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Give me your best prototype pics from any gen or console!

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WTF is that, OP?

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I assume that's a Playstation because I recognize that prototype controller but I've never seen that console before ever.

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This is not a tanning bed. Please make a note of it.


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Am I invited to your thirteenth birthday next year?

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i'm 27 and have no idea what that is either.

there's no need to be such a colossal raging faggot anon.

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It's a PlayStation prototype.

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>>holy shit!!

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stop & play buttons should have given it away, pleb

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Because that was surely the only CD based prototype that could have had that, right?
Get off your high horse, asshole.

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Has anyone ever found a prototype for that brief fucking moment in the 90s that Siemens wanted to make a game console?

It was called MSX or MSF or something, I remember reading about it here in European gaming magazines.

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NEX? I faintly remember it, but there weren't even any screenshots or anything.

It took 20 years for the Americans to catch up to the Japanese and make a competitor (Microsoft) to the Japanese consoles.

But Germany landed on a fucking comet, maybe they can into gaming now.

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I got this OP

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Americans never caught up. If it wasn't for sega, xbox would of been much different or even a complete failure

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The original Xbox was a failure, it's existence was propped up entirely by money, it had no success outside of the states.

It only came into real market control when the Wii ran out of steam and PS3 was hacked to shit.

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Yea but It had classic titles unlike 360 and one. Though most were sega. It also sold more than the gc but even the dc would of if it lasted that long

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It wasn't a failure, it sold more than the GameCube, and all consoles are made with the purpose to make money.

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Nah. It was a failure because Anon didn't like it and no one (literally wut) bought it, even though it sold 24mil units. Of course, the PS2 outsold the Xbox by more than six times over, but I doubt many would consider the Xbox a failure.

This is like saying that because Kraft Macaroni and Cheese isn't sold outside of the US and Canada, that it's a failure even though it's very, very popular.

The fact remains that the only thing that matters is profits. And Xbox earned Microsoft many, many millions of dollars on the sale of Halo 2 alone, which netted Microsoft $15 per unit sold. It sold 8mil units on Xbox and a couple hundred thousand on PC.

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And before I'm accused of otherwise, I don't like Xbox. I don't hate it, either, cuz I don't know much about it other than the salestorm caused by Halo 2.
I've never even held an Xbox controller.

I'm surprised no one has posted that PSX thing. You know. The Playstation X. Or is that not a prototype?

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I was implying that it was only successful in the US. I guess I didn't make it very clear.


Please let's not drag this place down to /v/ levels, thank you.

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hey, is that xbox?

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Unreleased Sega Pluto

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Sure thing, /vr/other. :-)
We generally remain civil here unless someone says that they don't like Chrono Trigger or that they have any opinion on Earthbound at all.

>sega black belt
>with saturn logo
Nope. Not Xbox, though it looks fairly huge.

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Prototype SFC

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Pretty funky actually.

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3 of those look like they could have been decent dpads. Shame they took a different direction.

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bottom right looks amazing

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This looks gorgeous. Would play/10

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>I'm surprised no one has posted
Oh no. Don't you try to start that shit.

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It makes you wonder. Why did they think a block d-pad instead of a cross d-pad would be better? Where the fuck is the cart slot? Is it on the side?

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if only

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i posted it....

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That's not a prototype though... That actually came out in japan.

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>not a prototype
>also not retro

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Dreamcast DVD add-on, you would think they wouldn't try something like this after the 32X.

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Kinda off topic but no really, you can kinda make your own console with a Raspberry Pi.......

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Master System add on

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Wow, never heard about that. Did it ever get released anywhere?

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Was this like a ps1?

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Googled it

The Sega Master System Floppy Disk Drive is an unreleased peripheral for the Sega Master System. It seems that at one point, as well as being able to run cartridges and Sega Cards, Sega had planned for their console to be able to run 3.5-inch floppy disks. It can be seen as a spiritual successor to the Super Control Station SF-7000.

The floppy disk drive would have been attached underneath the Master System console (Power Base), similar to the original Sega Mega-CD. Little else is known about the peripheral, and we do not know if a Sega Mark III version was planned. It is likely that cost played a large part in the cancellation of this accessory - in 1986 3.5-inch floppy disks were still expensive to produce (at least in comparison to other media formats).

Sega would plan a floppy disk drive for the Sega Mega Drive too, though again this would not be released, however a floppy disk drive for the Sega Saturn would eventually see a release in Japan.

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what is that?

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relax /vr/.

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Floppy disk drive.....for the Sega Saturn. Why....

That's very "Sega" to release a peripheral that runs on an inferior media than the default disc of the system, though. Sounds like something they'd do.

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You would use normal audio cassette tapes like on the Spectrum (they were slow as hell, but they were cheap).

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It wasn't an add-on, it was a whole new unit.

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Is that tanning bed?

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neat. frequency breeded with the bastard child of foosball and air hockey..

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what is the middle switch for?

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good question, also what's the connection for on the front right?

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Just poked around a little and found some more pictures. It looks like that middle switch had something to do with the SFC prototype being backwards compatible with Famicom games. Maybe you'd set the switch one way to play Famicom, the other way to play SFC.

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Switch between famicom and super famicom games. Nintendo wanted to make the sfc backward compatible but it was too expensive.
The famicom has a similar port on the front. Probably meant for extra controllers or expansions.

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It was also going to have a headphone jack, and volume slider on the right hand side of the console.

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Rear view

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Early screens of Super Mario World, and another tech demo/Pilotwings?

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it dougs

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Forgot image.

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Since we're talking about SMW Beta, I might as well post the link to the restoration hack, in case anyone's interested


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Some unreleased Mega Dive accessories.

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Cool thanks. I was actually just going to start looking to see if anyone had done this. Going to have to try it out.

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>a graphic tablet
Hot damn sega, what kinda black magic is this shit

No problem dude. I tried it out 5 minutes ago and it seems close enough to your screenshots. Have fun!

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The Megadrive would actually make a pretty nice PC, considering it has a fully fledged 68k CPU.

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Just played through it myself. Kind of short, but its cool people decided to make it. Seems like they did a pretty good job going off the handful of old screenshots that out there. I think some of it was taken from the SNES Test Cart backgrounds too if I'm not mistaken.

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Super Game Boy for NES?

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The plain old 68000 doesn't have a MMU, though. No way to run a real OS on it, unless you've got a pile of external support logic.

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That could be in the add-on, since the expansion connector is just an extension of the CPU bus.

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let's ask BIEDERMAN

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never seen this pic before. Those adapters look cool and I think the middle one is by hudson and did come out.

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Why the SHIT was this not made? Good god it would've been glorious.

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>4 controller ports

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The PS2 would have had way less failure rate and Disc Read errors if it had a top loading tray. This proto looks so much more sturdy and that lcd screen looks cool as fuck.

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I wonder why this is a nes prototype and not a famicom prototype?

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Maybe Biederman design labs is a western company Nintendo hired?

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It was a Ps2 with a built in dvr

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they also made a wideboy for the n64 (there was a snes one as well, besides the Super Game Boy)

basically they were for devs and game review magazines. devs used them so they could see their games on a bigger screen during development, and game magazines used them to get proper screenshots of game boy games.

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It says playstation 2 on the front you massive faggot,why do people still not understand what a psx is?

>> No.2070038

because some people havent seen one before and the PS2 logo on the front is pretty small and easy to miss. calm down man its not like its that big of a deal.

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Its ok to be a newfag anon

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They seem to make microwave equipment for exterminators now.

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Beiderman's work was contracted by Camerica, who Nintendo hated and sued repeatedly.

The image looks like it was pulled from a random Japanese magazine, and the text is just commenting that the adapter would threaten Game Boy sales depending on how it was priced. The device was made in the US for the North American market.

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Because in the mid-90s all magazines and websites were calling it "PSX" and then Sony was a massive faggot and ruined that

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Doesn't even work, I tried at least two different patchers and they all give breaks when starting the ROM.

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>still not knowing the difference

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Wow thats interesting. I wonder if any nes carts made it out to the public. Sounds like Nintendo didnt want that at the time but used the idea for the super gameboy.

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What emulator are you using?

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I don't think it's a matter of emulators (and yes I tried them all bar higan), maybe it needs some snowflake SMW ROM ripped from super magic copiers with all that extra heading and stuff. Too bad emuparadise only uploads clean roms now.

>> No.2071245

Hmm, maybe. I can't remember where my smw rom came from, but as far as I know, there wasn't anything special about it. Might have been from emuparadise for all I know.

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pls upload patched rom

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>Those controllers
>That shit-tier Atari 7800-style joystick

Christ how horrifying. I like the bizarre sci-fi design on the Zapper though.

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They were already working on a successor to the Dreamcast? Christ almighty.

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