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I have been looking into classic gaming systems and prior to the n64, playstation, and Saturn(technically I could add 1 if not 2 more segas to this list). Which do you prefer. Mechanically and just pure best games/funfactor.

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I never got a chance the try the Saturn. Had a n64 as a kid. PlayStation years later. I believe the ps1 had more good games.

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ps1 had more great games than saturn and n64 combined twice over

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PS1 > N64 in my opinion. The N64 had a great but small library compared to the PS1. Also 70% of the best games of the N64 are platformers, so its gets boring after a while. No fighting, racing games also. And the top on the sundae is the controller, oh god i hate it.

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Smash brothers. Bio F.R.E.A.K.S


Waverace 64. Ridge racer.

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If you plan on playing with a few friends the N64 is amazing and if you don't have any one to play with there are still a good amount of good single player games but not as many as the PS1
Personally it is one of my favorite systems because of games like F-Zero X and Bomberman Hero
But my one big problem with the N64 is that there aren't many RPGs on it

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>Smash bros
>fighting game

Also Bio F.R.E.A.K.S was shit. Tekken, Bloddy Roar, Rival Schools... shit even the KOF ports were miles ahead. Also playing a fighting game with the N64... jesus.

>Waverace 64. Ridge racer.

Those are ok games. But compared to all the racing games in the PS1 and to NFS and GT, theres no comparison.

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lol meant to >>2039841

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This console turned Nintendo from being the biggest home console in the world at the time (SNES) into a niche game system that only a handful of developers wanted to develop for it (N64).

Good thing they still had their handheld division to keep them relevant.

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If by "prior to" you meant "between" as all the replies so far seem to indicate, then yeah obviously the Playstation BTFO the Saturn and N64. It was a truly profound blowout. The only reason to play N64 is if you love multiplayer party games or mascot platformers. The Saturn has it's unique charm that appeals more to me and the library is pretty huge if you include Japanese releases but damn the Playstation was a huge paradigm shift.

Actually prior to the Playstation the best system is probably the NES/Famicom

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Generally this:

3D Platformers: N64
2D Platformers: Saturn
Racing: PS1
SRPGs: Saturn
Fighters: Saturn
Survival Horror: PS1
Shmups: Saturn
Sports: PS1

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>I have been looking into classic gaming systems and prior to the n64, playstation, and Saturn

Wat? Was that "and" after "prior" supposed to be there?

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>No fighting
the n64 didn't need fighting games, the snes already had all the best fighting games to ever be made

>racing games
f-zero nigga

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The previous post said there were no fighting/racing games on n64. He was wrong. I just listed a few.

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>the snes already had all the best fighting games to ever be made

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when did they port the real bout games to SNES?

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N64 is going to last longer mechanically, no moving parts unlike the saturn and ps1. However, the PS1 is really durable for a disk drive system. I still have mine from childhood, it's beat to shit but still works like a charm.

Which system you'll prefer comes entirely down to your preference in games.

For 3d platformers and FPS go with n64. N64 also has the best multiplayer games of the generation (and possibly the best local multiplayer of any system ever). The library is really weak overall but the system made up for it by having some of the best games of the gen. In fact if you look at lists of top games of all time you will often see 3 or 4 n64 games there, some very influential titles to be found including Goldeneye, OOT and Mario 64. Look at the 1st party Nintendo games and Rare games to begin with, as they are what really make the n64 worth owning. A few fantastic Treasure games as well if you're willing to do some importing.

PS1 has a much stronger library overall, with good representation from most genres. The downside is with the massive library and cheap development costs you get a lot of shovelware, but this shouldn't be a problem if you research first. If you like rpgs at all the ps1 is your best bet hands down. It also tends to have more cinematic games where the n64 and Saturn were more about pure gameplay. The Final Fantasy games are the obvious standouts on the system, as well as MGS, Gran Turismo and (personal favorites) the Armored Core games.

Saturn has the best shmups of any console, flatout. It also has the strongest selection of 2d games, but you really have to dip into the Japanese library to take full advantage of what the system has to offer. That means modding, and either paying ridiculous prices for imports or resorting to piracy (which isnt much fun for collecting). Games like Radiant Silvergun and Guardian Heroes (both Treasure masterpieces) are the defining titles of the Saturn imo.

>>2039950 a good breakdown by genre

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or the KOF series
or Last Blade
or Samurai Shodown
or Art of Fighting


When you say "a console doesnt have X games" doesnt means theres isnt a single one, is just an expression to say the console really lacks of quality/quantity of games in that genre.

For example i can say "Neo Geo doesnt have RPG's" but certainly theres a few "RPG" games like Crossed swords. But that doesnt mean the first sentence is wrong

>inb4 moving goalposts

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>a console doesn't have X games = it does have those games but I don't like them

Looks like you're from /v/.

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none of those are the best fighting games

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i never said F-Zero was bad, but compared to the awesome catalog of racing games in the PS1 and Saturn is nothing. Same thing to the fighting games.

Maybe the PS1 didnt have platformers as good as Mario or adventure games as good as Zelda, but at least had some good franchises which were 7-8/10 and many to choose from. So stop proyecting with the /v/ thing, theres nothing wrong at admit the N64 had a very unbalanced and short library.

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>Mortal Kombar or SF better than any SNK fighter

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Ohhhh sorry Garou Mark of Wolves wasn't on the list too

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Also the whole "it has no games" is /v/'s thing. You can like whatever system you want. Just don't post bs and expect not to be called out on it.

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well next time i wont say "it doesnt have x games" i will say "has a few and irrelevants x games" so i dont hurt your feelings.

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Hey your the one who got the facts wrong.

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>No fighting, racing games also.



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When over a large amount of games/things/people etc, only a few have a characteristic, and on top of that characteristic is good on 2 or 3 of them, theres absolutely nothing wrong with saying "x things doesnt have this characteristic" You dont like that way to say that? Well too bad, but its technically correct.

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>only a few have a characteristic

See >>2040136

You're wrong.

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>Dual Heroes
>Duel Heroes has the express honor of having once been voted the worst video game in the world by the readers of Nintendo Gamer magazine in Australia.

>Dark Rift
>This is the sequel to Criticom, and one of the first fighting games on the Nintendo 64. It’s also notable as the first game on the Nintendo 64 to hit 60 frames per second. Unfortunately that’s where the good parts end.

>Powerpuff Girls: Chemical X-Traction
>This title was one of the last to ever be officially released on the Nintendo 64. It wasn’t worth the wait.

Only good things, eh? But at least Rakuga Kids, Flying Dragon and Custom Robo seems to be good titles. Don't get me wrong, the 64 is a good console, but it's hard to find good and solid games in these two styles. My favourite game style is racing, btw, and I can count, only considering 64 exclusives, 10 games that aren't a clusterfuck of low polygon and icy roads. This list is missing all Top Gear games, Re-Volt and Ridge Racer 64, these last two ones are pretty good games.

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>This list

It's Wikipedia. Feel free to edit it.

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