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Can we have a thread about the styling of retro consoles and controllers. What retro console do you find the most aesthetically pleasing? What console is the ugliest?

The Dreamcast is the most visually appealing in my opinion.

The Saturn being the ugliest console.

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I enjoy the PS1's controller, which I guess is pretty much the same for that console in the following generations.

I haven't played many consoles, but I thought the N64 had a bad controller.

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>The Saturn being the ugliest console

I was ready to contribute to this thread but that cut me right to the core.

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>The Saturn being the ugliest console.
The Saturn is lovely, especially the japanese models.

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that one is ugly, grey is an ugly color. White or die.

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Black or White man, no grey middle ground

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>dat radar stealth shape
>dat flowchart

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Nah, grey is great.

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>dat hideous mutant joystick dpad

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>Saturn being the ugliest console

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>The Saturn being the ugliest console.

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I wouldn't say the Saturn was the ugliest, but hey, it's your opinion. If we're talking sega, the Genny 3 and SG-1000 mk II were way uglier, and the Dreamcast isn't nearly as sexy as a Model 1 Genesis with a model 1 Sega CD underneath. That shit is 90s tech at its most stylish. Second goes to the Master System
>>2159037 hit the nail on the head.

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Dreamcast isn't /vr/

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Read the rules.

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wow man, really?

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It's just a big ugly mess of a box.

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I think the PSOne and Dreamcast look really nice. Many, many retro consoles were unfortunate enough to be colored an ugly dark gray, or shaped like bulky VCRs. Funnily enough, the xbone looks like a VCR to me. I actually thought it was one on my friend's shelf.

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Is it me or does the Euroshitter SNES look a lot better than the Amerifat version? As an American, I was always jealous

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While it's not perfect, I actually really like the Dreamcast controller. I'm really not sure what it is exactly.
Certainly not the joystick or d-pad. While I don't mind either of them, there's easily better. The joystick was particularly odd. I want to dislike it, but it just feels nice and snappy. The damn cord has to be bent 100% of the time you're using the controller though.

I guess I really like the handles of it. They seem like they'd be uncomfortable, but it's actually really great. I don't think I've ever been upset about it when actually using it. I like the flat top too - sometimes I'll just rest my index finger on it and press right trigger with my middle finger yes, only for my right hand. Again, size seems like it'd be an issue but I never notice when I'm using it.

I wish there was a second set of shoulder buttons, but these ones horizontal like RB/LB on newer controllers, and a second joystick. The d-pad is fine where it is, and frankly I don't care enough about d-pads to say how it'd be improved. Maybe just make it smaller height-wise, it just sticks out too much. Of course, the VMUs are largely unimportant so maybe that whole thing would be different, but eh, it adds flavor.

I realize after I finished writing this this is minimally about aesthetics. I think the controller is kinda ugly, but the console looks great.
Also, I was going to just pick a picture of a guy holding a controller but then I found this and knew it was meant to be

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Everything about the original PS1's aesthetic design including the controller was generic, generic but functional. PSOne brightened the mood up a bit with it's brighter grey and small form factor but I still prefer the grey block that was the original model. The design of the original controller was perfect up until the DualShock was introduced which really set the standard for what I look for in controllers.

The N64 and accessories were and are still ugly, plain and simple. The controller was the ugliest thing about all of it. While the software was awesome, I tended to overlooked N64 related stuff because I could not stand the controller and every alternative they sold in stores I knew about were even worse abominations. The design Hori went with for their N64 controller was perfection and what Nintendo should have aimed for in the first place; I am happy with the GameCube controller by the way.

There are no complaints about the Dreamcast console design and it does not stand out anywhere you put it. This console's stock controller is another abomination that I could not stand at the time but unlike the N64, the Dreamcast had third party controllers that were a notch better design wise even though they had terrible build quality right under being cheap to replace; go for Mad Catz if you are ever in need of temporary Dreamcast controller replacements.

I really love the entire design of the Sega Genesis with the headphone jack and volume control on the front. I did not get to use the original Genesis controllers because we traded them in at a used game store for a pair of arcade sticks. The arcade stick itself was badass because it was heavy enough that it planted itself onto the table and did not move around while playing crazy stuff like Contra.

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That pic is super cute. I don't know why.

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Why does everybody like to bash the N64 controller so much? I actually enjoyed the whole multiple-grips thing about it so you'd have good grip with the stick in pistol-grip without sacrificing good grip for the D-pad. The stick plain sucked ass though.

Pistol-grip feels pretty cool in shooters too, especially if you do that whole dual-controller thing for Goldeneye.

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See, I never disliked the N64 controller, but nothing about it stood out as great. The best part about it was how it felt when you held it, but still other controllers did that better.
The analog stick was prone to wearing out, the buttons were fine but the C-buttons were often underutilized or confusing (at least for me) speaking of which, it's technically a 6 button controller although I imagine not many people think of it as one. Why weren't there more non-wrestling fighters for N64? and the triggers were fine.
I did really like Z though as opposed to L.

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I can understand why people would like that middle handle for shooters but I never found it comfortable in my hands. I emulate the N64 with a DS3 these days and games that use D-pad for functions feel a lot better now. The few games that let you map looking to C-buttons feel comfortable as hell now.

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>The Saturn being the ugliest console.

I hope you get aids and catch fire

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>Korra fag
>tumblr gif

yeah that's all that needs to be said about your shitty sense of taste

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Yeah the first model Genesis was amazing looking. Circular top with gloss ring and power light. Sleek front and a selector power switch, head phone jack with vertical slider. Reminded me of audio equipment.

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A Dreamcast controller with bumpers and another stick would give you a largish 360 controller - which makes sense, since Sega worked with Microsoft on the original Xbox controllers.

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See, that's what I was thinking but isn't the D-pad actually bad, or is that just 360?
I remember disliking the Xbox controller, but I was also much younger then and had smaller hands.

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Cause it fucking sucks. I mean, how fucking hard would it have been to take the time to prototype the damn analog stick to fit on the same side as the digital dpad?

Sony managed to do it in a year. Not sure how long it took Sega to get their saturn controller out, but it's the comfiest on the planet to this day.

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That's the one. You knew you were about to play something badass when you hooked it up into the living room tv. Even though most games looked crude and gritty compared to their SNES counterparts, that black background and Sega logo at each bootup set the mood for me.

I remember abusing the reset button in Sonic the Hedgehog for the emeralds. I know for a fact it worked in the first two games but in 3 you just had to get debug mode using the Sound codes which was in a hidden menu that you had to cheat.

>First Zone Act 1 is easy 50 rings
>complete it and jump into giant ring
>complete bonus stage and get emerald
>press reset button when second zone starts
>start game with the first emerald you got
>rinse and repeat until you get all 6 [i believe]

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I did this too, except using the level select code in sonic 1.
Then I did the level select one last time and went straight to the final zone. Good times.

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>my boner when first model Mega Drive with PBC
Almost as good looking as the Master System itself.

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I think I like the Model 2 Mega Drive better that the first but both are very good looking. I love the Dreamcast, I feel it looks regularly okay on pictures but when you hold it it's pure beauty because of the compactness and the curves. Another very nice console is the japanese PC Engine (with CD addon as well). If I think about an ugly one I suppose that would be the Nintendo 64. I don't like its curves, the "circle-feet", its koala face... I'm allright with the controllers. The original NES is not very exciting, unlike the jap/eur SNES which is quite elegant and it's a pretty timeless design. Tje Saturn looks generic and the PSX to some extent.

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As a personal second a Sega full tower.

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I wish the 32X looked half as good as the PBC.

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The full Genesis set looks better with the model 2 Genesis and CD though because of the 32X.

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>looks at pic

Men, I like Sega as much as you all, but that monster is a thing of shame.

>not shown
>wire spaghetti
>power consumption bill

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as much as I appreciate my power base converter works with it, it just doesn't look very good plugged into my CDX.

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The 32x just fucks up the aesthetics completely its a shower of shit .

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Nothing looks good on the CDX. Not even the CDX.

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>power consumption bill
>probably uses less power altogether than any given post-2000 console

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>>probably uses less power altogether than any given post-2000 console

I guess that justifies it and totally makes it alright then, huh?

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Eeerm ... yes. There's really no point in complaining about an entertainment device that makes less of a difference on your power bill than a fucking light bulb.

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>There's really no point in complaining about an entertainment device that makes less of a difference on your power bill

>than a fucking light bulb.

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>white or die
are you a woman?

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They had no choice, they're not leds or circuitry that you can simply power up feeding from the main branch through some pins. Although it would be nice if someone actually made a custom AC adapter which grabbed power for all three in a fashionable way.

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>Although it would be nice if someone actually made a custom AC adapter which grabbed power for all three in a fashionable way.

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I dont THINK thats WHAT he MEANT


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>someone requesting pictures
>everyone only directing him to a website
>that's 404 now
Forum culture, I swear to Christ.

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These things exist.
They are useful.

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I feel like the Dreamcast controller was the most ergonomically correct that I've played, but the lack of secondary; it just felt like you have a solid grip on the thing.

With that said, I do find it a bit too heavy, the direction pad is a bit wonky, like Xbox 360-inaccurate and it could have used a second thumbstick.

As far as practicality goes, the PS2 controller was a fantastic design.

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Funnily enough, there was a Sega branded power splitter in the USA (just a rebrand of some other plug), because at the times electronics were not as common and many people didn't have enough power plugs.

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The The PS1 controller wasn't generic. It was pretty trailblazing when it came out. It just feels generic because Sony hasn't really changed the overall design in over 20 years.

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>Sega worked with Microsoft on the original Xbox controllers.

Source for this or I'm calling bullshit. Microsoft had a long line of PC controllers before the Xbox came out, look up the Sidewinder gamepad series. They had shoulder triggers too (I think they were buttons only, but shaped as triggers).

As far as I know, they only learned the business practices from Sega during the DC era, and then later Sega talked about making the Xbox DC compatible but it fell through because it would've made the Xbox more expensive to make (they sold it at a $100 loss for years).

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You should try the Saturn 3D controller, the one the Dreamcast was based on. It's better in every way except the VMU.
I don't know where I'd fit a second thumbstick if I had to improve that design though.

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>they sold it at a $100 loss for years
Wasn't that AFTER the Nvidia dispute?

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>caring about style
Holy fuck, kids.

Grow up.

I could play a fucking ugly brick if its games were great.

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>Wasn't that AFTER the Nvidia dispute?

Dunno, all I remember is right at the launch where it was reported that they are selling each console at a $100 loss, but it's cool cause it's Microsoft and they can afford it.

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You realize you can still appreciate things that look nice, right? I don't think anyone here is saying x is best/worst because of it's aesthetics...

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I don't give a crap how something looks unless the look is the entire fucking point of the object, which in game consoles (AND IN GAMES FUCKING NUGAMER FILTH KIDS ON /v/) it's not.

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So you wouldn't want a new one if your SNES looked like this but was completely functional?

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I always found the PC Engine insanely beautiful while its western version quite ugly.
But the ugliest to me is the Jaguar, it really looks awful

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Ugliest? easy.

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Every single console would instantly be improved with the addition of wood panelling.

Prove me wrong.

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How does one do that to a SNES?
Yeah, the Super famicom is superior.
Europe got lucky that time.

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I can't prove you wrong, anon, I can't :\

>> No.2160676

I have no idea, found the pic on Google.
Although, there's a big chunk of plastic missing in the back of my N64 where the power pak plugs in.
Again, no idea how that even happened. Noticed a rattling in it and some point and eventually found out it was loose plastic from that.

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File: 93 KB, 1024x682, Dark_Wood_PS3_SuperSlim_1_1024x1024.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Holy shit you're right.

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Dat dirt doe.

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Well, I don't feel as revolted by my SNES any more.

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Dude, you're lights red. You got to keep that SNES charged.

>> No.2160712

forgove me anon :\

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Model 1 Megadrive is my favorite, but I do love the model one master system as well.

US SNES is the ugliest. Dreamcast is my least favorite controller.

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It was because the plugs were fucking huge and people couldn't fit them side by side into a standard multitap.

>> No.2160774

fucking zubat.

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i know it's not really a console but goddamn is it effay

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If I'm a PALfag that values aesthetic as much as practicality, is getting a SFC a better idea than a US SNES?
I will need a stepdown adapter.

>> No.2160848

Well, it technically is a cosole

>> No.2160851

I went down the SFC route because of superior aesthetics ,you dont need a step down converter because it doesnt have an internal PSU,a UK power adapter will work.

But both the US and SFC are the exact same system under the plastic shell,no difference at all.

>> No.2160858

>because it doesnt have an internal PSU,a UK power adapter will work
Well that's good news. Though I'll need to use money on an adapter to play US SNES game right? My 日本語 isn't good enough for JRPGs.

>> No.2160871

Probably not. One mistake and it could be non-functional.

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Yes just buy something like this

Or ideally get a SD2SNES and say goodbye to switching carts out.

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File: 4.00 MB, 4608x3456, IMG_1197.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

from the guy you replied to with your question:
yeah. get a SFC. It's really the better look that you got.
Or, get a US SNES if its cheaper and put it's motherboard in a PAL SNES case!

Only thing with the SFC is that the controller cables are shorter than yours and ours in 'Murica.

But if you genuinely think this looks better, by all means get one. I'd probably trade a USA SNES shell for a super famicom/european SNES one.

>> No.2160882

from the guy you replied to with your question:
yeah. get a SFC. It's really the better look that you got.
Or, get a US SNES if its cheaper and put it's motherboard in a PAL SNES case!

Only thing with the SFC is that the controller cables are shorter than yours and ours in 'Murica.

But if you genuinely think this looks better, by all means get one. I'd probably trade a USA SNES shell for a super famicom/european SNES one.

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>Only thing with the SFC is that the controller cables are shorter than yours and ours in 'Murica
Don't the PAL controllers work on a SFC? They look practically identical.

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sorry I reposted mine because picked bad image, and posted again without the image :\

Yeah, they'll be compatible.
the SNES controller cables are just a lot longer.

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I know it's your opinion but you're wrong.

>> No.2160895

Yes,you can get controller extension leads though.

>> No.2160901

Thanks for the help.
I'll still read around on the power adapter compatibility, however, because I'm getting some mixed info from a local SFC seller that PAL AC adapters would in incompatible due to alternating current. Finland and UK share almost identical grids aside from the actual plugs, correct? I'd rather not fry the system.

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File: 1.99 MB, 4305x2865, nes-box.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yeah; here's a big ugly mess of a box.

But it's an awesome big ugly mess of a box.

>> No.2160908

Can you get a picture of the back of your SNES's power adapter?

I'd like to see what it's rated for.

If it's rated how I think it is it will work. But you should NEVER plug a NES adapter into a SNES. Only a SNES one.

The american and european NES use alternating current at approx. 9 volts, where the japanese famicom and super famicom don't have the circuitry inside to convert that to DC. American and European NESes have that circuitry, but I know american SNESes don't and I don't think euro ones do either.

If you can get a pic of your SNES power supply I can tell for sure.

(if I can read the text anyway)

>> No.2160912

Hmm i might have given you some bad info ,what i actually use on my SFC is one of those multiplug things with multiple tips/voltages and its DC but you got to be careful that you have the polarity right when you use those.

>> No.2160942

you can use a pal NES adapter for a pal SNES.

>> No.2160943

I'm not this guy.

>> No.2160949

yeah, looked it up. you're right

DO NOT power a SFC with a european SNES adapter. It uses 9VAC like the european SNES/american NES.

Get a DC adapter between 7VDC and 12VDC (inclusive) and use it. Make sure the negative connection is on the TIP.
(an easy way is indeed the swappable tip. That's how I power my famicom.)

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File: 3.59 MB, 375x346, 1416259467291.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>but you got to be careful that you have the polarity right when you use those
I have a few of those, but I'd rather not use them out of trauma. I think I fucked up a 32x by messing up the polarity.

Alright, this cleared it up. I fucking hate this AC power bullshit.

Thanks everyone for the help.

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File: 235 KB, 922x1382, proper-fc-power.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's my solution to getting the polarity wrong.

I think it's clever!

>> No.2161183

Nah dude the Xbox controller was a tweaked DC controller. There was a lot of collaboration between the two companies in Sega's Hardware division's dying days.

>> No.2161438

Grey is a very nice color for obscuring dust.

>> No.2161446

I heard that they didn't want people putting drinks on their console, spilling them, and breaking the machine; that was apparently an issue with the NES. I'm still not sure why they went with gray/purple, when black/orange would be cool looking.

>> No.2161459
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>MFW I have the same power supply

>> No.2161482

>dreamcast best looking
>saturn worst looking

But the DC pretty much looks like a small white saturn. They're very similar. Even the DC controller is basically a white 3D controller with 2 fewer buttons and a hole for VMUs

ugliest retro console is probably the NES. Of course, it was pretty much designed to look boring and ugly like a tape player, so whatever.
ugliest non-retro console would have to be the original xbox

>> No.2161507

Master System has the best look. It's just ultra sharp looking, and like it's so much more serious than it is.
Best controller by aesthetic is probably the 2600 joystick or the Dualshock 1. Depends on what you're going for.

>> No.2161513

I really wish more consoles were front loading, just so I could stack them. Except I prefer top loaders for old disc-based systems because it's easier for a tray mechanism to fail.

>> No.2161807

All my functional consoles are top loaders. It's really annoying because my two broken front loaders I have packed away. Oh well, it's not like I was making use of that space anyways.

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File: 258 KB, 1400x1050, odyssey_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bland looking hardware, but totally kick-ass box art.

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File: 154 KB, 1024x768, Master System II.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

which one?

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I think the N64 looks good with a matching black controller.

>> No.2162002

Black is always the better look for consoles.

>> No.2162023

I realised the dreamcast is like this monster done pretty.

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File: 787 KB, 1080x720, PSO-WHITE-022.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the console itself looks simple and clean

the controller is a mistake and an embarrassment

genesis looks good too, simple and clean, not a box but a unique design that isn't too loud

again, the controller is a fisher price batarang

PS1 is the best fucking idea to this day. I love it to death. It's the perfect form factor for disc consoles

controller is okay I honestly like one third party controller the most, it's thin like a snes pad where the grips are practically in the way

I never saw a top loading nes but I like the idea and game gear is hilariously bad hey let me play my handheld gaming log

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Too bad the controllers packaged with N64s never fucking matched the console. I have no clue what the fuck Nintendo were thinking.

>> No.2162306

Go back to /v/

>> No.2162338

The All-Father.

>> No.2162360

No one is gonna say the master system 2 is better at anything.

>> No.2162369


The Master System 2 is good looking and compact, but it can't be better anything since it's shit.

>> No.2162527
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They both have two buttons on the front and four controller ports.... but what else is even similar?

The Dreamcast is fairly uniformly square but the N64 has all these curves and things that make it not uniform at all. There's practically nothing similar except that they're both consoles and the controllers come to a point.

>> No.2162552


Mine was smoke, with a smoke controller.

>> No.2162656

>The Master System 2 is good looking
Not really. I mean it's not especially ugly but it's hardly good looking.

>> No.2162694

its aimed at children; children do not like to share. in retrospect it was probably a pretty smart idea on their behalf to do that

>> No.2162712

>Why does everybody like to bash the N64 controller? /I/ like it, so everyone else is supposed to, too!

Your opinion isn't one shared by a majority. Stop whining about it.

I always thought the N64 console looked nice and sleek. I like the compactness of the JP/EU Super Nintendo/Famicom, though I have absolutely no qualms with the NA model.

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