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anyone else insist on using the original controllers, instead of lame knock-off replicas, for classic emulation?

it just feels so good!

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>mustard race
>plays emulators

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Personally, I do both. I like owning the real thing, but I have other hobbies like to spend money on too, and I know prices can get ridiculous. So, monthly, I'll pick up a few retro game I find at the flea markets that interests me and isn't the whole "charging $80 for a PS1 RPG" bullshit I see too often. Anything else that interests me, but I can find, I'll just emulate.

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*but I can't find

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I use a super nintendo for all of my SNES emulation.

I also use it for the early Tony Hawk games and really any other game that has a small number of buttons, Shovel Knight included.

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meant controller, whoops.

using this adapter, it's build quality is cheap but it's only $6.99 with prime shipping on amazon

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Not really.

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it would be better, i'm sure, but i don't have an snes and i sure as fuck won't play on someone's disgusting used controller. and for playstation i use a ds3 with its wire instead of that dumb bullshit in the op.

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>the best way to emulate a console is by using the ACTUAL controller for that console.


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>xbox one controller
>they fixed the dpad, fixing the only flaw in an otherwise flawless controller

uhh but it's in a shit position, who the fuck wants to play games with that? all credibility gone on the first example.

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Those kinds of charts are usually shit anyway.

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>on 4chan

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>anyone else
Of course. This place is full of autists who insist on it. Personally I was usually able to find or make a better alternative to originals. I guess the N64 is the main exception aside from special controllers used for a limited number of games. I don't emulate much so not really worried about plugging a SNES pad into a PC.

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>but it's in a shit position
never played xbox before, huh? dpad location is fine. transforming dpad is shit & original dpad is better, after modified.

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It must be awesome. I've been using a PS3 controller until I came here on /vr/. I realized I don't mind not using the real console or a CRT dispaly, but the controller? I can't play anything anymore until I get one of those adapters, I mean, I have my old controllers still in good condition why not use them. I was about to play Majoras but I can't imagine me, playing songs with something that's not N64 C's buttons.

>the best way to emulate a console is by using the ACTUAL controller for that console.

Couldn't word it better.

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Lol input lag meister race.

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>le epic lag le maymay

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I have a Mayflash adapter for my wii classic controller pro, saturn controller, and PS1/PS2. That covers just about everything I need.

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i have an xbox 360 original, 360 transforming dpad and xbox one controller. none of them are suitable for old games due to their placement in relation to where the hand sits.

get some skill and you might understand why it's a problem.

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cool story bro. get some man sized hands and it doesn't matter which place the dpad is located. thump travel is the same.

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I do it too but recently I've been noticing all the cables take up a lot of space

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Does it feels good?
I'm considering to buy one for emulate and play PC 2D games.

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What about the GameCube controller?

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I have a Mayflash adapter for my GameCube controllers. It has some input lag so it isn't perfect for games like Melee, but it works great for anything single player.

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I use a PS2 to usb adapter I bought for 2$ on ebay from a chinese seller.

Works perfectly.

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It's excellent.

I don't know if there's a difference between "Buffalo" and "iBuffalo" (rebranding, ripoff, whatever) but I've got the "iBuffalo" one and it's great.

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get that buffalo chinese knock-off bullshit out of this thread. this is for the real, pure, ORIGINAL controllers

blasphemous bitches

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Been thinking of getting a mayflash adapter for my N64 controllers, but this talk about input lag kind turns me off on them right now. Input lag REALLY pisses me off, single player and multiplayer, I don't feel like taking the risk.

Might as well wait for a new batch of N64 adapters from RetroUsb.

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Nobody gives a shit. I've got plenty of original SNES controllers, but something that's native USB is going to work better than trying to poll and buffer an original controller's input via its protocol.

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What would be better: OPs adapters or buying some 3rd party usb controller and putting its guts in the original controller case? I tried it with a nes one and it worked great.

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i have this. other than the buttons being a bit "clicky" it is just fine.

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Using pic related to play me some Manhunt on PS2.

yeah i know, il go back to /v/ now.

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I just recently got this, and so far I love it
Works with just about any platform android, windows iPhone, OSX
It has a great feel to it

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Retrolink or Tomee?

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That brick/light is so unnecessary.

You can buy adapters that work the exact same with dualshock/1/2 controllers that are the size of the Dualshocks female connector.

Plenty of versions like pic related for a few bucks.
Work great.

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... you got Manhunt 2 to emulate successfully?
when I tried it was running at half speed
I couldn't figure out what settings to change. was using PCSX2

not a big deal now, I just played the PC version

also on topic: yeah I use an adapter with original controller

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/vr/ didn't like it so it was removed.

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But the big A button with the analog stick is perfect for 3D platformers.

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If you want to use for your pc go ahead. I'm sure there are adapters out there. People felt it wasn't good for non-gamecube games.

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Bough it months ago
Did I done well?

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What? It's sponsored by nintendo.

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honestly the stick placement of the Wii U Pro controller isn't that bad once you get used to it.
It's essentially dualshock sticks that are above the buttons.
It has that patented SNES button placement and a really good D-Pad.

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GC controller is great for N64 games as well. Star Fox 64 plays amazing with it

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Guess I dodged a bullet. Anyone know of another 6 face/4 shoulder buttons/2 analog sticks controller?

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>Still using broken down, fucked up orignal controllers.

>Not joining the iBuffallo master race.
>Dat Native USB support without polling
>Dat-Still new feel
>Dem built in macros
>Dat great action.

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Question: Why is the Razer controller that bad?

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some work with rumble, maybe thats what the brick is for.

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It's fucked up button sizes make little sense to anyone who didn't grow up with it, though.

Controllers can literally make or break a system - one of the reasons Sony's latest console is doing so well is in no small part due to having a serious contender for all-time greatest controller. The things you can do with it, the possibilities it has, my God, you haven't seen anything yet.

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I like how they never fully change their controller, the main shape is always there. No need to change that much something that just works beautifully.

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I have the same one, I used it to play through Super Meat Boy recently and got mad blisters on my thumbs. No way I was going to use that shitty xbox dpad though.

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just replace the pcb, obviously

should work like a charm

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>USB anything
>no polling

Top fucking kek

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The DS4 is the worst controller of the current generation though

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>WiiU pro below Classic Pro

Why, when it's better in every way?

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I fucking love it.

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>It's fucked up button sizes make little sense to anyone who didn't grow up with it, though.
why bother making that argument? It shows you can't/didn't try to adapt. Ergonomically the GC controller is phenomenal. Personally I find Dualshocks too small for my hands

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Is there a good place to get new OG DS2 controllers?

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That's odd. I haven't noticed it with the Wii Classic one. If it's there it's not noticeable to me anyway. The one thing that's annoying is it seems every time I shut down my PC I need to unplug and replug the wii controller into the adapter for it to work.

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Is there a "reverse" USB adapter that lets you use USB gamepads/arcadesticks/etc on a console?

It'd be great if I could have 1 high quality stick and use that for all my systems by just using the right adapter.

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The button layout is retarded.

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There aren't many PS1 RPGs that are expensive. Of what comes to mind, only Suikoden II, and Valkyrie Profile are expensive.

PS1 market is rather slow at the moment, and most (I gotta emphasize most) Square RPGs are not at all rare in the least and are very cheap at the moment.

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can confirm, bought cheap USB pad, put the PCB into an official SNES controller case and it works well.

I had to make some modifications to the inside of the plastics to accommodate the usb controller pcb
It was previously a functioning Super Famicom controller
To be fair, though, the cable was so fucking short

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you do know that Manhunt is also on PC, right? And it's a great port too.

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There have been but I don't know if any are still made because they were fairly expensive and adding the same functionality to a stick internally is cheap.

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I do use USB adapters, but more for utility and efficiency than for any sense of authenticity.

I got PS2>USB adapters because my PS3 controller broke, and I have somehow accumulated seven PSX/2 controllers since the late 90s without actively collecting, so it was either $10-$20 for one USB controller or $6 for four.

I also find that the Playstation controller design is the most versatile in terms of how many different control schemes and types of games can be played comfortably. You might prefer an arcade stick or a 6-button pad for fighters or a keyboard/mouse for FPS/RTS/PnC games, but if you had to use one controller for the rest of your life, the Dual Shock has an accurate D-pad, two analog sticks, and enough buttons distributed among your digits to make any console/handheld game at least playable, not to mention a wealth of arcade and PC games that were never intended for a console-style gamepad.

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Truly the Dual Shock is the most versatile of the controllers, no wonder I've been using my PS3 controller for the longest time. Although, for emulating N64, a 6-button pad one works way better. In this case I'm pretty much on the same spot as you, I've accidentally accumulated six controllers (only four are originals). Might as well get an adapter soon, perhaps a MayFlash one, those two ports on one adapter looks sweet.

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Because Razer is shit and their products are overcharged, faulty piece of equipment.

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their arcade sticks are good.

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The best option, hands down. It's all I'll ever use for NES, SNES , GB, GBA, etc., emulation. Basically any system that doesn't require analog stick use. Well worth the money.

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I can't play Tetris Attack or any fast puzzle game without a SNES controller ever since my GBA SP got too big for my hands (on which I spent hours playing Pokemon Puzzle Challenge bought on ebay in 2002 for £4

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get out

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ayyy. I did the same, finally got my shit together after all these years and got 106% on my SNES controller.

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same here, love that adapter. I'll even bust out joy2key if I have to.

Ah, going from my old crappy logitech to a legit SNES controller was a gamechanger for TA.

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