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Best endings

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I'm quite partial to FF9's ending. It's 35 minutes long.

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Are you niggers even trying?

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In Blade Runner the "run away from LA with the pink haired loli who is insanely in love with you" ending is top tier.

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is this sweet home?

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Looks like Monster Party.

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Yeah, you know you're gettin' some road head that day.

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>Hideo Who?

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Dat music... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=njgdFEXdd_o

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Wtf did I just watch?

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Best ending on a kids game.

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Bravo Lucas

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I think Klonoa 2 is even better actually

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Didn't ended that one. The ending of the first one came as a surprise.

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>You're a hero...

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The Town With No Name

here's the whole thing:

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Those fucking feels.

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Don't remind me.

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You won because the enemy AI allowed you to win.

Because it saw that the weapons it was tasked to create, using recovered alien "Vasteel" technology, would result in humanity going down on a path of war, of such magnitude that it would lead to the genocide of its own race. And because the AI was incapable of self destruction, it instead destroyed 1/3rd of humanity to provoke a retaliation.

Once that retaliation happened, the AI then allowed you to destroy all of the alien Vasteel weaponry in its stockpile.

The only single alien technology remaining, is your own spaceship....

best ending in any shmup game, imo.

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In the best ending of Kid Icarus Palutena turns little Pit into a handsome muscular adult and gives him a kiss, sex is implied.

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iori's ending in king of fighters 96 where he flips out and fucks up mature and vice

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defeat dracula, acquire bitch

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Dat nostalgia!
C3 was the first game I played that had multiple endings. And I achieved every one.
>Alucard a shite though!

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When I was alone as one,
my eyes were as blind, I know.
Sky brilliant with blue elegance,
I couldn't behold.

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I'd like to popful Mail.

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Which Slayers game is that?

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One of my favorites. The one after is good too.


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This game will never not be funny

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You're gonna carry that weight

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my nignog

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The most patriotic of all endings.
Thank you, Data East.

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I haven't been thanked by a developer for playing their game in longer than I can remember.

Fuck you, modern gaming.

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The ending to Act Raiser 1 was really cool.

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Fuck yeah! Bad/mindfuck ends are the best kind of finales!

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This game looks cool as fuck, and I've never heard of it. Thanks for posting this.

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What is this?

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Metal Black.

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What's this from?

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Sega CD version of Lunar 2.

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So good. That's the only time I've ever felt even anything for a video game romance.

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those cut scenes where pretty intense for the time

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I didn't even play it "at the time". I was an SNES kid.

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poor guy. you missed out on a lot

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>All my friends!

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>...and you have to leave.

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Not really. I'd just be playing SNES/PC stuff now instead of Genesis stuff.

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>visually similar images:


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it's Popful mail on the Sega CD

fun little Platformer/RPG

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I'll check it out.

>cherry taken


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This ending was fucking great.

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Toppest of keks

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Oh hey Popful mail, I just got a CDX, wonder how much this costs

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all those surreal playstation early 3d shorts.


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Monster party


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That reminds me why this one hasn't posted


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Just burn it.

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I swear, EX+ Alpha's endings were basically graphics demos they put at the end of the game, just to have something.

How else could you explain 7:08?

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Best scene right before the final boss anyway.

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Astyanax's ending was surprisingly cute.

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I second this. The end of that game was a magical feeling that very few games have.

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That time when Greendog became the Silver Surfer.

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>Game Gear Sonic 2

My nigga

>captcha: those ratedyou

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that tense, final music while you put out the crystals

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Bad Dudes has a good ending too.

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Hell yeah. [Garr is kill]

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The only lunar game i played was lunar legends for the gba. Is here anyway to emulate the sega cd games?

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I loved this ending, BoF 1 and 2 had simplistic endings, due to the times, but you could tell BoF 3s ending was simplistic on purpose.

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Kega fusion, download darkwaters rips from iso zone.

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Don't downplay it, Bad Dudes had the ultimate ending.

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>mfw that blew my mind first time i've seen it because WOW IT LOOKS SO REAL

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Pretty sure the price has jumped recently by about 50% due to people talking about it. Buying any sort of retro game right now (except really common PSX/N64 stuff) is not wise.

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>tfw I actually binned a lot of stuff a few years ago because I had checked on ebay and selling them wasn't worth the hassle
I mean, it wasn't much, but I could have made up to 500 euros with that shit on today's market.

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You sound like the people on /biz/ telling people not to invest in the stock market because we're near all time highs.

Not that retro stuff is an investment, mind you, but I don't see any evidence prices will decrease any time soon.

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ff6's ending with just celes, edgar, and setzer is fucking depressing

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Somehow, we don't think so!

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Looking for a particular ending to a airplane/hell bullet shooting game.

Ending >A rusty old robot manage to save two main pilots of the game just before his battery died. The male and female flighters awake from their time capsule only to find the remains of that robot.

> Re population of the human race.

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>this literally happens in the real MG2 too

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Omega Boost?

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I like bad endings better than good ones. they feel more genuine to me.

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Billy Eyedol

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I remember not knowing what anime was and this being weird as hell.

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My favorite Tekken ending of all time. It was so much different from the other ones in that game.
And I hate Anime.

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it was some japanese anime cut scenes.

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>playing N.R.C. all goddamn night at a sleepover only to finish and see this shit ending

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Felicia, you just beat up all the other Darkstalkers! What are you going to do next?

I'm going to Disney World!

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this is perfect

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>you will never shoot terrorists with a grenade launcher in a subway, splattering their innards everywhere

>> No.2101830


to bad Felecia's agents and lawyers screwed her over and took all her money

>> No.2101835


Radiant Silvergun

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Klonoa2's ending is tame compared to the original.


Klonoa: Door to Phantomille's ending was one of the reasons why the expression "Player Punch" was coined.

Klonoa 2: Lunatea's Veil's ending was bittersweet at worst.

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Her ending on Pocket Fighters got her shafted as well.

> Be Felicia the catwoman.
> You want to make friends.
> But everyone is afraid of you because you are a monster with knives for nails.
> One day you hear the news about a guy named Ken Masters who is looking for a lead actress for a movie he's funding.
> If you perform as the lead actress at a romantic movie the humans will realize you are kind and femenine and will stop fearing you, nya!
> Proceed to get rid of the other possible candidates by beating the everliving fuck out of them.
> Ken selects you as the lead actress for his movie.
> It's not a romantic movie.
> It's a MARTIAL ARTS movie and you are asked to kick ass and break shit.
> The movie is a complete success.
> Now, everyone is even MORE afraid of you.
> Fucking Ken.nya

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Sasquatch's ending in the first game and VH always made me laugh.

>Wins the game with the goofiest member of the cast
>Turns out he and his tribe were planning to take over the world and the other Darkstalkers were what stopping them to go after mankind first.
>They then find humans farm bananas, so they aren't bad at all
>Decide to give up of dominating the world in exchange of bananas

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reminder that iii era grandtheftautos are borderline /vr/ at this point

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>ps2 is borderline retro

Yeah, nah.

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I used to be with retro, then they changed what retro was. Now what I'm with is old and untalked about, and retro is new and scary. It will happen to you.,,,,

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I have way more nostalgia for Vice City, and other games that I played as a teenager, than any of the games we discuss here, that I played as a kid. Doesn't really make it "retro", though. Vice City is pretty much the same thing as 4, except good.

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