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>Stopped using my PS1 when PS2 came out
>Used my PS2 to play PX1 games ever since
>Get my first new PS1 games in years (Wild Arms 2)
>Decide to bust out the PS1 for old time's sake
>This sound
>This fucking sound
I had no idea I missed hearing this so much.

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The reason why several emulators incorrectly display SCE's logo is because they try to render quads as actual quads and not just sets of two triangles, so goraud shading fucks up because it's loading bad vertex info.

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but it plays when you play ps1 games on ps2 too

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Only the second half, black screen portion plays on the PS2. The first portion is replaced by the PS2's system startup sound. It only matters if they play together because they transition so seamlessly.

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Only the last part.

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That's because the SCEE logo is played from the console and the PS logo is played from the disc.

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Man, the PS1 is so amazing, probably because Sony had to actually impress people with their new foray into video gaming. Seems like they got a bit lazy after the PS2.

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The PSX start-up is god tier. I get chills every time.

The PS2's boot screen is puzzlingly bad. Who thought rotating transparent cubes and colored dots leaving trails atop a black and blue void with a bland sound effect was a good idea? The PS3's orchestra warm-up sound is pleasant enough. Haven't seen the PS4 start-up yet.

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I was told by a friend of mine that you could tell a PS2's age by the number of those crystalline rods at the start-up. Is that true? If it is my system has actually reset from a screen full of rods to nothing a couple times now.

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>rotating transparent cubes

Those cubes in the beginning actually represent a game you've played on a particular console. The higher the pillar is, the longer you've played it.

After I learned about this fact, the PS2 start-up doesn't seem so bad.

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Only the 3D logo and some text is loaded from the disc, sound and other stuff are provided by the PS1 bios, which I assume is included into the PS2 backwards compatibility driver. You could do the whole boot if you knew how.

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>The PSX start-up is god tier
Not really.
The PSX start-up is god tier

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Yeah that post went horribly wrong.

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Is there any way to know the game and the hours spent ?

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Saturn boot-up was way better IMO. Playstation one was just a THX sound effect with two triangles falling into space. The friggin Super Nintendo could've done that.

On the Saturn, you have your TV explode into glass pieces that float around in space and then form the Saturn logo in a blinding lens flare effect.

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Same guy you replied to here. That's pretty cool actually. I had no idea. On this PS2 I have, I've only ever used an HDD and have never played a PS2 game from a disc on it, so my start-up screen has one rotating cube and no pillars whatsoever.

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Oh, god, the feels.

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i never owned a playstation.
i sold my n64 a few years after i got it.
i had a saturn.
i still have it.
best. console. ever.

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So is there any best version of the PS1 to buy? Serial number or board revisions to look for/avoid?
I know the early ones apparently had overheating issues.

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Sega-CD was better.

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psx1 intro is god tier

u know what else is god tier?

windows 95/98 boot up theme

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This PSX shit is getting ridiculous.

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I'm glad I'm not the only one that hates the term psx.

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I wouldn't hate it if there wasn't a fucking PSX.

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Deal with it, it's what it was identified as BACK WHEN IT WAS RELEASED.

>bawww no it wasnt
I was there. As an adult. I remember. PSFUCKINGX. Deal.

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It's literally the same shit as calling a N64 an Ultra 64.

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Nobody called it a PSX in person, not ever.

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MK3 called, they want you back.

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No it's not.

Yes they did.

I'm sorry your underage asses weren't around back then.

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No, no one called it an ultra 64 after it got renamed to N64. Everyone called it a PSX for short.

Yes they did. Look, I was fucking there. I know. EVERYONE called it a fucking PSX. EVERYONE.

Jesus, kids. Don't pretend you know something that happened when you were like one fucking year old.

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PSX was the nickname used internally at Sony when it was still in development. The name caught on, several magazines used the term PSX.

Deal with it.

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>for short
>3 syllables
>PlayStation has 3 syllables

Nobody called it PSX, they didn't, not ever, dealwithitturbonerd.

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No one called it an Ultra 64. No one called it a PSX.
Also check out my Katana.

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Can someone please post some old magazine scans to shut these anti-psx toddler retards up?

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Ultra 64 was the nickname used internally at Nintendo when it was still in development. The name caught on, several magazines used the term Ultra 64.

Deal with it.

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I love that machine, I love the games, I love that era in gaming.

The PS1 splash screen music sounds a bit scary though, but that may just be because I associate my PS1 with being the first time I was scared by video games because of Resident Evil 1 and Silent Hill 1.

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Speaking of PS2 when will it officially become "retro"?

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>Can someone please post some old magazine scans to shut these anti-psx toddler retards up?
Can't wait for Ultra Mario Kart. Gonna be radical.

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We are fully aware what some cunts called it in magazines, only the biggest faggots said it in person.

PSX2 m8, 2016.

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Sorry bro, but that's wrong. It was used for a little while, but it did not caught on. By the time Nintendo revealed the name Nintendo 64, "Ultra 64" quickly faded away.

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Much like when the name was officially changed to PS1 from psx.

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You're wrong. Or the story your dad is telling you is wrong.

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>Dat giant thumbstick

Actually pretty funny to read considering what a flop Cruisin' USA turned out to be, and we all know what happened with FF7. The other games all turned out alright, assuming Top Gun became Aerofighters Assault

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I loved my PS1.

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>Final Fantasy VII
>featuring characters from Final Fantasy VI

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lmao every fucking thread with the PSX/PS1 shit

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Yeah OP here. I'm reading in awe how my simple post about appreciating a 20 second soundclip mutated into THIS.

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They just won't kill themselves, I'm running out of ideas.

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Yes, certain magazines abbreviated the Playstation to PSX when needed. But absolutely no one ever referred to it aloud as a Pee Ess Ex. If they did they would have been laughed at like a retard.
I was a teen in the nineties, the term Playstation sufficed.

Now that there are different numbered Playstations released we retroactively refer to the 1st Playstation as PS1. How fucking hard is that?
We get it that some oldfags try to impose their self declared superiority by forcing this PSX shit because some magazines used it but you can drop it guys. It's outdated, it's redundant.
Give it up. Let it go.
Deal With It.

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Nothing compares to these older console intros. The warmth of the psx intro always brought me child like joy. PS2 didn't really compare as it felt cold and sterile.

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Please report to the gas chamber.

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I know what you mean, man. Remember the NES intro screen? So comfy...

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Everybody refers to it if you were old enough. The original name for the playstation is playstation xtreme. Psone is the smaller system. Its documented. It's just how people refer to game cube as gcn

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Will you kids ever shut up?

>> No.1982127

>you can drop it guys

Make me. Sorry, not going to change an almost 20 years old habit just because it tickles your autism. Now back to your hugbox.

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Are there janitors on 4chan anymore?

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>muh janitor dicksucking

Fuck off.

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Indeed. No one ever said it aloud. But that doesn't mean anything here where we are communicating in text. We still aren't saying it out loud. We're typing it, which is the context it was always seen in, in printed text.

Unless you're the kind of freak who actually says LAWL out loud, in which case Gee Tee Eff Oh.

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was Celes not wearing panties or was it a thong?

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Everyone I knew said P S X out loud.

I wish kids would stop projecting their flawed ideas of how classic gaming was based on what they "heard" or worse, some flawed opinion.

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Guess it's a regional thing based on whatever magazines your peers were reading.

All my friends said Playstation until the Playstation 2 was released, then it became the PS1.

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Holy shit I forgot about Gamepro.

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This. This is some good bait right here...

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Fuck girls whispering and bubble wrap, this is the real asmr

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holy FUCK i love this post

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Here we even had a magazine called PSX Fan. http://www.retro24.net.pl/katalog/katalog/czasop/psxfan/

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>The PSX start-up is god tier.


Not having a start-up screen at all is god tier.

Based NES and SNES.

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>PSX was the nickname used internally at Sony when it was still in development.

Because it's short for PlayStation eXperimental. Upon release, the PlayStation was no longer experimental or in development.

Since Sony eventually actually came out with a piece of hardware called the PSX, calling the PlayStation the PSX is inaccurate.

It doesn't matter what "MUH MAGAZINES" or "MUH FRIENDS" called it in the 90s. It isn't the 90s anymore, it's 2014.

It is simply the PlayStation, PS, PS1, or PSone if talking about the redesign.

>> No.1982575

>It isn't the 90s anymore, it's 2014.
Only retards like you care.

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Powerful. It got me ready for the game every time. I don't know why this kind of impactful sound isn't used more often.

>> No.1982695

logical post is logical

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I think you mean Project Reality and Dural.

I wish they should've gone with the Black Belt design, though.

>> No.1982924

Times have changed grandpa, can't wait for you to die off so I'm not embarrassed in public anymore.

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>It isn't the 90s anymore
In /vr/ it is

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What part of the world were you in at the time?

Back in the 40s we had segregated everything. Now we don't. Guess it doesn't matter though, you just keep protecting that last remaining "Whites only" water fountain.

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My first post in this thread. My problem with calling the playstation a ps1 is because I feel that saying ps1 eludes to the psone. Out loud in conversation it sounds the same. I'm 25 and my older brother who had to have been 20 at the time, in like 96 when he bought his playstation. I remember my friends and I all calling it the psx, and when the psone came out, that was THE ps1, so it's annoying to me to have to ask for clarification when I'm talking with someone.

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News flash: nobody gives a shit
Fucking stop with this childish ps1/psx shit already, same shit every fucking time.

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The Japanese jingle is really relaxing.

>> No.1983070

Pro tip: No one gives a shit about your opinion either.

It's probably just a regional thing really. I mean I'm from Ohio, I bet out west people had different slang for video games then we did here. And up in Canada I'm sure things have different terms occasionally.

I don't know why either side of this argument is so angry about it. Who cares what we call a piece of arbitrary hardware that in the grand scheme of things amounts to a worth of null?

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Seems to be an issue because there are two sets of experience- those that lived through the era and use terminology they remember from the time, and those who did not and get their information from Wikipedia.
The latter side of the argument has realized that their lack of experience and incomplete source lends them no credibility, so they've resorted to pretending to have lived through it so they seem an authority, combined with fierce hyperbole and straw man to win what really is an argument of inconsequential pertinancy.

The former side of the argument has begun to lose their god damn minds because they woke up in fucking crazy bizarro world.

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PSX = wiki knowledge
PlayStation = people that actually played it

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>No one called it a PSX.
shut up 00s kid, back then every magazine called it PSX.

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>No one called it a Ultra 64.
shut up 00s kid, back then every magazine called it Ultra 64.

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PSX is what every damn magazine called the Playstation back in the mid-90s. At one point, most of them had a brain wave and asked "where does the X come from anyway?", and they just started calling it PS instead, to avoid confusion.

I still have that issue of the local gaming mag (576 Konzol) where a reader asked why they call it PSX instead of PS, and the head editor basically said "I have no idea, but I've started calling it just PS for a while to avoid confusion".

Pretty sure the X comes from some prototype name, Play Station X or so.

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In Russia, we just called the stupid thing a "Sony," kind of like people worldwide used to refer to NES/SNES as "Nintendo" and the Megadrive, "Sega."

I remember a few mags calling the PSOne "PSX" later on, and everybody being a bit confused. Then, when looking things up online became widespread, everyone found out that it's in error, and forgot about it

Meanwhile, on the late 90s Internet the thing was called "PS." When PlayStation 2 came out, it became knows as PS1. Occasionally people called it the "PSOne." Only dumb fucks call it the "PSX" now, so I obviously side with people saying that, and we _are_ in the right.
>I will call it however I damn please!
As always, free to be wrong you are, gentlemen.

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Wait wait wait

Is that an N64 FF game with Locke and Celes?

Does this still exist? Was it ever leaked?


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they called it that back when that was the code name. Nobody called it Ultra 64 after it was unveiled as the N64.

>> No.1983172

they called it that back when that was the code name. Nobody called it PSX after it was unveiled as the PlayStation.

>> No.1983176

It was only a graphics demo for the N64 prototype, not a game. It was shown at an E3 or something and then Squaresoft decided they liked the
playstation better and made the switch

>> No.1983184

PSX is not a codename for PlayStation, though.

>> No.1983191

Yeah, I wish we had more ugly, broken, pointless prototype leaks, too.

>> No.1983196

It was the name of the prototype though.

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Highly doubtful. Do you have any source on that?

>> No.1983212

Where ever game magazines from the 90s got their info.

>> No.1983219

Out of their ass?

>> No.1983223

Probably same reason I've been calling it a Nintendo 64 and PlayStation since release of the two.

>> No.1983224

I thought it had to do with the number of saves on your memory card.

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Sony was referencing to it as PS-X during development, if you have a look at PS1 bios, you can find plenty of strings like pic related

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>> No.1983249

The must of forgot the X when making the mag title.

>> No.1983253


It actually looks a bit nicer graphically than FF7 on PSX.

Obviously it's prerendered, though

>> No.1983267

Source? And don't give me any didyouknowgaming bullshit, I want a technical analysis, because IMO this is just made up fuckery.

>> No.1983284

Are the anti-psx people all from Europe or some other decrepit part of the world where it wasn't known as psx? Is that what the confusion is all about?

Read and weep, children.

>> No.1983287

Can you tell me why my PSX box says PlayStation on it? I hope I didn't get a counterfeit. I bought it at release too...

>> No.1983290

I thought the PS1 fags were all from Clapland.

>> No.1983297

In Ireland we say PS1 too.

I've never heard someone say PSX irl

>> No.1983302

Like it was said in the thread already, it's a regional thing. I've never heard anybody call it anything other than "PSX" except for the one guy I knew that bought the "PSone" version.

>> No.1983309

We all call it ps1 back here in hueland aswell.

No one had anything against people calling it a psx, but no one called it a psx here.

>> No.1983315

Not sure where you are from, but everyone in person where I'm from called it the Playstation. There was no need for a number and extra "x" was pointless.

We get it, the x was there when it was a prototype. After the full product is released you drop the prototype/development name.

Magazines don't suddenly become some authority in what's it's called.

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File: 603 KB, 1238x1600, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Hey there, I posted :

Which if you read it very carefully with your adult, fully developed brains, you would understand that I was the ones losing their goddamn minds are the ones who grew up calling it PSX, or can at least acknowledge that as far as print or Internet abbreviation is concerned that it was de facto.
I know we're old ancient dinosaurs unfit for the modern Internet for your new Internet, crying tears as big as horse turds of nostalgia, oh but wait we're on /vr/ so fuck yourself.

>> No.1983320

Looks like the ps version of ff6.
They may have started development on the n64,and moved to the ps.

>> No.1983321

>Magazines don't suddenly become some authority in what's it's called.

No, but if they keep using the development name as a shorthand, then it can get stuck for a long time.

>> No.1983329

Owning a ps2. Fucking Google it man.

>> No.1983330

>Looks like the ps version of ff6.They may have started development on the n64,and moved to the ps.

IIRC Square was just dicking around with concepts on their brand new shiny SGI system, and they used the FF6 characters because... they weren't actually making a game, they were just getting used to the system.

>> No.1983335

"Your system configuration" stores a file called HISTORY.DAT or something similar. Delete it, and the pillars are all gone.

>> No.1983336 [DELETED] 

>if your say the wrong thing enough it's thing to become the truth.
A mistake is still a mistake.

>> No.1983342

That could be it.
They still look really similar to the final Fantasy anthology fmv scenes though.

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File: 455 KB, 1558x1098, :^).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 262 KB, 1736x1272, :^).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

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File: 41 KB, 1400x350, The_playstation_timeline.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is why people get so ass blasted about this.
In the past it may have been shown as PSX, but once there really was a PSX released it creates confusion.

Sort of like the final fantasy III was really FFVI. You look like a fool if you keep calling ff6 the third game in the series. It doesn't matter what happened in the past. We use to think the earth was flat, once we figured out it wasn't did we keep saying it was flat? I say this as a man who was 20 at the release of the console. I always called it either "playstation" or "sony". No one said psx in person out loud.

>> No.1983367
File: 66 KB, 250x333, mari.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


People get assblasted because they care way too much about stupid shit, actually.

>> No.1983376

If you want to boil it down to the simplest answer then yes, Its people being way to passionate about stuff.

If you want to keep the ps vs ps1 vs PSone vs PSX bull shit in context then its what anon said above, outdated terms just create confusion

>> No.1983389
File: 7 KB, 214x138, snes-cd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

People who call it the PSX ought to be truly faithful and call it by its first name while in development: The SNES-CD

>> No.1983393

But it didn't end up being a SNES CD.

>> No.1983394

I only thought this kind of retarded discussion happened in brazilian forums, but at least it's good to see that people are stupid worldwide.

>> No.1983401

The SNES CD was a different machine.

You might as well be calling the Dreamcast as Black Belt, or Sonic 3D for the Saturn as Sonic Xtreme.

>> No.1983404

How's that bait taste, fellas?

>> No.1983406
File: 9 KB, 250x332, rated LEWD.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>vag encode library

>> No.1983414

do betas exist for this?

>> No.1983419

Sony released the final product and it became the top selling platform of its generation, so get that.

>> No.1983425

nobody is going to change their mind about how to name the playstation

holy shit this topic is such bullshit I feel like I'm in /g/ with the browser and operating systems war it just never ends it's the same stupid thing every time why are you all such masochists

>> No.1983430

>nobody is going to change their mind about how to name the playstation
They will if they're corrected in every single thread.

/vr/ is full of retards calling FFVI "FF3" or Dragon Quest "Dragon Warrior," but other board members are quickly putting them straight.

>> No.1983432

I just wanted to talk about awesome console startup sounds.

Sega CD > PS1 > all

>> No.1983434

I know the right terms but I'll still call them FF3/DW under the right context. Sometimes you just have to recognize the history that this is what the games were titled and that's how we knew them for years.

>> No.1983438

>but I'll still call them FF3/DW under the right context
In the context where it is important to stress that you're talking about those particular versions, like when you're talking about sales numbers of the Western original releases, it would be the correct way to call those games by their names on release in that region.

Otherwise, you will be wrong.

Here is an example. Calling Contra "Probotector" is only OK if you need to talk about the European versions in particular. Referring to Contra as "Probotector" when you're talking about the games in general simply because you lived in Europe in the 90s would be incorrect. If a person corrects you, they will be right.

>> No.1983442

We know and recognize the past.

we also know the correct name. Just because it was called something in the past its not always correct.

>> No.1983456

>in a casual conversation, someone says "PSX game" to refer to some PS1 title

That's what looks like. Magazines in the US, Europe and South America used PSX to refer to PS1, it was a thing even after PS2 was created. Sometimes I think this kind of shitstorm is a very elaborated ruse, because it really rustles my gorilla munches. Or is a very persistent underage, I don't know.

>> No.1983458

Magazines today use "metroidvania" to refer to Dark Souls.

Gaming mags are not to be taken seriously even today, let alone in the goddamn 90s.

>> No.1983470


>/vr/ - Let alone the 90s

>> No.1983481


I just use the western numbering system, but if I'm referring to the Japanese ones, I append it with a j.

e.g. "FF3 is for SNES, FF3j is for NES"

I don't think anyone's ever had trouble understanding what I meant either way.

>> No.1983484

>proposing that gaming mags in the 90s were more ridiculous than now

Sounds like you weren't around back then.

>> No.1983529

>but once there really was a PSX released it creates confusion.
PSX? The PlayStation's commonly-known and widely accepted abbreviation, or a Japanese-only product that failed and is mostly forgotten by time?

The only confusion here is in your head.

>> No.1983712

>Hey man did you ever play the old psx game....
>PSX? The ps2 with a dvr or something? How did you get your hands on that, I though they were only sold in Japan?
>No man the first playstation. You know the system that had spyro the dragon, crash bandicoot, FFVII.
>OH!! Your talking about the first playstaton not the dvr thing. Im following you now.

yeah, thats only in my head. Calling something by the name of another product is only confusing in my head. I guess the only confusion is in others head's when they ask what I drive and I tell them its a civic, when in reality is the accord.

After the psx was put out its name became synonymous with the ps2. I'm sorry you are stuck in the past and can't adapt one fucking abbreviation because 'muh nostalgia, muh gamer mags'.

>> No.1983736

That's a lovely fiction you've written there, but suggesting that anyone hearing the term PSX would not think either "PSX = Playstation 1" or "I have never heard of the term PSX" is ludicrous, at least in the west.

>> No.1983743

The DVR PSX machine was a Playstation 2 + a dvr, so no one would say something like "that old psx game" and mean the dvr unit. Everyone would be thinking of the PS1.

>> No.1983746
File: 2.68 MB, 400x225, IMPLODING.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>PSX? The ps2 with a dvr or something?

>> No.1983836

>Gaming mags are not to be taken seriously even today, let alone in the goddamn 90s.

But they should be taken seriously when you're arguing about PS1 or PSX. The fact that it was recognized as the PSX by gaming magazine showed it had wide spread recognition. The reason gaming magazines did it was because the real name was PSX, not PS1, PSX. End of discussion.

>> No.1983841

Sounds like a guy that looked it up on internet just to flaunt his knowledge in case anyone ever used the PSX acronym.

Like anyone here that argues against the original Playstation being called the PSX.

>> No.1983856

>tfw I set my laptop so it would make the PlayStation boot sound when booting and the game boot sound when logging in
It was fucking cash

>> No.1983889

Modern consoles use appropriate boot up sounds I think. They help to get you in the right mindset to watch whatever movie you put it or pick on Netflix.

>> No.1983892

Does it really matter if you're talking about the original design or the redesign? They both play the exact same shit.

>> No.1983925

>the real name was PSX

Keyword there, was. Past tense, back when it was still in the development stages. When it was released PSX was never used officially by Sony. You know, the people that actually developed and made the machine. If they ever called a "PSX" after its release please show me, I'll wait.

>> No.1983937

>People aren't allowed to keep a commonly used acronym because the company didn't use its development name after launch

>> No.1983965


I am willing to bet no one you have ever talked to outside of maybe two or three of your very very nerdiest friends have ever heard of the actual PSX so if that is something that commonly happens to you, you probably just look like a huge loser more than anything.

>> No.1983986
File: 319 KB, 600x700, Miles_Tails_Prower.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, which one is it?

>> No.1984094

This thread is the epitome of trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls.

>> No.1984114

btw, PSX

>> No.1984131

the Playstation came out in the era before the internet. when you wanted gaming info, you had to pick up a magazine. since the gaming press often referred to the Playstation as "PSX" anyone who regularly read the mags would do the same.

it doesn't matter what Sony intended. Sony didn't come to your house, every month, telling you which games to buy, or what the names for the systems were. The press decreed it be so, and so, it was.

>> No.1984142

>tries to come off as old and wise
>really just a condescending barely literate retard who talks out his ass

o i am laffin

>> No.1984226

How does one do this? I would bust a nut every time I turn it on.

>> No.1984280

That's some advanced baiting right here.

>> No.1985405

it's not psx bcause there was actual psx which was an ps2

>> No.1985483

There are system files you need to overwrite, google where the boot sound and log in sound are located and replace them with the sounds you want.

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