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The hardest of the hard final bosses. Who you got?

I think this motherfucker right here qualifies. You'll never die to him from having your HP go to zero since you'll fall into an instant death pit long before that can happen.

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>tfw its always the same bosses getting posted.
>someone will post Dark Demon from Demon's Crest at some point.

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all those castlevania bosses where way to hard for me. i can remember in 3 that i once managed to get there, i placed maybe one hit before it was all over. Later i learned about second and third form. young me would have had a panic attack if i continued trying. i just gave up. i only beat it later with a rom save state deal.

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The Wily Capsule in Mega Man 7 is the hardest of all Wily Capsule fights.

Sigma's second form in Mega Man X5.

Necron in Final Fantasy 9 is really hard if you don't have the proper abilities on to be immune to status shit, especially like Frozen and Stop.

The final boss in Tales of Eternia is pretty damn hard, or at least I thought so.

Mr.X in Streets of Rage 1 and 2. I'd imagine there's people here who might have no problem with him, but I always found him pretty hard. It's part of what makes beating the game every time so fucking satisfying. Fuck him and his gun.

Hmm...that's all I can think of for now.

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Mr. X wasn't a problem for me when I was a kid. I always had problems with the twins in SoR1 though, took me a bunch of lives to power through them.

Death Bringer in Golden Axe for Genesis was tough as hell though. I played as the Dwarf, so he used the girl's top-level spell and it utterly destroyed me whenever he cast it.

Pic related is one of the toughest I've encountered, though it will be a couple years before it's /vr/.

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Mr. X wasn't too bad when I was a kid. The gun was easy enough to avoid, and it's not hard to keep everyone suppressed with throws and jump-kicks. I always had problems with the twins in SoR1 though, took me a bunch of lives to power through them.

Death Bringer in Golden Axe for Genesis was tough as hell for me. I played as the Dwarf, so he used the girl's top-level spell and it utterly destroyed me whenever he cast it.

Pic related is one of the toughest I've encountered, though it will be a couple years before it's /vr/.

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Yeah, fuck the queen of grotesqueries. That was awful.

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not retro, but Yiazmat in FFXII

seriously, fucking 50,112,254 HP

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most of the difficulty there comes from the fight being three hours long though. its a test of patience more than skill. Artificial difficulty or something.

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Three hours isn't a challenge in an FF game if you have enough MP items. Persona 3 did it a lot better with the 20-minute Reaper battle imo.

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This guy here is fucking brutal when you fight him for the first time and don't yet know you can instakill parts of him or just abuse $Toss until he croaks. Yeah I know,


But Neo Exdeath is hands down the hardest main storyline boss from any JRPG I've played.

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Hardest for me was the final boss of Star Ocean 2. I never did beat the game because that asshole would do a tidal wave attack that did 9999 to my entire team every time. Even with Claude and Dias wailing on him he got that attack out and creamed me so I gave up and sold the game.

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Been almost 25 years since I played Golden Axe, but IIRC you can easily beat all of the bosses in that game just by spamming the charge attacks. It's cheap and all, but my 7 year old self gave zero fucks.

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Mr Burns from The Simpsons arcade game

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This fucker, at least last time I fought him.

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the most unfair boss in any fighting game

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This smelly piece of shit right here(In MKIII only).
Asshole won't stop charging you and even mocks you right to your face when you lose. Mother fucker.

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i had a harder time with the Lovable Igniz

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Here comes a new challenger

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Probably because the final battle of Dracula X is unbelievable bullshit.

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You receive Internets if you can name this game without reverse image search.

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>after a while


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dude it's house of the dead it's hardly obscure.

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Not a final boss, but he should be.

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nah you can just go to the end of the screen and start jumping back and hell always jump forward for you to anti air him.

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Yeah fuck that guy.

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yeab but once you fucked up and he starts doing one of his combos you're fucked.

Similarly, Kahn can be cheated in some way or another. I remember always chessing him with Sub-Zero or spamming down+HK to make him fall over and over.

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Beating this guy without glitches is one of the most satisfying things ever. So much so I play zelda 2 just so I can fight dark link.

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They fucking give you an ability that literally counters all other abilities, also mimic class.

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Probably not that hard in the grand scheme of final bosses but i always hated this fucker as a kid. Never beat him.

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Magneto was also a pain in the dick. From the first X-Men Sega Genesis game.

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After a game where having at least one ring means you're immortal most of the time, you suddenly have to be good at not getting hit.

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It's Vampire Night, and killing this fucker on hard mode gave me some severe wankers cramp/carpal tunnel

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>This game isn't so hard with some light grinding. I don't know what all the fuss is about
>Huh this last stage is a lot longer and more arduous than any other one
>Okay made it to the boss, had to use up my rings now maybe I can just...

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that is neuziel mockery in FF7

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literally the essence of GIT GUD

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The shoddy collision doesn't help either. Unless you're careful when you hit him, you'll might just fall through him and die instantly, instead of bouncing off him like you're supposed to.

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you hit back just before hitting to get the full back bounce.

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>Necron in Final Fantasy 9 is really hard if you don't have the proper abilities on to be immune to status shit

Why would you not have those abilities though? Almost everything else is worthless, since you'll kill every enemy in 2 hits anyway and every boss in fewer than 10. FF9 had some of the most disappointingly weak bosses in any jrpg. Except for that one boss in the finale that casted LV5 Death. That shit took me unawares.

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This thing still gives me a slight case of goosebumps. The sheer fucking horror of seeing it roam around the ocean map, several times bigger than your little sub - just one of the many old games that helped me develop a deep distrust of deep waters.

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It's a lot scarier before you realise it can't get you with your sub at max height. Before that I just remember thinking 'oh god if it touches me I'm fucked', and wanting to get out of there as soon as possible.

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I found Trance Kuja harder to be honest. Unless you cast reflect on him.

FF bosses are rarely hard in the first place. I think the only ones I ever had any trouble with were in V, and only because it was my first time. Stuff like Atomos really surprised me there.

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Yeah, most bosses that are hard in FF are ones that just surprise you with off the wall stuff that wasn't in another encounter. Once you get that surprise, and figure out how to handle it, it's just back to slamming your dick into it's face.

I don't think they had intended for the bosses to be hard at any point, though.

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I'm playing FF4 right now, and the only bad guys who have given me trouble were surprise encounters after opening chests. Even then, I just use Stop and mash A to defeat them. Bosses are pretty much the same; cast Slow, mash A until victory. As someone who typically goes to Megaten for my RPGs, it's really different from what I'm used to.

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This motherf├╝hrer right here.

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All the K Rool's are only annoying because they're so fucking long. Its always been a problem with the series.

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it can be either somewhat easy or completely insufferable depending on your party's skills and which pre-final dungeon boss you decide to kill, which determines the final boss' specials.

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Yuri gets her clothes torn off? In which KOF?

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Dark Demon is easy. The real pain is the boss rush in ActRaiser. I'm certain you can't dodge the minotaur at all.

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Dude it's totally not.
This guy wins.

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He was tough indeed.

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I beat this boss using a keyboard. It's doable.

Him too.

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>Not posting Ruby.

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King K. Rool for DK64 just seemed like memorization for the most part. Not particularly challenging, but super tedious and frustrating. No idea how many times I had to try.

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>Not particularly challenging, but super tedious and frustrating.
You've described the whole game.

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Try fighting him as Knuckles. Even with save states, it's retardedly hard.

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And yet Ozma is one of the harder superbosses in the series, at least prior to the non-/vr/ games.

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>>FF bosses aren't ever hard

Play X and XIII and say that shit again.

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If you're talking about the second encounter, it's much easier than the first. Just takes some memorization and a modicum of twitch reflexes. The first encounter is much longer, has more phases, and K. Rool varies his attacks a lot more. You have to be on point for at least the second half of the fight.

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Isn't Gruntilda from B-K also supposed to be really hard? I never finished B-K.

Also Mizar, from Jet Force Gemini, Another Rare game I never finished, I should get around doing it.

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>means aren't ever
X is in there of course, but not retro.

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Who told you grunty is hard? She isn't. It's one of the most fun bosses ever, but definitely not hard.

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>Hard Boss Fights
>Wily's Capsule from 7, Dracula X
>Good Hard Boss Fights

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Keep running and keep him in the corner always worked great for me. Make sure you are not on the side where he launches the little bombs.

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This boss AS KNUCKLES.
Seriously, I don't think I've managed to ever land more than one hit on the bastard ever with Knux. As Sonic, this isn't a terribly taxing fight.

as Knuckles, you can't jump high enough to hit him most of the time, it's stupid hard, and I don't think anyone actually playtested this bit, they'd have adjusted Robotnik's hitbox otherwise

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It's still a maddening fight though.

2002 Omega Rugal is fucking retarded in every way, holy shit. Even if I do the continue thing to set him to like, 1/3rd health, I can barely beat him. One day I will be able to do it without a continue/help boost, but that's a long way off.

Haven't fought 95 or 98 Omega Rugal, so I can't comment on them.

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Um, you don't have to jump high to hit him. You wait until he lands after jumping.

>> No.2141764

You can hit him when he flies up, crashes down, and leans over. Only problem is that you have to do it 12 times.

You can only hit his crotch as well while it is walking, but that one is more different.

Also, I believe you can hit its butt while it is walking, but again not too easy. Watch out for the jetpacks flame - it flares up when it is about to fly, and has a larger hitbox that way.

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This dick had me raging for 3 hours straight. Since you can keep trying as many times as you want, and I got to him rather quickly, it seems too disproportional to me.

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Yeah, the only "difficult" boss in IV is Bahamut (because rosa has to be a certain level or you have to have lunar curtains to Wall rosa before he gets his turn). Enemy encounters can be a lot harder than bosses, sometimes, especially at the end.

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Even with all the precautions taken, you will still be in for a long fight.

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If you made a list of the 20 hardest bosses in video games and at least 15 of the ones on the list are not the final or secret final bosses from bullet hell games than you don't know shit about games. If any of the bosses are from jrpgs than you are just fucking trolling

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This fucking bitch here.

The gimmick is you find all the genes for Tiamat and wipe the floor with her.

But if you DIDN'T?!

It's a two hour boss fight endurance match.

However I recommend doing it this way because AWESOME HEAVY METAL SONG as you are fighting for all you're worth.

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Did you mean Kaiser?

Myria is a fucking joke.

Weretiger Rei with Focus.
Ryu in Kaiser form raping face.
Whoever is your 3rd just healing.

Its a damn joke, shes not hard, just an HP sponge

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Tyr from the first game is a similar deal. You need the Agni dragon form to even reach her, then use it to wipe the floor with her in a slugfest where you can't really lose. But if you for some reason don't, she's a ridiculously fat HP sponge that is going to pummel you with huge multi-target attacks for two hours until you're out of healing items and die.

Granted, fighting her without using Agni is entirely voluntary (if you've reached her in the first place, you have Agni), but if you choose not to, she can be a beast. The first time I've beat her without dragon transformations was very satisfying in the end, one of the most intense JRPG boss fights I've experienced.

>> No.2142171

I'm talking no Kaiser. None of that 9999 shit.

>> No.2142213

Not final, but the boss at the top of the fanatics tower is a pain. Put wall rings on, set emulator to 500% and leave the game for a night.

>> No.2142268

I cheesed him to death.

>> No.2142426


In Hard mode.

>> No.2142491

Oddly I never had much trouble with him and I usually suck at platformers.

I never could beat the Icon of Sin in DOOM II. Those fucking flying skulls knock your shit off the platform even with invincibility. The window to pull off the platform jump is really short.

>> No.2142494

Berzerk the boss, then put life 3 on everyone.

Easy game, easy life.

>> No.2142496

i agree 100%. i tried, my god i tried. i even at one point went into that fight with at least 50 lives, and mabey only got as many as 6 - 8 hits on him. the one boss in the sonic 1-3nk series that i was never able to beat.

on a good note, i just yesterday beat megaman x 4 with zero. the whole game isnt too hard, but that final boss fight is fucking rough as hell. but i finally did it guys, i finally did it.

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98 Rugal is tough, due to his quick attacks and high damage, but not unbeatable. I definitely remember fishing for his Kaiser wave, rolling, then doing some quick, cheap move, like the 100 fists with the Kyokugen team. Over and over.

>> No.2142660

Do fighting games count?

Because the only answer to that is Rugal '94

Literally impossible as in not figuratively as in you're fighting a computer designed on the tightest hit detection and reaction time as in when people beat him, men in black knock on their door to take them for human experiments

>> No.2144270

This is some serious FF-level shit here. What is it from?

>> No.2144278

Romancing SaGa 2

So you're...not too off the mark

>> No.2144282

Dracula X's boss fight is definitely memorable. I don't think it's that hard, it just takes a lot of time. His first form is basically waiting a lot while sitting on that one pillar where you're safe 90% of the time.

>> No.2144283

i managed to beat this as knuckles without too much trouble. so long as you know the patterns of Robotniks movements, it's pretty easy, you just gotta wait a lot.

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I can get through this game without dying with a little luck by now, but I'm still not able to beat this fucker without the holy water trick. I die in about 5 seconds, it's crazy. Beating him legitimately is my vidya goal.

>> No.2144307


Yep, I believe the trick was hitting him right when he lands on the floor after jumping. He leans down a bit, and that's right when you can hit him with Knuckles, otherwise, Knux's jump is not high enough to reach the mecha's belly, which is the weak point, and you get hit by its claws.
I also think you can hit it from behind.

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The Dracula from Circle of the moon was really hard for me, the hardest one i've fight in my experience with castlevania

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>tfw you've beaten Franky and Death without holy water
I tried the holy water trick once on Death but fucked up the timing and got raped.

>> No.2144419

That's the way I would beat him the first few times as Sonic before I figured you could just hit him at the right moments when he is walking towards you.

>> No.2144835


i thought the same thing, until i realized you can completely dodge his dashes by gravity jump spamming the top of the screen

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I think the hardest Dracula I've fought, besides Dracula X, is Dracula X Chronicles (the PSP remake of Rondo).

Dracula in the original Rondo might be the easiest Dracula fight in any Castlevania, but in the remake they included a 3rd form which actually kicks some serious ass.

>> No.2144846

Whenever I try to beat this game, I usually never get past this guy and his fucking sickles.
My chances to get through the corridor of bullshit with no cross are close to zero so I never have holy water.

>> No.2145023

of all the bosses I faced in Streets of Rage, the one I struggle the most with is that Wolverine-looking guy in the first game who phases through your attacks

absolute bullshit if I've ever seen it

>> No.2145070


Zamza, yes, I also think when fighting him you also have to deal with one or two Jet, I fucking hate flying enemies in beat em ups

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The actual "boss fight" is just figuring out a rather simple puzzle, but fuck this entire god damn level. So many vores and shamblers, barely any ammo.

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Jet's incarnations in SoR2 are absolutely nothing compared to this one. Three flying fuckers on the screen at all times and they can dash up from one plane to the next to grab you at will for unavoidable damage.

Jet's AI is completely erratic, too, considering he can cancel out of ALL OF HIS MOVES, FROM ANY DIRECTION, meaning he never has to commit to a pattern. Pretty much, he'll hit you when he wants to, and if you're lucky, you can get a few jabs in before his goons show up throw you. I mean, fucking look at this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-_0qKC01-9s

It's a challenging boss fight, to be sure, but a maddening one.

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When you are a particularly bullshit enemy on a game known for being bullshity as fuck, you know you are doing something right.

>> No.2145143


Maybe I wasn't playing the game right but it seemed every boss in that game was drawn out much longer than necessary.

>> No.2145281

The corridor is really easy man, just jump and throw holy water at the knights. If you have III they die in one hit.

>> No.2145289

Guilty Gear X's final boss. I just won the thread

>> No.2145290

Well of course the fight is maddening when you use the bullshit version of the game that makes all enemies 10x harder, AND you use the weakest character with the worst moves in the entire series.

>> No.2145294

Zamza is easy. Do a back jump when he stands up, and he will try (and fail) following you with an uppercut. Then wail on him immediately.

>> No.2145301

>most of the difficulty there comes from the fight being three hours long though
Took me five.
Then I got fucked over by instant-cast Deathstrike and it took me another five.

>> No.2145369

'94, '95 (which is where the screenshot is from), and XIII.

>> No.2145371

You can, but most of the time it's easier to just wail on him and hope you outdamage him.

>> No.2145373

I did it when I was a kid. Jesus, as Sonic you can just hit him anytime his arms are lined up, but as Knux you gotta wait until he's crouching and hope you don't fall into him and die.

>> No.2145379



Didn't knew it. Every character should have their clothes ripped off if the fight ends with a special, it's a nice touch AOF had, like the faces getting injuries while the fight goes on.

>> No.2145483

That video perfectly expresses why I hate SoR. What I really hate is not exclusive to it, but all beat em ups I think do this, is you're confined to the screen but the enemies can drift off-screen at will yet still hit you and you can't even see them. I hate when games play cheap like that. If I'm stuck inside invisible walls they should be too.

>> No.2145516

Having shitloads of HP =/= difficult boss

Sure it takes ages to kill Yiazmat but he isn't exactly hard, need any notable preparation and you are aware that you can actually leave the area, restore your HP/MP at the save crystal and return to continue the battle afterwards?

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Ahh, Breath of Fire.. This brings back many good memories.

I read many years ago that Tyr IS Myria, and Evans is her son.

It was something like this: After Tyr is defeated in BoF I, she gives birth and begins a five centuries long hibernation. One or two hundred years after her defeat, Habaruku, a high ranking psychic demon, founds a religion and uses his powers to manipulate and spread his religion around the world, brainwashing all of humanity, until nearly everyone is worshipping "St. Eva". As we know he succeeded and this was all a major plot to use the energy from all the worshipping, prayers, devotion and sacrifices to nurture Evans, turning him into a mighty god and bringing him from the bottom of abyss to take over the world for the demons, but the plan ultimately fails and Evans is destroyed. A few hundred years later another deity, under the name of Myria and the form of an angel appears out of the blue and promising eternal peace she begins taking control over human hearts, turning them against the dragons and starting a war. In this war, many human lives are lost but the deity's plan succeeds and the dragons are now extinct... or not. Myria, is none other than the Tyr, who awakened and returned to the mortal realm, thirsty for revenge against the dragons.

I read this in a very dedicated Bof website and i don't dismiss this theory as it has very valid points and evidences.

>> No.2145572

It's the only version us American kids had growing up. We had no choice but grow up quickly and become real men in order to beat that game.

>> No.2145594

That only happens in SOR3. In SOR2, you can damage off-screen enemies too - either directly, or by throwing stuff at them (weapons, other blokes, etc).

>> No.2145598

I didn't know about the boost trick.

>> No.2145637

The mid-bosses for Tekken 2 are real pains in the ass. Its like pressing an attack button equals pressing the duck button for the computer as they dodge pretty much everything leaving you open to get lit up.

SNK bosses are just the devil incarnate.

>> No.2145651

Do you mean from FF6? Cast life3 on everyone you don't want to die, and kill him dead. The only bosses I ever had issues with in FF6 were Punaba(or whatever his name was) and the tentacles inside Figaro castle. And that's because my characters were all horribly underleveled and the characters(except Edgar) were all almost completely spell-less.

Triple Shot Cross or Axe work surprisingly well. Grab one or the other and farm upgrades off of enemies. Best place to farm would probably be right outside his room, off the medusa heads. I have yet to beat him with the dagger or whip only.

Hardest RPG bossish battle is the 64 Demon Lords or whatever they are called in Might and Magic 2. I've never been able to beat them. I don't know of anyone who has. They all have spells that not only kill your people, but eradicate them, which can only be cured by a trip to the local temple, which you won't be doing until you finish the battle. There is no way to prevent their spells from hitting, even with maxed out stats. I have edited my save file to have the ultimate party. They killed 27, then died. I don't know if they can be beaten.

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Unless you use Quicktime on the last phase

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