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Are there lists like this for other platforms? Or even ones that compile games across different platforms?

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This is the only one I still have. I used to have a great 3D Platformer pair of images, but have long since lost them.

There's always the /v/ Recommendation Wikia, but I always liked chart images more.

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Generic lists or specifically ones about import/untranslated games?

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Thanks anons
Both are welcome

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I have two, this one and another for the 3DS, which obviously isn't retro but I can post it if you want it.

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Holy shit, there's a Galaxy Express game? Why did I not know this?

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>tfw nobody will ever translate Mizzurna falls

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for MAME

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It's a horrible feel.

>also yuuyami doori tankentai

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Are those all beatemups? I'd like something similar but for shmups and shooters if it exists

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I really think Solstice should have been on this list still. It actually requires critical thinking and rewards you for your lasting efforts.

It also has a bitchin intro.

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>Fallout 3

Dropped. Hard. Also a lot more of modern crap. That's what you get when you let /v/ do a list. Would be way better to have a /vr/ one

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>That's what you get when you let /v/ do a list

All most every list in this thread is from /v/.

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I make lists, but they're in plain text files. Just games I played or read about that sound interesting. It's tailored to my tastes, so probably nobody else will find it useful... I'm not sure general lists like these are all that useful. You can already find "best of" lists if you just google the platform you're interested in.

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>You can already find "best of" lists if you just google the platform you're interested in.

Evidently you can't, because we have sixteen fucking threads a day where OP needs a recommendation.

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if you're gonna post about it you might as well humor us.

post a list.

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That's just because they're retarded. It's the same reason somebody asks for everyone's opinion on whether Ocarina of Time is good or not every day

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Here's some "best of" for two of my favorite platforms:

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And another of my favorite platforms. Here the list isn't sorted by is linked to informative reviews and screenshots. Higher scores are better. Sorting the list is left as an exercise to the reader. ;-)

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original acclaim relased Shadow-man (1999) can run on w7.
Fallout 3 (2008) cant run on w7(whit some fixes).

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I don't have it ubfortunately, only this
There are also more good btm-ups
check out arcadequartermaster and hardcore gaming101

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I installed G-Nome (1996) which is like a Direct X 3 game on Win7 64bit and it worked with CD-audio and pad and everything.

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I love when old shit like that still works on modern OSes. I usually think about it when I notice a positively ancient "last modified" time of some game.exe that has been transferred from my previous computers.

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