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Just order a cartridge of Turok Dinosaur Hunter.

what 2 expect?

Never played any entry in the series so i'm in for a surprise.

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basically doom but supersize levels and atmosphere

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Might take some time to get used to the controls.

It's a decent game if you like older FPS games.

It has a lot of fog.

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>in for a surprise
>/vr/ please ruin the surprise

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>what 2 expect?

It's a Fog Explorer. with occasional dinos.

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What he means to say is, "fog."

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Well surprise as in how everything works and how good it is, i can expect this game tomorrow, i'm wondering how the MP is though.

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the music is pretty atmospheric too

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Expect awful framerate

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the game has a hub which you can use to backtrack to other levels in case you missed something.

it has platforming elements and an excellent arsenal.

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and clunky as fuck controls
>dat fucking lookspring

but yeah, you get used to it. Turok 1 was easily my favourite out of them OP.

pretty cool level design and satisfying gunplay to boot

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turok 1's framerate wasn't actually so bad, at least relative to other n64 shooters, if memory serves. turok 2's framerate was absolute puke, but i remember turok 1 feeling pretty smooth, also relative to goldeneye

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Just wondering, what did you guys think of seeds of evil?

I can get the complete game box for 10 bux.

i'm trying to get a bit back into retro gaming since good games aren't coming out in a while.

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I loved seeds of evil, it had better level design than the original, greatest weapons of all time, the most amazing death animations in history of gaming.

The big levels were a problem, in some levels that weren't completely linear (like the lair of the blind ones) you could get lost very easily.

The nuke weapon was useless, which compared to the chronoscepter from the first game, this was a MAJOR let down.

And it ended on a fucking cliffhanger.

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Loved that shit, didn't have a memory pak but i powered through it anyway. Loved details like being able to blow a see-through hole in certain enemies, not to mention most of the weapons.

Multiplayer was a lot of fun too.

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>Expect awful framerate
Turok 1 is a perfectly consistent 30fps

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About fifteen minutes of fun thanks to great weapons and death animations and then an hour of boredom after not knowing what to do before you turn it off.

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It's honestly more technically impressive than modern shooters, yeah the graphics are shit compared to them but it has fuck huge levels along with really cool stuff the AI does like running away in fear after using a really powerful weapon that you don't see much these days. Hell the death animations alone beat out like 99% of the FPS games out there.

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It just got shipped in, holy shit this game is great!

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>mfw that jumping section with the pillars in turok 1

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Expect a fun FPS. Inventive weapons and some nice levels.

I like 2 more, but the levels are fucking insane mazes, sometimes; the weapon-selection is even better, however; but, the framerate becomes a big issue.

Fuck that part.

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pretty weird level design so far, i've just reached level 2 and when walking over those logs above the sky i almost missed the rest of the freaking level.

you know the part with the boardwalk and the weird cave to the left.

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this guy is running through the entire level.
on your first playthrough, you could easily spend 3-4 hours trying to finish.

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It's alright, no more than that. It isn't quite as timeless as Doom because it has that "collect all the keys!" thing from Quake, but you actually have to look pretty bloody hard for them. The graphics are actually really good for early 3D, you can tell what everything is supposed to be and it's in a nice cartoony style. The levels are confusing as fuck because you can barely see two feet in front of your face, which makes it easy to get turned around in boss arenas.

It's a shame there was never a PC version of the third game because I actually kind of liked it, and the N64 can barely run it (the performance is even worse than Perfect Dark IMO, and Perfect Dark is a legendarily slow N64 game).

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Smooth framerate.
No dynamic lighting.
Cool swimming music.
Weird bosses.

Fun Rankings:
Turok 3 > Turok 1 > Turok 2. Rage Wars don't count.

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Why does the third game run worse than the second? I've only played the first 2, but from videos and screens, 2 looks better than 3 does.

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Turok has some of my favorite game music of all time.


That level was so oppressive. Every time you heard the respawn sound your ass puckered up in preparation for the impending 30+ HP loss.

>Hell the death animations alone beat out like 99% of the FPS games out there.


I fucking loved the AI in that game as well. They were so intelligent.

Turok 2 with good FPS and no lookspring would be fucking amazing.

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Uh, there isn't any.

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There is no multiplayer in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

Turok 2 has both multiplayer and co-op (if you use cheats to teleport to the level when you launch multiplayer).

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i used to play turok I before going to elementary school when it came out.
the music still is more adrenaline inducing to me than it should be.

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I LOVE Turok 1 and 2. Like sure, I would claim several other FPSes are better, but Turok games are a special favorite. There is a unique flavor to them that I don't get out of other games. Turok 1 is fast and has an awesome flow. Turok 2 has incredibly meaty levels. Love the weapons and death animations too.

BTW, you can tell how much the development was influence by contemporary FPS titles.

Quake -> Turok 1
Goldeneye -> Turok 2
Half-Life -> Turok 3

When you take a close look at the mechanics and gameplay styles, it becomes incredibly obvious. Turok 2 and 3 also both have at least one direct reference in there too (Turok 2 has a boss named "Golden Eye", Turok 3 has a chapter named "Top Side")

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Ah weird i quess someone posted some false info then, i remember people talk about it a while back and mentioning multiplayer.

Also, Jesus Christ that first boss in the third world man.

I can get past those cars by circling around them but how am i supossed to kill that guy on top of it aswell when i'm all out of ammo?

Talking about a dificulty spike!

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Specifically, the first level port of aida.
holy shit the 10 min of memories

N64>PC music.


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Turok and Seeds Of Evil are two of my favorite games. Anything after SOE is "meh" tier though.

Try the games with cheats makes them 10x more fun

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>MFW killing enemies with the alien beam rifle in Turok 1

>Enemies scream bloody murder, fly through the air and leave a jet of blood behind them

>Could do this over and over with the dead bodies until they disappeared

Loved that shit.

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expect shit. its on N64

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>TFW as quality of graphics and "realism" go up the quality/brutality of death animations goes down the shitter thanks to all those whiny P.C. bible thumping faggots

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>I....AM TUROK!!!
Cracks me up every time.

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le epic 5th gen shitposting meme

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Is it true that a lot of the people who worked on this made Retro studios and Metroid prime?

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The inverse of that:
Are there modern games that deliberately look as low-poly and abstract as possible to indulge in over the top violence?

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Try to use explosive shells against the humvees, and then Tek arrows + bullets against the longhunter himself. Regular shells don't work against the humvees, so use bullets to finish them off if you have to. Shells work against the Longhunter, but are hard to hit with.

With proper positioning, you can get the humvees to get stuck driving head first into the forcefield in the center. I think it's like: their spawn position is fixed, but they start moving towards you. With practice you can work out a sweet spot. It's not really necessary though.

I have a sneaking suspicious that the ammo respawns along the walls are programmed to heavily favor explosive shells against the humvees. Against the Longhunter, the pattern seems to be tek arrows as the first respawn, then bullets.

Also, just in case you missed it: grab the tek armor in the water before being locked into the boss arena.

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I think I must the only person alive who's never had trouble with that.

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Its a fun game, one of my first N64 titles.

Immense replay value for me with the Debug thing. I'm still laughing to this day at the militia dudes with huge heads exploding through the air in slow motion.

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I will never forget this string of letters as long as I live. I think I learned it in the 4th grade from some kid in the cafeteria, back before my parents had an internet connection.

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You should have just played the PC version. Superior in every single way, and runs on Windows 7 32bit without issue. It gets a lot of shit for 'lack of options', though I have found it gives plenty, and MUCH more than it's console counterpart. It also gets shit for still having fog, but the game was made with fog in mind, and the Nintendo 64 version also has fog so you wouldn't escape it anyways. The second one also has a good port as well. Check em out.

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>Superior in every single way

Soundtrack's worse.

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I had this game when it first came ut.

It is generally fun. Sometimes it feels like ther aren't enough enemies but it was one of the few N64 games that wasn't garbage.

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How so?

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It's subjective I suppose but the N64 arrangements just sound better. Not as over produced.

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I would love if they had sticked with the dynamics of the first game (non linear, collect-a-thon) instead of just looking at the ass of the other games.

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I was only asking because the last time I have played Turok on the 64 was nearly a decade ago. I might need to pop that sucker in and hear the difference for myself.

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holy shit, I didn't know that.

>native american samus aran.

what could've been.

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man i just fucking love this gif. everytime i see it i giggle heartily. i needed it, thanks.

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I think it more had to do with developers being lazy. Video game violence hasn't really been a hot topic of debate since like 2003. Manhunt games being the only exception.

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It also has to do that religiousness (as in the die hard insane zealot type) has gone significantly in America over the past few years.

I'm an American born and raised but left to live in Germany in 2000 and just came back last year... the dip in how Christian the average person is astounding.

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>Video game violence hasn't really been a hot topic of debate since like 2003.
I was going to just post a reply with a picture of Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, but this Columbine fanart from DeviantArt turned up on the first page of Google Image Search so I'm posting it instead.

But anyway, yeah, that's total bullshit, there have been people up in arms about since Doom at least.

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Sorry, I just reread the post you were replying to and misunderstood it, thought you were saying that people have only been complaining about violence since 2003.

Still leaving that post up just because I'm in awe of the Columbine fanart

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No problem I still luv u 5evernever anon.

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Play around with the codes for this game. Disco mode is a must-see.


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Wasn't there some secret thing at the end, when you kill the last boss with only a pistol? It must have been early internet, but over a decade ago I read somewhere that it makes Turok run funny during the last cinematic.

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A la Super Mario World...

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Anyone here got a list to that one site that tells you all the plugins you need for each N64 game you emulate? This thread got me in the mood to try Turok 3.

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i've played that game regularly since i was a kid, and i only recently found out about Mortal Wounds
or actually i probably saw one, but had no idea what it was and just passed it off in hindsight as being one of those things you thought you saw as a kid but never actually existed

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A crappy console FPS.

>> No.2078274

but it's also on PC

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>Just order[ed] a cartridge

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2 >> 1 > 3

Rage Wars is just a standalone version of the multiplayer mode

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Ah never mind got it running fine on retroarch.

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Another problem with the PC port is that on modern systems the music doesn't work in stage 4 IIRC.

The difference in quality is small I think, although the PC is better. The biggest difference between them is mouse aim. I like replaying both versions, depending on what kind of difficulty I want.

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So was [/spoiler]Evolution as bad as the reviewers made it out to be?

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Prepare for awesomeness!!!


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So was Evolution as bad as all the reviews back when it came out made it out to be?

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that always happens if you finish him with the minigun.

you can use all the weapons you like before finish him off.

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>So was Evolution as bad as all the reviews back when it came out made it out to be?
PS2 port is god-awful. Game is... okayish.

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>2000s console fps

Okayish is pretty much what to expect.

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I like to fantazise about Turok on the crytek engine

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I never had trouble with it.
I always just turn on my map and watch my yellow arrow. it's easy as shit that way.

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Turok 3 was the worst game in the series 2008 doesn't exist.

>worst weapons
>worst music
>worst animations
>worst Adon
>MP outclassed by Rage Wars

Only thing I liked was being able to choose your character and the nice throwback to the Hub from Turok 1.

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there is no saddest series than Turok.

too many "what could've been's"

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Completely off-topic and non-retro but TimeSplitters was god tier. All three of them but especially Future Perfect.

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>supersize levels
>dinosaur hunter


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File: 1.14 MB, 2000x1569, T2 Level V - Hive of the Mantits.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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this motherfucker.

son of a bitch.

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File: 1.88 MB, 3712x4500, T2 Quaerere Oblivio.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least it's not the Flesh Chambers.

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I'm still trying to top the first boss, man!

Don't hype me all up already!

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You're OP, right?

You're playing Dinosaur Hunter, these are maps from the sequel.

>> No.2082776

i was very dissapointed by this HUB design. the space skybox looked like a real fucking room with star textures.

this took my right out of the game, and the fact that you couldn't backtrack once you started the level.

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>real fucking room with star textures

When you're running a really taxing game on limited hardware, you can't afford to make your stuff look like pc stuff.

>> No.2082792

i know but sheesh know your limitations man, the hub could've been like a big temple or some shit. nothing wrong with that.

even the original HUB from the first game had a better empty void feeling.

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It's ok, I understand.

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it's not like we are at the meeting room brainstorming ideas in 1997 anyway.


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no dreams, only tears now.

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man, they would make an awesome football team.

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File: 809 KB, 1034x1207, T2_ENEMY_BLIND_HUNTER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But wait, there's more.

>> No.2082881

these, these assholes.

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File: 802 KB, 1034x1207, T2_ENEMY_PRIMAGEN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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File: 520 KB, 2000x2374, T2 Level I - The Ghosts of Adia.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

10/10 edit

>> No.2084410

ghosts of adia?

i thought it was port of adia.

>> No.2084438

All of filenames have jokes and whatnot in them.

>Hive of the Mantits

In this case I assume he's talking about the children who just disappear after rescuing them.

>> No.2084447

I'm just playing with filenames, the original image I made is over 6mbs so I can't upload it here on 4chan.

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sounds horrible compared to the PC version
also port of adia is from turok 2

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what version is that? I don't remember any version having shadows

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turok 2, pc

>> No.2084552

That's just about the most satisfying and terrifying weapon in any multiplayer shooter.

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Probably because

>it's youtube
>was uploaded a little over 6 years ago
>taking a high quality mp3, and slapping it on WMM will degrade the quality to 128kb/s
>all "high" quality music in youtube is not really high quality, and making it 1080p won't fix that

I know this because I used to upload soundtracks to jewtube.

Is /turok/ interested in the soundtracks?

>> No.2084565

yes /turok/ is interested.

mainly for the first two. they're masterpieces.

>> No.2084574

The framerate for Turok 1 was great. You must be thinking of Turok 2.

>> No.2084576

Alright m8, hold on to your butts


This here is the folder where I keep all soundtracks.

One of the folders there "Turok_Extra" is the PC ports of the Turok games.

I'll be reuploading T2 later since gamespy went down and now the multiplayer is maintained by a small community, so I'll include the new modified exe.

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a shit, forgot my image.

>> No.2084596

holy shit seriously?

>> No.2084634

dude, i didn't know the n64 soundtrack was vastly different to the one on PC.

the beats are so much better on the n64 version.

thanks dude, much appreciated.

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Like I said here >>2084562, youtube degrades sound quality all around, making your videos 1080p won't do shit.

>> No.2084647


>> No.2084653

the music from this level was so memorable.

also, the floaty bitchy witches can suck my dick.

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eh, I suck at making jokes.

but anon, don't you want your own Zetsubō no imōto?

>> No.2084696

>somehow the Lord of the Dead became a gun-toting badass in Rage Wars

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You called?

>> No.2084720



Oh that's right. Never.

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File: 285 KB, 932x1448, TurokShadowman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It already happened.

You can read the comic by downloading the stuff from this mega link >>2084576, the comic is under the subfolders Turok_extra > Turok2_Comic

>> No.2084835

Thanks to you assholes, I've been replaying Turok 2. I'm trying to use the bow as much as possible and I'm having a blast, seriously, the bow is one underrateed weapon in this franchise (aka the first two games). Turok 2 hitboxes are amazing.

While I was playing I got a yellow lizard into a fight with an Endtrail and he did one thing the shit never does with me: The yellow lizard backflipped the melee attacks of the endtrail, I let them fight till the end, Endtrail had a few arrows stuck in his body while blasting the lizard with grenades until he killed the yellow shit.

Then I finished him off with the bow. Endtrail succumbed to five of my arrows. Tough motherfucker.

Collecting your arrows after battle is an amazing feeling, lads. Highly recommended playing style.

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File: 2.84 MB, 640x480, riding gun 2.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

endtrails have roundhouse kicks

>> No.2084849

holy shit :DDD

>> No.2084852
File: 1.82 MB, 640x512, bye-bye.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

also they do this

>> No.2084860

endtrails are such an underrated game villain.

i wouldn't mind if the whole game was about endtrails and yellow shits.

too bad they included those armored bugs from jet force gemini.

>> No.2084886

Iguana went under and the dev formed Retro Studios, so yeah. Nintendo actually let them work on Metroid thanks to them liking how the Turoks games came out.

>> No.2084891

Make a dick sucking pantomime and then turn invisible?

>> No.2084920

They were in Turok 1 too. Also, both Turok games came out before JFG.

>> No.2085004

it just occurred to me that turok 2 on n64 has a much more advanced game engine than half life

and it was released earlier

>> No.2085016

>turok 2 on n64 has a much more advanced game engine than half life
bullshit, but do explain anyway

>> No.2085040

well for one it pretty much does everything the half life engine does except also supports dynamic lit stretched shadows

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Holy fucking shit. That music. I thought this game was about dinosaurs what the fuck did I just watch?
I remember playing this as a kid but I'd get bored really quick. Now I have to give this game a second go.
When does the game change from that jungle setting in the first level. Something about it always turned me off from the game.

>> No.2085119

Yes, dinosaurs. And aliens, bugs, demons, undead, robots, and all that mixed together.

>> No.2085121

might be the platforming? all the levels are brilliant except for the lost land level which is brown stone all over, until you arrive to the campaigner's metal fortress, then shit gets kablooie.

>> No.2085161

my god

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File: 284 KB, 500x938, 13.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Aplocheilichthys sp. nov. 'Naivasha' was a species of fish in the Poeciliidae family. It was endemic to Kenya. Its natural habitat was freshwater lakes.

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>Tal'Set on the cover instead of Joshua

>> No.2085238

one enemy type removed from every level

>> No.2085242

memory constraints.

it was that, or obligatory expansion pack.

>> No.2085302

PS2 port is P. bad
Its either gamecube or PC version

The game is crazy though
>flying pterodactyl sections, motherfucking machine guns on a pterodactyl
>poison arrows, watch enemies puke then die
>if you tought the cerebral bore was the shit, Evolution has this weapon that throws nano-machines to enemies and said nano-machines start shredding its target's limbs into obvlivion

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File: 290 KB, 599x398, 5274-omg-have-you-seen-the-pric.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Trần Bửu Ngọc is a Vietnamese footballer who plays as a Goalkeeper for Đồng Tháp.

>> No.2085324

>T-rex boss fight in Turok dino hunter

>> No.2085330 [DELETED] 
File: 341 KB, 400x558, 8938-foot-tattoo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pascual Boing is a Mexican soft drink maker mostly known for its fruit flavored beverages marketed under the Pascual, Boing! and Lulú brands.

>> No.2085602
File: 841 KB, 1034x1207, T2_ENEMY_DINOSOIDS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dinosoids got the short end of the stick.

There was supposed to be a boss at the end of Port of Adia.

>> No.2085615

Gant looks so out of place.

He made it in multiplayer, if I recall.

>> No.2085952

Yeah, the bow has lots of good uses. At close range you can fire it quickly, which is what I like to do against raptors. As a sniping weapon it is excellent, since a headshot will one hit kill if they are unaware of your presence. Very good against chaingunner Pur'lin in stage 3.

I think by far the regular bow is the best weapon against giant cave spiders. Charge dart + rapid fire the bow into them. Bullets and explosives suck pretty bad against giant spiders.

>> No.2086017

Or charge > tek bow sniper mode > switch to regular arrows and unload that bitch.

Works every time.

>> No.2086034 [DELETED] 

i know the other anon said he was working on uploading new multiplayer fixed versions but for anyone waiting in the meantime here's the link to the pc ports


>> No.2086036

whoops, i didn't read the thread.

>> No.2086356

Yeah, that's the way to do it now that you remind me.

>> No.2086525

These fuckers right here, used to spoop me pretty good.

>> No.2086529

What the fuck was the point of the tranq/stun guns in this game anyway?

So fucking dumb

>> No.2086531

Oh fuck...

I'm gonna go play some Turok now.

>> No.2086551
File: 2.77 MB, 640x512, gore 3.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

not wasting good ammo on single targets

>> No.2086552

Had that shit memorized since I was a kid.
Also use it for my password everywhere

>> No.2086556

>On the eight day God created Turok

>> No.2086557
File: 2.88 MB, 640x512, shredder 3.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i don't know about that, turok 2's maps felt very blocky and cookie-cutter

>> No.2086572

a lot of fun, but fog..fog everywhere

>> No.2086575

oh jesus that frame rate is so nice. I'm assuming this is running in an emulator?

>> No.2086593
File: 79 KB, 370x300, Fog, Fog EVERYWHERE!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's the pc version, though the game running on an emulator also plays nice.

pic related

>> No.2086596
File: 74 KB, 525x372, Laughingturokgirls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that picture

>> No.2086613
File: 2.80 MB, 640x512, tekbow 3.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pc version

framerate's locked to 35fps i think, but at least you can widen the FOV

>> No.2086617

I hate when you fuck up and hit the sword and they freak out and bull rush for you.

>> No.2086627
File: 32 KB, 298x403, 1401928583139.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm still waiting for Turok EX to release. And maybe hopefully Turok 2 EX

>> No.2086650
File: 2.86 MB, 800x596, stream (01).webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is the game running on an emulator.

Better learn some coding and help out then.

With the fanbase being more dead than the dead sea of NGE and with only one guy working on it, you'll have a better chance of winning the lottery than TeX releasing any time soon.

>> No.2086682

Turok 2 reminds me of a console version of Unreal. Really atmospheric shooter with oldschool design. Basically unplayable on console these days, though. Dat single digit fps.

PC version is p. cool, though I don't think there's a widescreen mod, and playing in a window is always lame.

>> No.2086697

>widescreen mod

More of a hack but it does exist.


>> No.2086747
File: 2.94 MB, 640x512, console + FOV.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

you can play widescreen with just a glide wrapper set to a widescreen resolution

would upload a widescreen webm but it's in another thread

>> No.2086880
File: 1.81 MB, 3259x2165, Turok Evolution.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Should I get Turok Evolution on gamecube?

And what's the general opinion on the 2008 game ?

>> No.2086882

No and no. The most recent game is hilarious though, if you like retarded video game stories and retarded video game dialogue/cutscenes. It is basically a ripoff of Aliens, but with Dinosaurs. Has nothing to do with the series. Mediocre cookie cutter 2000s shooter.

>> No.2086887
File: 1.71 MB, 3136x3600, Turok_Artwork_02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least I've now the 3 first games on emulator

>> No.2086895
File: 1.45 MB, 1000x2250, Turok_Evolution_Arsenal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was gonna say, get the pc version but then I remembered it's littered with a shitload of bugs.

It's only worth installing if you want to screw around with the cheats and the weapons.

>> No.2086897

>Turok Evolution
That game is pretty shitty and has some of the longest loading times I've seen in a game from what I can remember. Some of the weapons are pretty interesting though and the gore is pretty fun to play with as well but overall it's not worth a purchase honestly

>> No.2086903
File: 556 KB, 1000x281, TUROKTIERS.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Excuse me while I commit sudoku.

>> No.2086905

How the fuck the 2008's game is so different from the others ?
Was it rushed or something ?

>> No.2086916

T2 is on PC, i remember the ads pretty damn well. never did play it though, so i'm off to find a copy.

>> No.2086918

Post half-life 2 world, bro.

>> No.2086931


>> No.2086943

that is a good analogy for software developers and their deadlines.

>> No.2086959

Both Turok 2's single and multiplayer modes kicked Goldeneye's ass, only plebs would disagree.

That monkey tag mode, holy shit

>> No.2086972
File: 93 KB, 250x250, AVOBLIVION.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

See >>2084576

All the old Turok pc ports.

>we want the Halo audience

That's why, the game was released during the heydays of Halo 3 when every developer wanted a slice of that cake.

>> No.2086973

Kaiser is a coding monster, it'll come out sooner or later. Don't underestimate his skill.

>> No.2087089

The reboot isn't exceptionally bad or anything it's just really fucking boring. It just feels like a modern shooter with dinos slapped on, doesn't even have cool death animations like 1 and 2 had.

>> No.2087147

Turok 2 single player was great, but the multiplayer was ass compared to Rage wars, Rage Wars is perfect

>> No.2087226

I'm hoping GLideN64 will finally fix the broken flashlight in Turok 2 and broken character shadows in Turok 3 which have plagued all non-LLE plugins for the past FOURTEEN FUCKING YEARS.

>> No.2087245

How fitting that all the good/decent Turok games were all on Nintendo consoles, and it turned to shit when it went multiplatform.

And when will Joshua Fireseed/Tal Set be playable in Smash? He's had more history than Snake, for one, and his games were (at one point) exclusive to Nintendo consoles.

>> No.2087250

Good luck with that. I believe Dreamworks own the Turok IP now, and I think that includes all the old games.

>> No.2087251

Snake is on a memorable (though kind of shitty) NES game, a wildly popular Playstation game, 2 very popular Playstation 2 games, and is still getting games.

Turok is basically an N64 only character, and his games were never considered top tier (not talking shit, I'd rather play Turok 2 than Goldeneye myself, just saying how they were seen).

Granted, Snake is not a Nintendo character by any stretch of the imagination, he has one Nintendo only title, which is a sequel to a kind of shitty port.

>> No.2087252

Disney is the one who owns the Turok IP

>> No.2087262

No, it's Dreamworks.


In 2012, Dreamworks acquired Classic Media, who own IPs from Turok to Lassie to Noddy to Gumby to Voltron to He-Man.

>> No.2087263

>There was supposed to be a boss at the end of Port of Adia
I hope it was going to be a retake of Thunder[Cyber T-Rex] because that would be THE shit

>> No.2087275


>you will never see Lassie murdering dinosaurs with Gumby and Pokey in your lifetime

>> No.2087276

I've always thought about Tal'Set or Joshua being in Smash. They have so many weapons available to make multiple movesets with a bunch of safe, non-bullet stuff.

>> No.2087569
File: 803 KB, 1034x1207, T2_ENEMY_MANTIDS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope, it was going to be Gant.

I have a bunch of word documents made by the Iguana staff to prove it which I got from an Acclaim datadump.

It's how I got all the high res images needed to create all the stuff I've been dumping.

>> No.2088050

these, these assholes.

>> No.2088093

tfw no alive competitive PC version of Turok Rage Wars


if fucking only, it might be pretty big and would be gud as fuck if Rage Wars got a remake/reboot/rerelease

>> No.2089032
File: 87 KB, 1032x774, 1393570783431.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know about downloading in mega. It doesn't ask where to save the files, what to do here?

>> No.2089052
File: 43 KB, 400x355, 1414526878864.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Based anon, you are the Turok

>> No.2089056

Mega downloads to RAM and then when it's finished asks you where to put it on your hard drive.

Yeah, it's pretty dumb.

>> No.2089068

>Mega downloads to RAM and then when it's finished asks you where to put it on your hard drive.
>Yeah, it's pretty dumb.
The files you download are encrypted, and then decrypted once downloaded.

>> No.2089072

magnets, how do they work?

>> No.2089439
File: 648 KB, 408x578, how to draw an owl 2 easy steps.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mega is used by anyone who wants to share shit without having to worry about it being taken down in less than a day.

It's pretty much the last Filesharing site that doesn't have retarded requirements.

refer to the webm

>> No.2089519

On The Eighth Day God Created Turok

>> No.2089794

thank you, space nigger.

>> No.2090051
File: 2.97 MB, 640x512, Harpoon Gun.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2090325
File: 56 KB, 256x320, At least the multiplayer was good.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lazy cash grab reboot meant to trick old fans into buying it by having brand recognition while also trying to cash in on the modern shooter audience. The late 2000s-early 2010s has just been a shitty time in general when it came to reboots.

>> No.2090667

goddamn it anon, could you at least let my tears DRY before going at it again?

>> No.2090708

This thread has got me downloading Turok 2 for PC now.

I've got to ask a question, though. I've never been able to answer it since I was a child.

How the heck do you use those tablets on the floor with symbols on them? I've never understood how to.

>> No.2090713

you need to find the magic feathers and get them to the shrine in one of those blue portals, then the PURPLE CHIEF will give you super powers.

>> No.2090735
File: 1.84 MB, 1920x1080, Turok - Rage Wars WP 3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Each level has two Portals, one is a fake and the other is the legitimate Talisman Portal.

So you better watch out for these niggas >>2082868 and >>2082765

>> No.2090743

Is the water feather in the first level? I'm on stage 3 now and only got the jump feather on level 2. Should I go all the way back to get it?

>> No.2090746

you are actually in the correct stage for the shitty water talisman.

if by stage 3 you mean the death marshes.

>> No.2090752

Its too foggy I can't stand n64 fog

>> No.2090753

welcome to the thread.

>> No.2090759

Yeah, I'm on the Death Marshes. Which means I'm now as far as I've ever been in this game. Ironically, while I was enjoying the nice framerate of the PC version, now on this stage its running too fast.

There's water runes everywhere, and I seem to remember a shrine in level 1 that I never activated.

>> No.2090769

you don't need to, the feather and the portal are right where you are. if you missed it you probably have to backtrack or start over, but everytthing you need is there.

>> No.2090812

create a desktop shortcut then right click > properties tab > target and add the following line at the end after the quotation marks " MaxFramerate 60-"

>> No.2090821

Can't get the music to work with T2 PC

>> No.2090825

The problem is more that it jumps sometimes, which means I can go flying off a ledge into the goo.

>> No.2090826

Download the disc image of the the Turok 2 game and mount it to a virtual disc drive such as Daemontools. The game runs the music off the CD, like many old games.

>> No.2091028

If anyone here is emulating Turok 1, have you got to level 4?
>If yes
How did your game didn't crashed?
Not even with cheats i can't get in that damn level

>> No.2091131

Just play the PC version, it's great.

>> No.2091272

Emulating the N64 version of Turok 1 will lead to some bugs and crashes. There isn't much you can do about crashes, I've tried everything. Using the European rom works better.

Bug in stage 6:

Towards the end, you go through a human cave with the rocket launcher and then warp to a leaper cave that leads back outside. There is a log door blocking your path, and the trigger here is buggy. You will probably need to look up towards the sky to trigger a dark priest to spawn. Kill him and a second one too to get the log door to lower.

>> No.2091527
File: 70 KB, 587x412, KEYBOARD ASSIGN.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


For those of you downloading the PC port of Turok 2 and want to play the multiplayer, you need to set the default chat key, something I completely forgot when setting up controls.

Go to Options > Control > Keyboard then you'll see a small pop up window, on "Game Function", scroll until you find the "[msg] send message" option, click on it and then on the onscreen keyboard, select your default chat key.

You don't need to save the new keyboard configuration, but just to be safe, save it somewhere you can find it later.

>> No.2091570

anyone got a map with cave keys marked for the lair of the blind ones?

>pick up a key
>miss the vent near it
>use key at next vent
>can't find a key for the previous vent

>> No.2091612

>map for the lair of the blind ones

Sure it's here >>2082756

>with cave keys marked
Ah shit.

Memorize that bitch m8.

>> No.2091614 [DELETED] 

It's probably the vent near where all the land bridges criss-cross over the water. I always miss that one.

I don't have a map, but I do have a text file I made listing key reminders of how each level is laid out. It is section B-5 below.

> Section A:
> 1. opening outside area, sidepath with whispers pad leading to Primagen key, drop down to next area
> 2. water pool with underwater tunnel to talisman warp portal, drop down the 'slide' to next area
> (note: when returning to the talisman warp portal, not worth it to fight the small spiders! they come wave after wave...)
> 3. water pool with harpoon gun, climb wall and drop down to next area. NOTE!! hit the switch next to the pegs, opens backtracking portal.
> Section B:
> flamethrowers abound: spidery cliff-face, sacred eagle feather area, and I think another in the tunnels
> 1. small open area with first spider, leads to earthquake area that you need to get the door key (note: need to hit two switches above you, at the end of the two tunnels)
> 2. series of land bridges with earthquakes, falling boulders, leads to spidery cliff face passage
> . 1st key here, triggers goblin ambush
> 3. land bridges with first save point, drop down to next area
> 4. waterfall section with sacred eagle feather
> (note: after dropping down from the eagel feather area, need to hit a switch on the wall)
> 5. leads to large, open spider arena, which loops back to the bridges over the water. The ledge that houses a non-respawning blind one archer leads to the Thermal Vent.
> (note: after the first wooden bridge, look right and jump down to the cave door key)
> Section C:
> 1. the underwater maze
> ....

>> No.2091628

I don't have a map, but I do keep a text file with a good description of what each area looks like and what is where. I would guess it is the area with the criss-crossing land bridges over the lake (Section B-5). I always miss that one.


>> No.2091705

You wouldn't happen to have access to this data dump? Because I am interested in checking that out.

>> No.2091748
File: 1.62 MB, 1202x2000, Turok Back Poster No Scars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The website where I downloaded all the stuff is assemblergames.

The datadump was just marketing projects (photoshop docs, word docs and images), HOWEVER, there's still 11TB of data-tapes, all of it backups from Acclaim, the website admin is working on getting all of those backed up and cracked, chances are, there's source code for all acclaim games there as they are daily backups from 1993 to 1999 or so.

>> No.2091757

> chances are, there's source code for all acclaim games there as they are daily backups from 1993 to 1999 or so.
Wow, that would be awesome.

>> No.2091905

Really cool. I tried to register on assemblergames a long time ago but for some reason no one never really approved my account so I couldn't really view the threads.

>> No.2091971

just started replaying this myself. I'm so sad that turok 3 on the n64 was fucking horrible. the first two were so good, framerate asside

>> No.2091989

is there a way to legally obtain the pc version of turok 1 and 2 and get it working at 1080p and 60fps?

>> No.2092000

No for your first question, refer to this post >>2084576, and no unless you hack "video 3dFx.dll" and "video 3dD.dll" and force 1080p.

The games run fine, no framedrops provided your PC was made within the last 14 years.

>> No.2092072
File: 35 KB, 388x290, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unless you hack "video 3dFx.dll" and "video 3dD.dll" and force 1080p
no need for that

>> No.2092114

Turok 3 was great. The game was unfortunately far stiffer than Turok 2 and corners were cut everywhere and the game's hit detection is broken, but it's great.

>> No.2092258

but im doing that now

>> No.2092315

Turok 1 works great with D3D and you can select any resolution based on what your graphics card says it supports, I don't know why you'd use glide.

>> No.2092326

Try disabling the music maybe? The PC game has never loaded the music in level 4 for most people anyway.

>> No.2092410

Now if only I could get a screen recorder to work that isn't shadow play, fraps or obs without having the game crash.

>> No.2092687


Ah, yes, Nintendo's finest consoles, and certainly not the competition that has become the Bane? of their existence that cost them their marketshare and third party support.

>> No.2092798

oh no, i am referring that i just started playing the PC version
though i have 2 issues with it
1)Map doesn't show, only the compass and the player icon
2)Music doesn't loop unless it changes

>> No.2092850

The NES MG and Snake's Revenge aren't even a real MG games.

Though there is Ghost Babel which is a legit Nintendo MG game.

>> No.2092880

Have you gotten around to reuploading Turok 2 yet? Or is the one in the mega folder the updated one? I was holding out a lil to download it.

>> No.2092881

Answering my own question, I'm guessing it's the new version after having seen the "Created" date. Thanks man.

>> No.2093008

I have a stupid question. Where do I get T2 for PC? I downloaded my copy from here:


And it works, albeit with no music. I went to run the music patching exe (T2SOECDM), but now the game doesn't want to boot. I also can't seem to download the latest version of nGlide, v1.03 apparently. So what do I do now?

Also, despite being capped at 35FPS, some of these WEBMs are really smooth. Are they really 35FPS, or were they modified to run at 60FPS somehow?

>> No.2093083

Nigga there's a guy in this very thread who posted a link to nearly all the games.

>> No.2093213

what's wrong with fraps? works fine for me

>> No.2093278

Xbox hueg filesizes and for some reason, it slows down my system.

>> No.2093442
File: 212 KB, 891x1123, The Origins of Turok (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've uploaded a Multiplayer-Only 7zip folder with a couple of fixes, you're more than welcome to try it.

Go here


And don't mess with t2soecdm ever again.

The 7zip folder I've uploaded there has been patched already and the CD image is included and ready to be burned to a CD or mounted to a virtual drive.

To his defense, my mistake was saying that the folder only included the music and not highlighting the real deal which were the games.

>> No.2094079

Thanks dude, I appreciate it. But why is it called "Turok 2: The Next Generation"? Isn't the game's subtitle "Seeds of Evil"?

>> No.2094106
File: 285 KB, 936x1114, The Origins of Turok (2).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Original title of the game was "Turok 2: The Next Generation".

Violence Killer: Turok New Generation wasn't just Acclaim playing around with the Japanese name.

Might as well dump the rest of this >>2093442

>> No.2094117
File: 244 KB, 884x1114, The Origins of Turok (3).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2094119
File: 254 KB, 884x1114, The Origins of Turok (4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2094121
File: 258 KB, 880x1105, The Origins of Turok (5).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2094125
File: 260 KB, 871x1112, The Origins of Turok (6).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2094126

This needs an edit with that Turok figure and the words "expanded premise" under it.

>> No.2094127
File: 244 KB, 880x1114, The Origins of Turok (7).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2094129
File: 259 KB, 882x1107, The Origins of Turok (8).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2094132
File: 258 KB, 866x1105, The Origins of Turok (9).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2094145

this has to be one of the best turok threads on the internet right now.

>> No.2094154
File: 217 KB, 1107x884, The Origins of Turok (10).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh and a bonus.

>> No.2094554

Alright, I downloaded the game, but I don't see the CD image there unless it's in a different format than ISO. Inside the folder called "Helpful stuff", there are only four files, and none of which are nglide or a CD image. Perhaps my long ass download was incomplete?

>> No.2094556

The CD image is in .ccd. Well, the one I downloaded was, at least, I didn't down from that link.

>> No.2094567

I don't think I have CCD here. Either the original file was lacking them, or they somehow didn't download.

>> No.2094586

did you download the 700mb archive or the 100mb archive?

what 4 files are inside the helpful stuff folder?

>> No.2094776

I downloaded the 700MB one, called "pc_turok2_the_next_generation_full.7z". The four files inside the helpful stuff folder are HOW TO RUN.txt, Turok 2.mdf, Turok 2.mds, and turokinstallationguide.jpg.

>> No.2094884

bumping for a solution for said fixes because i hate unlooping music

>> No.2094980

In case someone's interested, i remember this notice about turok going on VC

I don't know if classic media is still interested in putting the Turok games on the VC though

>> No.2095016

>Turok 2.mdf, Turok 2.mds
those are the cd image files

>> No.2095203

There's really no fix for those problems, no one has managed to get the music looping in dinosaur hunter.

>> No.2095249

Well, the "fix" is to play the N64 version. But I think all the other flaws there overshadow the better music.

>> No.2095254
File: 2.59 MB, 3000x2885, Turok_Rage_Wars_Arsenal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

turok2.mdf and turok2.mds are the cd image.

nGlide should be in there, but in the event that it's not in there (weird because it did when I checked the archive) go here and download it.


What other flaws?

>> No.2095257

Abysmal framerate and frustrating controls.

>> No.2095261
File: 2.95 MB, 1096x2725, Adon Render.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>abysmal framerate

Are we talking DH or SoE?

Can't argue about the controls though.

>> No.2095265


>> No.2095314

As much as it would likely be treated as a faux pas and hailed as a blunder, I think it would be sweet if Turok came back as a Wii U exclusive maybe handled by Retro. It honestly would get lost in the crowd elsewhere.

>> No.2095536

The way it should be made. Of course, people will say >console FPS and not buy it, especially on a platform with 0 third party attach rate.

>> No.2095537

>Turok 2 Multiplayer
>only play as a raptor against my 3 human character friends
>run and jump like a mad man
>they cant catch me
>only 70hp

Fuck i had so much fun. Rage Wars was great multiplayer too. Was so fucking disappointed with Turok 3, holy shit what an ugly aesthetic. That game just felt like an abortion in video game form. None of the charm from the previous 3 games at all.

>> No.2095573

The way I see it, having a new Turok that's a Nintendo exclusive just gives them an increase in their portfolio of available games. So many bitch about a lack of variety, but then throw an even bigger shitfit when it does happen with claims that it would be better on competing platforms. What the fuck do people want?

Seriously, though, Wii U could use some good homegrown or funded 3rd party exclusive mature games (beyond Bayonetta and Devil's Third). No they're not likely to make ludicrous day 1 sales, but it gives the console a much needed variety as well as help to start building that kind of market there. A shame it's not going to happen like that for a number of reasons.Sorry for the "rant". Don't intend to derail.

>> No.2096179
File: 355 KB, 103x110, 1413749815064.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm playing the first Turok on Project 64 and it keeps freezing. Can anyone recommend some good codecs to stop this?

Pic not relevant.

>> No.2096194

PC Version

>> No.2096351


1. make lots of *redundant* backup saves. Use several in-game saves too.
2. Use the European rom, Rev B

There isn't a solution beyond that and putting up with it.

3. For what it's worth, I use Project 64 1.6, Jabo's Direct3D 8 1.6 plugin + Jabo's DirectSound 1.6

Like >>2096194 says, the PC version is pretty stable.

>> No.2096553

does the european rom has that PAL region curse of having worse framerate than NTSC?

>> No.2096760

So I assume I burn both files on a regular CD, right? Or do I need to do something special with them first? Thanks in advance!

It would, but again, most of those games would be either all new or "literally who" IPs, neither of which have a chance against GTA or MGS, giant IPs with ludicrous appeal.

>> No.2096784


>> No.2096984

you don't need to burn them, you can just mount them on a virtual drive if you'd like.

>> No.2097490
File: 185 KB, 800x600, turok-2-seeds-of-evil-04.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Turok 2 Adon is best Adon.

she was my first vidya fap

>> No.2097817


Dinosaur hunter was one of the first videogames
i ever played

>> No.2097910
File: 190 KB, 1030x800, harbor5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't download the HD texture pack for Turok 2 floating around unless you want a laugh, by the way. it looks like it was made by some 12 year old kid, weed leaves, duff beer cans and MS paint abominations everywhere

>> No.2097921
File: 14 KB, 416x416, 1407177883248.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I ended up switching to Mupen 64 and all the bugs and freezing went away. Not only that but the game seems to look a bit more pretty. Thanks for responding though guys.

>> No.2098158

>Mupen 64
got a link, pls?

>> No.2098167


I'm disappointed anon, i was expecting a screen shot with a 420x420 resolution.

>> No.2098189
File: 32 KB, 300x291, 1379910273234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2098201
File: 29 KB, 388x532, the great thing about war isnt slaying my enemies,it's showing everyone on the battlefield that i did.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

thank you a damn lot

>> No.2098361

>Play Turok 1 a lot on PC since downloaded here[thank you turok anon]
>Remember that in the N64 version, i once managed to have more than 300 HP, due lots of 2 healths drops, i don't get damaged, mortal wounds and grabbed the ultra healths
>PC turok doesn't go beyond 250
Am i doing something wrong here?
in both games, i was playing in normal skill but in turok PC i don't go beyond 250 health

>> No.2098381

250 is the limit in both n64 and PC.

Source, I played the fuck out of TDH on the n64 when I was a kid.

>> No.2098395

is there any way I could set the FOV to a custom value via turok.ini or shortcut command?

so far these dont work:

for shortcut I tried
turok2.exe" - set fov 65

for ini file

none of those work.

>> No.2098527

then i am blind or simply stupid because i remember i put my health in 300 or more in the N64 version, i need to replicate that part

>> No.2098608


65 is the default...

Open the console and type "fov 90"...

>> No.2098674

Anyone else love the little details, like how Endtrails wave goodbye at you when they activate their cloaking device?

>> No.2099024 [DELETED] 



>> No.2099047

You guys should really just use RA.

Mupen64Plus-libretro's compatibility is decades ahead of that shit.

Though again, you would be even better off just playing the PC version.

>> No.2099061

You probably thinking of armor, which isn't capped at 250 I think.

>> No.2099076

the command is "set fov xx"

You can just create a text file (not ini) with all the commands you want, name it "settings" then open the console when you are playing and type "read settings.txt" and bam, no need to type each command.

>> No.2099273

what the hell happend to Armor and Backpack on Turok 2?

I missed those items so much.

>> No.2099312

you guys watched this?


highlights of a meeting with the Acclaim/Iguana staff.

>> No.2099335

No one have a Mega with the comics?..

I want to understand what the fuck is going on..

>> No.2099345

But I do, see the mega link here >>2093442 and this post >>2084729 for details.

>> No.2099390


Yeah, but I mean this..


This is the Turok from Dinosaur Hunter, it isn't?..

>> No.2099432

the Valiant Comics Turok has nothing to do with the Acclaim/Iguana Turok.

Same thing with Gold Key Turok.

>> No.2099574

Its a scary game, like a labyrinth. They didn't have to model everything back then so the game is actually pretty big. I think its possible to run out of ammo. Turok 2 was neat, but I like Turok 1s levels, especially the psychadelic bonus levels.

>> No.2099597

in my country all turok 1's are german versions which have robots instead of human enemies

>> No.2100010


I was at that panel, even asked one of the questions to them. It was great stuff.

>> No.2100021

Is there anyway to do it without having to open the console at all? At least not every time you play.

>> No.2100052 [DELETED] 

Unfortunately no, you always have to open the console whenever you need something (I know it sucks).

Or you can wait for TurokEx to come out.

>> No.2100056
File: 174 KB, 400x381, RW_Chicken.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unfortunately no, you always have to open the console whenever you need something (I know it sucks).

Or you can wait for TurokEx to come out.

Holy shit gonna watch this shit.

>> No.2100061

>Holy shit gonna watch this shit.

Its absolutely worth it. They covered every god damn detail, down to my question of their office space, which was actually really interesting because of some of the shit they had to deal with.

>> No.2100158




>> No.2100221
File: 10 KB, 496x215, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wat do?

>> No.2100252

>What is the teaser he put up?
looks like strife

>> No.2100259

Turok Dino Hunter on PC doesn't show the map, what to do?

>> No.2100278

Are you running the game on windows 8?

It seems to be a problem with that according to this blog.


>Got an email from [email protected]=-, the creator of the patch a few days ago. He's put out a new version to fix compatibility issues with Windows 8.1 so I've swapped out the version I have up on MediaFire for the new one and updated the link above accordingly.

>> No.2100282
File: 49 KB, 460x288, pigeon_1435675c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


seriously, the map layout is not that hard to memorize. trust me, I'm a bird.

>> No.2100291
File: 21 KB, 400x405, 1407593699827.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I'm a bird.
you're lion

>> No.2100297

The best two levels in the first Turok were definitely The Ruins and The Catacombs.

Those two were nonlinear from the very start. If every level had a similar design, Turok 1 would've been a whole different game.

And now with the supposed source code leaked can you imagine the fan made maps?

Can you even?

>> No.2100307

i know i know, but i simply want to see unchekced areas because i am at level 3 and i am stuck searching the chronoceptor piece

>> No.2100313

The chronoscepter piece is located near the end portal where you're supposed to jump from platform to platform.

>> No.2100317

fuck that part.

>> No.2100524

Thanks, but is there any way around this now?

I don't even own a disc drive.

>> No.2100528
File: 4 KB, 487x170, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

forgot pic

I have the image mounted.

>> No.2101275

anyone play the Turok 3 beta?

>> No.2103346

Nope. Is it better than the final release?

>> No.2104182

So...there's a fix for the PC version not showing the map and to the lesser extend, the reason of why music literally stops playing the second you enter level 4?

>> No.2104190

because it lets the blind ones hear you better.

>> No.2104195

I'm talking about turok 1

>> No.2104227
File: 467 KB, 500x669, stop dino hate.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dinossaur hunting, I guess? Is porn allowed here?

>> No.2104958
File: 2.86 MB, 640x512, charge dart.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2104961

For a moment there, I thought it was going to be like that one Deus Ex webm where that guy starts shaking along with them.

>> No.2104990

I'm almost disappointed that didn't happen now.

>> No.2105016

now you're making me want to start up the game and actually do that

>> No.2105027

If only the N64 framerate was as good. ;_;

>> No.2105041
File: 3.00 MB, 640x512, dart with the dart.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"Uh, I'll cheat a little bit" - Bill Gates

>> No.2105043
File: 402 KB, 211x199, Disgusting.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


> easy


> cheats

>> No.2105048

>> easy
>> cheats
couldn't bother trying just to make a joke webm

>> No.2105053

I always thought of renting Turok games years ago but I never did. Seems like I missed some good stuff. I like the idea of fog, it gives it a creepy and chilling atmosphere. Probably because i'm a huge fan of Silent Hill 1 and 2.

>> No.2105058
File: 2.00 MB, 640x512, no fog.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's not as much of an atmospheric fog, it's just a smoother way of rendering draw distance cut-off

>> No.2105060
File: 2.24 MB, 304x181, 1364556812513.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw listening to lair of the blind ones' theme at 2x speed

>> No.2105063


>captcha listemu roving

>> No.2105067

soundtrack's up in the thread somewhere, you can speed up playback in anything that can play mp3s

>> No.2105072

>party hard.webm

>> No.2105308
File: 27 KB, 398x500, OK (4).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It doesn't even sound bad..

>> No.2105373
File: 69 KB, 600x729, 1403077276078.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw you double tap left/right in a jumping section

>> No.2106751
File: 136 KB, 422x422, welkome2die.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>double tapping left/right after landing on bottom platform only to be saved by secret platform

>> No.2106823
File: 18 KB, 184x184, 1415922613235.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>double tap off the secret platform before you realize what's going on

>> No.2106826

My wife loves Turok. I'm sure you'll be happy with it.

>> No.2107385

I've played all the Turok games except for Oblivion and Rage Wars... For some reason I always thought Rage Wars was the third and last game and got it confused with Oblivion somehow.

Is Rage Wars purely multiplayer or did have a campaign mode too?

Is Oblivion any good/worth a buy?

>> No.2107393

Rage Wars has a campaign mode but it's like playing Quake 3 single player: you just fight against bots. It differs a little in that each character has a preset loadout and you unlock vital stuff as you advance, like more ammo for certain weapon types or higher base health, as well as new characters.

>> No.2107403

Since its your first [Two-Rock] game, it should be fairly great but 2/3/Rage Wars have obviously improved mechanics.

>> No.2107436

2 had a visible improvement over 1, but the third had a pathetic animations, shoddy level design, but remarkable facial animations.

Stil not enough to be called an improvement over 2.

>> No.2107578

>Anyone play Turok 3 beta?
I've played two different betas. They're both very glitchy, demonstrating just how rushed the game was. Crunch during final month of development must've been insane.

The game originally had more ambitious audio design, corpses which didn't insta-fade, more incidental events in the environment, and such. (First level was severely gutted.)

>Removed see-through elevator door.
>Removed police car pulling up to barrier. (Final version is left with two models glitching in place.)
>Removed police walkers patrolling certain areas.
>Removed abandoned police walker in certain area.
>Removed human NPCs in some areas of city. Replaced with zombies.
>Old man originally guides you through darkened tunnels with a dynamic lighting flashlight before being eaten. He's moved to end of tunnels in final version.
>Scorpion creatures replaced with dogs.
>Enemy attack hit detection works correctly in beta. Broken in final game.
>Plus a bunch of other stuff sprinkled through the game.

Turok 3 is still an excellent game, but it could have been so much better without a rushed annual release schedule. If the game ever got a fan remake, I'd love for beta stuff to be added back in.

They even cut co-op play somewhere along the line. (Prior to any betas we have.)

>> No.2107595

The two betas are both prone to audio channel bugs. It seems the game had a capped number of simultaneous voices which tended to flip out when you fired an automatic weapon, for example, and that weapon ejected invisible shell casings which then splashed when they hit water. The various sound behaviors differ between the two betas and the final game.

In one beta, the first level has "city in chaos" ambient sound. Distant screams, gunshots, general noise. This was replaced with something much simpler.

>> No.2107615

Did you play them in a console or using an emulator?

>> No.2107642

Emulator. If I had an Everdrive, I would have used real hardware.

>> No.2107692

you said you played two, mind giving source to the other beta, the one I have is N4TKER09.

>> No.2107704

I believe this is a later beta, N4TKER09


There is a page about the betas here. http://tcrf.net/User:Ambient_Malice/Turok_3

I recall talk about one or two other betas around. N4TKER10, or something like that. Never actually seen them, though.

>> No.2107707

>I believe this is a later beta, N4TKER09
Sorry, I meant N4TKER18

>> No.2108365

The original Turok is great but 2 will always be my favorite. The Cerebral Bore is still my favorite gun from any fps ever.

>> No.2109562
File: 1.57 MB, 300x200, 53l94o.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone know of a good link where I can download the soundtrack to Dinosaur Hunter? I googled it but keep getting shitty results.

>> No.2109563

lurk moar

a few posts up, the mega link. christ.

>> No.2111589

Man, the animations in that game were great. Especially the running animations, and the way the humanoid enemies stumble and turn. Beautiful.

>> No.2111650

>Campaigner theme is actually Thunder's theme and Thunder uses the regular boss theme


>> No.2112317

probably using the shitty pc rip from abandonware with no music.

>> No.2113005
File: 764 KB, 450x380, 1416439825453.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Missing a greanade but hit a tree and it falls over the enemy and kills it

>> No.2113026


>> No.2114118

How does one play the PC versions of Turok with music?

>> No.2114692
File: 373 KB, 472x700, RW_Tal'Set.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Read the thread m8 >>2093442

>> No.2114713
File: 1.88 MB, 480x270, 1353675924609.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw some people actually thought RW Tal'Set was a different guy than the one from Dinosaur Hunter

>> No.2114720
File: 419 KB, 472x700, RW_Adon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nigga got a redesign for rage wars to make him look like he's been through some shit.

Same thing happened to Adon with Turok 3.

Image related actually happened.

>German RW censoring

>> No.2114725

they became gundams?

>> No.2114730

RW Tal'Set is pretty ballin' but Turok3 Adon is god awful.

and yeah, robots for Adon/Syra.

>> No.2114737
File: 428 KB, 472x700, RW_Syra.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Indeed they did.


She had a hard life.

>> No.2114741

Aw no no, I get it, the german versions have robots, because of censoring. They did the same with the half life grunts.

what a bunch of nazis

>> No.2114759

I wonder if their robot versions still use Joshua's hands while in first person.

God damn that shit bugs me when I play Rage Wars.

>> No.2114768
File: 380 KB, 472x700, RW_Bastille.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, the ladies kinda had a reason to be censored because gotta think about the women but I don't get why they had to censor Bastille.

They do.

>> No.2114817

Hey /vr/, I'd like to replay Turok 2 since I always stopped at level 3. But I want to play it on PC/Emulator since I only have the german version of it on my N64, so 50Hz and greatly censored. Can you guys recommend me something? Buying a NTSC N64 with the game would cost too much for me at the moment.

>> No.2114819

read the thread

>> No.2114820
File: 10 KB, 217x232, doomguy_coffee.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Read the thread ffs >>2093442

>> No.2114835

>Turok3 Adon is god awful.

Turok 3 Adon > Every Other Adon.

>> No.2114856

Turok2 Adon > SF Adon > Turok3 Adon

>> No.2114858

Sorry and thank you, I overlooked that part yesterday.

>> No.2114958

>Adon's position is one of the highest respect, and ultimate sacriface. The Speaker must server only the needs of the Council and the people of Galyanna
Quotes like these make me wonder why the fuck adon doesn't have lewds stuff besides very very few images?

>> No.2114968
File: 237 KB, 332x214, 1395119822975.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>God damn that shit bugs me when I play Rage Wars.
TurokEX better be modificable too so Turok Rage Wars can be remade on the kEX engine with world models, custom maps, hands that ressemble the character you are playing as and player models that are more detailed

>> No.2114979
File: 72 KB, 520x401, 1347630154928.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also the fact she's the first thing you see when to start Turok 2.

>hot alien chick
>huge tits
>dat ass
>pearl white skin
>voice of an angel
>nice music to boot
>no porn

>> No.2114982

If you see hentai of old games, its usually because they've been re-released in some form recently and inspired an artist to make a doujin of it. Turok 2 is too old for there to much porn of it. Even massively popular games like Diablo 2 from that era don't really have any (yeah, there's some shitty amateur pics out there, but that's it).

>> No.2114991

>voice of an angel
Yeah, i pretty much like how when you pick a weapon she says the name of the weapon, or at least when you pick an special item

>> No.2115051

Lots of fog. I had Turok 1 and 2 when I was younger. Super fun games.

>> No.2115067
File: 22 KB, 278x418, 6a00d83451b6fc69e200e55061ea3a8834-640wi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>play Turok 2 on PC back in the day
>that FoV

First time a game has ever made me throw up

>> No.2115075

I.. I actually made a very good impression of her whenever that happened.

>> No.2115098

>discover fov console command

I can no longer play shooters with a < 90° fov unless its an emulated game.

thanks pc master race.

>> No.2115123

I was like 12 at the time. I don't think I knew what the console was let alone FoV.

At the time I thought it was something to do with the movement that was making me sick. You know how you had that weird over exaggerated bobbing side to side.

>> No.2115137

Turok 2>Dinosaur Hunter>>>3>>>>>>>>>>Everything else

>> No.2115141

I got that with Far Cry

>> No.2115145

2 = 1 > Rage Wars > Evolution > 3 > shit > 2008

>> No.2115203

replace shit with the gameboy games, then put shit below said games and then Turok 08

>> No.2115524
File: 2.97 MB, 1920x1080, turok2 1080p.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

too high?

>> No.2115779

there was something weird going on on Turok 2.

Whenever you died, turok's model was gigantic compared to the height you could perceive from first person.

If you are directly in front of an endtrail your eyes are at chest height. But if it kills you, you are considerably taller in the death animation.

That shit bothers me. So I try not to die everytime I play.

>> No.2115975

That's a problem with all first person shooters, even current gen ones.

>> No.2116664

every time i start Turok 2 after not playing it for a long time i feel like he's constantly crawling on the ground
first person camera should be higher.
after playing for awhile you're getting used to it tho

>> No.2116925

Of all the FPS The only one that doesn't feel right is Bioshock thanks to the horrendous POV.

Turok 2 I can stand because there's not much going on with low res graphics, but Bioshock, damn, that's the worst POV offender.

>> No.2117051
File: 57 KB, 406x349, Thunder-Rex.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

FoV 75 is the best FoV for Turok

>> No.2117060

There's worse than that.

You ever played the PC version of The Darkness 2?

>> No.2117064

That's certainly a hell of a lot better. If only I'd known about it when I was a kid.

Before you changed it it feels like your face is pressed right up against the screen. Particularly at 0:18

>> No.2117127

Turok 1 had better bosses than Turok 2.

And a more satisfying final weapon by a fucking mile.

>> No.2117130

>PC version of The Darkness 2?

I felt dirty after playing that game, especially when taking into consideration how good the first one was.

>> No.2117131

>and a more satisfying final weapon by a fucking mile
Word. the Nuke weapon was worthless when you find out it does jackshit damage to bosses[Note:damage=zero]

>> No.2117139

and about turok 1 having better bosses than turok 2, that's debatable since in turok 1, you fight a god damn humvee twice then fight the longhunter, that and in turok 2, you fight a bigass eye that throws you worms, then after that, the bosses are cool
Thunder-Rex>Campaigner=Flesh mother>Primagen>queen mantid>Mantis>Longhunter>humvees>golden eye

>> No.2117142
File: 64 KB, 384x549, 45875646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I wonder if the Mantis boss has any connection to the Mantids. Also I remember reading the alien enemies from 1 were actually the Mantid soldiers from 2. They certainly resemble each other.

>> No.2117158
File: 7 KB, 199x255, 1402103133165.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>grey fog
>on longhunter's arena

>> No.2117173

Question, where did the OP got the cover that has Tal'Set instead of Joshua?

>> No.2117495
File: 225 B, 65x22, mystery.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2117642

that's why you gotta save the thread before it reaches bump limit.

there's lots of good stuff in here.

>> No.2118349

>Try playing turok with a steering wheel peripheral. If you can beat the game using one of these, you're a videogame god --and you have too much time on your hands

>> No.2118365

its Strife-veteran edition, aparently, it uses kEX engine stuff

>> No.2119950

It'll be done when its done (TM)

But seriously, there's been a lot of detours that's been pulling me away from it (like Strife-VE). I have not given up on it nor forgot about it. I just got more important things to work on in the meantime.

If I could clone myself, I would. Because I really would like to get back to work on it.

>> No.2119952


How much are you re-doing from the original game and how much did actually re-used?

>> No.2119967


I'll be re-using as much as I can. I've reversed engineered about 70% of Turok 1 (PC) and I think I can reuse about 40% of it. The rest can easily be redone from scratch, but in a ways that would take advantage of my own framework. The game data for sure will be reused and more likely I will have to supply a conversion tool similar to what I did with Wadgen for Doom64EX.

But that could vary. The code that I disassembled from Turok 1 is a god-awful mess.

>> No.2120007

Is there any possible chance Turok 3 EX will ever be a thing?

>> No.2120037


Very unlikely, but there's no telling what would happen. For now, I only care about Turok 1.

>> No.2120039

Damn, anon, that's gonna take some time to download.

>> No.2120060

who cares.

dude, you are a coding animal.

if anything, please don't fix the minigun bug after the campaighner fight ;D

>> No.2120115


Minigun bug? Do tell.

>> No.2120131

I think he means this

If you kill the final boss with the minigun, Turok's leg gets messed up in the cutscene. I think it works with other bosses too and Turok's little victory dance? Don't remember.

>> No.2120168

that's the one. please don't fix it :D

for shits

>> No.2120176


>not turok 3 adon with strange proto-jiggle physics

>> No.2120179

>who cares.
Turok 3 is best Turok. I dream of a Turok 3 remake which fixes the bugs and restores the dev team's original vision.

>> No.2120180


Is this a common thing with early CD games? I have the same problem with Quake 2.

>> No.2120201
File: 214 KB, 512x384, 1359095078684.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Turok 3 is best Turok.
Is this bizarro /vr/?

>> No.2120284

linux port?

>> No.2120315

I actually agree with him.

A damn shame that 3 is the one out of the original trilogy that got no PC port.

>> No.2120416

Imagine Turok 3's level design with Turok 2's exquisite gunplay and AI.

>> No.2120461

hey Kaiser, if you are still around here.

Rebuilding this thing has made you create an improvised level editor of some sort? Or are you managing it in code only?

I feel clumsy just thinking about it, but I'd like to know more about the development process,, if you had a dev blog about your future progress that would be so awesome.

It all comes down to level editing of course. Fanmade maps for Turok could start with your work here.

>> No.2120593

Its being managed in code only. But if I ever get the free time (lol) then I could try writing up a level editor. Making levels for Turok though can be a downright pain in the ass.

I say that because the entire collision model must be built as a seperate mesh, which is sorta similar to how you would build custom/hacked levels for Goldeneye.

>> No.2122810
File: 1.20 MB, 1920x1080, Turok 2 WP 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You guys seen this?

Just found it doing a random youtube search.

First video is the history of Turok and the second one is a viddoc of Turok: Evolution.


>> No.2123586

It's true that if you have autoaim on in turok 2, some weapons get weak?

>> No.2123604
File: 23 KB, 361x337, oogaboogacligcling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't think so. I believe whatever weapon you have it auto aims to armored parts in some enemies.

The armored purrlins are good example. I was playing using shredder and since it's a single beam weapon, all its power was autoaimed directly to the chest plate of this motherfucker.

Turn autoaim off to rip his head off.

>> No.2123618

Oh so it basically autoaims for armored parts or simply doesn't aim in areas where it can instakill enemies?
Cool feature, i always tought it nerfed the weapons

>> No.2123627

yeah autoaim is pretty worthless.

it's better to git gud and tear them apart manual style.

>> No.2123642

Well, at least that's not a big issue for me since i always go Predator modo and use war blade only for most of the situations

>> No.2123670

I think the thing about auto-aiming at armored parts is true, but I also feel there is more to the story that we don't understand. The locational damage in Turok 2 is just weird. Sometimes you get instakill headshots when you shouldn't, and sometimes enemies take tons of punishment.

>> No.2125224
File: 75 KB, 640x480, 1405064995488.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

1-Cerebral Bore
2-FireStorm Cannon
3-Charge Dart Rifle
4-Scorpion Launcher
5-Razor Wind
6-War Blade
8-Flame Thrower
9-Greanade Launcher
11-Plasma Rifle
12-Mag 60

45-Nuke weapon
47-Solar Pod
49-Torpedo Launcher
50-Harpoon gun


90001-Tranquilizer Rifle

>> No.2125239

>Sunfire Pod
>not at the top

Blind One pls

>> No.2125256

>implying you aren't going to waste them anyway on the lair of the blind ones instead of saving them for the rest of the game
At least you didn't argured about Nuke weapon being low

>> No.2125267

The Nuke is an awful weapon and one of the worst final weapons I've ever seen. Makes me mad when I see people say it's better than the Chronoscepter.

>> No.2125271

Scorpion Launcher must go lower than that.

That shit it's useless when it hits armored enemies (most of the time) and Mag60 needs to go higher because it rips limbs off easier than the plasma rifle.

>> No.2125276
File: 689 KB, 600x360, Turok2 5.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no PFM Minelayer

>> No.2125295

assuming flare gun
it's great for spooking enemies that are easier to kill when they come to you, rather than when you come to them

especially flesh eaters

>> No.2125309

i'll post a personal list i made ages ago.

>Plasma Rifle
You get this on the third stage and will probably use a lot throughout the game. It is very strong up close but the game's hit detection is not great, meaning sometimes you will need anywhere between 3 and 5 shots to kill the wimpier of the lizards and often heads burst when you are aiming at their chest. That is just weird. It also has a sniper mode that fires a concentraded shot with MUCH better hit detection, the best way to make those headshots count. Lots of ammunition for it can be found eveywhere, allowing continued use.

>Firestorm Cannon
What a BEAST. Its rotating barrel is a little slow to startup and to stop but in between those it is a feast for your assassin instincts. Fires bullets very quickly and rips anything in half within moments. Its only real drawback is that you only find it in stage 5 and it is very ammo consuming but nevertheless you should use it a lot.

>Charge Dart Rifle
I expect some people to go mental with this one but bear with me, it is awesome. Its stun is long enough for you to kill the enemy with an arrow to the eye or with a melee weapon. Or you may just ignore him and be on you way. A fully charged shot paralyzes the foe for almost one whole minute! That is enough time to take a piss AND wash your hands! If you are a man that is. I find this guy to be extremely handy in the last level, in which every enemy is an absolute terror to kill. Too bad it doesn't work on bosses.

Tonight I dine on lizard soup. This should be your weapon of choice when you run low on plasma packs or there is about a bajillion little critters on screen or when you want to hit someone's butt or really whenever you want. Good for any distance but in tight spaces it shines like a super nova. Deals a lot of damage with the splinter shots and the explosive shells ricochet shot.

>> No.2125313

>Tek Bow
Nothing spells certain death in Turok 2 better than an arrow to the face. One headshot is a GUARANTEED kill for all non-boss enemies. Add to that a sniper mode, very long range and the fact that you cannot run out of arrows and you've got yourself a very solid weapon for mid and long ranged combat. Tek Arrows are okay to use but again the weird hit detection on area of effect weapons makes them weak sometimes.

those i considered the top weapons.


>Mag 60
Great accuracy, power and dismemberment capabilities. What is not to love? Replaces the Pistol as soon as level 2 and is a very good weapon at all times. Its only downfall is that its ammunition runs low way fast.

Ah, what would be of a FPS without a shotgun? You pick this up in the first level and is your brute force weapon until you meet the Plasma Rifle. Excellent power from up close, should kill anything with one or two shots. The Shredder is better in all aspects though.

>Cerebral Bore
Oh God. Oh SWEET God. Coolest weapon in the Turok series and top 10 coolest weapons ever. It kills in one shot every enemy in the game save for the bosses, against which it doesn't work. It also doesn't work on the smaller dinos, spiders, Primagen's flying robots, wasps, Sisters of Despair, leeches and sentry guns (duh). I Don't remember whether it works against zombies.
The only drawback is that you only get 10 shots and its ammo isn't easy to find. Also, you can only pick it up at the very end of the fourth level. Two levels of usage is not that bad however, as it proves to be extremely useful against the thoughies of levels 5 and 6. When in doubt, drill their fucking brains out.

>> No.2125314

>Scorpion Launcher
Ridiculously powerful, triple missile launcher found in the fifth level. It has a lock-on function too. There is not much more to say about this other than it kicks major ass, has a lot of ammo and it is undispensable in the latter levels.


Okay against hordes of small enemies and to light dark corridors when you cannot be bothered to switch back and forth between the Flare and a fire arm. Still good enough to toast a few blind ones but you probably won't be using this that much.

>War Blade
Talon on 'roids. It is actually strong enough to slain any of the unarmed enemies save the Purr-linns in no time and some of those with guns too. Pretty good weapon.

>Grenade Launcher
Strong but only carries 10 grenades at a time and ammo is scarce. Granted, there is a point in the game in which you are REQUIRED to use the Grenade launcher, but it is only to stop the level 5 cockroaches from coming from the vents on the walls. It is not GoldenEye's Grenade Launcher so you are most likely using the more general purpose weapons such as the Shredder and Firestorm Cannon instead of this limited ranged imitation.

>Torpedo Launcher
If you want to make it out of level 4's watery maze you better hop on this. The whole point of the Torpedo Launcher is not its firepower but its propeler that allows you to move much faster underwater. A very neat feature in general and a godsend in the aforementioned maze. You can use it to kill the enemies that dwell in the water, too.

Razor Wind
The ultimate melee weapon and a personal favorite is sadly only found in the last level, reducing drastically its usefulness. Remember that The Primagens Lightship's enemies are no pushovers and may kill you within moments. If you miss with the Razor Wind there, you're screwed. Still, It is okay to kill that small wheeled robot and its power is undeniable. You can Kill Primagen with it alone too which I strongly recoment you to do.

>> No.2125316


Very useful against the tiny and annoying enemies that surround you. The War Blade makes it obsolete though.

Carries a lot of ammo and the hit detection is perfect but sadly the fire rate is low and the fire power is weak. Useful in the first level and that is it. The Mag 60 susbstitutes it in River of Souls.

See Tek Bow above, except with no Tek arrows, no sniper mode and takes longer to acumulate elastic potential energy. There is no reason to use this over the Tek Bow after you get it.

>Harpoon Gun
It is a good weapon in all its merit but the abismal number of eligible targets and the speed boost granted by the Torpedo Launcher makes this weapon almost pointless.


I actually think the concept of this gun is pretty interesting but it turned out terrible. It is trash not because it can't deal damage but because you do not have to use it a singe time in the entire game. There is no room dark enough to warrant the light it provides and even if such a place existed, an experienced player can beat the game blindfolded anyway.

Man, what a piece of shit. Not only it is bad in itself, it is completely and utterly outclassed by the Charge Dart Rifle. An hit enemy takes a while to fall asleep, which makes sense actually, this is how it work in real life. The bigger the enemy, the more darts they need, which is also in accordance with real metrics. However, I am not hunting pheasants, I am on a god forsaken quest to save the universe with every evil minion after my head! On top of that, the latter enemies take way too many shots to sleep and the Tranquilizer only has 15 of them. Also, its ammunition DOES NOT spawn in ANY ammo/health generators for whatever reason. This leaves you with the two Tranquilizers you find in the levels and Adon's ammo refill. Boo.

>> No.2125320

>Sunfire Pod
A flashbang is very useful indeed but it blinds the enemies for way too little time to be efficient against a large group of enemies. What is more, it can ONLY be found in the fourth level (in hefty amounts though), doesn't spawn in generators and you can only carry 6. I heard they instantly kill the blind ones but never tried it. If it is true, the Sunfire Pod will become middle I guess.

>P.F.M. Layer
Only 10 mines and the uncertainity they will cut my enemy in half? No. The fact that it fails to do appreciable damage added to its limited use really hamper this weapon. You only get it at level 5. From there, all enemies are a) too strong to be taken out realiably by it, b) too weak to not use the War Blade, which also does the job faster or c) flying.

The flashiest and strongest baddies killer happens to be one of the least useful in the game, ironically. You only get it when you are almost done with the game, in a stage where you already have Cerebral Bore, Scorpion Launcher and Firestorm Cannon, an arsenal more than enough to make your way through what is left of Primagen's Lightship. Nuke is just overkill. You can make an argument for the flying robots in the battle with Primagen but Shredder does the job just as well, sorry.

>> No.2125362

flare and pistol should be in their own, UTILITY, tier

pistol's good for setting off barrels
flare gun for spooking enemies out of cover

>> No.2125383

If you actually adjust your TV to the darkness level the game specifies, the flare gun is VERY useful.

>> No.2125430

>Tranq ammo doesn't spawn.

It does in the PC port and in the fixed grey cartridge.

>> No.2125443

lel. so all the black cartdridges have the end game glitch?

>> No.2125452

what was that? my catridge was black and i don't remember such a thing.

>> No.2125458

After beating the game, a whole lotta cheats become available. The glitch in question didn't unlock the cheats until you start a new game and beat a certain level. can't remember which one.

there's a video in this very thread explaining it. I can't remember it very well.

>> No.2125468

I'll be damned. A Long Island politician doing something cool.

>> No.2125498

>I heard they instantly kill the blind ones but never tried it.
They do. Guaranteed one shot.

>> No.2125592

Cerebral Bore has a nasty habit of not working randomly, even if it doesn't lose lock-on. It's a fun weapon but no way number 1.

The scorpion missile launcher kinda sucks against the targets you want to use it on. It doesn't kill enemies fast enough, even if all the rockets connect. Just try killing an mantid drone with the missile launcher before he lasers 75% of your health away. God knows you've probably tried to do this during the Queen sections and it didn't do squat to prevent losing several lives.

>> No.2125643

What to expect?
Beware... Oblivion is at hand

>> No.2125654

that's turok 2, in 1 its oN THe eiGHT Day GoD CReaTeD TuRoK

>> No.2125694

>that's turok 2
Well... guess I should've scrolled down to see the extra results on Google.

>> No.2125747

>What to expect?
it not working in the pc version of turok 2
use 'oblivion is out there' instead

>> No.2127186
File: 260 KB, 536x587, 0.0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>This thread is 1 month old
You know what i've realized, this is like that one time we had a Kirby thread for almost 2 months and we were all happy

>> No.2127207

feels good man. What's the bump limit around here? 500?

Somehow, I don't think we're getting another Turok thread as varied or with guests appearences (Kaiser) like this one.


>> No.2127243
File: 33 KB, 383x340, Hexen_Tit_Paisaj6b.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, its 500, hell i've seen the doom generals last for at least 600 replies+image limit reached so we aren't that close to the end[i hope this thread stays alive for xmas]
And i'm sure people also remember that one HeXen thread that lasted like 2 months[it went from November to Xmas to new year]

>> No.2127284

i'm kind of happy so far people have to an extent agreed with the list i posted lol.

>> No.2128030

Alright, i'll make 4 questions[turok 1 only, last 2 questions applies to anything in the series]
Favorite weapon?:
Favorite level?:
Favorite boss?:
Favorite music?:
Favorite character?:
Best Turok?:

>> No.2128526

>Favorite weapon:
Minigun/Firestorm Cannon

>Favorite level:
The Ruins (Turok 1)

Best non linear design, featuring a nice balance of jungle and temple areas. Also dat piramid.

>Favorite boss:
T-Rex, like do you even.

>Favorite music:
Port of Adia (PC version)

>Favorite enemy:

>Favorite character:
Turok 2 Adon.

>Best Turok:

I'm suggesting favorite enemy, I think that is important.

>> No.2128538

what!? I owned that game for a really long time and never knew you could do that.
The coop I mean.

>> No.2130131

Opinions on the Gameboy Turok games?

>> No.2130375

Particle Accelerator, The Ancient City, T-Rex, Underwater music, Poacher, not sure which favourite Turok and I don't know the names so either Turok 1 or 2, leaning to 2 because he says I AM TUROK louder

Also thanks to this thread I started playing my N64 again. Finished 7 levels of Turok 1, gonna finish it tomorrow and start Turok 2. Never could beat more than 2 levels of Turok 2 though, the save file takes up 85 percent of my Game Pak and I constantly have to delete it.

>> No.2130380

>leaning to 2 because he says I AM TUROK louder
Tal'Set > Joshua.

>> No.2130383

>Opinions on the Gameboy Turok games?
Weird. Nothing like the N64 games. I played Turok 3 GBC. Featured Joshua riding around in a tank.

>> No.2131158

The NTSC-J Version of Turok has that cover.

>> No.2131159
File: 194 KB, 800x600, imageview.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pic for proof

>> No.2131208

hory shet

>> No.2131215

I think im colorblind but i see Green blood on Tal'Set scar

>> No.2131234

Acually, they are more whitish. The jap version has green blood as standard setting ingame, but it can always be switched back to red. Unlike the German version which has all blood removed from the cover and all humanoid ingame enemies replaced by robots.

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