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Nintendo 64 Thread?
Nintendo 64 Thread.

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Make one post per game and you'll still be nowhere near the bump limit

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It hurts because it's true.
Posting for Beetle Adventure Racing

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Man, I fucking loved this game. No idea how I got it. Why I got it. Or who I played it with.
Went into a game store some time ago and this was listed at a higher price than Perfect Dark. No idea why.

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what rpgs did the 64 have other than quest 64?

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Paper mario.
That's it I think.

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oh yeah I forgot about that one, I keep forgetting thousand year door and the first paper mario are different games.

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I loved the n64 and never had one as a kid.
I just wish they had used better carts or something else.
The hardware was there to put up a good fight to the psx but the size limitations held it back.

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There's also Ogre Battle 64 (strategy RPG), which is a really excellent game, and one other, The Aidyn Chronicles, which is a more traditional RPG that wasn't recieved very well, but I've never played it.

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Tactics Ogre (kind of)
Super Robo Taisen spirits
Super Robo Taisen 64
Fushigi no Dungeon: Furai no Shiren 2
Nushi Tsuri 64 (legend of the river/sea king series in US i think)

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I wonder if that emulates very well

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This monstruosity:


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I have an N64, and I wish I had an N64DD. The thing definitely had potential.
There was also a SM64 DD...

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Hybrid Heaven might fall under the RPG category.

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oh lol Im gonna play that

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You wouldn't rather play a FPS? Maybe a 3D platformer?

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no I normally only play fps when my big brother asks so Im ok with that plus im in the middle of doom 64 and 3d platformers are hard on the 64

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A great FPS game for N64 is Turok.
Doom 64 isn't bad, but it isn't good either.

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I love this meme

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sure is fun moving at 10fps while seeing only two feet ahead of you drenched in thick fog

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First one sucked. Turok 2, however, was the tits.

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>get N64 at launch
>play the shit out of mario 64
>play the shit out of every game that comes out
>as a good teenager, be very much into RPGs
>waiting for zelda
>play the shit out of goemon
>waiting for zelda
>play quest 64
>waiting for zelda
>start to get annoyed
>sell N64, get a PS
I never regretted it, but I missed Perfect Dark, both Zelda games, Smash Bros and some others.
Feels somewhat bad.

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The first Goemon.

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>play Goemon
>sell N64


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Yhea, back in the day when JRPG were the shit the Nitnendo 64 did suffer from the lack of JRPG, i even have friends who changed they Nintendo 64 for a Play Station ONE, i myself was happy with Pokemon Red on the Game Boy Color.

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I played the shit out of it. Got all the cats and all, but eventually, got bored. I had to sell it to be able to buy another one, if I could I would have kept both. But goemon is IMO the best game on the N64. The first one, that is.

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What's your favourite Nintendo 64 game?

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Banjo Tooie. Put the most hours into that game.

Tooie > Kazooie

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Pokemon Stadium 2 is a blast with friends but to play alone i would choose Conker Bad Fur Day.

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Mario Kart so many memories

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Easily this, but the first game is excellent as well.

Honorable mention to Turok 2.

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Wow! I loved this shit on SNES, didn't even know there was a sequel.

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There's 2 Goemon games on the N64 (3 if we count the mario party-esque one that never left Japan).

You're in for a treat. Both localized N64 Goemons are amongst the best in the series.

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I picked that up a while back for five bucks.

I like it a lot, even if it's not the most polished of games.

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There's also a shit ton more of 'em on the Super Famicom and on other systems as well.

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Perfect Dark.

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Paper Mario

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> sure is fun moving at 10fps while seeing only two feet ahead of you drenched in thick fog

Yeah, but still is a fun game and is obvious you didn't played it...

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Perfect Dark...

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ur wrong i played it on launch
tbh theres no reason to play the n64 when the pc version fixes the framerate and adds mouseaim to boot, you just need to emulate it through a voodoo wrapper to get the automap to work

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turok is only fun if you use the all keys cheat and just run to the end
the exploration is insanely boring and frustrating, cant put my finger on it

anyway your better off playing doom 64

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Banjo Kazooie

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turok is only fun if you use the all keys cheat and just run to the end
the exploration is insanely boring and frustrating, cant put my finger on it

anyway your better off playing the sequels, doom 64, armorines project swarm or winback those are all better games

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The original Turok doesn't run at 10fps. It runs rather smoothly. Largely because it has thick fog and no dynamic lighting.

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fair enough i might be remembering turok 2 then

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i hate how turok decelerates to a crawl when landing from a jump yet the platforms are placed in sequence in a way that makes you really want to jump quickly from platform to platform but if you do that you'll be walking too slow to cover the gap from landing from the jump and fall to your death
i hate how they hid secret portals in those dark copy paste caverns, nevermind how most of the game looks the same anyway
i hate how levels are open ended yet keep locking you in certain areas with no way of going back to the beginning
also hate how you lose the backpack item when you finish the level you got it from

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i hate the life system, man
its retarded
fucking game would even keep track of every collectible golden triangle things you got in every level so you wouldnt be able to farm for lives
the game wouldnt even need the fucking memory pak thing if it wasnt for that

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turok is a crap game
its the sad retarded inbreeding of a collectathon platformer and a shooter while failing at being both

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It runs pretty poorly man. You should go back and play it on the actual console. Not as bad as Seeds of Evil, but it's framerates come damn near single digits at times.

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>but it's framerates come damn near single digits at times.
No it doesn't. I just 100%ed the game on the real console. It's 30fps 90% of the time.

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ur a masochist

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i mean i dont hate turok, i just think its flawed as hell
if the key thing wasnt terrible then why did they got completely rid of it in turok 3 and all the reboots?

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I thought Turok 2 ran fine so long as you didn't do something stupid like play it in high resolution mode.

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> Implying Turok 3, Evolution (kek) and 2008 are good games

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you thought wrong then
speedrunners have to constantly move facing down or up to try to avoid lag

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3 is so much better than the first it aint even funny, you even get to revisit the jungle from the first game at some point and the game is very linear save for the chronocepter pieces

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> much better
> very linear


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Fair enough. I only ever played Turok 2 once at a friend's house 15 years ago, so my memory of it is hazy.

As for speedrunner, I don't trust those faggots.

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and im not taking that back

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i get posts deleted on a daily basis here, nothings gonna change

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The game works fine on my system.
Do you have the Expansion Pak in?

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Why do people like the N64 so much? Honest question. It's always been at the very bottom of consoles I'd like to own...And I'd only own one if it was literally my only option...And, in that case, I'd probably go outside and run around more often. I legitimately can't think of a single good thing about it...I can't even think of a single good game...The controller sucks...The graphics suck. I've felt this way since it first came out...I went from SNES to Playstation and never gave the N64 any consideration because everything about it is bad.

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Has great color
Up to 4 players
Good exclusives
No loading

I'm sure there's more but that's why I like it.

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I never got that impression at the time,playstation was all the rage but my neighbour had a n64 and i remember playing banjo kazooie and goldeneye ,i thought it was fucking awesome,and i never had a problem with the controller,everyone always says hurr durr you need 3 hands but the dpad part is never even used and it was really comfortable.

I think people have always liked the n64 its only until recently people have started shitting on it.

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Because it has awesome games. Same reason any system should be liked.

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point is it's always banjo kazooie and goldeneye, maybe zelda too
it only had 375 released titles and most of it were either shovelware or inferior ports with bad framerate and missing music and videos

AND i say that as a N64 kid

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See, I'd say similar things about the PS1.
As a kid, I really liked the N64. Four players was great, and frankly it just didn't seem like there was fun games for the PS1, especially to play with friends. Note: Was oblivious to the fact the Saturn existed. I thought the Genesis was the Sega console of the same generation and that it was inferior to both.

Great multiplayer games:
>Super Smash Bros.
>Goldeneye/Perfect Dark
>Mario Kart 64
>Pokemon Stadium
>Conker's Bad Fur Day
>Gauntlet Legends (best port)

There's a bunch of other good games. For single player you mostly have platformers, and then Zelda. Other large name first party games (i.e. Paper Mario and Pokemon Snap.) And then there's some lesser known, not as great titles like Turok and Jet Force Gemini. There's a handful of good ports too, like Star Wars Racer and Rayman 2. It wasn't a system with an immense amount of games, but most of the popular games were very well done.

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no i just replayed the pc version up to the end of the third level and died on the platforming section just before the jeep boss because i have no automap
i just cant stomach it, fuck that noise.

also i just realized the game looks much better if you turn fog and screen tinting off, you can actually see shit when in underwater caves

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>Star Wars Racer and Rayman 2
both are better on pc

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>>Gauntlet Legends (best port)
dreamcast was better, it also had 4 player support

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what is the least shitty n64 emulator and is it worth a shit at all?

>> No.2157580

It's a great system if you like speedrunning, though.
I don't know why, I think it's the lack of loading time that made it really popular among the community.

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/vr/ will tell you to use mupen64plus through retroarch
I use bizhawk with glide mark 2 plugin though

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Yeah, I know, that's why I just said they were ports and only listed Gauntlet as the best port. Still, as a kid there was 100% chance I'd rather play on N64 than PC.

HA! N64 had 4 players and you could use items when you wanted rather than having to use them immediately. Not to mention you could visit the shop whenever you're not in a level (unlike only at the end) and you could buy food, so you didn't need to grind for health.
So tell me, why is the Dreamcast version better? More characters? That's not a good reason.

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>>point is it's always banjo kazooie and goldeneye, maybe zelda too

I thought you couldn't think of a single good game.

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Diddy Kong racing

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fair enough, that does sound like a better version :)
did i say that? i can think of all first and second parties
unfortunately thats it

also forget everything i said about turok 3 earlier, i just remembered the enemy ai accuracy doesn't even work in the final version, it used to in the beta but they broke it just before release and didn't have enough time to fix it
so yeah, only Turok 2 is good and only if you're real patient and with time on your hands.

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WELL I'm glad you agree because I just recently beat the Dreamcast version with friends and it suckedddd grinding on like level 1 for food to beat all the Skorne levels. It was nice having newer characters, but eh, I'd prefer less of a reason to grind. I also missed being able to save weapons like the hammer and Skorne's armor. We can agree PS1 is worst, yes?

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It's been 15, despite so many non starts, I've accepted that I'll never play Banjo Tooie to completion again.

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Ok, all of the konami made games are good.
Harvest Moon was good.
Ogre Battle was good, Quest was meh.
I liked how even the racers played a bit like collect-a-thons, in Beetle you collected clocks and shortcuts, san francisco rush had you collecting hidden keys to unlock cars and hydro thunder had nitros scattered through the track.

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look up the turbo banjo and open all worlds cheats
that's how they do the any% speedruns

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Its slim pickings with the n64 there's no denying that but it does have some quality titles that make the system well worth owning.

Cant change the past so might as well enjoy it for what it is.

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I think that they required you to have an expansion pack to allow 4 player mode, didn't it? That sucks though.
which reminds me, a lot of the n64 to ps1 ports didn't turn very well either
rayman and shadowman were full of glitches

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yeah it set the nintendo trend up to the wii u

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-Best local multiplayer of any system ever (GE, No Mercy, Mario Kart, DKR, Smash Bros, Conker, Mario Party, Pokemon Stadium)

-Elite one player experiences (OoT, SMB64, MM, BK, perhaps to lesser extents Goemon, PD, Paper Mario)

Personally, the AKI wrestling games made this system for me.

What do you really wanna hear? System had amazing games, that's why people like it

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Oh, I had no idea, but I wouldn't be surprised at all. The expansion pak was one of the first things I got and to this day DK64+expansion pak was the most expensive video game product I've bought so 99% of my N64 experience as been with it. I didn't realize how many games needed it or utilized it until I started doing some research on this stuff a handful of years ago.

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I was an N64 teen and there's not a single game on the system that I'd want to sit down and play today. As much as I like retro I'd seldom pick a foggy/choppy FPS or racer over the modern equivalent, and although some of the first party games were very good, it was the dawn of Nintendo's clingy handholding treatment of the player. My favorite game on the system is probably Doom 64 of all things, and I'd never choose it over the PC mod just on account of the controller. If Star Fox 64 had skippable cut scenes, maybe I'd have another go at that.

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This. N64 was the system to own if you had friends and wanted to play games with them. The library was small, but overall the quality of games was very high. Particularly multiplayer games, which the n64 definitely had the best of the gen.

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Cutscenes are skippable in starfox 64. All 4 seconds lol.

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But only if you've seen it before.

>> No.2157696

I beat that game about a billion times (which is the only reason I got so impatient) and I remember them being too chatty between levels for my tastes. I do recall being able to skip the opening scene. The one that really bugged me was the ending, you have to let the console run for like ten minutes to get your final score.

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Aside from Bangai-O, can you name other N64 games that play with the d-pad an analog stick?

>> No.2157738

Tony Hawk

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This should arrive in the mail tomorrow. Is it anywhere near as good as Rogue Squadron?

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SM 64 DD was a direct copy of the normal game. Only difference i've noticed is that it says 'Disk Version' during the opening menus.

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This was a pic from summer when i stacked my PAL collection together. I've only got about 25 for a full set. I think the 64 is my favourite console, its def the easiest i've found to mod. I was 9 when i got mine at launch and its always been hooked up to a tv since.

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Sin and Punishment

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Majora's Mask...a game I find absolutely atrocious to play on a real N64.The anti-aliasing just makes everything look too pseudo smooth, and when you are playing a game that runs in 480i with a thick layer of petroleum jelly on the graphics...it tends to suck. I prefer the Virtual Console release on my Wii U in HDMI. Just looks so crisp


>> No.2157826

In many ways it's better, in some ways it's worse. Depends on your perspective, really. I prefer the original for the setting alone, but Naboo has better graphics, a more developed story and space battles.

>> No.2157834

Shit nigga, 5/5.
Out of curiousity, what are the ones you're missing? Got a catalog?

>> No.2157880


Use a CRT, nigger.

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>Snowboard Kids 2
>Aidyn Chronicles
>Goemon 2
>HSV Racing (Australian variant, not too fussed on this tbh)
>Paper Mario
>StarCraft 64
>Mario Party 3

I think those are the expensive ones.

I'm about 100 off the NTSC full set.

>> No.2157914


RGB modded on PVM, still looks like shit

>> No.2157921

Imo, Quest 64 is shit at it's finest. It's a shame that the only true RPG on the N64 sucked so bad. I remember there being a TON of hype for the game. The only good thing with the game is the awesome draw distances. Other than that, it's not great.

>> No.2157961


Nearly all n64 games looked like smeared shit, use an emulator or a VC release like you said.

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There is no such thing like a "least shitty" N64 emulator, you need all of them and in different configs...

>> No.2158056


Really? You sure you got the mod right?

MM looks nice on my CRT.

>> No.2158058

>more versions of the same emulator

Why, what's that for man?!

Having like 4 different versions of Project64 doesn't speak well of the emulator, do they screw compatibilty with every revision?!

>> No.2158062

Why are people so persistent about complaining about the anti-aliasing on the N64, but nobody compalins about the unfiltered and flickering/fluttering textures on PS1?

Not trying to start a PS1 vs N64 war (I had both as a kid, and loved both), but I clearly remember preferring a bit of blurriness over the mess that was the PS1 textures. Yet nobody really complains about that, instead the N64 is a constant target for complaints, at least around here. Could be because we're always the same dudes discussing in these threads and the guys who dislike the N64 AA are more vocal about it, I dunno.

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> Do they screw compatibility with every revision?!


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im new to /vr/, discovered it only yesterday. I only play PS1 games now though i had a 64 back in the day. And I absolutely hate those glitches you mentioned but theyre part of the console, part of the "ps1 look." just gotta oll with it

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>There is no such thing like a "least shitty" N64 emulator, you need all of them and in different configs...
I disagree intensely.

This guide covers the need to know stuff.


Need to know stuff:
PJ64 2.1 is literal cancer. All the timings are buggered. The audio is also buggered. It's mainly useful for running World Driver Championship and Stunt Racer 64, since it has a hack that enables them to run.

mupen64plus is a fantastic emulator under semi-active development. The problem is that its version of glide64 is turds. However, the emulator is going to support the new GLideN64 plugin. Also, mupen64plus+Ziggy's LLE runs Rogue Squadron, Battle for Naboo, and Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine.

Cen64 is the new "N64 simulator" under very active development. Extremely slow, and lots of games don't boot. (But both speed and accuracy are improving.) As an example of its accuracy, it can run 64Doom, the N64 homebrew port of classic Doom games. No other emulator except MESS can even get to the main menu.

Anyway, in the meantime, PJ64 1.6.1 with a third party audio plugin and the Glide64 video plugin is remarkably versatile.

GLideN64 should be released within the next month or so, and it is gonna shake things up. HLE & LLE support, same lead dev as Glide64, support for filters, and so on.

>> No.2158073



I'm chill, brother. And welcome to /vr/.

And well, the same way people accept the fluttering textures on PS1 because it's "the ps1 look", I guess they should accept the vaseline filter on the N64 too. As a kid I clearly preferred the N64's graphics, I noticed some blur, but since there wasn't really anything better back then except maybe Quake on PC, I was happy with it. But I never could really stomach the PS1's texture stuff, always made my head hurt and I felt like I was playing through a glitch fest.

>> No.2158074

The multiple versions of 1964 are speed hack related.

The Counter Factor 1 hack is a bad hack that should have been killed with fire years ago. It's the magic behind "let's make GoldenEye\Perfect Dark run at around 60fps". But the side effects, especially in Perfect Dark, range from annoying to nasty.

>Music failing to play in certain scenarios.
>Combat stims not working.
>Overall game speed never quite right.

>> No.2158079

Using 1964 is like using Xvid. It's a decent alternative to Project 64, but... it was literally just an open source clone of PJ64.

And Nemu and Apollo are laughably outdated.

PJ64 1.5 is of limited use. As is PJ64 1.7.

>> No.2158082


> This guide covers the need to know stuff.

> http://emulation-general.wikia.com/wiki/Recommended_N64_Plugins

> """This pack""" has these four emulators, a few older and special or modified versions, """and more obscure and largely irrelevant emulators added only for specific fringe cases"", as well as every plugin discussed in this page and more.

>> No.2158083

So it's like with N64 emulation, almost EVERYTHING about it is need to know, need to download in order to play some games.

With PS1 one can just download ePSXe, two or three plugins (just to be sure) and be done with it.

>> No.2158084


>I disagree intensely.
>This guide covers the need to know stuff.

The pack featured in your link is the screenshot that you are disagreeing...

>> No.2158085

I'm the only one who has problems uploading pictures?..

>> No.2158086


Its just a preference. Were talking 64x64 8bpp (64x32 with mip maps) textures stretched then bi-linear filtered. You lose a lot of detail resulting in a smudge of color. At those kinds of resolutions some people preferred no filtering at all because at least you can preserver some of what little detail there is. Add low quality AA to the low resolution frame buffer and its not pleasing to the eye.

>> No.2158087

No you're not hte only one, I wanted to upload a picture of xzibit lauging at the guy disagreeing with himself, fuck you moot

>> No.2158094


I'm experiencing awful 4chan navigation but I thought it was just me because my PC is dying.

Everytime I try to upload a picture it says upload failed or corrupt file, and the captcha takes fucking forever to load and often I get errors even though I type it correctly.

Moot shenanigans to get more golds?

>> No.2158097


>> No.2158105

>Moot shenanigans to get more golds?
Doubtful, he even suspended passes with the recent change in the captcha. The scripts are still bugged to hell though.

>solve captcha
>green checkmark
>Error: You seem to have mistyped the Captcha.

>> No.2158114


I am seeing a lot of 404 pictures and the old captcha...

>> No.2158119

I'm disagreeing that you NEED every single emulator in various configurations. The link FEATURES the pack, but doesn't argue you need 10 different emulator builds.

>> No.2158120

I spent countless hours playing Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64 and Bomberman 64. Hard to pick a favorite from those three. I've never played Perfect Dark even though everyone keeps saying it's like Goldeneye but better.

I also got to try Lylat Wars AKA Star Fox 64 a couple of times when I borrowed it from a friend, loved that game.

>> No.2158124

The pack is actually rather outdated when it comes to audio plugins. Plus GLideN64 is likely going to make Glide64, Rice, Jabo, etc redundant and completely ruin the recommended video plugin stuff.

>> No.2158129


> Plus GLideN64 is likely going to make Glide64, Rice, Jabo, etc redundant and completely ruin the recommended video plugin stuff

One can only dream...

>> No.2158132

>Tfw Angrylion will never not be slow and unusable
I want my shitty pixel perfect N64 graphics.

>> No.2158178

So, I was gifted Donky Kong 64 on New Year's Eve.
Do I need the Expansion Pak to run the game or do I only need it to prevent the game breaking glitch to happen randomly?

>> No.2158179

You need it to run the game.

>> No.2158183

Ok. Never got it as a kid and now I think it's pretty expensive. The cheapest are around 30€ on Amazon and Ebay-

>> No.2158184

So, are you a bad enuff dude to get one?

>> No.2158185

I guess.

>> No.2158192

Make sure to avoid the 3rd party ones and get an official one,they can cause endless problems.

>> No.2158204

Thanks for the advice. I wouldn't get a 3rd party one anyway since they're as expensive as the original ones in my country.
I guess getting an Expansion Pak will be worth it since I'm currently working on my collection (I only have 19 games yet) and I want to play Perfect Dark. Here's my list of games to get if anyone is interested:

1080° Snowboarding
Blast Corp
Buck Bumble
Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness
Clayfighter 63 1/3
Donald Duck: Quack Attack
Doom 64
F-Zero X
Gauntlet Legends
Lego Racers
Magical Tetris Challenge
Mickey's Speedway USA
Mystical Ninja starring Goemon
Shadowgate 64
Space Station Silicon-Valley
Star Wars: Episode 1 - Battle for Naboo
Star Wars: Shadows of the empire

>> No.2158312

Where are you? I picked up a spare expansion (official Nintendo one) at a market stall for £4. Insanely cheap so keep your eyes peeled.

>> No.2158314

Speaking of Dream...

>> No.2158316

Use it S video on the PVM then.

I've been playing it on my wii in VC to my PVM via component, looks fine. If anything the PVM really hurts N64 games because it brings out the color banding moreso than normal TVs might.

What do you guys think about those different joysticks? I need a proper joystick for my N64, not sure if I should mod an old N64 controller or get a GC adapter.

>> No.2158319

Can't post an image.

>> No.2158327


Maybe you don't even like videogames that much.

Bet you don't even play 3rd gen outside of popular classics because you think they're too dated.

>> No.2158334

>I've been playing it on my wii in VC to my PVM via component
>looks fine.

That's why. The Virtual Console actually renders it correctly, whereas real hardware N64 has this fucked up problem of upscaling 240p games to 480i and then downscaling them back to 240p, blurring the hell out of them, unless the game has a 480i mode, which is rare (And in Majora's Mask's case, only displays in the bomber's journal)

>> No.2158336

Rocket Robot on Wheels is pretty good.

I think the devs said the only reason it didn't get ported to Playstation was that the N64's CPU was the absolute minimum speed that could handle a physics engine.

>> No.2158345

>N64 vs PS1 console warring


>> No.2158368

North-west Germany, near Bremen. I'll look for one once the flea market season starts.

>> No.2158380

I can't play my Perfect Dark anymore we had good times in 6th grade, but now the graphics give me a fucking dizzy headace in fact all the n64 fps do, anyone else experience this?

>> No.2158383

I still play it with my friend

The only thing that bothers me is the extreme blur that happens when you get punched in multiplayer.

>> No.2158406


Salaam, gay bowser.

>> No.2158417
File: 100 KB, 912x608, DSC02728_zpsb1667962.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

l-lewd ...

>> No.2158429

thoughts on project 64? i may be doing something wrong but there are some games that it refuses to emulate correctly and likes to crash randomly.

>> No.2158449

Forsaken 64. You were required to used the D-pad to change weapons. Decent game, though.

>> No.2158456

That game is extremely difficult to control imo.
It's like riding on a stick of butter.

>> No.2158460

screencapping this for science

>> No.2158471

>I was gifted Donky Kong 64 on New Year's Eve
how's 1999 man? millenium bug did happen, be prepared.

>> No.2158483

fair enough. i remember having trouble to get used to the controls but i eventually managed to second nature it.

>> No.2158495


I use Project64 and get pretty good results out of it.

>> No.2158498


The Aki wrestling games have movement via the d-pad. The analog stick was for taunting, activating your specials, and escaping pins and submissions super fast.

>> No.2158602

Tie. F-Zero X and Star Fox 64.

>> No.2159017

Pretty pumped.
Helped my old buddy with a guitar track and he gave me his old n64 stuff,
2 controllers, 2 mario karts, mario 64, nfl blitz, and pilotwings 64.

>> No.2159095

I had one of those trailer tapes as a kid, which included gameplay of Mystical Ninja starring Goemon.
I've never been into Japanese stuff, but holy shit did I want that game. I never found it (it was almost nonexistent in my country), but about 13 years later I bought a cartridge on Ebay.

It lived up to all of the expectations I had as a kid. It was a unique and amazing adventure, even as an adult.

Goemon delivered.

>> No.2159106

now make sure you play the 2.5D sequel

>> No.2159117

>Sticker on top

Did you make those yourself, one by one?
10/10 collection, by the way.

>> No.2159123

I did.
It was pretty fucking good too, although I wish it had been more like the first one, gameplay-wise.
One of the best 2.5D games I've ever played.

>> No.2160002
File: 118 KB, 944x712, 5ipQta3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2160004

Same with Body Harvest. Took me a while to figure that out.

>> No.2160023

>The thing definitely had potential.

64mb magnetic disks, did it fuck.

The rest of the industry had been using 800mb cheap CD-ROMs for years by then.

>> No.2160028

The DD was the last console expansion thingy for a major console wasn't it?

As much as they seem cool and stuff, I'm glad those things are gone.

>> No.2160031

I'm still really bitter that they left the Double Impact theme out of the North American game.

>> No.2160067
File: 26 KB, 860x369, xbox_hd_dvd_big.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The DD was the last console expansion thingy for a major console wasn't it?


>> No.2160068

>GLideN64 should be released within the next month or so, and it is gonna shake things up.

Hopefully it'll be put into retroarch so I can stop dealing with this shit?

>> No.2160073

That shit doesn't play games, it's just a drive for movies, dumbass

>> No.2160085


> kinect

>> No.2160086

>the last console expansion thingy for a major console wasn't it

Nobody mentioned it had to play games, spastic. He said an expansion.

>> No.2160090
File: 8 KB, 336x280, giga_pudding_desktop_1920x1080_hd-wallpaper-908221.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Got one of these for £50 along with 10 HD DVDs for free all brand new.

I think Microsoft knew it was going to flop straight out the gates as this was only a couple months after launch.

>MFW there's only like 10 HD DVDs ever released.

>> No.2160093

Nigga you got paid!

>> No.2160154
File: 2.98 MB, 1920x1080, Sandcrawler.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thread needs more webms..

>> No.2160158
File: 2.99 MB, 1920x1080, Challenge29.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.2160195

>tfw having a simulant teammate makes the challenge harder

>> No.2160227

Multi Player? Mario Kart
Single Player? Conkers Bad Fur Day

>> No.2160242

i have that shit
also smg4

>> No.2160296

since we're in /vr/ I count on people like you to get that we're talking about game stuff, not movie stuff...

>> No.2160323

Why does Project64 lag and have audio clipping compared to 1964

>> No.2160421

N64 emulation is shitty as fuck in general.

>> No.2160445

You're going to have to change emulators and tweak settings every game.

>> No.2160449 [DELETED] 

>People saying N64 emulators are shitty
You all must be autistic niggers because Project64 1.6 works great with default settings for a huge number of games, I've only ever had to "tweak" a game when I wanted a certain look or it it was a fringe case where it really completely not work otherwise

>> No.2160467

If you only play a few of the most popular games you're right.
But try something you've never heard of and see how well it works.

>> No.2160476


It's still an expansion for a games system, take your autism and pls go

>> No.2160483

Autistic niggers lmao!!

>> No.2160486

Out of a library of only 300 games how many games and which games do you think I'd play first? The N64 doesn't have a treasure trove of good games you missed out on, it just has "GOOD GAMES EVERYONE KNOWS ABOUT" and "SHIT"

And I feel I can authoritatively say this being that I own 50 N64 games, which all work great in Project64 sans Gauntlet Legends

>> No.2160548
File: 55 KB, 640x468, shadowgate64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Maybe I'm just weird, but I actually liked Shadowgate 64, even though no one else seems to have. Even if there was a severe lack of deaths or difficulty compared to the original, it had a certain charm to it, a decent storyline, a sort of reasonably interesting thing with the whole talking to ghosts gimmick IIRC, and a pretty good soundtrack.


>> No.2160549

That's just simply false. There are a bunch of lesser known games that are still great, sure, maybe not as much as other consoles, but I doubt many people played every good game for it when it game out.

Incompatible with PJ64 1.6
>Gauntlet Legends
>Kirby and the Crystal Shards Playable, but HUD is bugged
>Conker's Bad Fur Day breaks on the final boss
>Pokemon Snap Detector for secret signs is broken

Basically, most games are playable, but many have problems, albeit minor.

>> No.2160591

>Conker's Bad Fur Day
i beat it not many months ago on pj64 (don't remember which version, possibly not 1.6). does have issues but is playable.

gauntlet legends doesn't seem to be playable still, which is a shame.

>> No.2160606

I understand what you're saying but I still enjoy playing some of the "bad" titles because they're fun. And a lot don't work well.
And even ones that do work decent on project 64 work/look even better on other emulators.

>> No.2161041 [DELETED] 

n64 is gay and for babies

>> No.2161084 [DELETED] 


you're gay and for babies

>> No.2161115


i bet ya havent even played it fagit

and that vid has to be sadly the worst cr1tikal vid ever.

theres PLENTY of of funny shit without having to glitch it. i mean, its fucking


>> No.2162074

>You all must be autistic niggers because Project64 1.6 works great with default settings for a huge number of games
Not if you know how the games are supposed to look. MARIO FUCKING 64 DOESN'T EVEN RENDER PROPERLY WITHOUT A PIXEL ACCURATE PLUGIN.

GLideN64 will run it just fine, though, when it gets released.

>> No.2162108 [DELETED] 

Says the Playstation 1 fanboy.

>> No.2162126


N64 was the last real console, before Sony's "cinematic experience" took over

>> No.2162130


Over 1 hour and 45 minutes of gameplay :^)

>> No.2162206
File: 171 KB, 1024x768, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm kind of pissed that this got unreleased and got turned into the pile of shit that is Starfox Adventures.
Oh well.

>> No.2162217

This is the people that bought a Wii U.

>> No.2162224

>Harping on OoT

yeah, that's an exception, not the rule nigger

>> No.2162267
File: 262 KB, 320x240, MeltingFace.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


> tfw the rom is archived somewhere in England to never be executed again

>> No.2162292

>that's an exception



>> No.2162318

it's an absolute fact that Project64 1.6 has inaccurate, hacky emulation. you're using the ZSNES of N64 emulators.

>> No.2162497
File: 731 KB, 2592x1936, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I remember reading the N64 manual and it said that you could connect your SNES to your N64. What exactly was the point of that?

>> No.2162541

>inb4 "What's wrong with ZSNES; it runs my games just fine!"

>> No.2162905

It looks like you can connect the RF adapter to the RF adapter used on your SNES so that you dont have to switch between the two.

>> No.2162918
File: 28 KB, 395x218, ff7j-3.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SGI, MIPS, Rambus, Square, what could possibly go wrong?

>> No.2163072
File: 11 KB, 246x464, ss+(2015-01-06+at+01.44.10).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Looks like I made a huge mistake, I just bought a PAL N64 with some PAL games the other day because I'm a Eurofag and "lel, why not". Yes, I lurked before and knew that the framerate would only be 25fps since the PAL zone is limited to 50 for some inane reason.

It didn't bother me at first, I just thought 5fps more or less wouldn't be a big deal. Well, everything was fine until today, where I had a conversation about it on IRC and saw this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SRWNaCVM8Dk

Does it actually affect my experience when playing games like Zelda, Mario or racing games (now that I'm aware of it)?
Are there ways around it, eg. special pieces of hardware? Also, is it possible to play NTSC titles @ 30fps with a PAL N64? Or at all?

Pic are the games I want to get.

>> No.2163106

If only the N64 worked on CDs, Square would've developed a Final Fantasy for the 64.
Oh well.

>> No.2163176
File: 10 KB, 187x269, het.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2163187
File: 15 KB, 288x202, 141594368310.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2163247

Apparently, everything.

>> No.2163285

Pls, why was that reply necessary.

>> No.2164428

Is there a definitive model of N64 that is better than the others?

For instance, the 1chip SNES and Mini have a much better looking video output than other SNES versions.

>> No.2164485

Depends. Just stock they all have the same composite output.
The earlier revisions can be easily modded for rgb with an amp while the later need a pcb modded into the console.
The later revisions also handle s video better.

>> No.2164516

Is there any way to emulate the n64 disc drive with an emulator plugin or something?

>> No.2164532

what are the must play games for N64? let's say 5

>> No.2164594

I wish.
Well, there have been many attempts, but every attempt failed, since the hardware is very hard to come across.

>> No.2164618 [DELETED] 

>must play games
>for N64

If we're generous

>> No.2164640


-> /v/

>> No.2164641 [DELETED] 


Also, samefag

>> No.2164662

I think the countless hours and memories associated with Goldeneye 64 are beyond any other enjoyment I've gotten out of the console.

That's if I only had to pick one, though. Recently, I've been enjoying the shit out of Nightmare Creatures, and I got to play Perfect Dark a bit too late to enjoy it with friends and family. SM64 never seems to bore me. Quake 64 is the only version of Quake I've owned, so I enjoy it for what it is.

>> No.2164664

This is to say, they're all 'favorites', in a different way.

>> No.2164692


Easy. Majora's Mask, Ocarina of Time, Banjo-Tooie, Banjo-Kazooie, and either Goldeneye 64 or Perfect Dark. Super Mario 64 and Conker's Bad Fur Day are also great games and contenders for that list, but IMO they just don't quite measure up to the five on that list.

Those are just the must-plays though. Don't believe the bullshit, there are plenty of other good games for the n64. Like Jet Force Gemini for instance, or Star Fox 64, or Shadow Man. Or Mario Kart 64 or Diddy Kong Racing if you have friends.

It doesn't do much in the way of RPGs, and to be honest I definitely prefer the PS1, but the N64 actually has pretty good games and all the anti-hype about it being this horrible shitty console with only a tiny few good games out of a sea of unplayable garbage is just not true.

>> No.2164741



Also, fuck off

If you aren't dying to play 3D platformers or early polygonal FPSes (on a controller, and not even a particularly suitable one) the list shrinks pretty quick.

>> No.2164750
File: 25 KB, 350x241, Starsoldier64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was surprised to found out this console had shoot 'em ups.

>> No.2164786
File: 25 KB, 250x357, bangaio-n64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A few.

>> No.2164871

What's wrong with platformers? Maybe this board isn't for you?

>> No.2164886

Didn't Kirby also use the D-Pad?

>> No.2164889

All this talk about Turok, no mention of Rage Wars? Surpassed any other Turok title for multiplayer. Turok also never looked and sounded so good.

>> No.2164890

Kirby only used the dpad.

>> No.2164920


Fucking god. I never knew that. I have been playing games laggy and slow and inferior.. :(


>> No.2164970
File: 100 KB, 1920x1080, 1418162041191.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>open this thread
>start to read
>browser glitches, shows desktop for a moment
>this is my current background

Sony, don't be jealous.

>> No.2165076


I never played bangai-o on N64 but I thought he was asking about the "reverse grip" (left hand on left prong, right hand on middle prong).

In theory there were supposed to be three different ways to hold an N64 controller. In practice, dual shock (or at least pad and stick next to each other) is more practical.

>> No.2165096

There's suppose to be two ways to hold the n64 controller.
Nothing impractical about it. If anything the Sony controllers are an exception because just about every other controller with a dpad and stick has a dap that ranges for absolute trash to mediocre. The Nintendo and Sony controllers have excellent dpads and sticks. They are also ergonomically designed so you can easily use either or.

>> No.2165214
File: 96 KB, 375x428, 1415969590372.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go on.

>> No.2165260

Cen64 support for the DD is being coded and tested right now.

>Are there ways around it, eg. special pieces of hardware? Also, is it possible to play NTSC titles @ 30fps with a PAL N64? Or at all?
Yes. The N64 Passport, and also an Everdrive or 64drive or something like that.

The N64's 50\60Hz PAL\NTSC stuff is 99% controlled in software. Supposedly running you get a 1% speed desynch when running the wrong region but it rarely affects anything. With the right add-on, your PAL N64 will run NTSC region games at 60Hz.

PAL timing slowdown primarily affects lazy ports by games from Japanese developers. Such as, cough, Nintendo. Rareware games are fine, as are games by a number of devs including Factor 5 and, IIRC, Eurocom. The games running at 25fps isn't a huge problem because the games were lucky to be hovering around 20-25fps on real hardware, anyway.

As for your list, avoid Daikatana N64 like cancer. The PC version is okay, but the N64 port is soul-suckingly awful.

You could save a fair bit of money by buying an Everdrive or 64drive instead of buying legit cartridges. Just pointing that out.

PAL N64s are nowhere near as bad as the whiners claim. I just want to point that out.

>> No.2165274

What about the resolution on PAL N64 games, don't they have black borders and are squeezed vertically?

>> No.2165281

>What about the resolution on PAL N64 games, don't they have black borders and are squeezed vertically?
Depends. Black borders are added to some titles because PAL TVs have a higher resolution. The better ports adjust the game to fill the whole screen, raising their overall resolution a smidge.

>> No.2165284

Here's a bit of technical stuff on N64 games and which ones have quality PAL versions.


>> No.2165297

One thing I notice is that an awful lot of cherry picking went on when it came to PAL ports.

Mario 64 runs at 5\6 speed? How awful!

Zelda games run at 5\6 speed and 17.5fps instead of 20fps? How awful!

Super Smash Bros and Pokemon Snap and most Rare games and most Acclaim games and a significant number of 3rd party titles run at full speed, albeit at 50Hz? *crickets*

>> No.2165518

N64 had so many great titles that both systems really didn't take away from each other. Hell even today I can't name anything that came even close to the fun I had with diddy kong racing.

>> No.2165523

You know what ? I've been planning on playing this for over 13 years now, I think the time has come.

>> No.2165883


You underestimated the number a liiiittttlllle bit.
It were >480...

>> No.2165885

i'm pretty sure the only HD-DVD that was released was King Kong

>> No.2165886

>N64 had so many great titles that both systems really didn't take away from each other. Hell even today I can't name anything that came even close to the fun I had with diddy kong racing.
The PS1 vs N64 pissing contest makes me sad. The two consoles targeted a very different market and generally very different subgenres.

It's just as bad as PC vs console warring.

>> No.2165889

crash team racing?

>> No.2165891

Yea, you're right, that HD-DVD was Awesome (with a capital A indeed), much better colors and details than the BluRay and, obviously, made the DVD look like a glorified VHS. What a shame we lost the war...

>> No.2165892

You're right, it makes no point in stressing over two decade old console wars.
I still sorta regret going with the N64 back in the day, though.

>> No.2165895

Yeah, I used to have this irrational, vitriolic hate for N64 until years later I realized that getting mad at it was stupid and that there just weren't enough games on it that appealed to me personally, and not that it was an inherently bad system.

I dunno why either, I wasn't like this during the NES/MS or SNES/Genesis days, nor during the PS2/GC years afterwards.

>> No.2165903



There definitely seems a bit of national pride involved ("HA! We have 30 FPS, look at you Europoors!!!1), PAL on the other hand has better resolution and better color management.
And in reality with the N64 it's only a technicality, with most games on the N64 you were lucky to get more then 20 frames at all. >25 fps was seldom really reached.

>> No.2165923

> What a shame we lost the war
HD-DVD was objectively, universally worse for everyone except the disc production facilities, and even they barely ended up with any benefit by the end. It's a damn good thing you lost the war.

>> No.2165970
File: 44 KB, 640x468, robotron 64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Twitch gaming at its finest.

>> No.2165971


In case anyone is confused by that term.

>> No.2165986


>> No.2165998

we all know about the stream service, dude

>> No.2166247

I hope it reaches the public, but how are they going to pull it off?

>> No.2166352


Its just a neat console. Has more than its fair share of good games.

The controller, I'll hand you is overcomplicated, but thats the only real negative.

>> No.2166409


No offense and I'm going to genuinely try not to sound like a rabid fanboy (I'll admit that I prefer the PS1 because it has my favorite games), but that is quite frankly ridiculous.

First off, like>>2157453 said: great color, up to four players, no load times whatsoever, and it's really durable.

Second, no good games? Really? Majora's Mask, Banjo-Tooie, Banjo-Kazooie, Paper Mario, Ocarina of Time, Conker's Bad Fur Day, Goldeneye 64, Perfect Dark, Shadowman, Super Mario 64, you're seriously saying these are bad games? Are you seriously trying to argue that Ocarina of Time isn't a good game? That Banjo-Tooie is bad? That Paper Mario is bad? Seriously?

I will grant you that the controller could be a lot better. I do remember blistering my thumb a few times on that control stick.

As for graphics, are you joking? The N64 had better graphics than the PS1 by far. You'd have to be blind to think otherwise.

Honestly, it sounds like you've just never even looked at an N64 or a single N64 game. You probably just started hating it because back in school in the 90s (I'm assuming you're a fellow 90s kid), when everyone was either PS1 or N64 just like how everyone was either Nintendo or Sega or either Pokemon or Digimon, you and your friends were all PS1 kids and therefore just decided out-of-hand the N64 must obviously be the worst thing ever and those N64 kids are a bunch stupid gays, and somehow as you grew into adulthood you just never realized that that was basically just playground clique nonsense. But the fact of the matter is, that's all it is and, really, judging a console that you've apparently never played or even looked at is childish. It's perfectly fine behavior for a third-grader in the 90s, but not for an adult in 2015.

>> No.2166424

Those 11 games are the entire library.
Golden eye and perfect dark aren't very good
MM is mediocre
And I agree that the rest are great games, but it also only 8 games, there are that many final fantasys on psx.

>> No.2166440


Only if you count FF ports. Anyway I will admit I prefer the PS1's library (even besides the FFs, Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve, and SotN are my jam), but I still think you/the person I was replying to aren't/wasn't giving the N64 a fair shake.

I do take issue though with you calling Majora's Mask mediocre. That game was a masterpiece. Also Goldeneye and Perfect Dark were amazing when they came out. It's just that now they've been made seriously outdated. And anyway there are still plenty of N64 games besides the classics everyone knows about that are at least decent-to-good. Just, y'know, not half as many as the PS1.

>> No.2166442


>Golden eye and perfect dark aren't very good

Jesus fucking Christ..

And why are they bad games?..

>> No.2166445



>> No.2166459

Wow, all these pro/con console war arguments sure will come in handy if I ever get transported back in time 20 years and have to choose one of the two systems to buy

>> No.2166483

I emulated all its worthwhile games when it was still being sold (Based RealityMan and Epsilon). Never owned one though, fuck those game prices.

I would say WaveRace was my favorite just because there wasn't anything like it on another system at the time. Paper mario would be my second and is probably the best spin-off mario franchise game. OOT was a huge disappointment for me because of the small landmass and ho hum dungeons. Few if any, worthwhile fighting games, RPGs, shooters, and general niche games really killed the system imo.

The FPS games (Golden eye, PD) that get hyped were pretty shit though, especially if you played PC games at the time. But seriously, how in the hell can anyone like playing FPS on a shitty controller like that unless thats all they knew?

>> No.2166497

I agree the games I do like on the n64 I love.
I just wish there was more than a handful of good titles for it's entire generation.

Anybody who fanboys one or the other after this long is just pretty silly imo.
There's nothing wrong with playing it for what it is and criticizing it for legitimate shortcomings.

>> No.2166503

I grew up with wolfestein and doom.
I was more into quake 2 than 007, they were released the same year.

>> No.2166898
File: 908 KB, 801x3650, latest.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Those 11 games are the entire library.

No. They. Aren't.

Picture related, there are quite a number of good titles for the n64 and the ratio of good and shit games for the n64 are 1:5 while the ratio for the ps1 is somewhere between 1:10 and 1:20 with the amount of good titles for the ps1 only being 2x that of the n64 give or take

Stop shitting up n64 threads with your obvious attempts at trolling and just let people enjoy the things they enjoy.

>> No.2166952

>The FPS games (Golden eye, PD) that get hyped were pretty shit though, especially if you played PC games at the time. But seriously, how in the hell can anyone like playing FPS on a shitty controller like that unless thats all they knew?
Because their gameplay was considered superior to the combat-centric maze crawlers like Quake. I came from a PC background, but I never really liked how the focus in most FPS games was shooting things. The N64 FPS library is dominated by FPS games where completing objectives is the goal and shooting is just how you stay alive.

>> No.2166993

>not half as many as the PS1.

I keep hearing about these PS1 classics, but from I've seen N64 games far outclass PS1 games.

I find it ridiculous that shit like crash bandicoot and spyro even get stacked next to SM64, when SM64 alone is technically leagues ahead of anything that was out for PS1.

PS1 library is shovelware and alpha demo grade rushed games in my eyes. I mean they're all so short and shallow. It's like PS1 fans had no sense of quality, besides the obvious heavy hitters like MGS and RE (both of which still played like ass)

>> No.2166994

Smash bros, still plenty of people that want to play a few rounds.

Single player I love star fox 64, I played the shit out of this and still do annual play throughs. 3DS is a good port, still some things to come back to in the original.

>> No.2166998

crash is more fun than mario 64 by a country mile. I was an n64 kid growing up too. You're just being a faggot if you actually believe what you said.

>> No.2167000


PS1 does have a ton of masterpieces, it's just that all of them are either Squaresoft games, RPGs, or Castlevania.

>> No.2167005


That is comparing apples and oranges. Crash and SM64 can barely be compared. Crash is a sidescroller for one thing, whereas SM64 is full 3D with sandbox elements.

Also SM64 rocks, so you're kinda wrong there tbh.

>> No.2167008

I agree that N64 had a lot of good games, but man.. your image is total shit. Castlevania? Three Bombermans? Gex64?

>> No.2167014

SM64 is okay, Crash rocks. Crash was actually challenging the only thing hard about mario 64 was tick tock clock and fighting the shit camera.

>> No.2167017

>crash is more fun than mario 64 by a country mile

for simpler minds maybe

The amount of imagination crammed into SM64 is worth a lot more to me than an on rails scroller

>> No.2167020

Mario 64 and Spyro, then?

>> No.2167023
File: 5 KB, 76x79, woowoo.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Besides modding or buying a new N64, what's a valid way to play games from other regions without too much hassle? I have a couple of NTSC games, but only own a PAL 64.
This seems fucking obscure. How is it, and what's it about?

>> No.2167026

typical shitty n64 kid opinion, of course you would choose the baby sandbox game instead of something that actually focuses on platforming skills.

>> No.2167030


Spyro has really tiny worlds though

>> No.2167037

>platforming skills

this shit hasn't been a thing since the original SMB, all consequent mascot platformers were collectathons disguised as games. SMB3 including.

until NSMB came around

>> No.2167043
File: 378 KB, 591x476, tsumi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sin and Punishment, definitely. I'm honestly surprised and kind of sad that it has only been mentioned once in this thread

>> No.2167048


Yeah that's a better comparison, since those are pretty similarly designed games. Of those two though I'd still say i prefer SM64.

>> No.2167049

Treasure should be treasured more in general. They should be making games, and making millions from those games.

>> No.2167050

>Besides modding or buying a new N64, what's a valid way to play games from other regions without too much hassle? I have a couple of NTSC games, but only own a PAL 64.
Everdrive, 64 Drive, or N64 passport. I'd suggest an Everdrive\64Drive, but that IS piracy. An N64 passport is a pass-through cartridge.

>> No.2167063

So the passport works just fine? It doesn't cost too much, it seems.

>> No.2167081

Just beware that apparently the N64 Passport doesn't work with EVERY game.

>> No.2167148

I agree the list is a bit iffy as it lacks a few games and has a few that shouldn't be on there, but it's the first image I found so meh.

>> No.2167372

Dude, I've never seen actual flea markets in Germany for over a decade now. Everybody moved onto eBay.

There's just turkish cloth and bootleg toys, both being sold by turkish families.

>> No.2167374

what? they dont sell used games and accessories?!

fucking turks

>> No.2167390

Everyone talks about n64. where is the fucking playstation?

>> No.2167391

The PS1 is the BOMB nigga, everybody knows that!

It's the N64 that's hurting for some love, not the PlayStation, that's for sure.

>> No.2167393


check the catalog

also no one really cares about playstation, because everything about it is cheap and throwaway

>> No.2167401

In a sense you're right, it really is easy and cheap to pirate and emulate the ps1.

>> No.2167406

At least in the north-west of Germany, but I'd say that the culture's not any different than anywhere else,
Used games, legit toys and all that are hard to come by on fle markets and are out of the norm.

To compensate for that, nobody really gives a shit and there are no legit scalpers which means that there are too many Amiboos everywhere. And used games get sold en masse for very, very low prices on eBay because nobody really cares.

>> No.2167409

>but PS1 game, get a very thin dyed plastic slice
>pay $10 more
>get N64 game, get a massively thick piece of plastic filled with chips on a circuit board

>> No.2167414

>very thin
>get a massively thick

Please stop with your rambling, you're making this sound gayer than it really is.

>> No.2167415


I dunno mang, PS1 always felt soulless to me. Like a VCR or other media appliance. PS2 was even more generic and characterless.


PS1 games were actually much cheaper than N64 games on average because of the lower cost of CDs as a medium than carts. One of the big reasons I had a PS1 at all.

>> No.2167426

>I dunno mang, PS1 always felt soulless to me.

I'm not the only one who felt that!

There's just something empty and cold about the way Playstation renders games and Playstation games in general. I never thought anything like this about electronics in my life.

>> No.2167448


Yeah, Nintendo has that Disney/Pixar feel to it. Xbox has that nerdy lan party FPS gamer feel, Playstation is just a media appliance. I think that was their strategy. To become the default standard for games by being generic and unobtrusive, the way they won past media format wars. I mean, "Playstation"? May as well be "Video gaming console 001"

>> No.2167453


heyheyHEY don't you people talk shit about my PS1

>> No.2167457
File: 20 KB, 300x254, bigwhoop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Listen fella, it had plenty of great games. Nobody is denying that. But neither should you deny that the hardware and marketing were bland as heck.

>> No.2167463


It's kinda ironic than they got their rise by being this open console with CDs and DVDs

but suddenly jewed out completely with Blu Ray and PS3 by making it N64 level of difficult to develop for without any tangible benefits.

I gotta congratulate Sony though, they have effectively killed optical media, thereby destroying one of the worst storage mediums in existence.

No wonder PS games have no value these days, you can't even play them because the disks are most likely destroyed. You can't resell them either due to dubious quality.

It's just a pile of rubbish now, because that's what Sony was making a bunch of disposable garbage machines. Everybody followed suit.

That's why everything pre optical media will be treasured and everything past will be forgotten. IMO this is why Nintendo did the right thing by sticking to carts

>> No.2167469

>optical media, thereby destroying one of the worst storage mediums in existence.

you mean best, right? remember floppies and zip drives?

>> No.2167470

Point taken

I will not retort because I was never bothered by this fact.

Peace out

>> No.2167473


They didn't. Gamecube uses mini-DVDs. The Playstation consoles were also well engineered if you ask me, in terms of computing architecture. Compare the ease of PS1 development to the Saturn. They fell down with the PS2, but the PS3 didn't have that problem. It was just too expensive.

I don't hate or even dislike Sony. I had a PS1 and PS2. Sony consoles just don't have any concrete identity. I am a hardware collector so uninspiring, featureless consoles and marketing probably mean more to me than the casual consumer.

Jaguar is the opposite. Fascinating, attractive hardware but aside from like 5 gems, the library is dogshit. PC Engine has very neat, distinct hardware and many quality games. Gamecube is very distinct and has a lot of character aesthetically but man did the third party devs jump ship.

The ideal console in my mind is one with architecturally novel hardware (instead of just a stylized PC) with an aesthetically distinct and artful appearance and a diverse library of quality games. Dreamcast, SNES and Neo Geo top my list in those respects.

>> No.2167479


flash memory was a thing in the 90s you know

and right now it's killing mechanical HDDs

>> No.2167481

>Gamecube uses mini-DVDs

GC was an abortion of a console with only two noteworthy game F-Zero GX and Resident Evil 4, if it wasn't for GBA sales Nintendo would not have survived.

>> No.2167484


What's wrong with Castlevania or Bomberman?

>> No.2167485
File: 21 KB, 480x360, th.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


IMO the era of consoles is over sadly and Famicom will for ever remain the greatest of them all, and the best looking one and the most unique of them all.

Just look at this nigga

>> No.2167486

Also I wanna add Nintendo is moving in that direction with the Wii and WiiU. Featureless white rectilinear slabs like an early 2000s Apple product. Barf. The blue LED illuminated disc slot makes up for that somewhat but I feel like they were so put out by the poor performance of the Gamecube that they did a total 180, including aesthetic design philosophy, and that was a mistake in my opinion.

The tablet controller is also less innovative than the Wiimote was. I already have a tablet. I do not need a shittier one with a resistive touchscreen and short battery life. If they were gonna go this route they should have at least used a capacitive touchscreen.

Phones like the Note series prove you can still have a precise stylus on capacitive displays so they would lose nothing. It was also a frustrating decision to leave texture filtering out of the DS and to put only one slider stick on the 3DS if you ask me.

The WiiU sales are picking up and I'm worried they will interpret that as vindication of the direction they're going. Super Mario 3D World is a quality game but it has the beginnings of that empty, clean, 1990s CGI feeling that the 2D NSMB games had and I hate that. I really want a new "main line" 3D Mario game and if they keep doing 2D ones I'd like them to use hand drawn artwork.

>> No.2167496


hear hear man

but Ninty has been aping Apple design wise since the N64, just look at the transparent 64s and iMacs released at the time.

Absolutely agree with you on the Mario art aestetics. I really don't feel 3D works for 2D games at all. Everything's just looking so loose and sloppy and without personality or charm. But I guess that's the way they wanna roll.

Don't really care for 3D world, because it's basically Mario Party with a "level design" of some sorts

>> No.2167498


Damn did N64 have some good looking contours, though. That's how you design a console. Like a muscle car without wheels.

>> No.2167509


yeah, I'm guessing the Apple trend set in only later in the console life, the original N64 was pure Ninty design

the original GBA also feels like heaven in your hands

>> No.2167525


Sega Genesis model 2 had some beautiful design. Model 1 was a little too clunky for my liking but the Model 2 looked like sex. The model 2 CD only increased the appeal. Shame about the 32X, although the Neptune prototype looks very nice. Saturn was no slouch, but too much of a "box" for my liking. Like Xbox. It definitely had character with the big green sphere but it did little else to disguise that it was basically just a consolized PC. Xbox 360 has very appealing aesthetics and novel tri-core PowerPC architecture to boot. Just shitty reliability

>> No.2167541
File: 140 KB, 726x527, mfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2167563


He's omitting a lot of inarguable gems like the Metroid Prime games but the GC really was a misfire.

>> No.2167579
File: 101 KB, 800x600, metroidprime4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Haha holy shit, really?

How the fuck is it even possible to be that wrong and still function?

>> No.2167593


there's a reason Prime is disliked among Metroid fans

It's because it was never meant to be a Metroid game and it really shows

>> No.2167598

Don't be that guy.

>> No.2167604


I'm not going to disguise my boredom and disappointment with the game

>> No.2167614

compared to the amount of flak /v/ gave Halo 1 and 2 back in the day, prime isn't really that much better.

>> No.2167629

It's ok grandpa

>> No.2167631


hey, it's perfectly fine to like the trilogy that destroyed Metroid

>> No.2167632

You should treat them as two different entities.

Metroid was already dead.

>> No.2167635

>but the PS3 didn't have that problem. It was just too expensive.
Nope, PS3 was still stupidly hard to program for. CELL has a ridiculous number of FP cores to leverage, but at integers it's not much better than the Wii's Broadway. There's no eDRAM (or comparison fast cache) in the console whatsoever. The RAM is not unified, and delivers too little on each end. The Blu-ray drive is slow as hell at reading data. On top of that, it's got separate pixel and vertex shaders just as the world was moving to a unifed model (the older 360 had unified shaders...).

Sony has only ever had two well designed consoles. PS1 and PS4 (and the latter isn't so much well designed as just a very basic design).

>> No.2167640

>Metroid was already dead.

nah, Fusion had some good ideas

>> No.2167642

It was ded on real home consoles.

>> No.2167647


I'd argue PS1 wasn't the pinnacle of design either, because lets face it, floating textures and jittery geometry is off putting

N64 gets a lot of shit for blurry textures and low fps, but at least you could see what was going on screen.

>> No.2167648

It is the year 2015 and I am still bummed out about no N64 Metroid.

>> No.2167650


jesus this, Ninty could have reused Samus and the whole engine from smash bros and build a game around that, but noooo, we gaycube now

>> No.2167658

Don't even mean to graphic whore but smash 64 models looked real bad, dude, it was intentional in order to get the game to run at 60fps

>> No.2167663

Or because it was budget game that never had the intention of being a series.

>> No.2167671

no, they really were aiming for 60fps because fighters need to be responsive
F-zero X also looked like shit because of that

>> No.2167674


they could have really cut down on the shitty looks if they had fewer cars on screen, like 8 would have been good enough. Even the courses had barely any space left for so many cars at the same time. It was ridoncilous

>> No.2167679

>I'd argue PS1 wasn't the pinnacle of design either, because lets face it, floating textures and jittery geometry is off putting
That's pretty unfair to the PS1 though. "Real 3D" technology was really expensive in 1994.

The low precision 3D with all of its glitches was intentional so the PS1 could still be fast.

N64 was designed to be capable of around PS1 level of polygons + precise filtered REAL 3D, but that technology was later on.

>> No.2167680


I thought Samus looked really badass

>> No.2167683


oh come now, they had about the same time of development, PS1 had a head start even. Why it came out the way it did is beyond me

>> No.2167685
File: 113 KB, 750x553, Samus___N64_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You're right, she's the least ugly of them.

>> No.2167687

Well to be fair, PS1 is like 1994 level technology and N64 is 1995 level technology (was delayed a year)

But back then the technology was growing so rapidly even one year made a huge difference.

Moore's law was on steroids

On that note the N64 wasn't so much badly designed as it was gimped by some of the harshest cost cutting measures ever. The reason it wasn't released in 1995 was because the cost of the machine became overblown and they had to figure out how to make it cheaper, which resulted in stuff like a smaller texture cache, higher latency RAM, etc which drove programmers mad, cause then you have to work out how to stream high-res textures through such a small cache, or how to manage memory so the random access stalls don't choke performance and so on

>> No.2167705

>On that note the N64 wasn't so much badly designed as it was gimped by some of the harshest cost cutting measures ever.

I wouldn't be so sure, I felt it was over-designed, hence the delay. I mean they were thinking about the whole DD addon, the ram expansion slot, the rumble pack, the save slot thing and the gameboy connectivity.

I'm pretty sure they could have solved most of the memory related problems by simply soldering that shit to individual games that needed that and cutting out DD early on.

>> No.2167707

Yeah let's just make cartridge costs even higher. Why the fuck not.

>> No.2167710


you were gonna buy the memory expansion shit anyways

>> No.2167717

Apparently, one reason it never happened was due to Yoshio Sakamoto's inability to figure out just how he'd map the controllers using the N64 controller.

And instead of that, they just cut massive amounts of content from a majority of the games that were supposed to use the N64DD.

>> No.2167718

the point is that the publisher pays for expensive carts, the ram pack you only have to buy once
only rare goofed up enough to have to include one with every copy of dk64

>> No.2167721

I wonder if anyone eventually found out what the game crashing bug was.

>> No.2167723

>I felt it was over-designed
Maybe the accessories, but the core hardware itself isn't really so over-designed. Ultimately the system only has a CPU, a GPU and RAM, so a really simple motherboard. Well...it is over designed in a way. The N64's GPU hardware featureset is crazily decked out. I mean it even supports anti aliasing, something that pushes the hardware way too far and therefore is borderline useless, but they put it in anyway. Whoever from SGI designed the GPU just went overboard with thinking how many workstation-esque feature they could cram on the chip.

And that's pretty much N64 game development to a tee - turn on all the hardware features, damn the framerate, damn the polygon count, damn the textures, just do it!

>> No.2167724


there were like what. 2 games that needed the cart? DK64 and MM

both were horrible in their own right

>> No.2167725

>DK64 and MM
>both were horrible in their own right
Look at this edgemaster

>> No.2167726

and pdz
did you see the any% speedrun? It's a miracle that thing even works, the code is a bugfest
the retail version still had a nasty bug that wiped your save file upon reaching kreepy kastle

>> No.2167729

>turn on all the hardware features, damn the framerate, damn the polygon count, damn the textures, just do it!

In their defence, developers did go overboard with pushing the limitations for no good reason.

Tooie and DK64 are perhaps the single biggest examples of why bigger worlds =/= better in any sense of imagination. Most of the time that was the problem, Developers just slapped huge worlds together and it ran sort of fine, so they shipped it.

Yet somehow Ninty made SM64 and a slew of their other games run just fine, and it's certainly not because they were better programmers, but because they knew their limitations and worked with them.

But of course everybody wanted realism and brown and bloom even back then. Hence why majority of PS1 games are so grimdark and edgy.

>> No.2167734 [SPOILER] 
File: 480 KB, 1280x689, 1420718404189.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> Majora's Mask
> horrible

Perfect Dark didn't require it to run, but a lot of features in the game were inaccessible without it.

And no, I've never seen a speedrun of it. Come to think of it, I don't think I ever owned or played the game. I remember wanting it quite badly when it initially came out though.

>> No.2167752

Yeah you could only play multiplayer and only with one bot on perfect dark without expansion pack.
I dun goofed.

>> No.2167754

WTF? So single player required an exp. pack to even work?!

>> No.2167756

if im not mistaken

>> No.2167774

Rendering the single player maps was a lot more taxing on the hardware than the multiplayer maps, that's the only reason it allows to play the multiplayer without the pack.

>> No.2167780

No worries, I knew what you really meant. I had forgotten exactly what features weren't available if you didn't have the expansion pak in, thanks for reminding me.

It was worth it. Perfect Dark is one of those few games where I can honestly say I had a lot of fun with both the single player campaign and multiplayer.

>> No.2167843

I have to say, I wish Nintendo went back to basics instead of trying to do something innovative.
And by back to basics, I mean a common console which has the same aspects of their rivals, without bullshit like having to buy adapter for controllers or internet cables.
I mean, what would be better than a console that had a decent controller with Nintendo 1st party games and the same 3rd party library as PS4,XONE and PC?

>> No.2167851

I miss the Super Nintendo too, anon.

>> No.2167854

Will we ever get another console that cares for its controllers like the Famicom did?


>> No.2167901

I wish nintendo would completely bomb out of the console market and become a third party dev

>> No.2167937

Are there any chinese knockoffs of Everdrive 64? I bought a Genesis one and it was like half price.

>> No.2167938

i wish you'd stop being such a fucking faggot
but that ain't happening, is it?

>> No.2167939

One day Nintendo will fall, and Sega will rise from the ashes with a new console, a true heir to the Dreamcast legacy.

Then we'll see who gets to laugh last!!

Sega doeswhat Nintendon't

>> No.2167947

I am down for this if Sega finally starts making new games for IPs that aren't Sonic.

>> No.2167949

You sound cool wanna trade friend codes

>> No.2168068

Mah nigga.

>> No.2168224
File: 44 KB, 640x439, bugslife64.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Any of you fool's play this game? Never see it mentioned here and it's one of my favorite platformers for its era. Varied level design, great graphics, lots of levels etc.

Also: I just picked up a used 64 memory pak and all my games read it as "corrupted", is there any fix or is the thing shot?

>> No.2168234
File: 17 KB, 422x317, 242418-seaman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean like pic related?

>> No.2168281

I love you.

>> No.2168285

I had it for psx.
I haven't played it in forever but I remember everyone calling it bad, and I remember it being really hard. I remember I was super stoked when I finally beat it.

>> No.2168408
File: 245 KB, 562x375, ss+(2015-01-08+at+09.39.31).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey, >>2163072 Anon here.

Thanks for your great response.


Another problem...

I just tried to hook my (PAL) console up with my Samsung HDTV which has native AV support. Well, shit had to happen and it didn't work-- the TV recognizes that something is put in but doesn't display anything. When I switch to my Gamecube using the same cables, it works.

So I figured out that the problem must be my TV.

I have the options of connecting my N64 to a CRT but I don't think it'd work out good due to space limitations.

What should I do?

>> No.2168409 [DELETED] 


>> No.2168413

>Dreamcast legacy.


>> No.2168415

It's probably because of the pal resolution on the n64. Good luck with that.

>> No.2168419


get a CRT, people throw them away these days and check if your console works at all

>> No.2168428

Nah. I think a remake and a sequel is more than enough when it comes to Seaman.

>> No.2168434

Sure, will try with a CRT now. I think I have a small one here to test things first.
However, I'd really prefer playing on my, ugh, HDTV.

>> No.2168716

Wave Race is till super fun. The announcer is so positive.

>Miss a buoy
"No problem!"

>> No.2168721

I like it most for multiplayer gaming. Smash bros, Mario Party 2, Mario Kart, Tennis,Conker's multiplayer and older folks from the era still play Goldeney/Perfect Dark.

Otherwise, I still enjoy Star Fox, F-Zero, Wave Race, Sin and Punishment, and Ogre Battle for single player.

>> No.2168729

Das true, been playing Bangai-O on Dreamcast (there's a 64 version as well) and I'm surprised how fresh it feels for a game from 1999.

>> No.2168851
File: 41 KB, 387x505, Seriously.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


> And that makes 007 a bad game

>> No.2168853 [DELETED] 


>> No.2168859

Absolutely. 007 was years behind, not ahead

>> No.2168891


2 players + 4 bots...

>> No.2168895

yo keep your finger on start while booting up and erase memory
but you already tried

>> No.2169185

Quake 2 was yet another sci-fi arena shooter, Goldeneye at least brought some realism to FPS. I like them both, but let's not pretend Goldeneye wasn't some dose of fresh air in the genre.

>> No.2169189

A doom clone that came out in 07 is somehow good?

>> No.2169191


>> No.2169195

The best game on the n64 was winter olympics

>> No.2169290

How the hell is GoldenEye a Doom clone? Or is Quake the Doom clone?

>> No.2169293

I recommend you raise your calm levels, the anon is clearly in a confused state.

Furthermore, I, too, wish to make my opinion known that GoldenEye is not, in any way, shape or form, a Quake-clone but that at the same time it owes a lot to the iD legacy (like every other FPS in the nineties).

>> No.2169294

doom is my favourite game ever, but don't pretend that goldeneye wasn't awesome as fuck when it came out. if it was released on pc and had the mod tools of doom, quake, or half-life people would still play it today

>> No.2169316

But it didn't, it doesn't, and it isn't.

>> No.2169336
File: 46 KB, 720x576, 172631-kirby-64-the-crystal-shards-nintendo-64-screenshot-two-stone.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Try to name a game comfier than this one.
Pro tip: you can't



>> No.2169342 [DELETED] 

>Try to name a game comfier than this one.

>Super Famicom/SNES
>PS1 DualAnalog/DualShock


>> No.2169363

> James Bond
> realism

I think that's probably the issue here. It's wasn't on PC originally so it sucks.

With the advent of emulators though, there's been people that have made their own content for Goldeneye and such.

>> No.2169390

My guess is your TV doesn't handle low resolutions very well. Would a dedicated hardware upscaler work?

>> No.2169394

Clean the cartridge

>> No.2169395

>the retail version still had a nasty bug that wiped your save file upon reaching kreepy kastle
There are four different retail versions with various bugfixes. US 1.0, US 1.1, PAL, and Japan. The Japanese version is the least buggy.

DK64's save game behavior is odd. Disappearing save games is a known issue, and has caused people to embark on a fruitless search looking for some carefully hidden copy protection.

>> No.2169420

Realism is a sliding scale, not binary 'realistic' and 'non-realistic'.

James Bond is a lot closer to 'realistic' on the scale than Quake or Doom are. It has a modern day setting on planet Earth for one.

>> No.2169447


Speaking of that game i've had my first save file fuck up on me where no matter how much health i had anything could kill me in one hit, has anyone else experienced this with DK64? It sure can be a weird game.

>> No.2169449

>it doesn't

Except it does actually, there are quite a few mods for the game.

>> No.2169450

Fuck Rare's N64 games. I just nabbed Legacy of Darkness, how is it?

>> No.2169452
File: 36 KB, 320x222, Yoshi's_Story.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I win.

>> No.2169453

And lasers, launchable sticky proximity mines, and a handgun that can shoot through walls.

>> No.2169456

God forbid a licensed game stay true to its franchise! GOD FORBID

>> No.2169457

>Realism is a sliding scale

Did you just skip over that part?

>> No.2169462

>I just nabbed Legacy of Darkness, how is it?
Better than Castlevania 64. Decent game all round.

>> No.2169465
File: 57 KB, 640x443, N64cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Don't mind me, I just push the N64 to its limits. Sure, I'm buggy and rushed, but I run at 640x480 with little slowdown, zero fog, and have huge levels with no load breaks.

>> No.2169467

Fair enough then.

That's not what the argument is about though.

>> No.2169904


Outside of the setting of Quake 2 there's little in it that breaks verisimilitude. You're bogged down with setting, but the only things you have to take for granted is the presence of hostile, intelligent alien life and possibly the BFG. Is it unreasonable, that in the future we expand outside of known galaxy? That we would eventually encounter other life forms? That they, like us, would modify themselves with technology?

Bond's universe has technology that fucking outpaces Quake 2's, which when placed within the setting of Earth 1997, are very VERY unrealistic and absolutely break verisimilitude.

>> No.2169914

dumb question coming through

why do N64 game files weigh 20mb while PS1 game files are almost always 400-800mb

>> No.2169932

Holy shit you are stupid,never heard anyone ask that question before.

N64 games are on a cartridge with very limited space (biggest game about 64mb) and Ps1 games are on a cd-rom with like 650+ mb capacity.

>> No.2169934


>> No.2169935

the only good N64 game is WWF no mercy

>> No.2169939
File: 334 KB, 1177x718, 1372251275041.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The N64 was a failure compared to the PS1 in every sense


>> No.2169941

>Is it unreasonable, that in the future we expand outside of known galaxy?
Just because something is reasonable speculation doesn't make it 'realistic'. There's hard sci-fi that focuses on what is more likely to be realistic and soft sci-fi, but the former is simply closer to the realism side of the slider than the latter, but still far away from anything contemporary.

A lot of James Bond technology DOES actually work in real life (with the exception of Moonraker lasers, which hey, was regarded as the most sci-fi Bond film), a lot of prototypes were actually developed during the Cold War. They just determined that most of it was impractical for field use.

In any case what made Goldeneye realistic was its gameplay, not its setting. As an anon mentioned before it's still inherited unrealistic things from Doom like strafing, but it introduced a focus on targeting specific body parts and stealth to FPS which are more realistic combat maneuvers.

>> No.2169949


because 95% was filled with uncompressed AMVs voice acting and MP3s

the actual game and texture parts were as big as N64 games

>> No.2169954


Nigger what?

It had analog and rumble pack, something PS1 didn't get until later

and the 3D hardware rendering was actually better than PS1

Reception was great people still nostalgia over multiplayer parties.

and you're a shitty troll 1/10

>> No.2169959
File: 57 KB, 960x537, the eddy lads having the craic at your expense.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>fighters destiny

>> No.2169971

No, a lot Bond technology does not work in real life.

In the game:

Golden Gun
Sticky Mines, both with timers and/or proximity sensors
Anti-personnel FoF auto turrets
EMP satellites
Everything on the fucking watch

In the movie:

Pen-sized grenades
Underwater dish array

In the franchise:

Propulsion based jetpacks
Invisible cars
Underwater colonization
Volcanic colonization
Deformity-free facial reconstructive surgery
More space lasers
Cars with all sorts of crazy unrealistic mods

>> No.2169984

Laser weapons are a thing in the real life and the Soviets made a chemical laser pistol in the 80's as a self defence weapon for cosmonauts. A literal pew-pew laser rifle that shoots deadly beams is a bit out there, alright, but not as much as you may think.

>Sticky mines
Yes? Sticky bombs existed. Mines with proximity and timer sensors exist. There exist landmines used to detect all kinds of vehicles and profiles including helicopters and attack them.

>Anti-personnel FoF auto turrets
Do you even drones? Do you even CIWS?

>EMP satellites
I guess I'll give you that. You could certainly make an orbiting satellite-like nuclear weapon designed to carry out an EMP attack, though.

>> No.2170168


Sonyfag detected

>> No.2170284

Just accept facts.
The n64 had a handful of good titles, nobody's taking that away

>> No.2170309


The N64 had a ton of good titles. See >>2166898 for a decent list.

Honestly I can't even think of that many good PS1 games that weren't either JRPGs or Squaresoft games. The only good non-Squaresoft non-JRPG PS1 games I can think of off the top of my head are Castlevania, MGS, Crash Bandicoot and maybe Spyro (and neither of those two managed to be as good as the big N64 platformers imo).

>> No.2170313


Oh, and MediEvil. MediEvil was fun I guess.

>> No.2170327

banjo tooie - overrated
battle tanx - pls people only thought it was good because of the multiplayer
only one of those bombermans is good, i'd have to boot them up to tell you which one because they all blend together in my memory
donkey kong 64- mess
2 generic racers
007 - again people just remember the fun they had with others, it doesn't hold it's own with shooters of the same time
hybrid heaven - clunky, dumb combat

Well I was going to go through the list and point out all the shitty games on there but it definitely is going to take too long. I've played most of them but most of them aren't good.
Also the whole ratio thing is just a way of saying sure we didn't have any games but it made us appreciate the few good ones this much more.

Also your inability to list games for a system you dislike doesn't prove anything.

>> No.2170352


Who said anything about disliking the PS1? I love me some FF, Parasite Eve, Vagrant Story and Castlevania, I'm just capable of being objective. Though come to think of it I did forget Resident Evil, but those early RE games haven't really aged very well tbh.

Though, yeah, granted, 007 has probably aged worse and was pretty heavily outclassed by PC shooters at the time, but as far as console shooters go it was revolutionary. I would strongly disagree with banjo tooie being overrated, though. Banjo tooie is wonderful.

>> No.2170368

>over a thousand games released, not counting the shovelware
>can only think of a few good titles

>> No.2170376


Yeah I know, the ratio of good-to-bad games for the PS1 is pretty embarrassing.

>> No.2170384

Nice one dude.

>> No.2170414

Perfect Dark > The World is Not Enough > GoldenEye.

>> No.2170445

Wasn't that game Japan only? Blame them for their own lack of sales.

>> No.2170479

To this day I still have no clue why the fuck I have this game.
I played it a couple of times, and got bored fast. Castlevania is better in 2-D imo.
There was another Castlevania game for N64, but I heard it was rushed and sucked ass. It's now pretty rare.

>> No.2170481
File: 698 KB, 1936x2592, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2170489

>tfw still have a poster of The World is Not Enough from a GamePro magazine

I don't even remember why I bought that magazine. I was in a store and had money to blow. That's pretty much it. I was there to rent a game, think I rented Mario Kart 64. I never owned it, but the money i spent renting it i could've bought my own copy.

>> No.2170495

The GameCube wasn't so much the problem. It was Nintendo's poor relationship with 3rd party developers stemming from the days of the N64.

That out of the way, the GameCube also had Eternal Darkness, Viewtiful Joe, SSBM, Windwaker, Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door, Luigi's Mansion, and a few other games.

>> No.2170497

Oh fuck. I forgot Custom Robo.

>> No.2170503

Castlevania 64 was sort of a beta. Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness is the game as it should have been.

>> No.2170513

Can we have a N64 thread Games Edition?
/vr/ is slow enough to not repeat one game 100 times, one game you have played per post.
Wonder if there's a game that no one here have played..

>> No.2170523

Fuckin' Pokemon Puzzle League

>friend always wanted to play it on an emulator
>crashes a lot
>has the most irritating sounds/voices ever
>constantly recommend playing Tetris Attack instead
>he doesn't like it
>same fucking game but with better music and less annoying sounds
I don't get it.

>> No.2170527

Project 64 the 2.1 version exists because the devs stopped getting along. One of the good ones left, I think, and the other ones went full retard and tried to rewrite a bunch of it from scratch in a rage. They sat on their asses, charged money for alpha and beta builds, and then when the community got fed up with the wait, they finally released that miserable shitpile. If I remember correctly, that is. Mupen64plus with glidemk2 plug-in gives me excellent results.

>> No.2170553

Why would anyone even need ZSNES anymore anyway? Higan is cycle accurate, and as long as your computer isn't potato, you'll run it just fine with the balanced core/build.

>> No.2170567
File: 40 KB, 252x346, Goemon_Mononoke_Sugoroku_(JP).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


the 3rd Goemon game

>> No.2170573

>Why would anyone even need ZSNES anymore anyway? Higan is cycle accurate, and as long as your computer isn't potato, you'll run it just fine with the balanced core/build.
The same reason people use Xvid. Because they're stupid. Or they don't want their PC to feel strained playing SNES games.

>> No.2170575

Nobody wants to play Goemon Party.

>> No.2170584

Higan isn't THAT much of a strain, as far as I can tell. And Snes9x strikes me as a nice balance between the two. Not as accuracy oriented as higan, but not an angry hack job like ZSNES either.

>> No.2170586
File: 20 KB, 400x400, goe.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Huh? Why?

Bet it´s better than Mario Party and doesn't have stick-ruining mini games.

>> No.2170602

I am only joking. Though I doubt there isn't a stick breaking minigame.

>> No.2170603
File: 192 KB, 1920x785, 1gbjaz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The really dumb thing about the 64DD being limited to 64MB disks is that the Jaz Drive came out a year before N64 debuted and featured 1GB disks. While the 64DD debuted 4 years after the Jaz Drive. So there were alternatives. They could have had more space. They even could have had a working unit to retail much sooner. But, Nintendo had to do everything themselves. They really shot themselves in the foot.

>> No.2170675

Overall, I don't think it's as bad as Nintendo unwittingly giving birth to a new competitor by screwing Sony over on the SNES CD drive.

>> No.2170704
File: 37 KB, 425x319, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If Nintendo would've went along with the deal, shit would've been different now. Sony probably wouldn't have their Playstation. Either that or they would've come up with another idea for a console.
I have mixed feelings on the whole Sony-Nintendo deal.

>> No.2170715

I'm surprised there isn't more n64 homebrew

>> No.2170807
File: 17 KB, 320x240, Dezaemon_3D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Dezaemon 3D

>> No.2171256

>I'm surprised there isn't more n64 homebrew
Because all the homebrew worth using doesn't run on most emulators. Also, there's no inexpensive N64 flash cartridge. Meaning that your homebrew will have a very limited audience. Cen64 should eventually run everything a real N64 runs. It can already run 64Doom and the Wolfenstein3D N64 port. This means that there will hopefully be a bigger incentive to make homebrew because then at least people will be able to emulate it.

>> No.2171278

>I don't think it's as bad as Nintendo unwittingly giving birth to a new competitor by screwing Sony over on the SNES CD drive
It's not like it was just Nintendo. SEGA of Japan were also stupid enough to turn down a contract.

>> No.2171315

You don't. I said comfier, not shittier

>> No.2171380
File: 113 KB, 960x720, xjCDX.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


We can argue about level design and what not, but YS is top comfy, man.


anyway, you both lose because Animal Forest exists.

>> No.2171391

I still love Castlevania 64 and I don't really get what people don't like about it. I want to get LoD next and, althoug they are almost the same game, I look forward to owning both. It's one of my favourite N64 games and I enjoyed it a lot more than SotN. But I guess I'm not the typical Castlevania fan, since I enjoy playing Judgment, too.

>> No.2171395

C64 is an okay game. It's just rough around the edges, and gets unfairly bashed for being different.

>> No.2171614

I think that the Animal Forest cartridge has the RTC chip that's in the DD.

>> No.2171903

Just watch a gameplay
That horrible music
Otherwise looks interesting

>> No.2172431


> homebrew

I'd like to port Quake 3 Arena to it..

> but I'm an ass

>> No.2172463

I prefer Kazooie. Mostly the respawning enemies is what pisses me off

>> No.2172643


>> No.2172742

eww... just.. ewww

>> No.2172758

Anything that works on Voodoo 1 will work on N64 but in lower res. Voodoo is basically like a faster version of N64's RCP

>> No.2172823

It's really a shame the N64 didn't have many fighters, and basically no major ones. Its 6-button setup would've been perfect. Not as god-tier as the saturn, but still up there.

And I have to wonder what the N64 would've been capable of in terms of 2D gaming if more developers bothered going that route on the system

>> No.2172830

I'd be interested in hearing from an expert. As far as I've read/gathered, it can't actually push as many animated sprites as the Saturn can, because it isn't built to. It can present really good looking 2d games, though, see: Ogre Battle 64.

I can't think of any that don't use pre-rendered graphics, however. I'm drawing a blank on any games with detailed sprite-art.

>> No.2172960

>it can't actually push as many animated sprites as the Saturn can
It can easily draw more. The fill-rate is CONSIDERABLY higher on N64 than Saturn or Playstation. Not to mention the CPU is almost three times faster.

The only thing Saturn has going for it is VDP2 which gives it a big boost when drawing high-resolution backgrounds.

>> No.2172979

Does the N64 have any impressive 2d games? (in terms of animations and sprites on screen, rather than still images)

I know that Nintendo had a "no fun allowed" policy on the thing, but surely something snuck through.

>> No.2173040
File: 43 KB, 320x240, rakuga-5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Mischief Makers is purely prerendered 2D, very fluid and sometimes there's lots of crazy stuff going on in the screen.

As for fighting games, there's this very unusual and bizarre game caleld Rakuga Kids, made by Konami, and it's basically a fighter with cutout paper characters. Strange, but actually fun.
N64 needed some more orthodox fighting games though, I don't know why Capcom didn't port at least something like SF3 or a Marvel vs Capcom game on it, they could have done it.

>> No.2173062

Took apart a memory card today and finally replaced a dead battery... feels good to be able to play Quest 64 (it has NOT aged well and basically plays like FF13[1]) and Goemon Mystical Ninja.

>> No.2173090

paper mario, i liked the first one the best, it has a lot of cannon lore in it that is... riske-ey.

i was hoping for mario rpg, ended up with a mario rpg without square enix.

>> No.2173345

>mupen64plus through retroarch
This is what I use, with the glide mk2 plugin. Seems like /vr/ is right.

>> No.2173383

thing is, bizhawk is also running the mupen64plus core
so either its the same

>> No.2173389

I realise that. I was pointing out that /vr/'s recommendation's (including mine and yours) are all exactly the same where it matters: the graphics plugin.

>> No.2173493
File: 1.96 MB, 400x264, burning hammer.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The wrestling games by AKI are must haves for the N64.

>> No.2173494

Forgot video link

>> No.2173858


>> No.2173868

>Super Mario 3D World is a quality game but it has the beginnings of that empty, clean, 1990s CGI feeling that the 2D NSMB games had and I hate that.
So much truth in this and other parts of this post.
SM3DW is good, but bland. Nintendo have enough heritage that they don't need to release entire games around going back their roots; they should innovate, as they always have.

>> No.2174123

>Mupen64plus with glidemk2 plug-in gives me excellent results.

>> No.2174140

>still waiting for an editor that works on real hardware

>> No.2175047

>>Mupen64plus with glidemk2 plug-in gives me excellent results.
Last I checked, glide64mk2 is screwy. Try running Resident Evil 2 with it.

>> No.2175158

How about BizHawk? Is it just Mupen?

>> No.2175436

I've had the same problem. I've reinserted game several times and it worsks.

>> No.2175993

Star Fox 64
Smash Bros.
Majora's Mask

>> No.2176152

Fuck yeah.

>> No.2176181

Bangioh. Absolutely ridiculous amounts of sprites on screen. The game also has instances of massive slowdown, but it's intentional. It runs impressively fast when you're not using your special attack.

>> No.2176186

>actually passing THROUGH the sandcrawler
True professional.

>> No.2176201
File: 116 KB, 298x224, snp-13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


it's weird how many times slowdown was intentional.
For example Sin and Punishment, also by Treasure, has unlockable turbo + frameskip mode if you finish the game on Hard. frameskip makes the game fast as fuck, I'd say it's constant 60fps, there's no slowdown whatsoever. Turbo + frameskip is waaay too fast, makes the game ultra hard.

>> No.2176890

Sure the graphics look like shit on any modern television, but i can pop in Mario Party and play with three other friends and everyone ALWAYS has a good time.

While the n64 was one of the worst consoles of all time in terms of architecture (right up there with jaguar) I do feel that it has aged better overall moreso than the ps1. Mainly thanks to fantastic games and rock solid durability.

I had a ps1 as a kid and i do not have a fond memory of the actual console itself. Sure, the games were great. But people forget quickly just how mid 90's that system was. I shudder whenever i think about playing ps1 games a kid
>long loading times
>scratched discs
>games crashing frequently
>discs not reading
>memory cards not working

I always had official sony memory cards and controllers too. None of that madcatz or futuretech shit that my cousins had.

>> No.2176893

>While the n64 was one of the worst consoles of all time in terms of architecture
The architecture was good, it was designed by Silicon Graphics, the kingpins of early 90s 3D graphics. It was hampered by an incomplete dev kit that skipped explaining important things (like microcodes) and missed important tools.

>> No.2176901

>it's constant 60fps
wat, you just contradicted yourself

>> No.2176926

hey, /vr/, just wondering, what is the best emulator to play n64 games? i wanted to check a couple of em before i actually bought it, but i'm having some problems with pj64

>> No.2176928

before i actually bought some games i want*

>> No.2176937

With N64 emulators I've always found it hinges more on the plugins than the emulator used.
Since most N64 emulators use plugins I usually obtain the same/similar results using another emu but with other plugins.

>> No.2177003
File: 1.14 MB, 690x966, 50246.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

if only life was like this again. . .

>> No.2177190

Man, Bomberman brings back mulitplayer memories. That game was so fucking awesome when played with friends.

>> No.2177273


Maybe, I dunno, the option is called "frameskip", but it just means it doesn't has the intentional slowdowns it sometimes does when an enemy explodes.
If you have S&P, try unlocking it, it's CRAZY. Not sure if it's constant 60fps, but sure feels like it.

>> No.2177278

I did unlock all that stuff years ago, haven't played much after that because the game didn't display properly under project 64.

>> No.2177340

>trailer tapes
I had a few of those! I don't think I would have gotten my first N64 for xmas if I wasn't caught watching them...

>> No.2177383

>tfw we'll never get Earthbound 64

>> No.2177462


>if it was released on pc

you've never played Goldeneye: Source? about as good as it gets, as far as that goes.

>> No.2177873

it has doom fonts, lol

>> No.2177973


b-b-but it was for the n64 and all the cool kids know that only stupid gay lame fag butts play n64 and not playstation