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Retro game food.

I thought the Maximum Burger looked interesting in Policenauts, even though it looks like just a bun with lettuce, and it probably tastes like frozen pre made burgers.

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I question how healthy it is to ingest meat which has been contained in stone walls for who knows how many centuries.

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Probably salty as fuck.

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home-made burgers are the best

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Or you can go to one of them retro-diners...

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Kirby had some rather neat food options....

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Well, the castle is technically new. Being resurrected every 100 years.So if you break it down, it's probably freshly made by Axe Armor's wife. Freshly cleaved off of Red Skeletons. That's why they are indestructible. Because they are an infinite food source. Picture Mr.Armor coming back to his locker on break, only to find you broke it,and ate his food. Asshole.

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>Not jonesing for some Neo Kobe Pizza

what the fuck is wrong with you people

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I always thought the food in Breath of Fire 3 looked the best. That one part where you go into some cozy log cabin and there's a guy in there eating a fresh hot meal. It always made me hungry for a bowl of clam chowder on a winter night.

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Prehistorik/Prehistorik 2. The game about primal hunger and food.

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Anyone up for some screamer slices?

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I'll never regain health back in Castlevania without guilt ever again.

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A doom level had a Burger Hut.

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Nothing beats getting a fully cooked turkey by punching a trash can in Final Fight.

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Trash meat is the best meat

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Burgers big as a man that you assemble by walking over whilst being stalked by killer foodstuffs

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They called it a pork chop, yet it looks anything but.

Wall meat should always be questioned.

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Skip Sandwich: all sugar, all the time.

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The best food for the enemy is YOU

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Always on point, Don.

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Prehistorik was a poor mans Chuck Rock.

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> not playing Joe & Mac: Caveman Ninja
> dat pie
How many damn prehistoric platform games are there anyway? I already know about Bonk, and I guess Decap Attack is sorta related...

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There's also the various Flintstones games by Taito and Congo's Caper (which I guess is technically a spinoff of the Joe & Mac series).

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Now we flying!

Toki is another good one.

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Wolfenstein 3D always managed to make me hungry.

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I remember that Commander Keen cola bottles and sweets always looked delicious back in the day.

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Semi related, I always thought RtCW had the best eating sound effect in any game and it always had me hankering for a hot meal

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Did anyone not want to drink these?

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I thought Axe Armor was a girl.

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I don't.

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Have a Coke and a smile!

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On Phobos there's always time for a coffee break!

Okay this isn't Phobos, it's another parallel Doomed dimension... (This is Doom 3: Mr. Smiley Head's Safari, an old mod/hack from 1995.)

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Is it any good?

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It's kinda ugly and cartoonish, but it's really a jokewad rather than something to take very seriously. I guess you have to be in the right mood to play it... Here's download link:

The first episode is pretty easy but after that it gets much harder. I haven't managed to complete all levels yet.

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>demon semen
>not giving you mystic powers
hey I remember that

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Is this the one where you kill Barney and the Power Rangers?

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Das it mane!

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I always loved that one. The way the guys scream "Nooo!" was just hilarious.

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I always imagined them tasting like blue colored 7-Up.

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Obviously it's important to stay hydrated while fighting demons...

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The only question is: where are the bathrooms?

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Jesus christ, I know that feel anon.

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All the food in Betrayal in Antara.

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