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Gonna post one for each system starting with Vice: Project Doom for the NES.

Let's see what you got /vr/.

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Brain Lord for the Super Nintendo.

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Brain Lord for the Super Nintendo.

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Elemental Master for the Genesis.

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Famicom games that are "as intended" versions of NES alterations

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Zelda II's famicom version is bullshit though. You lose all levels if you die.

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No fucking way.

How the hell are you supposed to beat it? That's insane.

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I guess it was their way of making the game grindy, to pad it out like Dragon Quest. The downfall of this is that the game is really fucking hard.

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"When you die and have to continue, your
three levels (Attack, Magic, Life) will be evened out to equal that of whichever was lowest before you died."

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Wai Wai World 2: SOS!! Parsley Jō, my all time favorite game.

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looks like ninja gaiden

does it play like it? I could go for more of that

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Judge Dredd is a fantastic SNES title. The lawgiver fires different types of rounds, the levels are true to the source material, the sprites have stood the test of time, and it's one of the hardest games I've ever played.

Avoid the Genesis version, it sounds like 16-bit ear rape.

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I dunno. I personally feel that any game which was featured in the cover of Nintendo Power isn't that 'hidden' of a game

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It rarely ever gets brought up in conventional channels in this day and age. Hidden gem.

The platformer stages play a lot like Ninja Gaiden and you have three weapons that you can switch between - a saber, gun and grenades. There is also two Spy Hunter stages and two shooting gallery stages.

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Are you kidding, Vice Project Doom is one of the most hyped Youtube-era "discoveries" along with Shatterhand and Earthbound.

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Probably one of my favorite 16 bit RPGs, and yet I hardly ever see it mentioned.

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Really? I don't watch much on youtube outside of Game Sack and CGR so I honestly didn't know about that one. Still, it's pretty awesome and nobody I talk to seems to know anything about it usually.

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It got shat upon, er, upon release too.
I loved it and all; rented it over Xmas 1995, good times.

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The Violinist of Hameln is a fantastic platformer for SuperFamicom from Enix. I never EVER see it mentioned here, or really anywhere for that matter. You play as the titular Violinist, on a quest to save a town from monsters. All you have at your disposal is your violin, and it's tunes can lull enemies into submission. Accompanying you on your quest it your sidekick, Flute, who can transform via suits you discover as you play. Said suits are used to help you traverse the environment and solve puzzles within the levels. The soundtrack is full of great tunes as well, with Bach's Ode to Joy serving as the music in the main town. The word "comfy" gets thrown around a lot, but this game is the definition of it. The game has a fan translation out there, too, so there's no language barrier that can get in your way.

Check this one out, /vr/. You won't regret it.

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I've seen this mentioned a few places. I want to pick it up but iirc it's bullshit expensive just because you don't need to know moon to enjoy it

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Phelios for the Genesis. Kinda like Legendary Wings only it doesn't have the platformer stages and it has giant pictures of some random check who loses her clothes after every level.

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This actually looks pretty cool. Thanks for the protip, Anon.

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Twinkle Tale on Genesis.

It's a shoot 'em up sorta like Pocky and Rocky or Shock Troopers, but themed on magic and fantasy enemies. JP only, but there is a translation patch (not that you need it, it's a shmup!).

I never see it talked about anywhere, but I am ALWAYS misremembering its name in the sense that every single time someone talks about Elemental Master I mistakenly start to think that finally someone else knows about Twinkle Tale.


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I'm gonna second Vice. Weird to think how some games were so much more popular than others, while being clearly worse.

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Can't have a SNES hidden gem thread without Hagane. This game rocks. That beautiful beautiful boxart.

Beat me to it. It was a huge surprise how fun that game was.

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I have the Genesis version. The music is pretty bad and I can't get out of the first level (it's one of those destroy-all-the-things sequences and I can't figure a way to the last one)

It plays okay.

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I own the genesis version but giving this game a MUST play point.

NES Hidden Gem: Renegade
Greatest arcade port on NES.

SNES Hidden Gem: Spawn

Genesis Hidden Gem: Vectorman
Forget 2, just the first Vectorman.

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It's sub-par

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I picked up Spawn for the SNES in a thrift store recently and it's definitely not a hidden gem...

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how is hagane sub par ?

my jimmies

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I liked it. Enemies can get cheap but its still a solid brawler.

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Though I think the NES far too mainstream by now to harbor any hidden gems, but this was a pleasant surprise

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Megadrive edition

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You might need to kick a breakable wall to get through. Just watch a playthrough of the SNES version, it's the same map layout.

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Hasn't been a "hidden gem" since AVGN did a video mentioning it, causing its already high price to go through the fucking roof.
Can you say, "More Expensive than Earthbound"?

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Well it was Mike Matei but yeah same diff. Same reason everybody knows Run Saber now.

Contributing with Clash at Demonhead for the NES.

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God damn it, anon. I have been trying to remember the name of this game for years! Some other anon tried to help me on The "Can't Remember the Name of this Game" thread but I guess I mislead him by messing up the level order. But now, here it is! I'd buy you a beer if I could.

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Image didn't post. Weird. Clash at Demonhead.

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If Clash at Demonhead is "hidden" then so's pic related.

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Hagane's a little like Musya, a more horror-oriented SNES platformer with a spear attack like CV Bloodlines on Genesis. It's fairly simple, but the aesthetics are worth it- truly one of the creepiest games on the system.

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And you can't talk about creepy SNES games without bringing up Nosferatu. It's almost like an ominous-as-fuck Prince of Persia. Controls are wonky and take some getting used to, but the atmosphere is unique on the system.

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I saw this at a convention once going for a pretty good price, but I decided for some stupid fucking reason not to buy it when I had the chance.

I am forever filled with regret.

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I picked this up with the manual at the store I worked at last year having never heard of it before. Kinda slow, a bit easy but not necessarily bad. I really wanted more out of it, but it felt like it should have been an arcade game.

The Chaos Engine/Soldiers of Fortune on the Super Nintendo is an awesome port. Can be pretty friggin' hard doe.

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Loved that one - anybody who ever had a weak spot for horror should give it a try.

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This game is the biggest reason I can't hate the Stallone movie.

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maybe not here, but doesn't seem to get the love it deserves
Whomp Em as well

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Speaking of action movies, this game kicks fucking ass.

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Definitely. It's class/club system is amazing. The music, chapters, and hidden characters keep it fresh.

Unfortunately, the frequency of random battles is an issue. And the fact that only a few hours into the game it becomes "press A to win", and all of the neat Friendship Points and Club skills become a waste of time.

I think that was the worst for me, the game could've been so much better.

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>stretched picture

Why does that exist

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Fatal Rewind. Simple, solid and challenging.

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>The downfall of this is that the game is really fucking hard.
and also shatters your will to restart. Fuck, I died a few times completing it and I can't imagine how my trek through the game would have been if I had to restart upon death completely.

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the only people who buy hagane are people who don't play it, which is the best part about collectorfags and their "must play games"

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Don't listem to him, it's a good game, but i think the controls could have been better, Shinobi 3 controls were perfect with way less buttons.

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Vice Project Doom is my favorite NES game by far. It's much easier than other NES action games, but I see that as a good point.

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You're damn right it does. Loved True Lies.


Never heard of this one. Gonna check it out. Thanks for the recommendation, anon.


And thanks for reminding me this existed. Gonna revisit it.

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Killing Game Show?

couldn't stand it for more than a few minutes

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Yes, but the Genesis release only was titled Fatal Rewind, so I went with that.

Believe me I had it on the Atari ST as The Killing Game Show years before I even knew there was a Sega port.

I've enjoyed it since forever myself.

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I recently discovered this game after years of ignoring it based on that I didn't like its name. The stupidest thing ever: The game is awesome, and according to its designer, made to be played with two or three players, since the arcade was 2p/3p depending on the cabinet setup. Highly recommended, including the notretroplsdontban ps2 remake.

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This game is retarded amounts of fun two player.

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Just picked up a copy of this game and had no idea what kind of game it was until I booted it up. Really different for a game of the time. Definitely going to have to try it two-player mode.

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It's short and stupid easy, but the game does a good job capturing the subject matter.

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I've played it, and it feels like Alien 3. Do they use the same engine?

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No, you just suck. Learn the timings and invincibility frames and it's amazing.

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One of my faves, The Twisted Tales of Spike McFang. Oddly enough, the American version was harder than the Japanese version, one of the rare times when this occurred.

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never see this game talked about here, don't understand why either cause its great

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Great for seizures.

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what is this?

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Dashin' Desperadoes

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The only reason I like it is because based Chris Huelsbeck. Otherwise it's a brutal hard clusterfuck of pain and frustration.

Bonus goes to you for knowing this.

If Jim power is making it in here I'm dropping some Wolfchild.

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> Oddly enough, the American version was harder than the Japanese version, one of the rare times when this occurred.
Nah. In the NES/SNES era when the difficulty changed during localization it was almost always harder for action games/platformers and easier for rpgs. Japan's view of the world was 1) Americans are novices at RPGs and 2) Americans can cheaply rent games, and so they might beat a short action games on a rental and never buy it.

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Why do I see colors like that and always think on Amiga?

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Because they were ports of Amiga games. >>2127907 was another Amiga port!

Speaking of awesome Amiga ports...

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The main thing I liked about Spawn is its dark atmosphere.

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OP here and I just picked this up after seeing it in the thread. Played the first couple of stages and it seems pretty good so far. I like Dredd's range of skills and as long as the level design is decent through the game I could see having a lot of fun with this one.

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uh i heard the genesis version of dredd controlled slightly faster due to missing animation frames

just a curiosity

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Yeah, that dinosaur witht he big-ass gun is wearing a suit and shades.

Yeah, those are ninja.

Yeah, this was a first-party Sega game.

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File: 30 KB, 220x321, Yume Penguin Monogatari.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Only one other person I know has ever even played this awesome game.


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Tetris Battle Gaiden. On it's face there's nothing terribly special about it, but go into the options menu and put it on "renpa" mode and hold on to your butt. First game to really take the tetris formula and turn it on it's head.

>> No.2137274

Power Blazer was harder
Power Blade had that god tier soundtrack though
Power Blade 2 was the worst in the series but it tried to include minibosses and new armor forms

One of my all time favourites anon.

>> No.2137628

Yeah, I have Power Blazer as well and I find it interesting how Power Blade is SO MUCH better even though it was just supposed to be a localisation initially.

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Kickle Cubicle for the NES is one of my favorite puzzle games, similar to Lolo.

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Syd of Valis (Valid II) for the Genesis is my favorite of the Valis series.

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Finally Ninja Warriors on the SNES.

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>worst valis game is best valis game

>> No.2138772

i would of enjoyed it a lot more if it didnt run at 30fps

>> No.2139167 [DELETED] 

Gameplay wise it's fun and well animated. Plus you get to dress a little girl up in display outfits.

>> No.2139168

Gameplay wise it's fun and well animated. Plus you get to dress a little girl up in cosplay outfits. 30fps? "It's okay when Sony does it!"

>> No.2139191

When I was young I thought the visuals in this game were arcade-quality, shit was phenomenal

>> No.2139315

jacky chans action kung fu

>> No.2139325

Sailor jacky is a beast

>> No.2139327

I'm going to vehemently disagree here. It has super floaty controls, obnoxious bossbattles, and feels like it had very little effort put into it. Given the series it is part of, it is far from the worst, but it is not a "gem" at all.

Music is catchy, though.

>> No.2139329


>> No.2139359

Phantom Fighter for the NES. Controls take time to get used to. Nice sprite work all around. Pretty involved sparring system. They toss in some rather anachronistic humor from time to time - in a game that takes place in ancient China, a quiz inquires of George Bush Sr's dog's name.

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>search for Blaster Master NES
>no hits

And this is supposed to be a hidden gems thread? Fucking plebs

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>notretroplsdontban ps2 remake

Had no idea there was one. Japan release only?

Been playing the Master System Gain Ground and it's near as good as the 16-bit version. Less playable characters but it seems to have more bosses. It's more than just a watered down 8-bit port, it does differ slightly

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bugger off

>> No.2139379

>Blaster Master
>hidden gem

Might want to consult a dictionary there champ.

>> No.2139381

I'd play this if the translation patch wasn't so horrendously broken

>> No.2139387

are you one of those purists that won't do emulation or translation patches or something?

>> No.2139410

Sort of. When I emulate shit I for some reason have a had time remaining interested or focused on it, but if I have a physical copy I tend to have an attachment. I've been using the retron5 for translation patches on my Super Famicom games too, but it still just doesn't feel the same.

Now translated repros? I'll do that shit all day long.

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Back to /v/ please

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Somebody posted this is the SNES hidden gems thread and inspired me to order a repro of it. King of Demons on the Super Nintendo is pretty badass.

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power blade > power blazer

get rekt weeb

>> No.2142098

will purchase love the mega drive version

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Dream Master on the NES. It's an RPG with finite enemies and resources, and no random encounters. Each area of the game ends up playing out sort of like a puzzle, and each has its own unique hazards and gimmicks.

In my opinion it's the best RPG on the system by a long shot.

>> No.2142108


>> No.2142109

Yeah, there's a translation patch available.

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File: 1.18 MB, 1403x2564, 1403123858482.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that glories boxart

>> No.2142437

This. I'm still having trouble getting over just how much better Power Blade is for a localisation effort.

>> No.2144202


So I've got a Genesis with a random game and a copy of Shining in the Darkness on the way. Are there any other good RPGs, aside from Shadowrun and the Phantasy and Shining franchises?

>> No.2144208

Warsong (aka Langrisser)

>> No.2144218


Goddamn, that shit ain't cheap. I'll keep an eye out though.

Any others? I'm trying to shy away from just building a generic Genesis collection.

>> No.2144220

So THAT's where the penguins in the Parodius series came from.
Glad I checked out this thread, I've been wondering for literally a decade.

>> No.2144223

what's the best valis game?

>> No.2144224

If you're an RPG enthusiast, you will really need to pick up the Sega CD attachment, which doubles the number of RPGs on the system, giving you Lunar, Lunar 2, Shining Force CD, Dark Wizard, Vay, Eye of the Beholder, and some other first person dungeon crawlers.

>> No.2144227


I'm a sucker for first person RPGs, but I'm a little wary of buying older disc-based games--I'm compelled to buy them with a case and manual and that just gets way too expensive.

Thanks for the tip, though!

>> No.2144228

The PC-Engine version of 4.

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Square's last JRPG on the SNES.

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File: 8 KB, 320x224, 962.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shadow Blasters for the Genesis. Or Shiten Myooh (Myouou) in Japan.

Short but very sweet.

This was a very early Genesis game. I had the actual cartridge 20-something years ago - borrowed it from a neighborhood friend and never gave it back. But as a kid I never got very far and completely forgot about the game's existence. Many, many years later I stumbled upon the ROM in 2000-something and was pleasantly surprised.

This is a very early Genesis game, so the gameplay is very basic and NES-esque, which to me is absolutely fantastic. The graphics are decent, but the best thing about it is the selection of characters. The game is hard at first as you figure out what those peach-looking powerups do, but eventually the game is beatable using a single character. I've done it with the white-haired guy (easily the strongest), and I'm not even a great gamer.

Also, the final boss fight will surprise you.

>> No.2145252

Beyond Oasis. Top down action rpg.

>> No.2145273
File: 25 KB, 357x312, ranrpg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Please, tell me more about this one.

Speaking of lesser known RPGs, Ranma 1/2: Akanekodan Teki Hihou (Treasure of the Red Cat Gang) is a great little RPG. If you're a fan of the series it's a must play. Or if you're looking for a light hearted, humorous RPG it's worth looking into. Not really that hard at all, but don't let that put you off.

>> No.2145291

I'd forgotten the graphics being that good.

>> No.2145309

>Please, tell me more about this one.
Instead of spells the game uses Mantras.
You can create your own by simply writing whatever the fuck you want, and then checking what effect is unleashes.

With some trial, practice (and luck) you can end having some insanely powerful spells as soon you start playing, BUT any possible abuse is prevented by the fact that your MP is limited so you still need to play and level up normally.

Oh, and the game uses a in-game time limit before the end of the world, and certain game events consume extra time, such as some traps or events that give you special items so you must be careful.

>> No.2145337


Sounds interesting. Gonna check it out. Thanks Anon.

>> No.2145370

In the same vein, I indicate the Sailor Moon RPG. I was put off at first (lel Sailor Moon is for girls) but it's surprisingly fun with a lot of nods to the series up until the end of the third season. It gets kinda ludicrous when it attempts to blend in the manga and anime canons, though.

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File: 273 KB, 265x376, Guerrilla_War_Cover.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Absolutely love this game. My favorite of all the top down shooters on the NES. Plus it's still a < $10 game.

Also, Felix the cat. That carts getting expensive though.

>> No.2145396

Is that the one where you control Che Guevara and Fidel Castro during the '59 Cuba takeover?

>> No.2145402


That'd be the one.

>> No.2145404

I find them both loathsome human beings, bul I'll play it anyways. You can rarely go wrong with anti-establishment run n' guns

>> No.2145410
File: 4 KB, 256x240, guerrilla-war-u.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the one indeed. The American version doesn't use any of the actual names though. The title of the game in Japan was just "Guvera"

>> No.2145412

I have this one. It's one of the only jpn exclusives I own. I never played it much though the chick losing her clothes every level seemed a good incentive to keep playing

>> No.2145413

Er, make that Guevara

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>SNES Hidden Gem: Spawn

>> No.2145430 [DELETED] 

>blaster master
>hidden gem
>calls everyone plebs
the irony

>> No.2145449

thought japs hated marxism due to china blaming everything thats ever happened to their country on them

>> No.2145476


and... the price went up. thanks.

>> No.2145513

I just need a guerrilla cap and cuban cigar now.

>> No.2145663

Just started playing and it already feels like Push A to Win.

>> No.2145692

Super Mario Bros.
Sonic the Hedgehog

>> No.2146393

There needs to be more games where you can arrest motherfuckers

>> No.2146407

I just watched some youtube videos and these games look promising

>> No.2146417

Dayum, is that Rudra no Hihou or whatever? I gotta get back into it; i only got like an hour in.

>> No.2146456

I'm kinda new here so I don't know if it gets any love around this place, but how about The Haunting for Genesis? You have to love a game where you're a ghost who has to scare people until they piss themselves and run screaming from the house.

Sorry if it's not a hidden gem, but I'm usually the one to introduce it to my friends.

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