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1990-1999, because the other general is too restrictive.

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Why do you need a general for everything? Are you going to make a retro gaming general next because computer gaming is still too restrictive?

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/vrg/ coming soon to a 4chan near you

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>caring about a bunch of cardboard boxes
top kek

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Go back to the other thread then if you don't like this one. You don't have to post in this thread if you don't want to.

What is the greatest FPS of 1999?

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I don't go to the other thread. I hate generals.
I'm concerned that the whole board gets turned into /vg/2.0.

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Why not? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPy1XKq0Dog

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should have read the filename, thought it was win3.x not NT

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I got someone besides me to post my video!
Unreal Engine 1.x games all run on Windows NT 3.51 with the addition of a single DLL file. None of the Quake games will run.

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>What is the greatest FPS of 1999?
Alien vs predator, come at me

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That's LGR's room, right?

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So in the quest to soup up an old Pentium 3 PC I have lying around into a 90's gaming rig, I've come across a dilemma. I slapped a GeForce 4 MX card on it, which will probably run most games up to 2002 or so, but I also want Glide compatibility, so I've been thinking to adding a Voodoo card of some kind.

This is where it gets hairy. Since the AGP slot is taken up by the GeForce, this obviously limits me to PCI. A PCI Voodoo3 would be great, but problem is, they are either non-existent or ridiculously overpriced on eBay compared to an AGP version. A simpler solution might be to just grab a Voodoo2, which is far more common and cheaper, but the only way it gets remotely close to a Voodoo3 in terms of performance is to SLI it with another Voodoo2, and I've been reading that the picture quality is overall better on the Voodoo3 anyway.

What do? Bide my time on eBay until I can grab a PCI Voodoo3 without paying out the ass, or just grab the Voodoo2?

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Yes. He likes to rotate boxes out between videos.

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Fucker's house must be like a museum by now. Wish I knew him in real life and could just go hang out and look at stuff.

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He must have a lot of storage at home or a warehouse. Guy seems cool, but he's damn busy trying to juggle Sims views with /vr/ content.

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Either replace the Geforce MX isn't even a real GeForce 4 anyways with the Voodoo 3 or just go with Voodoo 2 SLI.

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Challenger appears.


>Set in a quasi-retro time period, Kingpin features a mix of 1930s art deco crossed with modern technology and ideas. Many inventions are conveyed through an art deco style design, like helicopters and monorail networks. The setting is described by the game manual as a "past that never happened".

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Yeah, I tend to skip the Sims reviews and Let's Plays usually. Much prefer when he digs up some crusty old floppies and gives a history lesson.

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Hmmm, perhaps you're right about the Voodoo3. After all, the CPU is only 450MHz anyway, so it's not like it could actually handle games from the early 2000's all that well.

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I have a Rage 128 Pro and it runs all 90s games on my 550 MHz Athlon PC fine. You DO NOT need a 3dfx card to play any game with D3D support.

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What does D3D have to do with Glide?

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Lol I still see idiots on retro gaming sites recommending 3dfx cards for games that only use a software renderer.

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A lot of people suggest buying 3Dfx cards for games that support D3D just fine. If the game doesn't support Glide, you are guaranteed to get worse FPS because ATI, Matrox, and Nvidia cards usually had better D3D performance. Nvidia usually had better OpenGL performance.

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Aren't there some games that run or look better using Glide over D3D?

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This was one of the first games, along with Blood 2, that made me realise my computer was getting outdated. I couldn't play this badboy then because I didn't have a 3DFX card and my friend did. I remember it so vividly, asking him if I could borrow his 3DFX CD and 'install' it. He laughed and said that that's just the driver and that the hardware card was inside. Smug motherfucker.

Going home to Quake II wasn't a good feel that day, kek.

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Maybe. UT looked about the same to me. I liked OpenGL the best. It runs pretty well on my Athlon machine. It actually looked the best (back then, at least) on S3 Savage cards because it supported S3TC textures. There was a special API called S3 METAL that it could use. I can't think of a single game that supports D3D that Glide looks significantly better on.

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Also, Nvidia was kicking their ass on the Quake 3 benchmarks already. The Geforce and Radeon were too good and too cheap for 3Dfx to compete with.

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Glide was the most supported API of the early 3d accelerated games around 96-97, if you like games of that time period the voodoo is the card to have.

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Diablo II, infamously

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I had a pentium 100 mhz from 1996 to 2001, you dont know what suffering is

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Damn, that hurts man. Did you run Windows 98 on it? You probably couldn't play anything much newer than Quake.

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Who is lgr? YouTube channel?

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No it ran win 95a. I got stuck playing old dos games and strategy games like civ ii, red alert, homm3, panzer general. Quake 1 didnt run that smooth but that didnt stop me from buying quake 2. Quake 2 ran at 5-10 fps and i completed that game but never again.

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Yeah, Lazy Game Reviews.

Pretty laid back guy, no terrible forced memes and bad humor. One of my favorite game related channels on youtube. Check him out.

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Still though, it really isn't all that bad to be limited to a certain timeframe. I personally cannot run any games past 2000 myself, I haven't been able to since I built this computer a decade ago. I am very glad I got stuck with this 'misfortune' because the limitations allow me to either find exploitative ways to optimize a game to run, or allow me to discover or play games made within my limit.

Those four games you played, you might have never played without those limitations. You might not have even still had enough interests in older games to even visit this board. Shit makes me grateful.

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Yeah its the reason I have an interest in strategy games and games made around '95 but back then it was not fun reading pc magazines about new hot games I had not chance of running

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Anyone here play might and magic?

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I have 3 waiting on me at home, I'd be playing it but I don't have a 5.25" floppy drive.

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I use nGlide for games that support 3dfx, mainly because OpenGL looked shit.

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I just started playing the Ur Quan Masters, is there anything I should be aware of?

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I got the complete series off gog

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That's not a bad idea, but I already bought the game, with the big box and everything, so I want to put it to good use when I get home from school.

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That's odd, I had a p120 with 32 MB RAM during 1996-1999, and it ran Quake II fine in 320x200 software rendering. Don't remember exact fps, but it was smooth enough I didn't notice anything bad. My video card wasn't anything special either, just a basic 1 MB S3/Trio64 card on the PCI bus. Was running Linux instead of WIndows though. Didn't have much games, so it was all Doom 1-2, Quake 1-2, with some emulators for 8 and 16 bit systems (including old arcade boards).

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The "minimum requirement" was something like a Pentium 90 but you would have a hard time playing it at all. A Pentium 120 would probably be fine though. I don't have anything that old anymore, I have a Athlon 550 MHz and a 366 MHz Pentium II laptop.

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So I just got a copy of unreal tournament goty, every compatibly option is set to win98, the game shows the spalsh page, and then crashes. Any ideas? I am running win 8.1, 2.4ghz Intel quad, 8gb ram, and a gt 745m. This same computer runs starcraft and half-life fine

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Well I dont actually know what fps it ran but it was choppy. I had P100, 16mb ram, S3-Trio64V+ and I ran it at lowest res with software rendering.

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Try all the different renderers except S3 METAL and Glide, if those don't work try the UTGLR renderer which you can find by googling it.

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Watched his Zoombinis video yesterday.

>pic related

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You will never have a collection as good as lgr

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Whats that oddworld related thing, centre right of the image? Looks cool

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Pretty sure that's just the standard PC release of Abe's Oddysee.

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I dont really rate that that much.. At the markets i go to on weekends you see these big box pc games all the time. I dont think collecting them is worthwhile. There is so much crap out there, and the boxes are huge. Funny how these are perceived to be worth more, and yet plastic case pc games are mostly worthless.

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unreal tournament

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I recently got my hands on a a .zip full of old Finnish indie-games.
Oh joy.

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You there! Care to share?

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I passed on this game when it came out. Is it worth playing now?

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Did you ever try the Linux port of UT? I have always had problems getting it to run. I have a Pentium II laptop that runs it okay on 320x240. Any ideas if any older distros would be good to run it (newer distros require ALSA/OSS wrapper which slows down sound).

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That game sounds fun. Don't forget to wear pants in the shower.

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So, I got myself a CRT monitor the other day but honestly, I'm kind of lost as to what I should even play. I don't like point and click games and I already played the various doom like first person shooter or their source mods.

I was trying to get Tomb Raider 1 and I think about playing the first Jazz Jackrabbit, maybe Prince Of Persia but other than that I'm stumped.

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You will have trouble playing Jazz Jackrabbit 1 on a real computer faster than 200 MHz. Faster processors usually cause a crash. Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is a good Windows game for an old PC. My old 550 MHz Athlon machine can't run the original but this one works great. Prince of Persia might be fun. One Must Fall 2097 is probably the best fighting game for DOS.


Here's a really cheesy video I made a while ago, see if you like any of the games I play in this video.

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Also, next time I'll try to record in a lit room with a CRT monitor. For some reason I thought a dark room was a good idea but the camera was adjusting and ruining it. If my old CRT still works, I'll use that instead of the LCD since it looks better.

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I'm using Dosbox actually, and Jazz Jackrabbit 2 is one of my favorite games of all time. The soundtrack is also amazing.


That's a really nice set up you got there. I have to stick for dosbox for now but I might build something in the future.

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>It is easy.

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A must have fan-made patch for Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

I am going to post a video about JJ3D prototype tomorrow.

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I got it set up right now, this is just a laptop camera picture. If I make a video tonight I'll use a better camera of course. This is a shitty setup, but most of the parts were free so it's okay.

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You don't need to set compatibility to anything. It runs fine on all of my Win 8.1 computers. Try the UTGLR renderer or kentie's DX10 renderer.

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This game is fucking awesome, why did they make Unreal 2 such a POS

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I really tried to like Unreal 2, but it was just garbage. If Epic actually developed it, it would probably be better, but RTNP wasn't bad and Legend made that. I'll install Unreal on my old PC
after I finish reinstalling UT on it.

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omg Descent has a terrible cover

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I'm playing the Columbine RPG right now. Someone told me it gets MUCH harder after you commit suicide, but he refused to spoil it for me.

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I'm going to use the spoiler tag for it's intended purpose. After you die, you go to hell and fight all the monsters from Doom, making the game much harder. If you beat the whole thing you get to see a very interesting ending.

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It is an interesting game but it's not /vr/, and it's not that fun, so I'll play something else. Anyone got any ideas for DOS/Windows games I should play?

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/vr/ would like the second part of this game. The final boss is actually pretty hard.

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Cyberdemon and South Park's Satan weren't that much of a surprise. They could have done better. Maybe I'll play the first System Shock.

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Cool, I have a Athlon 700mhz slot a retro machine set up. The original Athlon was an impressive cpu

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Resources! Precious resources!

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Because you can run it on top of DR-DOS, or even desqview X.

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That is Windows NT 3.51. I don't think Unreal Tournament would work on Win3.1.

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hell yeah, it's one of the most unique FPS from that era and probably the manliest game ever made

seriously it's brutal as hell but not in a tryhard edgy way, it just has amazing atmosphere and it feels way ahead of its time because you can't just obliterate everything in your path since interacting with NPCs plays prominent role in gameplay

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So? I heard even widows NT 4.0 can run on a 486 with 8mb of ram.

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All I remember from Unreal 2 is that pair of tits.

>> No.2080928

The developers also released the unused textures for that game, so, opensourcepoints for them.

>> No.2081483

And I'm sure an OS that requires around 32 megs to work well will play along fine with a game that with that as bare minimum, and eats up around 128 megs at max?

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Aww shit, yeah, that does screw up the feng shui! Okay, fine, if the game uses an unsightly 128 megs of ram, then I'm sue you can parachute in a few resource hogs to make the nasty anorexic OS consume it's fair share!

Be sure to use some from win 3.1, 3.51 and 4.0, that way you won't have to worry about which one of those you actually want to use and why.

>> No.2083065

I meant that playing UT on a computer with 8 megs of RAM on Windows NT 4 would be insanely slow since it isn't enough for the game or the OS. NT 4 takes up more ram than 95 does, so you would need more memory to play UT acceptably.

>> No.2083095

Oh, I'm sorry, I forgot that actually, 4.0 merely runs on a system with 20 megs of ram.

So, I guess I'm conceivably dead wrong about my actual point too, since 4.0 is such a resource pig, we have to be cautious and consider that 3.51 might just as well also be a resource pig.

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Kingpin is interesting and technically advanced for its time, but not a very good game

>> No.2083118

3.51 and 4 are fairly similar under the hood, but 3.51 is stated to be usable on a 386 (I really doubt it). I think they use the same amount of memory though.

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I'm not sure whether to ask /r/ or /jp/ or make a thread on this board so I'm gonna ask my questions here since it was around the 90s when I played it and if someone wants to tell me to ask my question somewhere else go ahead.

I played this RPG, probably a JRPG because it roughly had SNES graphics and had anime-ish stuff. The title was called Toon Town, no not the Disney thing that plagues Google, it was some Asian game I got from a cracked CD shop for cheap when I was a kid.

Only things I can remember are

>Played on PC
>Game is turn based
>I believe it's Toon Town because it had the logo said Toon Town but my memory might have gotten hazy it's been almost 20 years
>The MC is a kid wearing a blue jacket over a shirt, I forget his initial weapon but when he gets an upgrade he uses dual pistols
>One of the possible party members is a cute little dog I don't even remember if it could attack but it was cute
>Game was in Chinese for me because the shop was Chinese, no idea if the original game is Chinese or if it's just Chinks somehow adding a subtitle patch to it

Now for my second game, which I also played around the same time

>Played on PC
>No idea what the name is no logos or nothing to go by
>Don't even know if it was made in the west or the east, but it was either in Chinese or Japanese as far as my version went (same shop got it for 3$)
>Game was a monopoly-esque game but had JRPG battles depending on where you landed, and could also buy/sell shit I forget

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Don't respond to him. He's done this to the GCCX and Doom generals in the past. Report him on sight.

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If people are talking about retro videogames, does it matter?

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RIP my Voodoo2 your 16 years of service ends now.

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They sound REALLY obscure. I'd love to help, but I have no idea and you might have more luck asking somewhere else or trying harder to google related terms. Try the Japanese PC gaming thread here on /vr/, maybe they can help you.

>> No.2083475

Nope, I had a Pentium II 450 with a GeForce MX 4000 and it worked great and ran UT with a good framerate on Windows 98.

>> No.2083534

No problem thanks for the suggestion!

>> No.2083552

I got a Pentium 200 MMX and Quake 3 made it outdated but it handled Half-Life, Quake 1 and 2 quite okay (soft renderer and sometimes at 240p). I could even play Unreal but it was quite choppy.

>> No.2083571

Up to which games and emulators can play with an old Pentium (2 or 3, I cannot really remember) laptop? I remember that laptop could handle Windows XP (it may have been a P3), but I don't know what type of GPUs were putting in the laptops back then or how mobile processors diverged from the desktop ones, so I can't really make an accurate comparison with them.

>> No.2083729

>not a very good game
I beg to disagree, it got overshadowed since Unreal and Half-Life came only couple of months before and set the standards very high but Kingpin had still something to offer
especially when compared to the likes of SiN or Blood 2, maybe I'm just biased since I just love all 98-02 shooters

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>quiet summer evening
>cool breeze flowing through the basement
>playing Unreal Tournament
>Foregone Destruction plays
>Double Kill
>Monster Kill
>all of my comfy
Niggas talk about comfy like they really knew what comfy was back then.

>> No.2085694

Oh man, that takes me back.

And really, I liked all the weapons. Even the bio rifle!

>> No.2085701


>cool breeze flowing through basement

i know this is possible, but the scenario made me lol, you'd only read this on 4chan

>> No.2085724

Any love for 1997 Blade Runner?
I'm up to act 3 now. It's the first game of its type I've ever played.

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Name that forgotten game?
15-20 years ago, on a windows 95 PC, you're a chicken (in space) moving around levels, mazes of purple blocks, possibly collecting eggs. All I get with google is "chicken invaders" which wasn't it. It was more grid based, a bit like chips challenge
It was probably some shareware title, or on a compilation thing

>> No.2085937

This great game celebrated its 15th birthday yesterday.

Some guy on Amazon a long time ago said that UT ran well on his Pentium MMX 200. I wonder if UT runs faster on slower PCs, despite the higher stated requirements.

>> No.2085987

To clarify: I wonder if UT runs faster on slow PCs than Unreal does.

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I bought the wing commander series, any tips for someone who has never played a flying/space game?

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