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Happy Birthday Dreamcast! Share your stories, and pics of your favorite games.

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2000 friend brings over his dreamcast for my birthday for all us friends to play. a first time seeing the system for all of us but him. we played house of the dead 2, power stone, sonic adventure, soul caliber, crazy taxi.
i was so impressed with the system. still bugs me today that sega didnt make it

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I was so sad too. Sega built a winner. N64, and PSX were no match.

I worked at Blockbuster, and used to take the rental unit home, and cancel out my late fees.

When it went under, I bought my own. I could give a shit about the gen that starts in the next thread. It was like I would not buy them outta spite.

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>buys Dreamcast
>plays Dreamcast
>Wow this sucks
>Goes outside

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Try and git gud then kid.

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You're meant to buy games, anon.

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Comparatively the dreamcast's first year was 3 times better than the ps4's.

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I picked one up on launch day with a copy of NFL 2K and Soul Calibur...and one VMU. Went home, played some NFL 2k and realized that it took up the whole fucking VMU.

So, I went back to EB the next day and got a 2nd VMU and Sonic Adventure.

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PS4 has pretty much zero innovative or genre defining games. So Dreamcast is better in all regards and I don't see that changing.

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How so?

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PS4 has outsold all Dreamcasts sold in its entire lifespan and it hasn't even been out a year.

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I have and will always love the N64, thats my favorite console, probably due to memories. But anyway, I remember getting a Dreamcast and just being in awe of it; I literally pushed my 64 aside to make room for the Sega lol, sort of similar to that scene in Toy Story, where Woody is pushed off the bed for Buzz. Happy Birthday Dreamcast!

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Recently got this game back. Man I loved it as a kid was a huge mech nerd when I was younger so this was right up my alley

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sales > quality
Go back to /v/

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Back in senior year we had a school wide SoulCalibur 1 tournament. Out of some 60 people who entered (small school) I came in third.

what we didn't tell the teachers though is that everyone put in 5 bucks to enter and the pot was given out as prize money to the top three

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>opinions trump facts
>spewing gbt/v/

Sorry for offending, Lord Spergulon.

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PS2 has more sales than anybody so I guess it's the best huh?

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did anyone else get in on the mag train?

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Midnight release.
So much Tony Hawk and Crazy Taxi.
Endless hours of PSO.
Also the highly underrated Metropolis Street Racer.

I love my Dreamcast, and I always will.

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but the PS2 is the best with or without sales :^)

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some of my jams were Shenmue, sonic, and soul caliber.

but my favorite had to be PSO, I teared up when they shut the servers down.

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There is a thread already.


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Keep telling yourself that.

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the Dreamcast wasn't really a thing in NE UK, but i played one at a friend's house. i remember that using the face buttons to look around on Q3A was strange, and that Fur Fighters was an incredible game. beyond that, i've never really used one.

brb ebay

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Dreamcast's first year was better than arguably every console's first year since like the mid 90s and onwards, with the exception of the gamecube.

ESPECIALLY in the last decade, there's been an awful habit of consoles not having anything worthwhile for at least a full year after launch, if not longer. Why consoles no longer come out with killer launch titles/launch window lineups I have no fucking idea.

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I think I've come to the tragic realization that I've explored the depth of all the Dreamcast's notable racing games. I can't seem to find anything else out there I want to try (even though I just discovered Criterion Games made a racing game for Dreamcast that I never played).

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Sometimes you just get tired of playing a certain type of game. Maybe try a different genre or play some racing games on another console.
The dreamcast library isn't that big, at least in America.

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Well, in that genre. I'm going to shift to some other things but I just find it unfortunate I'm out of ideas for racing games (I'm in the mood for them after having spent a lot of time on Monday playing NFS: Most Wanted 2012).

I've still gotta play Demolition Racer but after that I'm probably going to fall back to the stuff I already liked such as Rush 2049 and Daytona USA 2001.

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I haven't played the dreamcast version but re volt is suppose to be very good.

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I have that too.

Had it when I was young, somehow it ended up being traded away, then I bought a copy at Goodwill either this year or last year.

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Damn first world problems.

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when it comes to burning games for dreamcast does the file specifically need to be cdi or can it be an iso or are they one in the same?

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Had to work a today, but I did make sure to play some Jet Grind Radio.

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Here is some Dreamcast prototype hardware, this is a floppy disk drive.

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Dreamcast DVD add-on.

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VMU with MP3 player.

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now that's actually pretty cool.

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Yes. It has the best library and sold accordingly; do you think that's some kind of fluke or something?

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b-but muh dreamcast muh 'ahead of its time' ablubleuhblueblheu

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9/9/99 was a record retail day.

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>playing MvC2 at 2AM
>get a BIG ASS thing of lemonade, at least a gallon of home made lemonade from the fridge
>trip on dial up cord, spill lemonade all over dreamcast
>completely wrecked and ruined

It's okay, now I have 6 dreamcasts to mod and sell because I fucking hate that piece of shit console.

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Happy Dreamcast day /vr/os

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I get the feeling that also goes for the x bone
Is it just me or does it feel like gaming, as it was before, is dying out?

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