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What PS1 games can you recommend for an Android? Keeping in mind the controls are mainly touchscreen, so games with quick and complicated button bashing are a no.

YGO FM is a good example of a game that works well on phone, thanks to it's slow pace.

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Worth rooting for, anon. Sorry for not recommending any games.


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Though I appreciate the help, I don't have a wireless PS3 controller at hand. Even if I did, it would be a bit large to carry around. The idea was more for the bus/train, waiting on a bench etc.

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Chocobo's dungeon 2 would work pretty well.

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Man, other than RPGs, I wouldn't know. Not that I don't know great ps1 games, it's the limitation on the controller.

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Goddamn that fucking game pissed me off so much. What the fuck is up with the rules? You can fuse a literally unlimited number of fucking monsters to get slightly stronger crap, you can summon fucking anything, your deck is utter crap and getting any kind of good card requires zillions of matches against the same guy, it's just retarded.

I remember having entire gaming magazines who devoted pages upon pages to fucking starships codes and fusion combinations and gameshark cheats. Even with that shit the game would still kick my ass, what a joke.

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i still play this game today never beat it but i have never spent more time on one game other then this one

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Literally any rpg is great for my phone. I played through ff9 a couple months ago. I can tolerate the touchscreen enough to play through some mgs, but it hink it was just for the novelty of "i can play mgs in my phone!!" id recomend chrono trigger but the ds version on the DrasticEmu

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I had that game. Fuck that game. It gives you zero idea of how to win. Try stacking cards and fuck up, leaving you with a shitty beaver warrior.

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>literally any rpg is great for my phone
you mean *playable*
touchscreen controls are not nor ever will be "great"

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Fuck the last Heishin fight, pretty sure that's impossible without grinding shit in Free Mode.

As for games that might be interesting for you, give Policenauts a shot. There's an English patch out there for it, and it's primarily a visual novel style game, so controls won't matter as much in it.

Also, Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon superiority

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>There are people who didn't grind for a single meteor black dragon, then triplicate it.

This is why you lose.

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>tfw the yugioh card game will never use these rules

what's the point in living?

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ePSXe's dpad is surprisingly smooth. I can play GT2, Crash, or Ridge Racer no problem.

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I still wonder how the fuck ot does that.

Devil Dice.

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