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ITT: Enemies that give you a challenge/pest

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Donovan's anti-air can also catch you out, and then there's Jet.

Seriously, FUCK the Stage 2 boss fight.

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Fuck these guys with a capital F.

Also birds.

Any birds. All birds. They're all assholes in games.

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Just use back attacks on them. They won't even touch you then.

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Any fucking enemy from Metropolis Zone.

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Any Medusa Head type enemies, but only when there's a fuck ton of them.

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The "snipers" in Cannon Fodder.

I put snipers in inverted commas because they're actually armed with rocket launchers, rather than sniper rifles. With a clear line of sight they can shoot at you before you can even see them on screen and if you're standing around then one shot can wipe out your whole unit.

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fuck that guy


FUCK this guy.

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>Flying enemies in Beat em ups

Worse than Hitler

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>Any birds. All birds. They're all assholes in games.

especially the eagles late in Ninja Gaiden 1

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Jet is easy as fuck to solo.

The only problem is when you have him and more than 1 people on screen. Then you have a big fucking problem.

One way to do major damage on him, by the way, is to trigger him to charge up his "fly up, do an angled kick" move. Then just move up/down to a different plane, he'll miss you clean, and as long as he doesn't fly too far, he'll be open to ground combos or even throws (you have to be really tight to do throws, normal combos are simpler to do).

This is how those TAS speedrun freaks do Max's Atomic Drop on Jet.

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Enemies that spend 90% of the time doing nothing, but are erstwhile invincible.

Any enemy that stands on or near a conveyor belt.

Enemies that go through walls, bonus points if they fly.

Enemies that rush towards you, baiting you into jumping over them and then stopping so you land on them and take damage.

Hey wait, I just realized that you can find ALL of these in the classic megaman games.

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Oh, come on.
Abadede and Big Bear are far more BS.

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These things freak me out. Small murderous humanoids springing about unnaturally like vermin...hateful little shits. Gives me the creeps. Pic very related.

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Forgot my pic.

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This. Jet is piss easy, and failing to know this is a clear indicator that you need to git gud. R.Bear is the only real threat other than Mr.X.

And as far as annoying goes, this fucker and his high priority throw takes the cake. I hate level 6 just bc you have to fight a couple of them at the same time right at the start. Bird-name kickboxers 2nd and bikers and their bullshit punch 3rd.

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Once this fucker pops up, game over. The only strategy that ever worked for me was to just get in his face and mash.

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>Not wanting to be touched by Blaze twins

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When these guys showed up, I stopped playing the game forever. It's a shame, because it was so much fun getting to that point.

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I always hear people bitch about medusa heads but I always thought the fleamen were worse.

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They're not to bad once you know they're there, just use one guy on his own and keep him moving. But it's that moment when you're wandering along happily, there's no enemies on the screen and BOOM! "TRY AGAIN"

Then when you finally get past them there's that Lost in Service screen. :'(

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Those guys are super easy to avoid. There was a pixel-precise explanation of the AI, but I can't find it anymore.

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You can tech out of throws.

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Generally, the consensus as to why Jet is annoying isn't due to him being hard, but how annoying it is to fight him. It slows down the pace of the game.

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Try this:
If it's going to swoop to the left, run to the left. If he goes right, go right.
Then, most importantly, jump when he's swooping down. You'll dodge him, and you can land a few hits mid-jump by turning around.

Try it until you get the right timing. Then these guys will be a piece of cake. The only danger would be running into something else inadvertently.

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I find that if you stop as soon as you see them and don't move forward, they jump right into your whip. Never had a problem with them.

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Honorable mention would be the poison ones from Code Veronica, thank fuck they decided not to put them in REmake.

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Without the police, it normally takes me 2+ lives to beat one of these guys. Hardest Streets of Rage boss for me.

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It's a challenge to not put down the controller and let her kick my ass as I masturbate.

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Ninjas aren't difficult as long as you have space to deal with their zoning attacks. Also, make sure you remove their weapons as fast as possible.

R.Bear is annoying due to his speed and fast recovery. But, you can abuse his AI as long as you aren't interrupted. Do a standing special when he stands up - he'll try uppercutting you, but will miss due to you having invulnerability at that time; and you won't hit him either cause he also has a small invulnerability period when standing up. But that time is short enough that you can already hit him once he whipped that uppercut.
So, knock him down, do a standing super as he stands up (he'll try countering and miss), and then punish him.

Abadede has high damage and that break-out move, but otherwise he is not difficult. Just make sure you press A on the first hit of his ramming punch to avoid most of the damage, and try to not get grabbed by him.

Kickboxers however are pieces of shit.

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The GODAMNED TANKS in Raiden 1

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Shiva should've had 2 ninjas and 2 karates backing him up in Hardest and Mania.

Shiva could've been a badass boss fight, but he's gimped by the fact that he's alone.

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>all this love I'm seeing lately for SOR series on /vr/

You guys are great.

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Only parts 1 and 2 though. 3 is shit.

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3 is the only good SOR. SOR 3 > Final Fight 123 >>>>>>>>>>>> SOR 1&2

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>Oh, this guy again.

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it had its moments too, although the japanese version was better. I always hated beat-em-ups that punished your health for doing specials and 3 found a nice way to remedy that.
There isn't a single final fight that is better than SOR 1&2. I always thought it was a pretty mediocre series at best.

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SoR2 is on the psn, does anyone know if it has online play?

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> I always hated beat-em-ups that punished your health for doing specials and 3 found a nice way to remedy that.

What? Do you realize that most of the great beat'em up punishes you for doing specials?

-Shadows over Mystara
-Aliens vs Predator
-Final Fight
-Captain Commando
-Knights of the Round
-King of Dragons
-Sengoku Denshou 2001
-Ninja Baseball Bat Man
-Battle Circuit
-Violent Storm


Losing health for doing the megacrash special is a beat'em up staple, son.

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Gr8 b8, Final Fight 2 and 3 are shit and the first is only good on arcades.

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Let me rephrase it. I always hated that beat-em-ups punished your health for using specials. I really don't care that it's a staple, I always thought it was a terrible gameplay mechanic.

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Fuck you, i hate all of you BK3 hating niggers just following the hype.

Gr8 b8 m8, Final Fight 2 and 3 are shit and the first is only good on arcades.

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Fuck you, i hate all of you niggers hating on BK3 just because it's cool.

Gr8 b8 m8, Final Fight 2 and 3 are shit and the first is only good on arcades.

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>Fuck you, i hate all of you BK3 hating niggers just following the hype.

They hate SOR3, not BK3. BK3 was okay, just not as good as SOR2.

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I still don't get the faggots saying it was worse than SoR1, the combat was better in every way, with SoR2 it's debatable though.

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That's weird because sor1 is better than sor2

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SOR3 is just annoying to play. and there isn't anything really satisfying about the gameplay.

SOR1 is just cozy as fuck. infinite jabbing enemies while that god tier music is playing in the background..

SOR2 is just really satisfying to play. jab, jab, grand upper.. feels good, really good. Max, atomic dropping into a crowd of multiple enemies for massive damage.. Skate, taking out crowds like no other with his overhead throw... Blaze, uh... um.. forget aobut her.

Anyway, SOR3 doesn't have anything like that. something that makes you feel good. all the characters play the same.. all the specials are practically the same thing and they do too little damage. you'll end up just doing a couple jabs, grabbing and throwing.

I wish they didn't include the level 3 blitzes, they're overpowered as hell, and it's annoying losing a life to the twin sisters in SOR3 (they're easy in BK3 though). the only satisfying thing about SOR3 is blaze's katana special and the massive damage it does followed by a neutral throw. That's the only thing that is SOR2-esque in terms of effect and damage, besides the lvl3 blitzes.

SOR2 > the other two games.

i don't care how you rank the "other two". SOR2 is the best of the series and that's just a fact.

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>le fact
I like SoR2, but they missed basic shit that was standard on SoR1 and BK3 brought them back, like the team attacks and enviromental gameplay missing on SoR2, like the trains, machines crushing you, bottomless pits etc, that shit make the gameplay SoR2 a lot more standard to play.

All of them are good and have pros and cons, stop pretending your shitty opinions are facts.

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>hurr bk3>sor2 but only slightly
does it really fucking matter, the roms are like 600kb just download them all and enjoy for what it is
better yet download the fan remake and have the best of both worlds

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The basic thing in a beat em up would be how well the fighting system works (hitboxes, combos, cancelling, balance, AI, etc), that's the spine of the game, and SOR2 does that god damn perfect.
The environmental hazards are fluff. Any beat em up without them would still play fine. But none of them could do without a good fighting system.

So no, environmental gameplay is not "basic shit that was standard". And the fighting system in SOR2 is so tight that it more than makes up for the lack of those. Plus you still have bikers, grenades, and exploding robots, to spice up things.

>SOR3 is just annoying to play. and there isn't anything really satisfying about the gameplay.

upgraded blitz attacks (3-star dash attacks were awesome), throwing enemies into pits, all the weapon specials moves, ability to break free from holds, branching paths, playing as Shiva. Team attacks were also cool but I don't think we ever used when we were playing multi every weekend back in the 90s (had a pirate BK3 cart).
There are also lots of secrets. First time we noticed that we could select a Kangaroo at a continue, it was the coolest shit ever.

It's the level design that really fucks up the game. It just gets super fucking boring on many levels. The energy charge for the super moves also slows down the gameplay a bit (get grabbed once, use a super to free yourself, get grabbed again, you have to wait until they finished with you or you risk losing 1/5th of your life with an uncharged super move). But worst of all, you can't hit out-of-screen enemies, and the AI is very stupid compared to SOR2.

Also note that whenever I say SOR3 I mean BK3, and whenever I say SOR2, I mean SOR2 as played on Mania.

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<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/N-2-rw3irfU" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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It's just for you.

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Guys, there's a beat-em-up thread up already. This is the annoying enemies thread.

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i genuinely didnt even notice

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The ninjas I usually deal with by being armed. Step diagonally when they're knocked down and they'll ALWAYS hop forward when getting up and you can punish them easily with the pipe/sword. Unarmed it's a different story, usually involving a lot of waiting and cursing. God, they're fucking annoying.

Bear I usually deal with a sword on 5 or pipe on 7. Pretty reliable. Other way is to go diagonal to force the jump attack which if dodged gives you half a second to punish. Pretty easy with Sammy & Blaze.

Abadede is move in diagonally, 2 stading punches and forward+A. Unless you're Axel in which case, grand uppah with no punches.

Kickboxers is usually throw, throw, throw. Which isn't much help in 6. The annoying thing (as with the bikers) is their ridiculous speed and their 2 frame ko kick (or punch for the bikers). Fucking bitches.

But it doesn't if you know what you're doing. Clear the floor first (donovans) and stand in the same line as him with half a screen of distance. He'll "psycho crusha" you and all you have to do is use a vertical jump kick. DON'T MOVE after it connects. Jet will reset and do the exact same thing again. So do you. Rinse, repeat and you can beat him in 10 seconds.

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Arino please

>> No.2150654

Your range is superior to theirs, tho. It's pretty reliable going at them head on, stopping before you get in range and letting them close the distance whilst you're spamming B. Try to take the Galsia out of the picture as soon as possible by giving him higher priority if they look like they're coming to you at the same time. Also, -never- jump. You probably know that tho. Def one of the harder bosses in 1.

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She only has one hand, they attached a whip to the stump. Yep, it's canon.

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>that Lost in Service screen


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>yfw he's a happy merchant
You can't unsee it.

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I wonder who could have made this post.

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It does indeed, as does golden axe

>> No.2150708

Diablo, the Black Deaths.
Yeah, those neon yellow zombie fucks.
Their surreal colors only exacerbated their horror and danger.

Now, they weren't deadly maulers, but they were devious devils in that every hit they would land on you, would permanently remove 1hp from your character, regardless of damage taken.

Getting into melee with them is bad, but getting cornered by them can irreparably damage your player character, and not everyone knew this either.

>> No.2150723

Bullshit. Wouldn't he have a higher rank in Dracula's legions of evil?

>> No.2150807

Best megaman is the ones that run at you and then jump when they get close so that they hit you when you jump to avoid them.

>> No.2150812

I like otto much more than the higher level robots

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This enemy really spoils what was an excellent setting in the opening Dollet assault. 5 self-repairs is just too much. 3 would've been suffice to prove the point that you had a choice and decided to beat it.

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Hated this fucker in FF1!

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I could beat anyone but then this bastard cheap fighting idiot screw my ass many times,

>> No.2151790

He's really susceptible to throws. Just get in his face and mash the throw button. He's actually really, really easy.

Anyway, I'm seeing a lot of easy enemies on this thread. Really tough enemies are the likes of the succubi and magi when using the Warrior.

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That's your own fault, though. Really, why bother? Just get Quistis to gun it down.

>> No.2151917

i never understood why doom general memetized this, the revenants make a metallic noise when they spawn

>> No.2151927

Red Arremers, the little bastards

>> No.2152410

They continually make an extremely distinct breathy-shriek...there's nothing more too it.

>> No.2152415

oh but there is


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I could easily trash this idiot boss if he doesn't keep on hiding behind the screen. Fucking coward. Seriously. All he's good at is hide in corners of the screen and swing his axe from there. Dipshit.

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I have killed maybe one of these things. I just run past and hope I'm going right way.

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Never had as many problems with him as much as some people.

My wrath in this game was reserved for stage 2 and the Twin Unicorns. The Unicorn Twins are why 90% of kids never saw Stage 3.

>lol, first boss was one cyclops. Let's make TWO cyclopses!!!


It wasn't until recently I found out the only and I mean ONLY way to kill them is with the dagger.

If you don't know what I am talking about they show up and in 2.5 seconds if at least one of them isn't dead you're done. They're huge and they bumrush you.

>> No.2154894

That and they just rush you like meth heads. I always had trouble with them but their screaming and kermit flailing made me chuckle so I'd look for them on purpose.

Hell's Special Ed kids.

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>Cannot unsee.

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>So I heard you want this item?

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This fight in ffxiv was so fun

>> No.2155369

Dude, him and Ultros were awesome. I wish that the other FF's had Ultros or a similar recurring boss in them. His cheesy jokes were amazing.

>> No.2155379

You creep the screen over until you just see one, kill it with daggers, then proceed to the next one iirc. I honestly don't remember ever having a problem with these guys.

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100% luck-based bullshit
you might never advace further because of him

>> No.2155451

Why does that game have weapons other than dagger? Just to make you accidentally pick up the wrong thing and troll you with RNG bullshit?

>> No.2155562

This shit is just as predictable as it's RKA counterpart, i don't why it keeps getting posted.

>> No.2155967

most people in /vr/ are actually too retarded to into pattern recognition. You can tell when people complain about the hallway in level 5 of castlevania being "random" lol

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Fuck the dominatrices in SoR1. The first ones you encounter are fine, but the late-game ones do this annoying thing where they crouch after being hit AND THEYRE INVINCIBLE UNTIL THEY GET BACK UP.

You have to take a pot shot, back off and let them get back up, take another pot shot, let them get back up again, etc etc. It's fucking bullshit.

Also the dual boss where it's two guys with freddy krueger claws.

>> No.2155984

>You have to take a pot shot, back off and let them get back up, take another pot shot, let them get back up again, etc etc. It's fucking bullshit.

Can't you just grapple / throw them? It's been a long time since I've played the first game, so I can't recall.

>> No.2155991

I was never able to grapple them but maybe? Regardless, there was no reason I couldn't just keep beating them up while they were down like any other enemy

>> No.2155995


You're bad at this game.

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Remember these little blob monsters that would jump at you and explode taking away almost half your energy in the first Quake?
These fuckers were annoying!

>> No.2156178

These small resolution images always get me to try a game.
And then I stretch it out over my 32" monitor and get disappointed

>> No.2156185

change the FOV so you the image stays the same and you see more area.

>> No.2156273

>>2155984 here.

Just checked, and you can grapple late-game S&M chicks. Have fun.

>> No.2156284

>Post an amusing memory of a annoying enemy


>> No.2156292

Honestly what did you expect from 4chan?

>> No.2157093

But otherwise you could spam specials all day long and that isn't fun or balanced

>> No.2157120

Those damned skeletons in Golden Axe. They were and still are the very bane of my existance

>> No.2157121

Gitgud shitter

>> No.2157189

>have free specials
>never use any other attack

>have specials take health
>never use them (unless you can cheese them for free at extremely low health)

Honestly it's no different from all the RPGs wherein you have a powerful healing item you're saving for a desperate situation, and by the end game you have like 8 of them and even then you don't use them.

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No one has yet to mention the Icon of Sin from Doom 2!

I skip this part and move on to Final Doom. Don't even wanna deal with it. Not enough patience for it!

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File: 3.83 MB, 4320x3240, gold x award.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This so much.

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This fucker from Thunder Force V.

I can beat just about the entire game without getting hit (too much), but I can't ever figure out how to dodge this one attack. And if I don't have the Free Range weapon, it takes an eternity to whittle down his health.

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File: 53 KB, 250x184, Fleech.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 8 KB, 320x224, Everybody_loves_this_Slicer,_am_I_right....png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This fuckin' guy. And those exploding starfish thingies.

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Although the medusa heads were painful in 2D when it came to 3D there was no point on having them in the game. They still fucked up jumps but most of the time you couldn't see them due brightness choices in areas also they spawn behind you.

>> No.2157801

But muh seed score

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>Terror Attack in Russia!
>Race: Snakemen

No thank you, Russia.

>> No.2159285

Not sure if this is referring to SOR3 (I believe it isn't) but Mona / Lisa are fucking horrible. Easily top 5 least favorite and I have no idea how you're supposed to combat them.

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File: 463 KB, 480x360, SINISTAR.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 2 KB, 65x65, NICE WALL FAGGOT.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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So are they sisters or what

>> No.2159519

Don't worry too much. These guys are completely powerless if you're behind anything whatsoever that blocks their line of sight, even by a pixel. If you have to rush them, do it with hit-and-run using SSG or else stun-lock them with the plasma rifle. BFG of course eliminates the problem entirely.

>> No.2160013

What's wrong with Donovan? As I remember, it's not that hard to avoid him as he comes at you, just change planes? Have I forgotten something?

>> No.2160015

every flying wave in any tower defense.

>> No.2160019

>Have I forgotten something?
Yes. OP's pic is Galsia, not Donovan.

>> No.2160021

he ment 32" cock

>> No.2160057
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I hate spiders. And these fuckers would shoot out these homing missiles that would leave you rekt.

>> No.2160075

the galsia respawns tho

>> No.2160078

just grab em. It's a pain if they are in group though. A good tactic is to grab someone and throw them at em.

>> No.2161096


Play hardest mode, Fuck Jet. Period.

>> No.2161163

That got patched out fairly early on though.

>> No.2161172

You can hide behind them and use them as cover, though I don't think they can be damaged by their own projectiles

>> No.2161619
File: 6 KB, 512x448, live_psychic_37.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck this guy

>> No.2161826

You began to asshole clench every time you heard a WHEE-WHEE cry.

>> No.2161840

I've never heard of this game and have no idea what's going on.
Looks cool though I'm going to check it out.

>> No.2162150
File: 49 KB, 800x600, gfs29068213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This bitch. I can beat Batman Returns on Mania with lifes set on 3, but sometimes she costs me 2 lifes and its pretty much over then. I know her pattern, but it still can be a pain in the ass, when she is about to kick you, she kicks you, no matter what you do. You can block but that will get you in even worse situations sometimes.

I think there is an exploit where you can grab her and headbutt her over and over, but it doesnt always work.

>> No.2162151
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