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Ask a lifelong (I'm 29) Nintendo fanboy who just purchased a Sega Genesis anything.

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Have fun saving a shitload of money

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Why do you call the Mega Drive 'Genesis'?

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Ah looks like you finally grew up.

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You enjoying yourself so far?

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Because it says Genesis on the box and on the console. Also because it's the goddamn Sega Genesis. Next question.

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I haven't even hooked it up yet. I've only owned it for about 2 hours now.

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Oh, you're on of those dumb Americans. Why do you faggots always have to be different? Nobody outside of your pathetic, cuckolded country says 'Genesis'.

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That's nice. Enjoy your 18% unemployment rate.

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Oh fuck off, it;s bad enough when Americans bitch about people calling it the Megadrive, let's not lower ourselves to that.

Americans call it the Genesis, we call it the Megadrive. Regardless of which name people use we all know what they mean.

OP, what made you want one? Ever play one back in the day ?

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Enjoy that PAL shit.

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Some ok games, but do not expect snes quality experience or stories.

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What games have you got for it?

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Take this shit elsewhere man. /vr/ is better than this, and you. Also do you have any idea the consumer power the us has, you wouldn't bc you ignorant.

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Haha, also I'm rich as fuck...and I can only imagine where you lay your unwashed Europoor self

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I had a couple friends I would play with a genesis back in the day. I remember back then the bit wars were in full-swing, so I would hold the banner for Nintendo yet still be enamored with what Sega had. It was Forbidden Fruit sort of thing, you know? I remember playing Sonic, and also Bare Knuckle 3 (holy fuck do I need to find a copy of Bare Knuckle 3 ASAP!)

Anyway, I was at this game exchange like I often go to every month and the system was up for auction. I decide why the fuck not? So It was very much an impulse purchase.

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Sonic 1 comes with the system of course, so I scourged around at the exchange afterward and picked up Sonic 2, DJ Boy, and the 6-Pak

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Then why make a thread?
Hook that sucka up, enjoy it and your games >>2123427 for a week or two, then make a thread.
Have fun.

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>dumb Americans
>Euros only have MUH 50hz

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Hahah, that showed him!

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Sega had to call it Genesis in NA because another company had a trademark on the name Mega Drive. It's not an "Americans trying to be different" issue, it's a "Sega couldn't call it Mega Drive there" issue.

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Canada here, its the genesis.

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Hey, guys, is this /int/?

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Gee, I wonder who came up with that idea.

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>the 6-Pak
Man, that thing saved me so much money getting into Genesis. And I'd never heard of Super Hang On, so that was a big plus.

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canada is america's hat

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We're a little too friendly..

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The British, right? I'm too lazy to go check it up, but I thoguht ti was the British and I still do.

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get out this isn't reddit

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Regardless, don't go around acting like it's not a good idea. If I wrote a book I don't want Joe Dipshit grabbing a copy and saying he did it instead.

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Get the Shinobi games. Definitely the best games on the Mega Drive

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>implying "ask me" threads aren't common in nearly every 4chan board.

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>implying that makes them okay

where's a mod to clean this shit up?

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You might be the same guy I've seen gushing about it before. I purposely sought it out today based on said gushing.

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I think it was France, actually. In either case it was a European country.

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Nope, I don't post on this board nearly enough to gush about anything except how much I love Game Boy form factor.

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If I wrote I book I want to call it whatever the fuck I want without a bunch of greedy fucks telling me they own the name I came up with.

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I do enjoy that PAL shit on my Megadrive modded for PAL

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>you ignant
Nigger pls go back to America

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That's not true anymore. Nintendo fans flocking to the Genesis after prices for NES and SNES games rose up also caused it to happen for Genesis games.

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For the most part all the "good" games are under $40. There are a few exceptions like Bloodlines which goes for a lot.
Consoles are far cheaper than a SNES also.

Now SEGA CD and some 32x stuff is crazy priced.

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Buy strider. Amazing game

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Sadly Genesis prices have some up been rising because of collector assholes or Nintendy kids getting on the wagon but you can still find some good deal on some titles.
>Now SEGA CD and some 32x stuff is crazy priced.
Sega CD I can believe but 32X been rising up in the market thats weird I thought people really didn't give a shit about it cause AVGN haha SHITTY ASS ADD ON!
Get some of the Disney based games like Aladdin, Lion King, World/Castle of Illusion, Quack shot, and Bonkers. Sonic 3 &K, SoR2, and Dynamite Headdy. Light Crusader is enjoyable too.

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AVGN said the SEGA CD is shit too.

I doubt SEGA will reach Nintendo prices.

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Some games have at one point during I think March till like July MUSHA went from a 100-150 game to a 500 dollar game and it down drastically after that. Gunstar, Contra, and CV have also major price rises they went for 25-40 dollar games to 40-70 dollar loose. As long as Yu Yu Hakusho and Centy's prices don't up the fucking overpriced area, I'm fine. I've also seen Sonic 1 and 2 go for 10 bucks loose which to me is super overpriced in some stores a shame too.
>AVGN said the SEGA CD is shit too.
true but usually people usually say it had something worth while like Sanic Q-Sound Fight for tha future, Snatcher, and RPGs.

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>As long as....Centy's prices don't up the fucking overpriced area, I'm fine

Uh, hate to bring this up, but...

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Not anymore, really :/
Nintendorks who one year ago would have been saying it has "no games" and "looks and sounds shitty" are now buying them in droves and driving up the prices. I knew I should've grabbed Bloodlines while it was still $22 in box :/

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how much does it go for now? is it 300 dollar game or worse?
I might import it since it's like 10 bucks imported but damn really? since when??

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I didn't say there were no expensive games. There are but almost all the good games are well under $40.

I think the biggest price difference is the consoles. Lucky to break $100 with a boxed Genesis. And the best revisions go for cheap which is great for me.

I'm not sure what's driving the price of the 32x up though. Few that were complete in box went for over $100 on fleabay.

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It's been a $200 +/- game since early this year, loose. Good luck finding a boxed one.

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holy shit I ordered Centy off ebay in 2009 for $65 and I thought that was a lot...

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Oh then it hasn't changed it's been like that for a while on ebay iir.
Probably some youtuber made a video on it other than Gamesack and said some good things or dumb kids are burning them like AVGN. I hope its not the latter. But that's all true what you said and I agree.

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I never understood the concept of fanboyism, especially when it's just a marketing strategy.

Why the fanboyism when both systems have good games?

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Give it time. Some games like Sanic and Aladdin will always be cheap— but the prices on other games have been rising fast. A few years back, I picked up Alisia Dragoon for $7. Now it's about $40.

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Well you're either young and didn't grow up in the 90s or you're not American.

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I'm a 29 year old American, but if you say so.

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So what you're trying to just say you were smarter than everyone as a kid?
Ya you're either lying or you were some fringe kid that ate his lunch in the bathroom or something.

It's normal for kids to pick sides with stuff like that and the ad campaigns back then really fueled it. Or at least it was normal. I don't know about now.

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I'm saying I never understood it, read my first post.

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You experienced it then. It's just having a lot of passion for something you like is all.

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Basically, it worked like this:
Not everyone's mommies and daddies were rich enough, or willing to buy their kids both an SNES and Genesis- as yours evidently were. So a lot of kids get one system- and the kids who got the other system are going to make fun of yours; and you, theirs- because neither of you want to be the on the side with the system nobody wants to come over and play with you. Of course are games on the other systems that you wish you could play at home, but don't let the other side hear you say that.
I'm not saying it was justified, but that's playground logic; we were all stupid kids, bombarded with advertisements saying that one side was definitively better so we had better believe it since our parents sure as fuck weren't about to drop money on another system. ("But I just got you THAT one!)

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Nice projecting, but I'm not him, and I grew up with a Genesis in the 90s, and all my friends had the Super Nintendo, and there was never any animosity. We played Sega games at my house and Nintendo games at theirs.

Fanboys have always been and will always be retarded.

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You must live in one hell of a happy place.

>> No.2124019

Okay, well do you understand why claiming to not understand a base behavior that your supposed peers engaged in can come off as inferring that you were smarter than everyone?

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I didn't have to put up with any of that either.

>> No.2124030

You generally need friends in order to have friendly shittalking.

>> No.2124051

You may be right. My parents had no money but I managed to buy plenty of vidya on my own by doing odd jobs, paper route, etc. Maybe that's why I never developed famboiitis.

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Hey op. Same age as you, bought a Genesis/CD 2 years ago. Not a Nintendo fanboy really, but an SNES kid who never played any Genesis beyond the first party Sega stuff 20 years ago. Hope you're having as much fun with it as I am.

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>friendly shittalking.

Ah. So you went to some shitty public school full of niggers and to-be inmates because your parents didn't really love you. Now I get it.

>> No.2124079

Now that's projection.

>> No.2124083

It's called The New Generation.

>> No.2124086

Says the guy that turned
>I never saw SNES/Genesis rivalry in school either

>> No.2124096

You're confusing people. I'm >>2123965 I just stepped in to comment about the guy saying he never had any fanboys or what ever.

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The fanboyism was never as bad as people made it out to be unless they were talking to someone on the internet about it. Nearly every kid just had one console and would go to their friend who had the other console to play whatever else was out on it.

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Well, your comment was retarded. My friends and I all had SNES, but when I went over to someone's place and they had a Genesis, I played Sanic, or Rocket Knights, or Golden Axe and fun with those instead of being a faggot. I've never seen any consolewar faggotry off the internet. Not playstation/n64 shit either.

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We never hated each other over it. Just be stupid shit like saying the Genesis was garbage because you were used to a SNES controller and not the 6 button.

Honestly I really don't think the hardcore fanboy shit started till later in the 5th gen with the Nintendo is kiddy crap garbage.

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My parents weren't rich, but were gamers themselves so we ended up getting both.

That said, I have a SNES I paid for, and a Genesis I waited until the guy selling it wanted to give it away.

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Is the Sega Genesis really seeing that much of a price increase? It was really cheap 7 months ago, when I got mine. I was holding off to work on my SNES collection.

Fucking hipsters and collectorfags.

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>Gunstar, Contra, and CV have also major price rises they went for 25-40 dollar games to 40-70 dollar loose.

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Take my estimate with a grain of salt because I'm not sure if these prices have gotten worse or lowered down. I think Gunstar Heroes did for a while back in the summer? But thats how it was in March-May on ebays. If not I'm sorry nintendorks, resellers, collecthoards have ruined our glory days of cheap games. Got so many of my games under 20 bucks Shining Force II is the only expensive one being like 19 bucks but its worth it imo.

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I picked up a large amount of Sega CD games before plebs got their hands on them. The then much cheaper but still expensive Popful Mail wasn't really worth the tag. Most of the best Sega CD games were under 10 bucks.

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Aaaand you out yourself as a rich kid

>> No.2124256

I'm not even that guy but I get fucking sick of people getting all up in arms because a guy had nice things, or his parents got well established before having kids, or they got lucky in life and came from a good family.

So yeah, fuck poor people.

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File: 2.68 MB, 400x225, an unsuspecting and humble fisherman makes the unfortunate error of trolling on v instead of trolling the fish he wishes to locate so that he may maintain a fiscally healthy livelihood.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>you're either a white nigger in an inner city zoo school or a spoiled rich kid that had 80 video game consoles growing up
>there is no in between

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Anyone know where to get a power supply for the model 1 for cheap? Idc if it's 3rd party

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>well established before having kids

I'm one of those kids, and holy shit you sound like a pampered obnoxious little shit anon.

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