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I just discovered a cool Famicom game I never knew about and want to know if there are others that I'm missing, so here's to a 'I didn't know this game existed' thread.

My submission is Getsufuu Maden (this is how it's referred to on different websites, though google says it's 'Getsu Fuma Den'). It's a Konami sidescroller with an RPG-esque overworld (like Zelda 2, only you can't walk very freely and there are no random encounters). I found out about it through googling an unrelated baseball game I saw on ebay, and I'm surprised to find that it's very good. I'm more the type to expect a game to not be exported due to it not being very good, but in this case I think it was seen as way too Japanese to ever translate to Western markets. Either way, I've never heard of it anywhere before today, and thought it was worth pointing out to people.

What are some games that you have found that you have never seen mentioned before and have more or less never heard of outside of the event by which you learned of them?

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I played this game a few years ago because of Yugioh. This card was my nigga back in the day, and finding out he was from a Video game made me want to go play it. Didn't really like it all that much, though.

On topic, though, I really liked Ninja Taro on the Game Boy. It's kind of like the NES Zelda but every thing moves ABSURDLY slow. Still pretty fun though.

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How about The Tozan RPG - Ginrei no Hasha? I picked up a copy at a flea market a while ago. It's pretty much Ice Mountain Rescue: The RPG. I honestly can't get very far into it due to the language barrier but I'd say it's enjoyable.

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F1 Challenge for the SEGA Saturn. Jazzy music and Future City.

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Getsufuu Maden is really good, except for the pseudo 3D maze-environments which, while it is rare to see this kind of things on NES/Famicom, are just atrocious.

I can't confirm it but I'm certain the first TMNT game was based on Getsufuu Maden or at least its engine. It uses the same overworld/stage system, the scrolling is similar, even some sounds were reused in TMNT.

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>My submission is Getsufuu Maden (this is how it's referred to on different websites, though google says it's 'Getsu Fuma Den')
It's Getsu Fūma Den (Legend of Getsu Fūma). The protagonist is named Fūma and he's part of the Getsu clan.

I thought game was good, but not really that great. Kinda plays like a Japanese-themed Castlevania II, although it actually predates it. Wouldn't mind seeing a sequel though.

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>and want to know if there are others that I'm missing
Well, you can lurk a bit around wikipedia lists of games by other small and unknown developers ;)

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I wouldn't be surprised if CV2 was directly inspired by it, where they looked at their expanded cart memory or something and said 'hey, let's make Getsu Fuma Den, only without the overworld map at all!'

Thanks for the name clarification as well. I haven't seen the maze yet, but I'm enjoying the game so far. Hopefully I'll be able to get by the maze pain without much difficulty.

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(Ciwizard: Magical Lineage)

It's Japanese-only PS1 port of Master of Magic. Master of Magic is of course well-know, but Civizard not so much. I tried searching for previous mentions of it in /vr/ archives, but there were none.

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sVc chaos, or ST on the new ggpo anyone?

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I used to have this for my famiclone back when I was a kid, never got really far and I remember the intro was quite long.

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Castlevania 2 was released on the Famicom Disk System in Japan, so that may have some truth to it.

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Funny I was looking to emulate this game a few days ago but couldn't find it for the same reason.

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Dr. Anesthesiologist (1983, Hiraiwa Tokuitsu/Champion Soft, FM-7/PC-8001/MZ series/higher): http://fm-7.com/museum/softhouse/championsoft/310001800.html

You gotta keep the patient under and out of shock while he's been performed on. Not sure if the game's any good, though.

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So you're looking for obscure or fan-translated NES/Famicom RPGs?

Chaos World
Dark Lord
Deep Dungeon 4
Fuzzical Fighter
Glory of Heracles 1 & 2
Just Breed
Kaijuu Monogatari
Lagrange Point (available in english now)
Legend of the Ghost Lion
Radia Senki

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Doesn't even need to be translated or be an RPG, just curious what's out there.

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Oh, in that case...

Banana Prince
Doraemon - Revenge of Giga Zombie
Choujin Sentai Jetman
Great Maze - Master of Maze
Kabuki Quantum Fighter
Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger
Moon Crystal

I'm not very good at knowing what makes an "obscure" game because I don't collect physical copies, but I left Little Samson, Dezaemon and Magical Doropie out of there because I figured those were well known.

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I didn't know Zyuranger was old enough to have a famicom game. Thought it aired a few years before it was adapted into Power Rangers.

Thanks for the posts though, I'll certainly try those games out.

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There is a Japan only Dreamcast game based around Magic: The Gathering.

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They were still releasing famicom games in Japan even in 1994.

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There's a skeletal version of Simon as an enemy in Getsu Fuma Den. It shows up again in Castlevania III.

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It's weird how the voices are entirely in english, but the text is all in japanese. Was this a PC port?

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Speaking of Konami, they made an awesome, Japan-only version of Rampart, with a story mode with several difficulties and different themes, and a fully customizable multiplayer mode.

It's probably the best console version.

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Here's a Pop'n Music remix of Getsu Fuma Den music.

Pretty good stuff.


Do you mean the Whip Skeletons? Or is it more Simon-y in appearance?

Another one to try soon. Great stuff.

Yeah, I just figured Bandai would have already moved on to newer hardware by the time Zyuranger was airing.

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>Do you mean the Whip Skeletons? Or is it more Simon-y in appearance?
The Japanese names of those monsters are Shimon, which literally means Gate of Death, but it's also a play on words on how Simon's name is pronounced in Japanese.

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Not /vr/ but in Castlevania: Harmony of Despair, if you buy Chapter 11 (the Fuuma one) the whip skeletons are named "Hellmont"

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Those are both great.

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They're call Hellmonts in Harmony of Despair, but in Castlevania III they translated the Japanese name literally.

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I've been playing Hourai Gakuen no Bouken lately. Never heard of it before, not even around here. Just stumbled upon it searching the web one night and was intrigued by the description.


Fair warning, they're not kidding about the encounter rate. But if you can look past that or that kind of thing doesn't bother you, you'll be treated to a very different kind of RPG. Well worth you guys checking out if you haven't already.

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Culdcept. Basically a cross between Monopoly and MTG: draw a card each turn, roll a die, go around the board collecting lands, secure them with monsters, upgrade them, take delicious monies from opponents who land on them… unless they play a monster and defeat you, of course.

The sequel on Dreamcast was translated and released on the PS2 as simply “Culdcept”. (Not strictly retro but you need to be able to read the cards.)

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New Ghostbusters II by Hal Labs.

Yurop/Japan only. I really want to play it sometime.

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Any difference between this and the American release?

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I just want to add that Hourai High's soundtrack is amazing as well. One of the best I've heard on SNES.

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if you watch this you will see why its a really good game and far better to the one that was released in the states: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aRtTCG9dD7w

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I discovered that a while ago because of Castlevania HD. Fuma was my nigga in that game, it's kind of sad the game sucked though. His own game is pretty fun I think, though others might think differently. I actually liked the ''3D'' Dungeon-crawling parts.
His theme is pretty cool too;
And the remix;

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Shit! I actually remember having the Gameboy version and loving it. Now to get the rom and relive some old memories.

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There's a shitload of Yugioh cards based off Konami games, there's Gradius, castlevania, the already mentioned getsufumaden, parodius, and goemon (meybe even more) if I recall correctly.

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I'm pretty sure they produce the cards, isn't their name on all the cards?

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Yeah, that's the point.

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>Kaijuu Monogatari

My favorite Dragon Quest clone. Also the Daikaijuu games for the SFC are even better.

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