. It's one of those peripherals I need to buy when I get serious playing fighters on my consoles. It's probably due to the fact that I grew up at the arcades where I was most competitive.

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It's the next best thing man. If that Play Sega pad is decent enough for me to play when I've got the time, so be it.

I'd honestly like to build my own fight stick, just don't know where to start or what to do or how to do it, etc. That'd be a good thread to start.

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The first arcade stick I ever got was this SNES Champion Stick I found at a used toy store for $15-20. I bought it with the intention of using it on my Saturn, so what I did was I bought a cheap Saturn gamepad, took it apart, then soldered the connectors to the switches. I took out the START and SELECT buttons and placed them next to the others by making new holes so I had a 2x4 panel layout. I didn't have spare buttons, so I ghetto rigged it by just having the START switch poking out from the old START hole.

Although the stick was pretty light, it performed like a dream. I spent countless hours practicing VF2, DOA and other fighters.

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Yeah if you take the real & SLS controller and torque them in the opposite ways, you can tell the SLS molding is still inferior to the real deal. And the tactile feel of the bumps is noticeable. But neither of these factors is worse than those shitty knockoffs. SLS owns those pieces of shit.

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I have a super advantage as well and I really really like it. Whenever I play Street Fighter 2 I play on that, and I must say it did really give me an edge. I wish the stick was a little bit more buttery though, sometimes it feels a little stiff, although I perform well with it. Might spray some dubyuh dee in there and see if that helps some.

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>Champion Stick
I had one and wasn't impressed with it. I hated that it had one of those cheap joysticks with the floating cube attached to it. And thought the buttons could use less travel too.

>> No.2169321

SEGA could make a mint selling Saturn pads if they'd start again.

>> No.2169340

actually get a mas stick instead of that championship garbage. with an mc cthulhu you can use it on basically anything relevant (except 360 but you can padhack it if you need to)

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Bought some of those Chinese Nes, Snes and 64 controllers the other week. They came yesterday. Holy fuck are they shit. Get an adapter and the original things OP, tust us.

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Unfortunately at this point they're nothing more than a shell company pumping out shitty Sonic titles. I'd mistake them for SNK, had they been bought out by Koreans.

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What about all their arcade exclusive titles and stuff like Chain Chronicle?

>> No.2169587

>arcade exclusives
and where does one find an 'arcade' outside Japan? the arcade business is deader than japan's console market.

>Chain Chronicle
you really play that freemium weaboo shit? have fun paying hundreds of dollars leveling.

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I use a PS3 controller, works awesome including wireless using the XInput Wrapper that makes the games think it's a 360 pad

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Stop being a faggot.

iBuffalo is pretty much the best goddamn USB variant of the SNES controller, and it's not worn out like most old SNES controllers are.

I bought two of the things for dirt cheap and I couldn't be happier.
>Pic related, mine.

I've been eyeballing trading up my wired 360 controller for a XBone one. Hnng...

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street fighter X tekken pad

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Hi, I bought the Chinese replica about three years ago. I'm not aware how the original Japanese release fairs, however I'm very satisfied with my purchase. It is very well made and I have no issues with the response, the build quality or anything whatsoever.
Sega stopped making those usb gamepads, and the Chinese factory kept the blueprints so they continue to manufacture by themselves. They're not the same gamepads as some other companies have unsuccessfully tried to copy Sega's usb controllers, you should be aware of that.
In any case, stay away from the "official" white shite they released a few years ago.

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You can imagine my disappointment when I got a Classic Controller Pro for Christmas and realized my USB thing I got from Mayflash years back no longer works.

PS4 controller is absolutely fucking god tier for everything except N64 and Genesis though so I don't mind too much. My only complaint is bad positioning for the start and select buttons thanks to the silly touchpad. Come on, who actually uses that shit? I can't even use it to control the mouse properly because it's too sensitive and you'll move the cursor while trying to click.

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DS3 was cool for a while, until it stopped working... forever...

My old laptop did Motioninjoy no problems until the laptop died.

My wife's Asus would not boot Motionjoy at all, so I looked up a decent YouTube video for an alternative that worked for a while. All of my emulators played flawlessly with DS3.

My PC then decied I was having too much fun playing on something that wasn't my keyboard and refused to recognize DS3 with no warnings at all. Uninstalling and redownloading all of my drivers did not work. This was some months ago. After a few hours of tinkering and fiddling, I went back to the ol' keyboard. But the months of DS3 I got were unbelievably sweet.

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I bought pair of USB SNES clones from aliexpress
~10 each
Also bought NES and N64 usb ones.

Works fine so far

>> No.2171371

I've been using a Logitech F510 for at least 2 years now. The d-pad isn't my favorite, but I've never had a single problem with it. Dual Shock layout is perfect for emulating just about every platform other than N64.

That XBone controller looks sexy though

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Yeah the Buffalo pads are great. Good quality low price, what's the problem?

>> No.2171407

The comparison picture was made by an autistic atheist.

>> No.2171521

The comparison picture is pretty much spot on if you ask me. The only changes I would make are moving the 360 controller up to OK Tier (yes the dpad sucks, but it's an otherwise solid controller; most games use the analog stick anyway), moving the Wii Classic Controller up to Good Tier, and moving the Buffalo pads down to Good Tier because let's face it, the original NES and SNES pads are not comfortable to hold for extended periods of time. You can get as nostalgic as you want, but don't try to tell me holding an NES/SNES controller is comfortable, because it's just fucking not.

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>tfw no usb sls at super potato

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I have one of those. It's awful for fighting games, the d-pad is a lot spongier and pushed out than a real Saturn pad on mine.
that being said, it's been fine for other kinds of games

I bought a Mayflash Saturn/PS/N64->USB box and used it with a real JP Saturn pad. Works great.

>> No.2171674

>hurr gamepad is meme
I hope you didn't expect to be taken seriously, cumguzzler. Buffalo gamepad is far better constructed than any other SNES clone controller. They even got the rubberized start and select right. The only better alternative is to get an adapter, and even then only if your SNES controllers are still in good shape. Mine are getting a bit worn down.

>shit tier
Nigga what. Sure, they look cheesy at first. I own 2 wired Microsoft 360 pads, and one madcatz pad. After relatively equal use among all 3, both Microsoft pads are going to shit, bumpers not working, analog stick got loose and wobbly. The madcatz is in perfect shape, analog sticks are tight as fuck. And funny enough, the D-pad is a far better design that on Microsoft's own 360 pad anyway.

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>and it's not worn out like most old SNES controllers are
hey faggot, you ever hear of a 'repair kit'?

>> No.2172224

>hurr I would rather buy an adapter and a repair kit then just buy the USB controller
How much money do you really think you save?

>> No.2172240

It's more expensive to buy the adapter and repair kit then it is to just buy a USB controller,

The adapter only makes sense if you already have a SNES controller anyway, and I don't because I skipped from NES to N64

>> No.2172274

I will never understand why people consider logitech controllers as bad for retro gaming. I own one and I prefer to use it over DS3.

>> No.2172337

you try betterds3?

>> No.2172342

Depends on the size of your hands.
As a kid, the SNES pad felt great.

Ogres need to gittiny

>> No.2172387

Xbox One controller is pretty good, it is a far improvement from the previous one that sucked.

>> No.2172471

The 360 controller was perfect except for the D-pad.

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File: 819 KB, 2122x2372, xboxdpad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Even the dpad is not that bad, IF you mod it. While I generally use my dualshocks for emulation, I actually prefer to use my 360 controller for AM2R. Which is optimized for it. But simply being optimized wouldn't be enough to sway me, without the dpad fix.

>> No.2173414

I'm still happy with my Dualshock 2 controller.
It could be somewhat bigger though, I don't have a girls hands anymore.

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Thinking about buying a model 2 saturn controller since I only have the original western controller and the 3D controller.

I hear that some model 2s are more fragile than others? Not sure what to get, between the white, gray, and black versions.

>> No.2173437

the only japanese style controllers that were bad were the original batch of controllers sega released in japan. after which sega switched from a plastic dpad cross to a nylon one. in other words all us & euro pads are fine.

>> No.2173441

I'd be buying from a japanese seller though, since the american ones are expensive.

Is there a way to differentiate the original batch vs the rest? Like, are the white ones original and gray was later?

>> No.2173446

You can't tell them apart from color alone, the good model comes in grey too. Just avoid HSS-0101 that's the shit model.


>> No.2173447

I find that the dpad is still located awkwardly for playing retro games, to push to the right isn't comfortable. I'd rather use a keyboard than use that dpad. Maybe I have japanese hands though.

>> No.2173456

all the jap models are HSS0101 though. That article says both versions use the same model number even though the innards are different.

honestly is it imperative for me to have one? I might just be hyped into buying one from all the talk of best controller ever. The 3D pad is great anyway. Or is it REALLY that much better?

>> No.2173460

could have swore there were two model codes on jap models.had a jap model myself, that I bought as 'junk', for the shell and didn't have any problems. don't own a nights controller, so I can't say which I'd rather use. but I've used the original us controller and the dpad sucked ass. as did those triggers. wait til a cheap us controller gets listed on ebay, if you're that worried.

>> No.2173463 [DELETED] 

>emulated games
You pretend that you are playing it or what?

>> No.2173464

too obvious

>> No.2174167

It's hype. The JP Saturn pads are uncomfortable because they are flat controllers. Ergonomically, they are a step above the SNES pads, but below the US Saturn pads. I couldn't stand to use one for more than a short while. Personally, I liked the 3D pad the best.

But of course, it's all subjective. Maybe you won't mind the flatness. And on a retro gaming board, no one is going to say "Stop adding to your collection!"

>> No.2174182

i use a tomee snes usb controller
no problems with it yet and i like that it has the indented x and y buttons like original controllers

cheaper unbranded controllers seem to have problems with dpads being shitty, this one is pretty nice.

i was using a logitech ps3 gamepad clone but i'm switching exclusively to this because i threw the ps3 clone against the wall and broke it

>> No.2174204

>but below the US saturn pads

you mean the model 1 or the model 2? From my understanding, the US model 2 is *almost* the same as the jap controller, but slightly larger.

>> No.2174275

Model 1. The D-pad is weird, but the controller feels better in hand.

>> No.2175283

I have huge hands and the japanese saturn controller fits in my hands just fine. Sounds like you don't know how to hold a controller or you've got arthritis & it's time to sell your collection.

>> No.2175289

The "model 2" controller IS the same controller as japan's. There is no physical size difference. Whomever told you there is, is an idiot.

>> No.2175304

Are Logitech really that bad? I've had a Rumblepad 2 since 2005 and its been great

>> No.2175557


>> No.2175571


get this

>> No.2175572

I use a ds3. Awesome d-pad and everything retro werks.

>> No.2175607


link to buy

>> No.2175718

I use the classic wii controller that looks like a modern snes controller for my retro games. The shoulder buttons are the only real problem. And well, the sticks are somewhat of a problem too. There aren't needed at all but nintendo has the worst analog nipples and I hate that I can't click them. I would much prefer if they weren't there at all but they aren't really a problem although I wish I could click them for relaxation.

>> No.2177836

Logitech is just a punching bag for neckbeards. Like many brands, they make a fair amount of shit, as well as a fair amount of quality. Read reviews and do research before you buy and you'll be fine. Some people buy the cheapest possible version of something, and then get all surprised that it lacks that high quality feel.

>> No.2177907



>> No.2178491

Yes. They are terrible for controllers.

>> No.2180380

Logitech makes great budget priced flightsticks, and their gameboard (G13) is one of the best out there. Their keyboards are good, and their A/V stuff is decent.

But their controllers are pretty mediocre compared to some of the greats that have come out since.

>> No.2180468

I like the Logitech F310. It's about $15 on eBay and it works as both a 360 controller and an old xinput-style controller, so it basically works for every game out there. Decent enough quality too.

>> No.2181513

I actually got myself a PDP Versus Pad recently for stuff that just doesn't quite feel right on arcade stick.

They're like $10 on Amazon, and it's pretty much the best controller I've ever had. Feels fucking amazing

>> No.2181536

>PDP Versus Pad
that pad actually gets a lot of heat. far more than that piece of shit madcatz fightpad.

>> No.2181552

not to mention it works on a PS3 as well

Dungeon Explorer works amazingly for this

>> No.2181723

It's mainly just been durability complaints. Apparently these things break on people.

>> No.2181784

I've got one of these. The thumbsticks are not bad, not bad at all.

>> No.2181906

They have deadzones tho.

>> No.2182179

I use a buffalo USB she's pad. Less than 20 US dollars with shipping.

>> No.2182872

I use a Buffalo SNES pad and it's pretty awesome, works like a charm

>> No.2183178

I just bought a Buffalo, /vr/. I hope you're right.

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