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What is a good controller for playing the most PC ROM's?

Looking to play these:
some gameboy

>inb4 buy all 6 original controllers and their PC adapters

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I swap between a Dual Shock 4, a USB SNES pad, and a Gamecube controller (gamecube just isn't the same without it).

For general purpose, I'd suggest getting the DS4.
As you listed Gamecube, I'd advise against the Wii U Pro as it doesn't have analog triggers, which play a big part in some Gamecube games.

inb4 opinionated shitstorm and insult-flinging

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But, the Snes has a simple layout, you could play all the games with a controller that resembles the PS for example, is there any advantage of having a Snes controller?

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A USB PS3 controller is good enough for almost anything, unless you want to play Jaguar or some weird shit like that. I'd get an N64 controller (or USB repro) just for the N64 games, but if you go that far you might as well just buy a real 64 and grab a flashcart.

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The d-pad is really really good.

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He listed a lot more than SNES and early PS1 games though.
Even ignoring the non-retro stuff, the N64 wouldn't map well to a SNES controller.

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I picked up a DS4 shortly after the PS4 and it's been my absolute favourite controller for doing anythign at all on PC - from the very little emulation I do to anything on Steam using DSDCS (Xbox 360 controller wrapper).

I don't even have a PS4.

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I use DS3 with the Buffalo SNES. Great combo for many systems.

SNES: NES, SNES, GB/C/A, DS, PCE, Genesis, MAME, and any new 2d games like Rayman Origins etc.

DS3: N64, PS, Gamecube, any new PC games.

I own most other consoles so it's a great system.

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>Dual Shock 4
Can I use my dual shock 3? Aren't they bluetooth to connect them with a pc?

>Gamecube controller
>N64 controller
Yeah, what is best for N64 games?

Also thanks for the input, but no one mentioned sega. Do I need my ABC controller for Sonic and X-Men or can I use the usb snes?

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>>2092756 here. No it's not. The analogue buttons and Dpad that requires quite a bit of pressure ensure that I only use it for newer games that require a stick.

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N64 games map really nice to the Dualshock. Z becomes R2 and C becomes the right stick.

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>Can I use my dual shock 3?
>Aren't they bluetooth to connect them with a pc?
You can connect them through USB if you don't have Bluetooth.

>Yeah, what is best for N64 games?
The N64 controller is obviously best for N64 games, but I use a Gamecube controller and I've yet to have a problem.

>Do I need my ABC controller
No, you can easily map all buttons to the SNES controller. ABC = YXR, XYZ=BAL.
You're going to run into problems with Saturn though, as you need 9 buttons. A Dual Shock would come in handy here.

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meant to say Z becomes L2, clearly.

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>Do I need my ABC controller for Sonic and X-Men or can I use the usb snes?

Nope, a SNES controller should be fine unless you really need an accurate Genesis layout, or a specific Sega controller (don't know if those exist since I'm not a big segafag).

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ABC=YXL / XYZ=BAR would work better, there's a reason it's the standard layout for fighting games.

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Thanks again to everyone.
Very helpful.

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>people expressing opinions on /vr/
>no one's gotten mad in 20 posts

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The OP made a detailed post expressing exactly what he was looking for, it's a good first step. Usually I'm the first to shit on babby-tier OPs

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pls don't be a fucking pussy.

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>C becomes the right stick
I never could get the hang of some games that use the c buttons for vital functions, the stick is too inaccurate for them and sometimes you need to have hands on the A B buttons too

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>bat top
>that stiff as fuck layout

I'll let it slide this time.

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What's a good cheap bluetooth adapter I can use, money is a big deal here.

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Yeah, that's why I have more configs for N64 than any other emulator. For those games you need to be creative.

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Funny, I don't see any options for analog input.
This is the equivalent of playing N64 on a keyboard.

Normally, I'm all for arcade sticks. They're the best way to play SOME games. However it's not the best suggestion for OP's needs.
Sorry, mate.

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Any 4.0 adapter on Amazon with more than a 3 star average rating.
You can get one for less than $5.

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The little usb mini Bluetooth plugs are common and less than $10.

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Are you talking about the Dualshock? Don't spend when you can just use its wire.

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>ain't even mad

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this thread is what /vr/ is about. great bunch of guys all of you.

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Yeah when I made this thread I wasn't expecting much. I've seen similar threads before, but the details of what controllers to buy for multi system emulation never seem to be said. Even the retro wikis don't say.

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I swear by my duke controller for emulating, but it can be pretty unwieldy to someone not used to it

The 6 button layout works nicely for sega consoles and N64 and it can still easily be used for most games that used 4 shoulder buttons

I have the 3rd way adapter that also has a port for gamcube and PS controllers but Xbox is still my choice for most consoles

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What is this supposed to mean?

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Please don't try to turn this thread into arguing semantics.

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I might get this simply because i can't afford an Escalade, but my babby hands can handle the Duke.

I've been using the 2.0, (w/e that things nickname is.)
For ease of set up, I love it.

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probably means roms he wants to play on pc.

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So the optimal solution would be:
Digital stick + keyboard + mouse + analog stick

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No. The optimal solution would be a controller. In what world is that setup general purpose?

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A controller is nothing but a compromise. It's optimal for nothing.
Better to have a range of tools each suited best for its task than to have one thing stuck somewhere in between. Most people will already have the keyboard and mouse anyway.

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Picked up a PS4 recently. I can wholeheartedly recommend the DS4. I've been gaming since 1990 and it's definitely my favourite controller of all time. The 360 controller still remains more comfortable to me however, but of course it has that godawful D-Pad and the DS4 is better in every other way from the feel of the analog sticks and triggers to button placement. And man the DS4 has an AMAZING D-Pad and easily the greatest I've ever used. It's pure sex, anon, srs. And man the analog sticks feel fucking spectacular and are so responsive... there's like 0 deadzone on them. They will pick up even the slightest nudge you put on them.

There are negatives however. To my eyes the touchpad is an unnecessary gimmicky addition just as six axis was to the DS3 (and six axis is still here to stay with the DS4) but we'll see if it's useful by the end of the gen - probably won't be. The light is also stupid but thankfully it can be dimmed. Apparently Sony needed the light for the virtual reality shit but why can't we turn it off when we're not using that nonsense? Also the battery life is a fucking joke. It's a shame it couldn't beat the perfectness of the 360 controller's contours that were sex for my hand palms but that's life. Some people think it's more comfortable though. Even still, after the 360 pad, it's the second most comfortable controller I've ever used and it's still splendid.

God tier controller. One thing that's particularly jarring is when you pick up a DS3 after getting used to the DS4. It feels utterly terrible in comparison and I pondered over how I used that shit for an entire gen. In particular the analogs feel particularly retarded and you remember that their proximity results in your thumbs touching if you push them towards each other. Also it's not nearly as comfortable. The concave triggers are also disgusting.

blah blah blah I'm kind of tipsy

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Emulation is damnation.

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>The N64 controller is obviously best for N64 games
Uh, actually it's not, not with that shit tier analog.

Playing emulated N64 games with a 360 pad always felt much better to me than using an actual N64 controller with the worn out analog.

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goddammit just look at that thing
why is it called 'the duke' anyway?

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I got an XBOX One controller back when DS4 controller support was still kinda shoddy for some games (like right when they released the drivers), I don't know if it's gotten better but I probably prefer the DS4 design-wise.

I use the Xbox One controller for anything that needs dual analog sticks and arcade stick for most games that don't.

Source: I own both the XBone and DS4 controllers. They're both pretty great.

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Is this any good for a muti purpose but mainly PC controller?


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>blah blah blah I'm kind of tipsy
I never would have known if you didn't mention it.

Anyways, I've been considering getting a DS4 for a bit now, but your post (especially comparison to the DS3) really makes me want to get one now. Thanks anon.

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No problem, glad to help. It's a really great controller.

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It is an interesting controller in that it has two modes built in that you can use with it, but I feel like the old DS1-3 style domed sticks are something I wouldn't want on a controller. So glad the DS4 ditched that shit. Also, it has the 360-style D-pad, something the XBONE controller fixed and the DS4 controller continues to do better. I haven't used it personally, but if you can spare the extra money, I'd highly recommend one of the new controllers. Best thing to come out of current-gen IMO.

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The madcatz fightpads on both the ps3/xbox360 are pretty good imo

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>always called it fat boy
>duke works just as well
I swear that D-pad is the most comfy fuckin d-pad iv ever felt, been thinking about modding one into another controller but i dont know which one would be worthy.

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Hmm, that actually looks like it might work.
Can the Saturn controller be used in a PC?

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Because you should ALWAYS bet on it.

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>the 360 pad
>not great for analog-heavy games
Other stuff you could use your keyboard for, m8.

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idk my hands are too small for that
i guess its just personal preference
for me the perfect gamepad would be the thrustmaster firestorm
it feels like a PS2 controller for adults or something.. i still cant wrap my head around how they managed to make it so comfty

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I would use my DS3, but I can't get that shit to work.

Do you have to jump through a bunch of hoops for the DS4? Thinking of picking one up if it works well.

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Does the Xbox One wireless controller still use RF?

So, can I use the 360's USB receiver for windows to connect the XBone controller to my PC?

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I had several of those. They're incredibly cheap and break very easily. Sometimes the d pad lack precision as well.

Honestly I found no better solution than to use a PS1/2 pad with an USB converter (those things cost 2 bucks). I even bought convertors to use PS2 pads on XBOX and Gamecube to play some games that require a better dpad than what the xbox and gc have, that's how much I like the thing.

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hori fighting commander 3 (not pro)

>> No.2093564

I don't think so, I think they need to come out with another receiver or usb version to use it on pc

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I use my keyboard. It is the best controller I have ever owned.

For games with analog, I use my wired 360 controller.

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what? have you even seen the guts of the duke? that dpad was shit.

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>can't read

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For what it's worth, I REALLY like using a Gamecube controller to play N64 games. The C-Stick is great for emulating the C-buttons (except if you ever need to press more than one at once). The controller is based off the N64 controller anyway so I can understand why it's so nice in that use.

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Unless you have some shit tier pleb keyboard with rubber underneath the keys, doing rolling motions is really uncomfortable and awkward on a keyboard.

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I love the Wii U Pro controller, the buttons and sticks feel great to me. The only odd choice was to not include analog triggers, but at the same time most games never bother with the analog function anyway.

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Yes you can, just need an adapter. I have a Saturn/N64/PS2 controller adapter and it works well.

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These tier lists could be infinitely debated, but I will still raise the question why Wii CC Pro is higher than Dual Shock 2 (or 1), when it doesn't have R3 or L3, and they all need adapters to use anyway.

DS2 also has sensitivity on the face buttons, but I don't think that matters for /vr/ games. Maybe some racing games.

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I use an F310 since it's the only one I have. Honestly, it's the only Logitech item that isn't a piece of shit. If you can spare the cash, go for a DS3/DS4 or whatever new flavor of the month feels better. But gun to your head, you could do a lot worse.

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Use an Xbox One controller.

I play roms with a DS4 on Windows 7. It's great, but I'm always having to swap between DS4Tool to get it to work.

You'd need to use very specific controller plugins for emulators, because sometimes it doesn't work right.

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Yes. I use the Genesis 6 button controller as my default for emulating. I also use it for D&D and Metal Slug on Steam.

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If you like nintendo controllers get that(or the classic controller pro if you can find one for a decent price), if you like microsoft controllers get an xb1 one, if you like sony controllers get a ds3 or 4(it's on sale along with the xb1 pad i believe). If you want to play 2d games and don't like nintendo dpad more get a saturn pad with an adapter(the usb ones aren't quite as good)

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>Logitech bad tier
They're great for emulation especially the D-pad.
Only problem they have are huge deadzones on the analog sticks.

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Dualshock 3 or xbox controller should pass, i think

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>no ball top
>no VLX layout


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Astro City > Vewlix.

>> No.2095805

You can map your keys so that the directions are laid out sequentially instead of in an arrow keys cluster shape.

Circular motions can be made as simple as pressing ASDF in sequence. Since I use my right hand for directions, I usually map it to 789+ on the numpad.

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Most people in the other threads felt different.

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>They're great for emulation especially the D-pad.

Most people in the other threads felt different.

>Only problem they have are huge deadzones on the analog sticks.

That's a big problem. Might as well go with a better controller.

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Is there a decent USB controller out there with six face buttons so I can play Sega stuff properly?

>> No.2096391

Sega Saturn controller.

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jesus christ just use retroarch

>> No.2096610

arch is balls to set up. i have a USB controller that the input settings ignore buttons on. how fucking great is that

>> No.2097068

Check the input "driver" under settings. If you're using a dinput controller via the xinput one it's not going to work, and vice versa

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