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The best party is:
>Red mage
>White mage
>Black mage
Prove me wrong.

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Good taste, that's the one I usually use.
I doubt it's the best, though.

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Swap the white mage out for a black belt, you don't need that much healing.

Also the objectively best party is 4 fighters.

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>4 fighters
That's not a very balanced team. Have fun buying a million potions instead of using your white mage.

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You don't need balance when you take 1 damage from everything.

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Sounds boring.

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The ONLY drawback to an all fighter party is the ludicrous cost to outfit them. You get past that, they'll steamroll the game.

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Total efficiency very often is boring.

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It always put me off that white mage seemed to start lifting weights.

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You don't even need to buy them stuff. Just use what you find in the dungeon and if you happen to have enough money for the next set of gear buy it for the warrior that is the worst equipped. You honestly never need to grind for money because even the worst equipped fighter will hardly take any damage while still having a massive health pool.

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3 fighters + 1 red mage

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If you can put up with it change Red Mage to Thief since than you have Ninja which can use really nice gear plus can cast FAST which pretty much makes any of the Fighters one shot everything.

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>not going BALS TO THE WALL

it's like you want evil to triumph

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>Have fun buying a million potions

that's....not how it works in the original game.

congrats on proving how much you actually know about the original release, i guess

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My first play through I did fighter, blk mag, thief, red mage. No real problems except in the endgame I had some healing issues

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You can buy multiple potions in that version. What are you talking about?

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tactic ogre class system > FFV class system > final fantasy tactics :war of lions system

proof me wrong.

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Can't buy more than one in a single transaction, so you just turn on the turbo, put a weight on the A button, and go get a sandwich.

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>using more than one of the same class

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What games are red mages actually good in?

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It makes the game easier!

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Kiddy that never played the nes release and talk from his ass!

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>using more than one character

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4 Black Belts.

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Now that you mention it, the most fun I ever had playing FF1 was when I did a Red Mage solo.

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potions are way better than having a dedicated white mage.

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Go down way too easily. Weak to physical, frail to magic. Any time more than 4 monsters show up someone's getting assraped.

Imagine 9 illithids showing up.

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FF5 had pretty useful Red Mages too, they were just tricky to use until you understood their role in the party comp.

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>he equipped his black belt with a weapon

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Also their main reason to be there is to get their last ability "Dualcast"

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>Implying Red Mage can't cast FAST

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Did you not know that BBs need a weapon when they start out? Yes, it becomes redundant quickly, but it really helps for those first few levels.

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>999 JP

I'll be fine without it.

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>he doesn't grind along with his party

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Only correct answer

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>People seriously not doing Fighter/Thief/Red Mage/Black Mage before 8BT was a thing

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Have fun in the fire mountain area with that. Black belts are glass cannons.

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Sprites bases webc├│mics makes me fe el old.

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>no love for thief

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He's dead weight in the NES version. His special ability doesn't work. Like, at all.

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And even if it did work, it would still be worthless in the grand scheme of things.

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Red mage is fucking useless for 90% of the game, but you still have to throw away tons of gold to keep the fucker equipped and learning magic. On the other hand Black belt can do massive damage for 90% of the game without ever having to buy any equipment at all.

Literally only retards pick a red mage over a black belt.

Sure, the Red mage can take a hit better, but when a Black belt can end a fight 3 turns sooner (or more), what the fuck difference does it make!?

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>Literally only retards pick a red mage over a black belt.
In that vein only a retard picks a black belt over a fighter.

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best party: fighter/blackbelt/whitemage/blackmage
most broken party: fighter/fighter/fighter/redmage

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The best party is/your/favorite/party

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Just for funsies, I like Fighter/Fighter/Red Mage/White Mage

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I just started FFIII for the first time DS version, I've never played an FF with a dedicated job system before and am thinking of rocking Fighter/Black Belt/Red Mage/ and either Thief or White Mage.

Does the Red Mage give you enough healing and damaging magic on its own or is it better to have a White Mage and Black Mage? Do I even need a Thief if I already have a Fighter and BB?

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Fighters cost a lot of money too.

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>>1974941 and >>1974961


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>Black Mage
>Black Mage
>Black Mage
>White Mage
Master race. Who needs plebeian martial ability?

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No they don't.
Couple of thousand for early equipment and then you start finding virtually all the shit they need for free.

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FIGHTER (Takes damage)
BLACK BELT (Haste & Temper, best damage output in the game)
WHITE MAGE (Heal & Support Fighter)
BLACK MAGE (Support Black Belt)

The Black Belt is capable of dishing out the highest damage in the game.

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Running away is actually really important if you intend to get through the final dungeon without grinding. There are just too many monsters in there with attacks that hit the whole party; your healing spells and potion stockpile will get depleted eventually if you try fighting through all of them.

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exactly, like I said here >>1975639

if you have one of each type, this is the best combo. it gives you a tank, a cannon, white and black specialists.

redmage is the jack of all trades and perfect for a solo run.

thief is way too weak, and the ninja upgrade comes too late.

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>Prove me wrong.
I can't. That's the party I finished FF1 with.

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'Twas my default team. Can't complain, it served me well. NES version of course.

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I actually chose 4 fighters my first and only playthrough. I always play with as many fighter/warrior types in my party as possible in pretty much every game.

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4 White mages. Undead hit squad. Hammer time.

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I usually went 2 Fighters, White Mage and Black Mage.

Since Harm usually clears out the annoying stacks of undead that paralyze and higher level black spells are great to clear out fodder. Also you can always swap the second fighter to the top if the first one gets too low on health.

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Technically Black Mage is useless as well because Int doesn't work.

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One black Mage, one White Mage, two Red Mages

All you fuckin' need is Wizards.

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FF3 DS fucked a lot of things up. It forces you to pick a class and stay with it from beginning to end. And they fucked with the damage mechanic because of the switch from 9 to 3 enemies. Personally just pick 2 strong melee fighters one black and other white. And class change only when force or when find the upgrade.
>Buy your all fighters any equipment
Dude just buy all the cheapest stuff right off the bat and you literally never have to grind for gold. Since you find everything you need in the dungeons. Maybe a town or two in one fighter might need something but by than you have the money to get him a new weapon or armor and just continue on. Even with fairly bad armor will still give him enough protection that the enemies will only do 2-3 damage out of his 200+ HP.

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Not who you're arguing with but
>Implying my OCD will let me not have the most expensive equipment at all times

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I find it hilarious that the first entry in arguably the most famous jrpg series ever had outright horrendous bugs like these.

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>The Black Belt is capable of dishing out the highest damage in the game.
Yeah, once the game is basically over.
Fighter will dish out nearly as much (or more, if you don't grind levels) for most of the game and is a hell of a lot tougher to boot.

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nope, all monks

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This is also my preferred party, but I've played around with having two fighters.

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If you take all Fighters, what do you do when a Piscodemon instagibs one of your party members?

As far as I know White Mage is the only way to resurrect allies outside of towns.

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You bring Protect Rings and laugh in their faces.

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You know FF6 might actually be even buggier than FF1 right? Just look up all the shit you can do.
That's your problem. You don't need to touch 90% of the weapon shops and be 100% ok.

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>Forces you to stay with one class
What do you mean? Are you talking about the limit between switching? That's only like, 6-8 fights of a weakened party member. I mean yeah, with how stats raise in III it's encouraged that your warrior go on to other strength focused classes like Pirate or Viking and your Wizards go into other branches of magic but there was a shit ton of versatility in III.

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White Mage
Red Mage

>> No.1976230

At its core all the mechanics work correctly.
The bugginess is at a lower level in FF1

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White Mage
Red Mage
Another Fighter

If we are going by the GBA version and later ports, replace Fighter 2 with a Thief.

Best party.

you get it

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I usually go Fighter, Thief, Red Mage, White Mage.
that way by late game I can't die XD

But as far as NES goes I had a fondness for the red mage over the others seeing as INT didn't actually DO anything so Red was just as good as white or black mage. just less spells for day.

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> putting second fighter in the anchor spot

Why the fuck would you do that?

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I just woke up the elf prince guy with this:


No trouble so far.

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Red Mage
Black Mage

Not the best party, but it certainly is beginner friendly.

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The best party is four White Mages, unless you're some sort of candy ass faggot

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Pff, I'll stick with my favourite party:
>Fighter (Excalibur)
>Red Mage (White Magic)
>Black Mage (Lightning)
>Black Mage (Fire)

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One fighter rips though the game due to quad experience. Parylsis monsters can rape you if you're unlucky but otherwise I'd say the strongest "party" for getting through the game with ease is one fighter.

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>Int doesn't work.
I'm not sure what the int stat was meant to be for but I can tell you that it was never intended to affect damage. FF1 uses D&D-esque dice rolls for magic damage as a intentional design choice. The wild damage variance meaning using spells is a bit of a gamble.

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I used that faggot when I first played the game, he was more useless than white mage when he wasn't healing.

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Its so good its canon.

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Oh, whoops. That's not the actual order they should be in formation, just the order i felt like listing the classes in.

Correct thing would be:

Red Mage
White Mage

Or for GBA-based re-releases

Red Mage
White Mage

And then once the Thief becomes a Ninja, you swap his position with the Red Mage's.

that is a terrible party, though. Black Mage in FF1 NES is fucking awful.

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Classic outfit master race.

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>Casts black magic

Don't think so bruh

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the original FF1 on NES is bugged so that INT doesn't actually factor in to how much damage a Black Mage does. By the end game, Black Mages are better relegated to spamming healing items while Fighters and BlBelts do all the heavy lifting

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That's cool and all but what does it have to do with my post?

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Except his "black magic" attacks are Red, Blue and White Fang. He's using the Red/Blue/White Fang items to cast magic, which were added to FF1 in the GBA version.

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I completely forgot about that, you're right.

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Seems like random encounters would be incredibly tedious.

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