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Hey guys, can we have a Dreamcast thread? I have a question regarding burning games onto CDs to use, since they're so hard to come by now. I picked up some blank discs, but it turned out that they're CD-RWs, so I'm not sure if they'll work. Should I just go back to the store and see if they have CD-Rs or will these work?

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I'm pretty sure it needs to be CD-R. I just got a stack at Target the other day for like 20 bucks

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I think the original xbox was the only console that can run games from a cd-rw

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Dont think cd-rw will work.

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>onto CDs to use, since they're so hard to come by now.
I guess not living in the states has it's benefits then, you can pick stacks of 200 CD-R pretty much anywhere for about the equivalent of 2 or 3 bucks in south America.

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you can get a shit ton in America for nothing too. I don't know where these nigs are shopping

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I have about 100 burnt CDs for my dreamcast since the good old days and all of them are CD-R. If you are planing on burning some ISOs try to find a good tutorial, I remember you need to setup some stuff for those to work properly.

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The Saturn can as well.

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I was talking about Dreamcast games, not CD-Rs...

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CD-RW's will not work. Don't buy CD's at a brick and mortar store. Every brand has different qualities of media that they use. Everything you'll find in Electronic, Office Supply, and Department stores is going to be made in either China or Taiwan. I've had bad luck with almost all of them and thought it was my burner that was the problem. Memorex, Maxell, and most Verbatim discs are all garbage. (I've heard Verbatim Azo discs are good but you won't find them in B&M stores)

Go to ebay and buy a 100 pack of JVC/Taiyo Yuden CD-R's. It shouldn't run you more than $28 if you buy them in plastic wrap instead of a cake box. I haven't had a single disc that wouldn't play. I know people who have had cheap discs work perfectly but I've had nothing but coasters with them. You're much better off buying media that's been proven to work the best over the years. They work great for PS1 and Sega CD games as well.

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>CD-RW's will not work.
Why's that? I'm sure they are less likely to be read correctly because they are rubbish like that, no aruguments. But if you burn a closed single session disc it'll contain the exact same filesystem and data as you would write on a normal disc. I think it's quite possible they may work, though I wouldn't advise it.

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dreamcast is the only /vr/ console I own

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