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Let's have an F-Zero/general futuristic racer thread.

Here's some music to start us off.


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Here's a question to spark some discussion: What's your favorite racer, in any of the games?
I have to say I'm a Samurai Goroh fan. Gotta love a fat Jap in aviator goggles and a hot pink hovercar.

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Mighty Gazelle. Always played as him, because robots.

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I can dig it. Favorite music track?

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I had good time with Dethkarz.

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Never heard of it. PC? Looks nice and aggressive.

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Probably this, predictable as it is.


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Jack Levin in X, Beastman in GX
... I'm just not really good in these games with any racer that has a Grip rating that's less than 'A'

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Can someone explain this rendering method to me? I know Mode 7 works by skewing the fuck out of a giant 2D sprite, but this isn't Mode 7.


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Hooo yeahhh

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that looks painfully slow, but neat anyways

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Blood Falcon

I like how he's always an alternate colour for c.falcon in smash bros

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Megarace 2, wiiiiithhh LANCE BOYLE.

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Could Fatal Racing be considered futurist ? Or just crazy current time ?

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File: 2.86 MB, 800x450, Whiplash 1.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Should I play this motherfucking game?

Any tips for me? Never played it before.

Give me ALL tips, from complete nub to advanced techniques. Thanks

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Was FZero GX better or is this the beast?

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use boost power.

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I'd start with the original.

I consider GX to be the superior, it has cuh-razier levels, better graphics (i.e. you don't see the tracks loading in the distance) and is played using the GCN controller rather than the N64 controller. X has a nice vibe to it though.

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>I'd start with the original.
but this looks way better m8

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Top Gear Pocket did this too.
>only 5 years to go until 700mph rocket cars

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Then go play Wipeout HD.

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We already have those. You have to be on the Utah salt flats to drive them without dying, but we got 'em.

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>Futuristic racing thread
>No Extreme-G 2


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I have Wipeout HD. It's meh.

>implying I didn't have a SNES
>implying my first console wasn't Atari 2600
step it up son

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Rock and Roll racing.

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Then, try Distance.

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Man Extreme G had some fucking killer music.


I never played the second game.

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The soundtrack on XG2 is more jungle-breakbeat, and is one of my all time favorite soundtracks.
XG2 is my favorite game on N64, hands down.
It improves on the first installment a ton.


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Shit that is cool. This is only a 5 buck game these days too. I should get it.

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>mfw you go so fast on Silence that you fly off the fucking track

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What about Jet Moto ?

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I'm not an expert, but I think fundamentally all sprite technology of this sort works by the same principle. CPU power is used to transform an image on the fly, recalculated in such a way to appear larger/smaller (scaling), or rotated, or at an angle relative to the camera.

I think the reason this doesn't look quite like mode 7 is because the CPU only has access to a smaller set of transformations. Maybe it can't rotate those road sprites, for example. This means the game has to make do with a combination of (even more) false perspective or compensate by having more predrawn sprites.

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Hidden gems on arcade GO

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Really? I really liked Wipeout HD. I was very satisfied with it. Good soundtrack too, but I guess that's a given for a Wipeout game.

DethKarz kicks ass, glad to see other people played it. IMO the graphics hold up really well today, even by futuristic-racer standards.

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Been playing Wipeout 3 and thought I was getting decent at the game until I hit the Phantom class races. Is the end of the campaign supposed to be this difficult? It feels like winning comes down to luck of the draw on pick-ups, which is my beef with kart racers.

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>Open this thread
>No Hi-Octane

It's like you guys don't even like fun.

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Really? I fucking love jungle/dnb. Went to a lot of dnb raves back in day between 2007-2010. Miss those days a lot.

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oh my god it is jungle
fuck now I have to check this beast out

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Post the best songs from xg2 pls

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Just get the whole soundtrack, it's fantastic.
"Track 2 (sensara)" would be my personal fave.

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F-Zero X is my favorite game of all time, no joke. It's just so perfect.
Extreme-G is great as well.
I used to play Goroh all the time, he's pretty cool. I wanted him in the new Smash, I guess it was too much to hope for. Anyway, I also played Leon for a while, and now I stick with the Cap.

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Man that is impressive for 93.
Also greatly profits from the path instead of lap mechanic. The many changing backdrops give you feeling of actually going somewhere because you are so damn fast.

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The most important technique: the side attack. When you use it, you instantly regain your grip. This means that if you fuck up and start drifting, you don't lose as much speed. Also, never use the sharp turn (holding Z or R) -- side attack as you turn instead. Again, you lose less speed than sharp turning, you can make tighter turns at higher speeds, and if you happen to hit someone, you'll often kill them. Side attacking is the one thing that let me graduate from Expert to Master. Of course, you'll have to git gud and get familiar with the stages before this will help you very much.
Secondly, I'd stick with Falcon for at least a while. His machine is very well balanced.
Thirdly, whenever you hit a pink strip, which recharge your health, boost on it. Boost comes from health, but for some reason, boosting on pink does NOT cancel out the health gain, so it's basically a free boost.

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10/10 would read your post again

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Finally, there are a couple of spots where you can fly off the track if you're going too fast. One is on Silence, and there are two more, the exact tracks of which I can't recall. In one of them, you can take advantage of that part of the track's straightness by flying off on purpose and then angling downward for a gravity boost, or even doing a DTD (which is too hard for me, but you can Google that.) The other two, you can usually save yourself by anticipating the spot and holding the stick downward to make sure you come right back down when you fly up.
Have fun.
The framerate in XG2 was unbearable from what I remember.
WipEout HD was fucking great. I've played all of them but Pulse so I should know.

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Any tips for getting through Meltdown? The spike in difficulty is ridiculous and I'm getting blown up by the A.I. during the 2nd and 3rd laps.

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Are you talking about XG? I don't play it that much.

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What about Galaxy 5000 on NES?

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Black Shadow. I love how aggressive he feels.

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Wipeout HD

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I just looked into it.

There was always something weird about isometric racers for me.

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Came up with more:
-There are brown rough patches that will slow you down; boosting over them negates the effect.
-The AI rubberbands something terrible, but you can take advantage of that by getting in front of gaining opponents and getting a nice speed boost.
-General racing tip: stay on the insides of the turns. For very tight turns, start on the outside and begin turning a bit early.
-If you hit an ice patch, you can still control your trajectory using the almighty side attack.
-Killing 5 people in a race gets you a free life.
-Memorize boost pad locations, especially on Silence. They're absolutely necessary on that one.
-Important: unless using a certain advanced technique, the acceleration/speed slider should be toward speed. Move it to the right more as you get better. I keep it two notches from the end, generally.

Okay, I think that's finally it. I don't even know if anyone cares, but I've got nothing better to do anyway.
Haven't finished it, sorry.

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>Crashing into a huge mob of racers to get two or three extra credits

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The professional choice.
>sliding into slides into blowing yourself up

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You can fly off the X tracks too, along with every single AI opponent. If you're lucky, you'll win because you're the only one still on the track.

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Well, yeah. But by the time you unlock the X cup you should be good enough to deal with it.

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>Galaxy 5000!

That game and tetris are the two games i could literally play until my NES got so hot it turns off.

Galaxy 5000 was an *NES* scifi racer with upgradable/customizable vehicles. you earned money and could buy/win parts after races

when the first f-zero came out, i thought of it as the 'super' galaxy 5000

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>Nintendo will never make another F-Zero game
>Miyamoto claims it is because GX cannot be topped, yet he made the disaster that is Sticker Star
>the real reason is because F-Zero doesn't do Animal Crossing, Pokemon, or even Mario numbers
>the last F-Zero game came out in 2004, five years after the /vr/ cutoff
>Nintendo will never make a home console that's on par with what the competition has
>F-Zero won't be that console's magnum opus of technical achievement
>Nintendo won't even sell the IP, much less to Sega who made the best game of all time

I feel like there is nothing left to go for and fight for.

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>Miyamoto claims it is because GX cannot be topped, yet he made the disaster that is Sticker Star

These things have literally nothing to do with each other.

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>we won't make a new F-Zero because it won't be as good
>it might even be the worst entry in the series!
>Sticker Star is exactly that
>he was responsible for it

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Didn't he say he hasn't made a new F-Zero because he can't think of a way to innovate it?

Not that it's much better that way. I love Nintendo but I wish they didn't always try so hard to avoid tradition ( usually failing in the process anyway ), I'd personally love another F-Zero that just had better graphics and new tracks.

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Miyamoto doesn't make F-Zero (except for a producer credit which really means fuck all) and Nintendo didn't even make GX. What in the world are you even talking about?

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What's there to innovate in a racing game? What did GX innovate from X? The vehicle creation mode? X innovated from FZ in that you could use boost multiple times in a race, provided you have energy, and you can attack vehicles. GX has innovated rather little in contrast, and is more like a version of X with better visuals and cheesy techno music.

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He just needs someone to blame.

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there wont be an f-zero

there will just be f-zero driver/cart/map packs for mario kart 8

which is then all ruined by slowness, items, and RNG


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Even I can feel the sadness.

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>Didn't he say he hasn't made a new F-Zero because he can't think of a way to innovate it?
FZero GX with online multiplayer
ding ding ding, Can I be with Nintendo then ?

>> No.1994874

>What's there to innovate in a racing game?
It's just bullshit, coming from the man who greenlight another New Super Mario brios.

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I remember reading an interview saying how AV wanted to make GX have an online racinging mode, but scrapped it.

If GX had the online mode imaging how laggy that would've been

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I always though it was

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>Tfw I've never played FZero GX
Feels extremely bad man.

You think these specs will be able to handle the dolphin emulator alright?

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just checked this https://dolphin-emu.org/docs/faq/

Pic related. Awwwww shiiiiit niggas. FINALLY I will play FZero GX and the Mario Galaxy games. Oh my gosh I'm so happpyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

But yeah, not retro. But fuck it.

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Nah, he's saying Go. I love that noise though, adds so much to the game.
You have a good chance. You may still have to run it at its standard resolution, I recall GX being really finicky on Dolphin.

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You're puttin me in a hard place here, Anon.

I like them equally. F-Zero is insane and arcadey, where Wipeout is a bit slower-paced and is a bit more of a sim in the driving mechanics.

Barring F-Zero SNES, Wipeout has better music.

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Sweet, I searched for 'i7 4700mq emulator' on youtube and this video was the second result: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KFYtWj7XfP0

Looks like I'm solid for FZero GX at least. Checked out the dolphin wiki for this game and for perfect 60fps performance there are a couple of settings I'll have to turn off but w/e. I'm all about gameplay anyway so I'm good. Can't wait to finally play all these awesome Wii games!

>> No.1995220

It needs online play, HD grafix, and a track editor like the 64DD Expansion Kit.
Thankfully, Fast Racing Neo is coming out (though who knows when.) Maybe it'll be a worthy successor.

>> No.1995224

Good luck, because I have a great gaming PC and GX drops to 15 or less fps on certain tracks. Get a Gamecube, nigga!

>> No.1995228

Hmm, maybe check out the Problems section on this wiki?


It has fixes for the problems by turning off/on certain settings. Haven't tried it yet, still waiting for my new system. Hope it helps.

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The fact that Studio Liverpool was closed down by Sony is a good sign that nobody buys futuristic racers anymore.

On the other hand, clones of F-Zero and Wipeout are everywhere on mobile devices.

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Great tips, thanks!
This may require a bit of a long winded answer, but any advice on how you'd map the N64 FZero X controls to a 360 controller pad?

By default I put the C-Buttons on the right analog stick unless I know a game uses a particular C-Button(s) that is more useful to be assigned to Y or B on the 360 pad. I don't remember FZeroX's controls so advice here would be really good, cheers.

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Great tips, thanks!
This may require a bit of a long winded answer, but any advice on how you'd map the N64 FZero X controls to a 360 controller pad?

By default I put the C-Buttons on the right analog stick unless I know a game uses a particular C-Button(s) that is more useful to be assigned to Y or B on the 360 pad. I don't remember FZeroX's controls so advice here would be really good, cheers.

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>Dr. Stewart, I'm Galaxy Dogs.

>> No.1995536

They really need to make a new FZero game man. FZero is hands down the greatest racing series ever created. Amirite or am I fucking RIGHT?


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c-down is for break and c-up is to look behind you, so i guess a=a x=b b=c-down and y=c-up

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I need to play some F-zero some more.


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I always lapped everyone in that track.

>> No.1995678

why not emulate climax? I've heard it's the best out of the GBA games

>> No.1995691

I've ordered a copy from Yahoojap auctions for cheep so im waiting for that.

>> No.1995873

thanks man

>> No.1995890

I've been on a bit of a Wipeout kick lately (Finished up Wipeout Fusion recently) What I really need is the original 2 titles, especially 2097

>> No.1995891

Just get XL

>> No.1996267

The first is rough and not much fun. Get Wip3out Special Edition, it has some of the Wipeout 1 tracks.

>> No.1996340

I already have Wipeout 3

>> No.1996363

This, also names mccloud, beast man, mr.ead, and Michael Chain.

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Octoman all day every day. Bio Rex if somebody beats me to Octoman

>> No.1996851

>Devil's Call in Your Heart

>> No.1996975

Rip-off of this (1993):

>> No.1996986

Bullshit, but I believe it.

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File: 1.09 MB, 1000x1500, 1387511974220.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Here is a leaked screenshot of the Wii U F-Zero game. Notice the cutting edge visuals. So this... is the power of the Wii U... whoa.

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>caring about graffix on /vr/

>> No.1997387

You made me think about the implementation of a game engine that produces graphics like yours.

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File: 2.88 MB, 800x450, Distance 3.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

comedon gold!

>> No.1999052

das sum tron shit right there.

>> No.1999121

Fire Stingray is my favorite vehicle, but I don't really know who my favorite pilot is.

Octoman or Mr EAD maybe. Or perhaps good ol C.Falcon himself.

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>Curly says: Well done! You've won: Wipeout 3 League!
>Curly says: Well done! You've won: Wipeout 3 League!

>> No.2003278

So whats the best FZero /vr/?
Snes, X or GX?

>> No.2003296

GX, honestly.

I love SNES more than X.

But X is still great, it just feels more rough around the edges than the other two.

>> No.2003312

>Tfw FZero GX was the greatest racing game ever made and it hardly sold
>Tfw Bayonetta 2 is the greatest hack n slash ever made and it is a complete sales flop
There is no god

>> No.2003365

I have absolutely no idea how anyone can use Mr. EAD. His boost is certainly real, and he can definitely pull off some slider strats, but that body just ruins him.

>> No.2003560

Actually, AX is what killed F-Zero[that and the mediocre GBA games along with killing C.Falcon in the end of the F-Zero anime] because by the time it was released, the world wide arcade market was dead, it's self explanatory why you rarely see F-Zero AX machines

>> No.2003580

I really don't think Sega gives a shit about America's arcade market anymore. Japan was primarily AX's market, where the arcade market is stronger than it's ever been in the US.

>> No.2003626

Remember that daytona USA came out in '93 as well.

>Futuristic racers
>Rush 2049
Shit was my fave back in the day, even if I was playing on the N64 version. Music made up for it.
I never liked the actual gameplay but Designers Republic fits that game so well it's not even funny.
>Extreme G
Liked these, 3 is a nice installment as well if you don't mind notretro
>RR6 (also notretro)

>> No.2003648

Anybody have screenshots on hand from when this happens? Always gives me a chuckle.

I really wish they would do a remake of F-Zero X on 3DS.

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Here's a pretty good vid. I'm currently playing through X, and The Big Hand is fiendishly difficult on normal. I can run through the lap quite a few times on practice, but the pressure of the GP always gets to me.

>> No.2003767

>Pico responsible for a catastrophic racing distaster according to GX manual
> Dr Stewart responsible for putting everyone the fuck back together

Dr Stewart a best.

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>> No.2004364

I showed my gf F-Zero X last night and it was pretty great, we spent the rest of the night shouting "YOU GOT BOOST POWER", "YEAH, THE FINAL LAP" and "ALRIGHT, FIRST PLACE" at each other.

>AI racer gets itself killed on the score screen

>> No.2004424

>X has a nice vibe to it though.

Man, I know exactly what you're saying. It's like the artwork, the music and the gameplay itself is full of that "90's attitude". Am I making any sense here?

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File: 39 KB, 288x382, Megarace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



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File: 7 KB, 320x200, bigred11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


While it wasn't entirely futuristic, there was a moon rover vehicle and a few planet levels.

>> No.2004731

No, that's totally it. From the second you turn on the N64 and hear that guitar riff to the moment you turn it off, you are fully immersed in radicalism.

>> No.2005000

I'm not the only one that would love a F-Zero comic featuring Cpt. Falcon falcon punching bad guys, right?
And by that, I mean a well written one, unlike GP Legend.

>> No.2005024

>a well written one
>a story about a guy who punch bad guys

>> No.2005025

I'm not the one who asked but this has been useful to me.

>> No.2005030

I never said it would be easy.

>> No.2005032

Fight Club is well written and it's about a guy who punches guys.

>in b4 I'm being reductionist (I know I am)
>in b4 dissenting opinions

>> No.2005125

>Fight Club is well written

>> No.2006206

Is it true it's impossible to beat F-zero Master class with the Golden fox?

>> No.2006225

>I showed my gf F-Zero X last night and it was pretty great, we spent the rest of the night shouting "YOU GOT BOOST POWER", "YEAH, THE FINAL LAP" and "ALRIGHT, FIRST PLACE" at each other.
lol you guys are gay

>> No.2007083


Doubtful, there's a number of tricks you can do tob way better than AI (not that I could. I've only beaten one master cup)

>> No.2007087


GX, I love X tho.

I've played SNES but wasn't into it, I'll give it another shot one day.

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was there a better bike than Khan? I could only beat the game with that one on an emulator.

>> No.2007736

Is that by the same guys who made Nitronic Rush, or is it just a ripoff?

>> No.2007772

Mr. EAD is allegedly a 'perfect android' and they entered him into the races so that they can test their AI programming, and they figured a gimped machine will help give a concrete answer. Despite that, Mr. EAD rarely is ever in the top 6 position, and is almost always last.

>> No.2007779

Same people.

>> No.2007785

i use Beast Man anyone else?

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purple magnetic motorcycle reporting in

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File: 42 KB, 291x210, DR_STEWART.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Golden Fox in pretty much every game besides X because I like a challenge + drifting around corners + dat boost

Grimace best. There's superbikes, but those pretty much feel like cheating with their perfect stats.

>> No.2008057

>F-Zero leading by a landslide

Can't say I'm surprised. I like them both though.

>> No.2008146

It's the Evangelion of fighting movies.

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I just found this hack, it puts all the Climax tracks from the JP exclusive GBA game into F-Zero X.


Good stuff.

>> No.2008457


I'd just get if for Cube, I did earlier this year and it's a blast. Not a game you want even slight slowdown/control issues for.

>> No.2008598

I just want to say that I started playing this and it's fucking great. Classic Activision, man. Thank you, based anon.

>> No.2009873

Big Hand is one of the easiest stages when you learn to turn using side attacks.

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>emulating F-Zero X with Eurobeat playing in the background

>> No.2011585



Roll cage is coming back.

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Hey guys, trying to git gud at F-Zero X. So far I've beaten up to the King cup thanks to the side attack, but I wonder: is it enough for the entire game orwill I eventually have to move on to sliding?


>> No.2012093

It was enough for me to beat Master on all cups. You just have to really learn the tracks and be good at utilizing the technique. Sliding is for speedrunners.

>> No.2012229

I just beat it on normal tonight. Feels like my time has not yet passed. Slide attack turns are something I'm working on. Apparently hard turns (going with left on thumbstick and left on trigger or vice versa) are to be avoided because they slow you down. I found them useful for getting around that one fingertip without rails.

>> No.2012240

Super Falcon in X, Beastman in GX because he's easymode to beat master with

>> No.2012250

this is something called "line scrolls" I think, it's the same way Pole Position for the arcades worked, or Rad Racer for the NES. It's entirely different from mode 7 and only works if you're trying to simulate a road. Compare and contrast Street Racer for the SNES (Mode 7) and Genesis (Line scrolls)



>> No.2012270

Fuck Yes

>> No.2012487

There's one currently for $18... No idea about shipping costs (in Canada) is that a good deal for it?

>> No.2013465
File: 869 KB, 1280x800, screenshot.2014-10-18.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.2013469
File: 876 KB, 1280x800, screenshot.2014-10-18 (6).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.2013471
File: 804 KB, 1280x800, screenshot.2014-10-18 (7).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

join us

>> No.2013482

Well, the laptop turned out to be fucking awesome, but unfortunately I'm going to have to return it because the screentearing is terrible. They gave me a really low quality screen the bastards. Feels bad.

>> No.2014123
File: 102 KB, 800x600, YOUGOTBOOSTPOWER.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There's also this, the guy says the car might actually fly off the ground if it gets past 160MPH. It needs a better grip rating.

>> No.2014164

I have a 4690K (stock speed) with a GTX760 and 16GB of RAM. GX drops frames occasionally, and the game will crash after a few minutes.

>> No.2014315

>tfw Wipeout is kill

>> No.2014394

Huh, I never used the side attack like that and I still beat the game on master.

>> No.2015140

Try the fixes found in the problems section of this FAQ >>1995228

>> No.2015305

Who cares? Wipeout always sucked.

>> No.2016132

My nigga

>> No.2016223

Then I commend you for being much better than me.

>> No.2016334
File: 1.30 MB, 1239x697, 006.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Look at all these X's you just helped me get. Thanks man.
>4 more to go
Ho boy

>> No.2016868


GX is the best but X is more accessible with better style.

>> No.2016883

I need help recalling a futuristic racing game...

You luged around (yeah, like that olympic event) on hoverboards. There was an open hub that had some training stuff, or you could just mess around in there. One of the main mechanics was grinding on rails that would take you to different places and speed you up. IIRC, you could also do very simple tricks to help you speed up in races. I played it on PC as a kiddo, I think it would have been around '99-'01, no idea if I had it when it was new or not. You also earned a token or something for every event you won at, which would allow you to unlock extra cups/tracks/etc;

>> No.2016895
File: 381 KB, 764x744, 1384132639843.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Play the shit out of GP Legends and Maximum Velocity a decade ago, but never touched Climax because lol japan onry
>Emulate it recently
>Boost system is a combination of classic and new
>You can fucking stack those boosts

Also, how easy it is to emulate GX?

>> No.2016930

Also, I have the bad custom car glitch, where only the body and pilot are visible. It says that it's because the game is a bad dump, and I should find another. Which dump of GX would fix it?

>> No.2017993

I'm surprised that I've never seen this before:

Downloaded it and I'm gonna see what it's like. At the very least I'm curious as to how well it works and to whether or not people have made their own modifications since he released the source code.

>> No.2018256
File: 69 KB, 1026x778, fzeroladies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You don't have to use super advanced techniques to beat all the cups on Master. I know I beat Jack on Master without killing anybody, and that was just with Blue Falcon, no sliding. For the others, I probably took out a racer or two, but ultimately, if you know the tracks, you can find a way to win without getting too fancy. Just keep hammering that boost and taking turns as efficiently as possible.

>> No.2018258

I'm not the guy you asked, but yeah, it's good. Fun game. I bought it for way more (but it was CIB), and I had fun.

>> No.2018675


>> No.2019036

Yup, that's it. Thanks, anon. Guess it wasn't luge after all.

>> No.2019104

It does have a luge move in it.

>> No.2019476

Beastman in F-Zero X.

>> No.2019690

Does this include stage 2?

>> No.2019716

You haven't beaten this game unless you have beaten all the staff ghosts. Good luck.

>> No.2020573

That's fucking impossible. I'm pretty sure you have to use speedrun level tricks to do it.

>> No.2020671

kek, no. You just need to be halfway competent at the game.

>> No.2022094
File: 281 KB, 952x697, 67579835457.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks. So 4 more X's, and all the staff ghosts. The X-cup is pretty fun when it isn't a circular tunnel track. Last night I generated one of the tracks with 2 suicidal switchbacks in a row. Lots of cpu death.

>> No.2022592

Okay, well I can beat Master, so I don't know what I'm doing wrong.

>> No.2022882

Staff ghosts are considerably more difficult. You need to basically race almost perfectly. No errors and a good racing line.

The easiest staff ghosts to beat are probably Silence, Sand Ocean, Devils forest, Mute city 2 and White land.

Try switching on your own ghost too so you race against yourself to help you improve your times.

>> No.2026232

Silver Neelson, if only because he's an old guy using an antiquated vehicle with somewhat obsolete technology. It's even designed like a musclecar, hard body, fast, but good luck steering it.

>> No.2026252

I just play Captain Falcon, he's always been my go-to guy. I like his car, he's got style, and I mean, he's Captain Falcon.

>> No.2026262

I used to play this as a kid but have completely forgotten about it...

>> No.2026265

diving on the ceiling was so fucking satisfying...

>> No.2026278

Rollcage. Read the file names, idiot.

>> No.2026350

>read the file names

They just say "screenshot [numbers].png".

>> No.2026906

>Grimace best

My Nigga

>> No.2027487

Preference is one thing but claiming wipeout sucks is really really fucking stupid and highly inaccurate. Don't confuse preference with facts.

>> No.2027490

Massive Wipeout fan here (1,xl,3 and 64) never really got into or understood the appeal of F-zero can you guys tell me what in in your opinion is great about it?

>> No.2027514

>read the filenames
>screenshot [date]


>> No.2027609

Extremely tight controls, great track design, awesome music, 60fps, appealing machine and character designs, and cool backstory. Oh, and it can be hard as balls.

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