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Because you guys wanted it. In this thread you can talk about everything related to ROM hacking: project showoffs, hacking help, good ROM recommendations, you name it.

The newest version of our good ROM Hack list can be found below (recommendations are welcome):


https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B94-QZw-lfC4aU5aNnUzMEVsTEE/edit?usp=sharing (Google Drive mirror)

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I'm already in world 2 of Super mario 3 Mix.

I fell in love with that romhack. The level design is great (inspired by the three NES mario games, plus some super mario world), and getting all the star coins on each level is a fun challenge.

Also, playing with toad is great.

Go play that shit. You'll fall in love as soon as you see the title screen.

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I have a bunch of SMW rom hacks downloaded, and they all seem pretty diverse, but I'm curious if there's one that just feels like a proper sequel to SMW. Good, consistent level design, good difficulty curve that isn't too hard, good length, secrets, etc.

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I'm looking for someone to romhack or create how to romhack instructions for this game (see pic) and I'd be willing to pay via commission work.

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I don't fuckin know

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>Hacking PSX games
>Hacking CD based games that don't install

You ever wonder why CD based games don't really have a lot of romhacks? The files usually get jammed together into a single .bin or .dat, which means figuring out anything involves a ton of digging. Digging through hundreds of megabytes of hex isn't really anyone's idea of a good time.

And in the end, at BEST you will be able to do some numbers editing, like a difficulty hack or something. You can't add new stuff in without changing the size of the .iso, and thus breaking a ton of pointers and making the game unusable.

Good luck to you and all, but I don't think you are gonna find anyone willing to even try.

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What would you even romhack Legend of Dragoon? New stupid content? Making additions automatic? New additions?

I never liked Romhacks. They always feel like baby's first game designers ideas.

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That's why I'm paying money since no one is willing to do it for free. There was someone who was making hardmode hack for it but he lost all of his data and his drive to do it all over again.

>What would you even romhack Legend of Dragoon
Nostalgically it's my all time favorite JRPG. I know there are better JRPGs by comparison but muh nostalgia.
>New stupid content? Making additions automatic? New additions?
Mostly to edit the horrible localization and simple things such as changing values for boss & mob stats, exp, gold and item drop, add items/equipment, edit what chests gives and so much more.

I just want this game more to have more than what the original developers did for the game.

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>I'm already in world 2 of Super mario 3 Mix.

I like SMB3 mix, it has some really awesome level design, but there's one fairly big flaw with the hack, the slowdown is absolutely abysmal. .. and it's in every single level, so bad that it really detracts from what would otherwise be a top notch hack.

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Are there any good hacks of the Kirby games?

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under development.
Kirby's Adventure editor only just came out, it's expected to take some time before any good hacks come out.

It should also be mentioned that Devin Acker has released a toolset called ExHal, which allows de- and recompression of levels/graphics/everything in many HAL games, including most Kirbys. If you're a competent programmer and a ROM hacker, those tools are an invaluable godsend if you go on making a Kirby editor

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do you have any idea what you're talking about? PSX games have a filesystem, so if you mount the ISO you'll find all the files used by the game. FILES. Some games even have folders called "music" or "graphics" or "levels."

It is literally the exact opposite of what you said; cartridge based games are the ones that have their files "jammed into a single file"


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Just a two-world demo, but its fully playable.

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Hacking a CD-based game isn't that different from hacking a cartridge-based game; the main issue is that by the time CD-based games were popular, compression and encryption techniques were more widely used, and these things are a major pain in the ass for a hacker if he doesn't know how the data is compressed/encrypted.

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>but I'm curious if there's one that just feels like a proper sequel to SMW.

You want hacks that feel like a sequel to SMW? Check these out:

Mario Gives Up:

+ Great level variety
+ Decent length
+ It provides a good mix of great Nintendo-like level design...
-...and lots of gimmicky levels that aren't bad but don't feel Mario-ish

SMW 2+3:

+ This hack turns SMW into an open-world platformer with RPG elements
+ Great level variety
+ Overall polish
- Cringeworthy story
- The level design isn't bad, but it's very linear

Super Demo World: The Legend Continues:

+ It's a very big hack (120 exits)
+ Lots of post-game content
+ Solid level design...
-...except World 1, World 7 and Star World, those are just chore to play.

Super "Mario" World 1&2:

+ Great level design
+/- Well, look at the image in the OP. I personally like this weird art syle, but someone else my not.
- High difficulty level

Super Pika Land Ultra (Both versions);

+ Great level design
+/- Pokemon-themed

The Second Reality Project Reloaded 1 & 2:

+ Great level design
+ Consistent art styles
+ Lots of content
- Both of these hacks feature completely original soundtracks, but they are rather bad.
- Difficulty curve isn't bad but it could be better.

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This list is very good. I'll download them.

I'm currently playing "Mario gives up". It's a solid hack, with funny and pretty levels

"2012: Master Hand's Doomsday" is one of my favorites,


Level design is awesome, with many custom sprites, music and bosses (the overworld map is ugly as fuck, though)

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It actually depends on the game. Some PSX games have a file system(check out Twisted Metal 2, it's pretty neatly organized), others have one or two .bin, .dat, .TIM, or a few other format files, and some are a mix of the two. Castlevania SotN is a mix, half of the files are in folders, but the rest are all jammed inside XA_STR1, which is 406MBs.

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Still, mounting a PSX ISO will ALWAYS give you even a few files; a pack of neatly organized files or just three unknown files, but it's still nicer to have than one 4MB ROM with no idea where stuff is hidden.
Besides, if you figure out what developer X's ".Y" format is and how to edit them, you're bound to be able to do so in the dev's other games.
I don't mean to come out as harsh, but it's still a big overstatement to say that PSX games are way way harder to hack.
We should look into Umihara Kawase Shun. Its files are neatly organized, graphics very neatly packed, and /vr/ loves that game.

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>three unknown files, but it's still nicer to have than one 4MB ROM with no idea where stuff is hidden.
>three unknown files totaling roughly 700MBs
>nicer than one 4MB file

You are joking right? That's like saying you are better off digging for a needle in a haystack than a needle in a coffee cup of hay.

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Hackers don't just open the file and start reading it from start to finish. They generally have tools that will help them search for what they're looking for. At the end of the day, the relative size of the file doesn't really matter when you can just set your corrupter to corrupt larger chunks.

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OP you should add Chrono Trigger Crimson Echoes or Flames of Eternity to that Pastebin. They are two somewhat different versions of the same project to create content that bridges the gap between Trigger and Cross dont with assets from Trigger as well as some custom sprites and other assets. It was done with the mindset of not perverting the spirit of the original game while still offering a new and interesting experience.
Nintendo C&D'd it when it was a few months away from going public leaving a few things without quality assurance testing but it/they can be played from beginning to end without game ending errors and is definitely worth a try. Not to hard to find a ROM of but I'm always hesitant to post good links of it.

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Sorry, I meant Squeenix C&D'd it

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I think you mean Square-Enix.

Anyways, Crimson Echoes is trash. Its literally fanfiction tier writing. Its terrible, they "rebalanced" everything but it plays worse. I'd knock it for being short, but being short in this case is actually a good thing.

Trash modhack

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>everyone has one and no one thinks theirs stinks
Also, learn to read when you post six minutes after I've corrected myself.

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I personally also didn't like CE, but it's not the first time I've seen it being recommended in these threads. FoE seems a bit more polished than CE so I'll add that one to the list.

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What are the best SMB hacks?

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Mario Adventure and Super Mario Bros. 3mix are the two best SMB3 hacks; I haven't messed with any SMW hacks out of concern for the chance of me getting one of those kaizo hacks by mistake, but I've played all the recommended SMB3 hacks and those two are definitely the best.

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>I haven't messed with any SMW hacks out of concern for the chance of me getting one of those kaizo hacks by mistake, but I've played all the recommended SMB3 hacks and those two are definitely the best.

Check the pastebin, the only kaizo hacks there are Kaizo Mario World and its sequel.

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>It was done with the mindset of not perverting the spirit of the original game

like how they made Chrono fucking talk?

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It just freezes here, it won't let me do anything. What the fuck?

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>all those hacks
>feel like a sequel to SMW
Do you even know what you're talking about? All the hacks you named have a shitton of custom graphics and too much gimmicks, they aren't bad per se, but they definitely don't feel like a sequel to SMW.
Here are some hacks which actually look like a sequel to SMW:
>Bowser Rampages Again
>Final Fantasy: Super Moogle World
>Super Mario Ocean

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There's some things you can do.
>text cleanup
>make Kongol not suck
>make Zanebatos not so much of a hassle
>Lavitz/Albert no longer learns every single addition by the end of disc 1


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Is there a SMRPG hack that simply changes "Toadstool" to "Peach"?

>> No.1917548

This has that, along with some other changes:

>Toadstool renamed to Peach
>Bowser's Keep renamed Bowser's Castle
>Mushroom Kingdom renamed Toad Town
>Magikoopa renamed to Kamek
>Goby renamed to Cheep-Cheep
>The Big Boo renamed to Boo
>War Fan renamed to Folding Fan
>NokNok Shell renamed Koopa Shell
>Nautica Dress renamed Sailor Dress
>Dialogue changes but nothing really major
>Two new items created but can only be bought by Toad at the end of the game
>Command icons changed to match PAL SNES controller, same as well in the Bowyer boss fight

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I beat kaizu super mario only using 5 save states.

Even then it was a fucking nightmare. I'm done with ROM hacks now.

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>The Second Reality Project 1
You forgot:
-Some segments are bullshit and gimmicky as all hell. Like when you fly towards Bowser's ship in the last level and have to avoid Koopas. One hit kills you and it's very hard to dodge with the way the cape works.
-Levels drag on and on and on, especially towards the end. Not to mention they're pretty damn tough.

The last level gives you a time limit of 999. It is entirely possible to die by time over on that level.

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I highly recommend Metroid Incursion. There is a version without saves and a version with saves that has ice beam in it.

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If you' want more good SMW hacks, then check out our list or these two charts.

>"2012: Master Hand's Doomsday" is one of my favorites

You should play Mario vs. Bowser and Mighty No.9 by the same author. It's much better than Master's Hand Doomsday.

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Part 2 of the chart.

To be honest, chocolate hacks feel more sequel-y to me than vanilla ones. Mentioning Super Pika Land Ultra and Super "Mario" Worlds was a bad idea, I give you that. They are great, but they don't feel like a true SMW sequel by any means. By the way, nice list.

Which version did you play? Remake or the original? I played the former few months ago and the only over-the-top part I can remember is the section wher you have to get across a giant pit by spin-jumping on a Bullet Bill.

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I'm talking about SMB1 hacks.

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I hope somebody competent makes a new gameboy colorizor some day soon.

>> No.1919745

it's honestly not that simple as one might think

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Are you implying that all PSX games use the exact quota of 700MB?

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>By the way, nice list
Thanks, interesting thing is that I made the lists you posted (>>1918137 and >>1918162)
I'm glad they're still on here, they probably helped a lot of anons

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I want to make a level editor for kirby's dream land 2 but I don't know where to begin.

How do I find out where the level data is located in the game and how it's organized?

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were you /vr/bros aware that there's an upcoming hack of DKC2 that replaces Dixie with Donkey Kong? No joke

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Most data in roms is found by using corruptors on sections of a rom then playing it to see what breaks. When you enter a level and the platforms are a mess that means the area you corrupted contained level data. It's very trial and error. You're probably going to need to decompress the rom first though, I've heard HAL games use some crazy compression scheme.

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Extra Mario Bros. is one of the best rom hacks ever made. It's a total bitch to learn since it's a Metroid/SMB hybrid that expects you to be decent at both, but the payoff is huge.

Super Mario Unlimited seems pretty good if you want something more vanilla.

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step one: get exhal from https://github.com/devinacker/exhal
step two: get prismviewer http://www.geocities.jp/borokobo/neo/download.html#Kirby2 (it's the link that says [10]Prism Viewer version 0.01)
step three: analyse the source code of prismviewer, there should be a list of level addresses somewhere or something
step four: write your newfangled kirby2 editor, powered by exhal, inspired by dreamtool, but with cleaner code and nicer UI.

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>HAL games use some crazy compression scheme
True, but it's all been figured out. Google for ExHal.

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Does that actually work?
Like it perfectly decompresses everything?

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Hey I used to hack roms, are the sprites for the pokemon in red/blue compressed? Because I couldn't find them in tile editors.

Is there any way to decompress them?

Also how the fuck would you find out how to decompress them?

>> No.1920157

Yeah. And recompress - even with greater compression ratio than HAL's original. Granted, you still gotta know where the data IS.
Prismviewer's source code should tell you where the level data is.

>> No.1920159

Yup, compressed. Don't wanna namedrop but iirc Techokami knows how to decompress em

>> No.1920161

I guess that's ONE way of doing it. I much prefer opening the ROM with a graphical editor(Tile Molester or what have you) to ID all the graphics, then coming back through with a tracer to try and ID as much ASM as possible. What little remains I usually manually edit(corrupt) to try and see what it does.

Be sure and post whatever info you find on Data Crystal, the more ROM and RAM maps we have, the more hacking will happen.

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b-but I don't understand japanese


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>y exhal, inspired by dreamtool, but with cleaner code and nicer UI.
Why isn't there a program that does this already?
Is everyone just lazy?

>> No.1920215

>Yup, compressed. Don't wanna namedrop but iirc Techokami knows how to decompress em
Why hasn't someone done this already and made it into a nice program?

>> No.1920263

I have no idea why Pokemon hacking is such a mess, but Romhacking.net has a listing of various editing tools for the Red/Blue roms. Map editors, trainer editors, shop editors, etc. Didn't see a sprite editor specifically though.

I'm guessing most of the Pokemon fans and would be hackers have moved on to the newer games.

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If only we can get a DKC3 hack that replaces Kiddy with DK, or with Dixie, or anyone.

>> No.1920280

*or with Diddy

>> No.1920297

>but they are rather bad.
I'm sorry you have shit taste.

>The last level gives you a time limit of 999. It is entirely possible to die by time over on that level.
You must be very, very bad at video games.

>> No.1920329

Yeah, the vast majority of hacks are GBA. Older games don't get hacked much because not that many people know assembly, which is needed for any large-scale hacks that add major changes like new types or adding in a new feature (like that one hack someone said added abilities), and the DS games don't get hacked at all beyond difficulty hacks because there are no tools and it has that weird pseudo-3D thing in its map that I hear is a bitch to try to work with.

>> No.1920331

>Which version did you play?
The remake. Maybe I exaggerated a bit. The part where you fly to Bowser's ship was the only one that felt genuinely unfair, but I just despise long Mario levels in general. It's not like Mega Man where there's a wide margin for error, or Contra where you have massive firepower to compensate for being defensively weak. I feel like I'm forced to play extra careful and it just turns into a slog.

I'd be fine with an average length level that's extremely hard, not a moderately difficult level stretched to bullshit lengths. I beat it, but I'm not doing it again.

>> No.1920341

I also should add that long levels make me puke at the thought of a replay. Mario is at its most fun when you can breeze through it in small chunks. When the levels turn into marathons past a certain point, getting sent back to the very beginning after one or two mistakes kills my excitement.

Say I have ADD or I need to git gud or some shit, I really don't care. I'll be having fun with the original SMW.

>> No.1920423

Kiddy>DK hack would be most viable I guess. I guarantee you, it could be done by hand, but it would take a lot of time. Would be easier to write a helper program for pointer calculation and visual aid.

But you can Google translate. Did you look at the source? Would think there's some "leveldraw" function or some shit. If it's entirely in Japanese, have a shot at google translate.

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>replace Kiddy with DK
I have wanted this so bad for so long. From what I've heard, DKC isn't the easiest thing to hack. I've only ever seen rather shoddy DKC hacks. Does anyone have any experience with it?

DK could easily be given Kiddy's abilities. His attack/roll is already the same. The biggest issue I see is that he carries barrels above his head rather than in front of him, which would fuck up the carrying. But I guess sprite edits are easy enough.

If it were possible, it would probably make the game far more appealing to most people who dismissed it in the first place. DKC3 needs more love.

>> No.1922619

Are there any for Street Fighter 2010? I saw one here a while ago and i cant find it. From what was said all it was just minor adjustments to improve the game

>> No.1922658

I have some experience with the DKC series–replacing with Kiddy with DK isn't hard, just very time-consuming because Kiddy has like 300 sprites.
> The biggest issue I see is that he carries barrels above his head rather than in front of him
Not really, just a few values here and there. The truly biggest issue would be implementing the hand-slap.

>> No.1923360

I followed your recommendation and played SMW 2012. It's a mixed bag, some levels are pretty good while others are awful.

>> No.1925092

Maybe you guys can help me. I'm looking for romhacks that remove, or at least lessen the grinding in older RPGs. I'd like the fight difficulty to remain (particularly boss battles), just less fights with faster leveling maybe. Any balanced hacks out there for this sort of thing?

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>> No.1925118

Mother 1 has the Easy Ring.

All emulators have a fast forward option.

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How's new version of the list coming along?

>> No.1925721


>You should play Mario vs. Bowser and Mighty No.9 by the same author. It's much better than Master's Hand Doomsday

Thanks a lot. I'll look into them,

>> No.1926143

>How's new version of the list coming along?
Sadly, it's not coming along at all. I tried making it, but I lost interest in SMW hacks sometimes in 2012, and I can't get back into it. I probably got burned out as I was playing only SMW hacks for a certain period of time.
I guess the stuff I made 2 years ago is all that you'll see from me.

I applaud the effort Specter made, as I've been following a few of rom hack threads he made here on /vr/, but I have to be honest and say I don't like all the SMW hacks he recommends, seems to me he puts a lot of mediocre stuff, but as long as people enjoy it it's good I guess, maybe I'm just being an elitist.

>> No.1926228

I'd love the hack you've described, but honestly, if someone were to dismiss DK3 over a damn sprite, they weren't good enough to play it to begin with.

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>all these great hacks
>forever locked in zsnes
It's like the authors don't give a fuck once they're released. How hard could it be to update music to the new standard to allow shit to be played on any other emulator plus real hardware?

>> No.1926249

>I applaud the effort Specter made, as I've been following a few of rom hack threads he made here on /vr/, but I have to be honest and say I don't like all the SMW hacks he recommends, seems to me he puts a lot of mediocre stuff, but as long as people enjoy it it's good I guess, maybe I'm just being an elitist.

All of my Pastebin lists consist mostly of recommendations made by our fellow /vr/os, because of that there's bound to be a few controversial choices. I think that's alright myself.

As a matter of fact, all the SMW hacks you see on the list come from recommendations I got and your charts.

>> No.1926424

Quick question will these snes hacked roms work on the super Everdrive v2?

>> No.1926638

A lot of SMW hacks don't work on anything but ZSNES because of inferior hacking tools leading to the music not being able to be played (newer ones will usually be fine, older ones usually won't), but I think most other hacks will always work fine.

>> No.1927202

>How hard could it be
Depends. But it isn't easy, I give you that. There isn't some "fix" button.

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this is just in
Devin aka >>1920129 's Exhal guy is working on a Kirby Triple Deluxe editor

>> No.1927321

I've got an everdrive (dunno what version) and most SMW hacks with new music start getting fucked audio after a few levels.

Return to Dinosaur island works, and the chrono trigger hacks seem to be fine.

>> No.1927850

>all the SMW hacks you see on the list come from recommendations I got and your charts
Not all the SMW hacks though, I don't recall having 3000 Leagues in Search of Bowser, Eyeless: Director's Cut, Mario X World DX, Mario X World Second Edition Returns, The Senate and a few others, but it doesn't matter, the selection has a lot of great hacks. Not that I can judge a few as I forgot how they are. I wish I could get into SMW romhacks again.
Keep up the good work with these generals, you can also use the mediafire link I posted, it's noob-friendly as everything in it is prepatched and in one place, so people don't have to download a lot of hacks seperately.

>> No.1928129

I recommended the hacks you mentioned. Nice to see that OP added them.

>> No.1928139

Are there any more romhacks like Moemon with cute anime girls?

>> No.1928986

Touhoumon: Ordinary Version seems to fit the bill.


>> No.1930214

Triple Deluxe? As in, the 3DS one?

>> No.1930260

Hell yeah nigga

Emulators don't exist but a Gateway card probably works

>> No.1930304


Before you decide to play this hack, just know this:

When you fight the giant cake during the Marrymore sequence, one of the chefs literally screams "the cake is a lie!"

>> No.1930309
File: 165 KB, 845x1036, 1339117808930.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh, shit.
Is there a version that makes it not do that?

I just want to make my 6-year-old son play this game with "Peach" instead of "Toadstool"

>> No.1930318

Whoops, sorry!

I mistook that hack for this one:

In this one, not only did they revise the script, they also overhauled and 'rebalanced' the fighting and levelling system

Don't play that one. Play the other one.

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>> No.1931104

The original MOTHER (or EarthBound Zero for that matter) does not have the Easy Ring, it was coded specifically for MOTHER 1+2 fan translation. However, there is an EB0 hack called EarthBound Easy which simply doubles the ammount of EXP points you get from the enemies.


>> No.1932528


>> No.1932568

>People actually like Super Mario Bros. 3Mix

I was just playing it and it's fucking horrible. The droning "music" that consists of a two-second loop on the title and map screens pisses me off and there was absolutely no reason to change any of the sprites (the terrible-looking Boos in particular are egregious examples of this). What the hell was the hack designer thinking?

All of the assembly hacks the guy has done are inconsequential to the extremely amateurish presentation of the game. He didn't make SMB3 better, he made it worse. Much, much worse.

>> No.1932638

Have you heard the NSMB castle music yet? Or the Galaxy music? Both of those are awesome.

>> No.1933280

I've heard the castle music and it's horrible. The music that plays when you die or complete a level didn't need to be changed either.

I really don't feel like playing this hack long enough to hear what the hack author thinks an 8-bit rendition of Galaxy music sounds like, because I'll bet it's just as bad as all the other custom music.

Too much of this hack has change for the sake of change, which is never good. If you're going to change something, you should have a reason to do so, and even if you have a reason you should make sure that the change you're making is an improvement.

>> No.1933615

The only real hack of a PSX game I know of is for FFT. All the rest are just tiny bug fixes and the like.

>> No.1933630

Lots of SMW hacks, but almost nothing else under SNES. What about all the good megaman hacks?

>> No.1933662

That's because there aren't that many hacks of SNES games, much less ones worth playing. As for Mega Man hacks, feel free to share them with us. i'll gladly add them to the list.

>> No.1933724

For some reason, I can't get a usable patched rom. Unpatched ones play fine, but as soon as I patch them, I get a message "Bad checksum", and they won't play.I've gone through about a dozen patches on 3 different game roms. Is there something I need to be doing with the names or something?

>> No.1933762

Eh, I liked it.

The bosses are also cool, though a couple like Petey Piranha are a bit poorly sprited, and the Star Coins (and especially the comets that appear after you get them all) are fun to look for. The game gets more interesting after the first couple worlds, once you get the new items (Penguin Suit is my favorite for being a non-shitty Frog Suit combined with the Ice Flower), and see some of the cooler gimmicks like Yoshi in the SMW world and the antigravity in the Galaxy world.

>> No.1933865

Maybe you're having issues with headers. Lots of SNES roms out there have extra data in the form a of a header placed there usually by the tool used to dump the rom. A hack made for a rom with header will break on a headerless rom and vice versa.

>> No.1933910

The biggest problem is that people are still using the outdated .ips format, when there are newer formats that are direct upgrades in many areas, not the least of which is that they don't let you use a patch on the wrong ROM.

>> No.1934467
File: 915 KB, 320x240, 3dnitrojump_2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Eventually, man. Eventually...

>> No.1934531

Also, is there a patch format for psx that doesn't suck ass? Nothing seems to support patching individual files within the filesystem, just the entire image as a whole which is just worthless.

>> No.1934772

I dunno, FF7 got some love too. But other than those two, yeah, hacking PSX games isn't a big thing.

"A PPF Patch Engine is a tool which is able to create (and apply) small patches by comparing the original & patches ISO CD-Image and extracting only the difference between them. It is very similar to the IPS Patcher which was created for patching SNES patches which I also used in my UniFIX patch engine (AMIGA) a few years back."
The original website is down and dead, but you can still find PPF patch programs online, just google around.

>> No.1935114

Problem is PPF doesn't let you resize or add/remove files on the disc because it's just a simple patch applied to the entire image. I need one that will actually rebuild the ISO and the PSX sector headers.

>> No.1935585

Your description is way too vague. Share some details (patch and ROM format, patching tool etc) so we could try helping you out. .

>> No.1935912

>I need one that will actually rebuild the ISO and the PSX sector headers.
The only solution I found for that involves building the ISO manually and adding the PSX license file yourself. I don't see anything online that automates it.

>> No.1935948

Has the Goldeneye/Perfect Dark hacking community ever been mentioned here?


I only just found out about this site myself and I haven't actually tried getting any of it to work yet.

It seems to be single level mods or other modifications like adding All Bonds back into it rather than entire game conversions, so I don't know if it fits into what this thread is about.

Maybe just a promising lead?

>> No.1935956


>> No.1937178

So, I'm wondering, with the Genesis sonic hacks, how do I use them?

>> No.1937179

Adding on to this, maybe there should be a section about how to load the hacks on the consoles? Would solve these kinds of problems.

>> No.1937412

Play them on an emulator (like Fusion 3.64) or put them on a flashcart (be warned, that some hacks may not work on the real hardware). The good thing about Sonic hacks is that they are pre-patched from the get-go.

>> No.1937502

Read http://www.romhacking.net/forum/index.php?topic=18204.0

>> No.1937970

I think the guy I was talking to will be more interested, but thanks anyways?

>> No.1938278

The lackluster presentation makes the hack feel like one of those shitty unlicensed games for the NES.

At the very least, I can appreciate what he TRIED to do, but I'd much rather play the original SMB3. Its music doesn't suck and it doesn't directly copy levels from previous Mario games.

>> No.1938306

Anyone try the Mario Adventure hack? Mike from Cinemassacre did an overview of it and it looks pretty legit.

>> No.1938313
File: 13 KB, 256x240, 70titlescreen.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1938476

>But you can Google translate
It doesn't help that it looks like this?


I'm running windows 7, how do I fix this?

>> No.1938494

I thought it was great in how it was arranged, there was a lot of changes to the SMB3 formula (Coins being spent on powerups for your inventory, weather changes between stages), but ultimately, I found it to be too hard for a few stages. It's not any worse than a typical romhack, but I still think the game could've toned down some of the spikes in difficulty here and there.

Some of the more interesting levels was a castle level where the exit was just above you but out of reach, you had to navigate all the way to the right of the state, take a door that flipped the level upside down, then navigate backwards.

>> No.1938619

The original? It was hot shit when it came out 8 years ago. New powerups, new mechanics, new animations, weather effects, full level conversion. Mindblowing.

The rom hacking community's made a ton of progress since then, and the bar's been raised. Poor design choices are a lot harder to ignore. Levels aren't that great, there's dithering on fucking everything, and Boom Boom is in every level.

It's still impressive, but its technical superiority was the best thing about it and it doesn't have that anymore.

>> No.1938647

Actually it was pretty decent.

They took away the fly ability and I thought I was going to come across something that activated it but that never happened.

Fun though.

>> No.1938836
File: 140 KB, 600x356, Kirbys-Dream-Land-2[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]




>> No.1938914
File: 614 KB, 541x445, suspense-kicks-in.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>While it doesn't have the best level design, the levels are still amazing.

>> No.1939145


I was about to reveal the object that would enable world peace but then I read your post and I decided against it.

>> No.1939492

Ah, I see. I'll have to get reacquainted with newer rom hacks, then.

>> No.1939848

get a better text editor. One that can change text encoding (it's Shift-JIS)

>> No.1939914

I thought of this, but would it be possible to hack a retro game that has co-op, and make an AI for the second player so it would play alone, and you could play the game alone with your AI character to give you company?

>> No.1940426

Why won't you play Kirby's Dream Land 3 or Kirby's Adventure Wii? Those two were actually designed with co-op in mind.

I think he meant something akin to "Brutal Mario's level design could use some work, but the levels are still fun to play because of how varied they are".

>> No.1940714

would love to play a mk3 romhack adapted as a beatemup. you go left of the screen or right, into houses , up stairs down ladders stuff like that . sort of like exploding fist 2 on the c64. it could be a fun way to practice moves.

>> No.1940803

Name some more innovative and creative Mario 3 rom hacks, please.

>> No.1941120

I don't think it could be doable as a rom hack, but you could probably arrange something using an emulator. There are vids on youtube where they have an AI learn to play games. You could set it up to control the input for 2nd player.

>> No.1941169

Why not just try that terrible n64 sub zero game? I bet it would be easier to put new characters in that than hacking an entire new engine into a game.

>> No.1941216

I've been playing some of the Mega Man 2 hacks, a lot of them are kinda ehhh and don't really stand out, but Rockman Exhaust is really, really good. I can't help but feel like the author has an incredible understanding of MM level design. Heat Man's stage is godlike, instead of instant-death lava, there's a current of water that pushes you along conveyor-belt style. If you just walk through the boss door at the end, the water will push you into Heat Man for a cheap hit during the little enemy appear bit. But if you jump while entering the door, you don't land in the water for another second, and you can jump away as soon as you regain control.

Of course, Heat Man was modified to be unable to fireball charge into the corners, so you can stand against the wall and just blast him... But I feel like that's kind of the point. Heat Man's pattern is tedious, even "revamped" versions in other hacks feel boring. So you just get to sit back and chill after beating his awesome fucking level. 8-bit DJ KK rocks so hard.

>> No.1941532

How does one actually learn how to ROM hack?

>> No.1942264

Sonic Megamix is pretty good, except for the edited Marble Zone and Labyrinth Zone.

I also like Sonic 2 Heroes... Sonic 2 is generally my least favorite game, but something about being able to switch between the three characters at will made it way more enjoyable for me. There's also a Sonic 1 version, but it's not as enjoyable in that game.

And generally, any Sonic 1 hack that changes the main character, but isn't just a reskin is pretty cool... Love the one where you play as Amy, and she plays exactly as she does in Sonic Advance.

>> No.1942329

yeah that make sense.

>> No.1942373


>> No.1942382

Now that SMB3's been disassembled there's crazy shit out there like SMB3Mix and Royal Flush. DahrkDaiz himself made cooler demos like Luigi vs. Mario.

I wasn't just talking about SMB3, though. Mario Adventure came out before the Sonic disassemblies, Brutal Mario, Rockman 4 Minus Infinity, Extra Mario Bros, Star Road... I had never seen anything like it before but I've seen a lot of fancier stuff since.

>> No.1942385

>Many years later, a young man asked Mozart to tell him how to compose. The gentle Wolfgang replied that the questioner was too young to be thinking of such a serious occupation. "But you were much younger when you began," protested the aspirant. "Ah, yes, that is true," Mozart said, with a smile; "but then, you see, I did not ask anybody how to compose."

>> No.1943228

>Royal Flush

Is this hack any good? Never heard of it until now.

>4 Player Battle City

This hack would blow my mind as a kid.

>> No.1943334

Hate to break this to you, but it might require you to type in lower case.
We can dream.

>> No.1943483
File: 15 KB, 320x240, MegmanX[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If it is possible, I know what game I would want to be two player.

>> No.1944123

Just download them from Sonic Retro.

>> No.1944162

I've wanted a 2 player co-op Mega Man game since Megaman 3 was announced.

Mighty No. 9 is supposed to have co-op, but I doubt it's co-op campaign.

>> No.1944294

>I've wanted a 2 player co-op Mega Man game since Megaman 3 was announced.


>> No.1944295

that looks good, what mod?

>> No.1944424

I think it was just the intro stage of Megaman X made with MUGEN, but whatever site had the download for it was made with Geocities, so it doesn't exist anymore.

>> No.1944553

Does Another 3D Mario count as /vr/?

>> No.1944938

You mean this?


It's a DS game, so it's not really "/vr/". It does look impressive, though. I had no idea that Super Mario 64 DS hacking was a thing.

>> No.1944984
File: 4 KB, 160x144, Pokemon_Brown[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is Pokemon Brown any good?

I started it, but the fact that it keeps the normal Gen 1 starters kind of put me off. It seemed like such a wasted opportunity- imagine how different it'd be playing the game if you started with Onix or something

>> No.1944990
File: 11 KB, 350x238, You-Cant-Handle-the-Truth[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can't handle ROMhacking

>> No.1944993

Just use a cheat to get Onix at the start.

>> No.1945140

how does that work with the hair spin ability?

>> No.1945171

bump what the fuck

>> No.1945205

Apparently there is no single level that actually REQUIRES the hair spin ability. The few parts that -kinda- need it have their level terrains changed a bit.

>> No.1945214

To beat the level, maybe, but don't a few bonuses and DK Coins require it one way or the other?

>> No.1945229

Any Megaman Zero love? I'd really like new levels for any part of that game.

Also anybody knows where can I get Tales of Eternia undub? the english voiceover is terrible . I've seen an undub in psx2psp format, so I know psx format exists somewhere, but I can't find it anywhere.

>> No.1945374

This is my favorite.


>> No.1945395


>> No.1945398

>POW 2 player hack
Ah holy shit, fuck yes.

>> No.1945413

That reminds me, does DKC1 let you throw/carry your partner? Several secrets in DKC2 are only accessible by throwing the other monkey onto some platform or barrel.

>> No.1946697

This hack is rather tough to find, because its author removed it from SMWC. Luckily, I had an IPS patch on my pendrive, so if anyone wants to play it, then here it is:


Oh, and one more thing: I said on numerous occasions that there aren't any major DKC hacks. I was wrong:


>> No.1947021


>> No.1947476

What are your favorite hacks, /vr/troopers?

>> No.1947490

How do you beat Cthulhu? Do you need to have 25 of those cat statues?

>> No.1948130

Holy crackers, LugiBlood/KiiroBomber/ThatGuyWhoLikesRollEXETooMuch actually worked a little on the Super Mario Advance 4 editor in July and I missed it


>> No.1949278

25 in the earlier versions, I think that one needs between 20 and 25, forgot exactly how much.
All because there's a bug where taking a specific coin (I think in the reversible room) makes a token disappear in the next area.

>> No.1950317


I accidentally posted wrong link, here's the right one:


>> No.1950494

Should I use ZSNES for Mario World hacks? They honestly seem to lag on snes9x

>> No.1950515

Some of them rely on emulator errors, so if it's not working properly on snex9x/bsnes then zsnes will probably work.

>> No.1950517

A good deal of romhacks don't work with Snes9X, so I tend to use ZSNES as a default.

>> No.1950539

The Legend of Link

best LoZ hack I've played

>> No.1950578


>> No.1951074

I want to play a SMW hack, but it's so overwhelming how many they are. I wonder what the top 3 best of the best are, but I imagine everyone's lists would vary wildly... It probably depends on what exactly you're looking for, but I don't care about the content as long as it's not terribly hard.

>> No.1952436

I think everyone here will agree with me if I say that The Second Reality Project Reloaded 1 and 2 are the best SMW hacks out there.


>> No.1953081

Oh, and I also recommend Super Pika Land Ultra (both chocolate and vanilla versions) and Super "Mario" World 1 and 2.

>> No.1953128

Y'know, until you said it I never thought of how cool it could be.
And yeah, MN9 has co-op but it will be "challenges", not a campaign. Hopefully it will be kind of close, and if picks up and they do a sequel (I don't trust that much) they actually do a 2-player.

>> No.1953421

Thanks, I'll check them out.

>> No.1953446
File: 11 KB, 256x224, TSRP2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This one is fucking awesome, though it gets a bit too tough at times.

>> No.1954267

If you want more, then these lists get a job done.


>> No.1955401


>> No.1956883

What are the best SM64 hacks?

>> No.1957046

super mario star road

>> No.1957718

Star Revenge series is appearently worth playing.

>> No.1957827


How can the compression ratio for this .rar be so high? I just archived it and I got nowhere near the file size and compression ratio.
Does a better cpu have an affect on the compression ration?

>> No.1958698
File: 924 KB, 1309x998, senbei windowpress.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>doesn't work on homebrew channel

Feels bad man

>> No.1959023

They can make it so you can play Megaman X3 entirely as Zero, but how about replacing X with Zero in X1 or 2?

>> No.1959060

I can't get it to work. Anyone have a pre-patched rom?

>> No.1959061


>> No.1959193

Doesn't work on flash carts either due to KAH KAH KAH-RAY-ZEE mapping.

>> No.1959362
File: 55 KB, 708x617, Screen shot 2014-09-16 at 2.15.49 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know if it's considered a "good" hack, but I kind of have a soft spot for Something Awful's hack of Final Fantasy III. It's not balanced per se, as the change in character abilities make some parts easier and other parts ungodly hard. It's still good for a larff, though.
Pic related: the opera scene

>> No.1959836

THAT is good for a laugh?

>> No.1959843

This is still the only form that I played FFVI in.

>> No.1959848
File: 55 KB, 1280x720, not funny.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.1959994
File: 516 KB, 969x1223, supplay3000017.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

not counting translations there are 18 on this site


>> No.1960058 [DELETED] 

> Something Awful
> Good for a laugh

>> No.1960156
File: 41 KB, 526x640, 1218497-4090_heavy_gear_2__german_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but does anyone know where, and how to get a ROM of Pic Related? I'm trying to play Mecha Game, and I saw a webm of it once (It was a Punching run).

>> No.1960536

I might want to try this out, but I can't find that shit, even with Google-fu.

>> No.1961603

It works on RetroArch Wii, at least according to the official FAQ.


>> No.1961906
File: 323 KB, 512x341, Mario742DBoxArt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is there any way, any way at all, to play Super Mario 64 hacks on an actual N64 system?

I only ask because I want to play the hacks with the same native control I played the original SM64 with.

>> No.1961929

Don't know, but you could use a N64->USB adapter if all you want is the controller.

>> No.1961932


>> No.1961970

I have one of those.
I'm concerned with how the N64 handles the input. I want the true feel.

>> No.1961997


>> No.1962378

You could try them on an everdrive 64 or something?

>> No.1963729

I've heard they don't work on the n64.

>> No.1964012

Thanks dude.

>> No.1964058

the only hack I know for MMZ is the one that replaces zero with X

>> No.1964072

Oh, I guess I was doing it right, because it's still not working. I'm using FCEUX, what do you use?

>> No.1964276

I haven't encountered any problems on FCEUX 2.2.2. Try using that.

>> No.1964521

This works, thank you. I've been using 2.1.5

>> No.1965925

No problems in the latest version of FCEUX GX for me as well

>> No.1966743
File: 6 KB, 256x224, pb6.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

For Super Metroid, there's Project Base which while it's still basically just Super Metroid, there's a shitload of interesting edits and changes that just makes the game feel and control more fluidly. Some people might not care for all the color changes though.


>> No.1967494

Any earthbound hacks worth playing?
Hyperbound is pretty cool, but more of a choose your own adventure/walking simulator than an RPG

>> No.1967519

I'd say anything by H.S is worth playing, so Hallow's end and Holiday Hex.



>> No.1967562

I've played it, is pretty good

>Complete pallete change
>Easier Speedball, wall jumping, bomb jumping, space jumping and morphing in mid air.

I liked it.

>> No.1967563

Most of them are designed to use functions that are only possible in an emulator and won't work on actual hardware. The only controller that doesn't suck for N64 games is an N64 controller, but thankfully adapters are easy as fuck to find. The most authentic experience you'll get will involve plugging your computer into the TV. You COULD use a console N64 emulator, most of those would probably work, only then you'd need a more obscure solution to get N64 controllers working on it.

>> No.1967603

thanks, these seem pretty cheerful

>> No.1967614

have you played: http://www.romhacking.net/hacks/1882/ ?
It was made by the guy making undertale (the demo of which I enjoyed) , but it seems a little grim-dark

>> No.1967678

How about some hacks that just give minor, or major improvements to an otherwise untouched game?

Namely, the Legend of Zelda Automap Plus, which turns the useless grey overworld map in the corner into an actually useful map that fills out as you explore.

There was a similar hack for Metroid that adds a scrollable map to the game when you pause, but it's really tiny.

I believe Super Mario All-Stars has some patches that turn the floor in SMB1 back into bricks, and fixes the physics issue that causes Mario to not rebound after breaking blocks.

>> No.1967806


Huh, pretty interesting how someone who started off romhacking can move on into actually making games. I mean, it makes sense, but kinda cool nonetheless. I've gotten that romhack just the other day, but only got around to playing a few minutes of it so I can't say much on it. I'd like to say that's one off-putting description though.

>THE most descriptive, shocking, and most psychologically warping game you will ever play.
>isn’t your average Halloween game; its content is comparable to games like Silent Hill and Yume Nikki.
>has the added effect of making you depressed as you played.
>one of the most traumatic and horrifying games in the world
>one of the most disturbing hacks to come out

Good lord this is bad. Don't believe this was written by the dev himself, so I gave it a try anyway.

>> No.1968402

Are there any good super metroid hacks and/or alttp?

>> No.1968409

There are several in the pastebin in the OP.

>> No.1968418

They look very meh, was hoping for some opinions

>> No.1968778

Can't speak for the others, but Metroid Super Zeromission is solid.

>> No.1970154

It's widely considered to be the best EarthBound ROM hack, take that as you will.

>> No.1971058


>> No.1972390

I liked redesign, super zeromission and Project Base.

>> No.1972449

>I might want to try this out, but I can't find that shit, even with Google-fu.

It's called Awful Fantasy.


I found it in 5 seconds.

>> No.1972456

The links on that page don't work though.
That's the main problem.

>> No.1972580


Are there any other hacks like this that remake a game in another engine in the same series? The original Legend of Zelda remade with the Link to the Past engine or the original Metroid remade with the Super Metroid engine would be awesome.

>> No.1972697

SMB2U (not that great but worth checking out):

>> No.1972698
File: 5 KB, 256x224, 2141screenshot3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Duck Tales 2 : 2 players hack !

Holy shit !!!111


>> No.1972703
File: 4 KB, 256x224, 2136screenshot3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Has anyone tried this? Whole new Zelda game.


>> No.1972817

I tried it for like a whole 5 minutes, too much slowdown

>> No.1972869


It's not very polished, but still pretty solid. Just got to the first dunegon.

>> No.1973361 [DELETED] 

Legend of Link? It's obviously nowhere near as good and polished official games, but it's still heads and shoulders above every other Zelda hack.

>> No.1973363

Legend of Link? It's obviously nowhere near as good and polished as official games, but it's still heads and shoulders above every other Zelda hack.

>> No.1973390


>> No.1974654

So far its pretty good, definitely one of better zelda hacks

>> No.1975454

What's wrong with you? Can't link the Author's website?

>> No.1975512 [DELETED] 

I posted pre-patched ROM's, because FPI's site only has links to IPS patches..

>Can't link the Author's website?

I actually did, check the list in the OP.

>> No.1975546

Those are actually download links for pre-patched ROM's. The reason why I didn't post link to SMW Central/FPI's site is because I had those two links at hand. Plus, I think that pre-patched ROM's are extremely convenient. Also...

>Can't link the Author's website?

I actually did, check the list in the OP.

>> No.1975557

>The reason why I didn't post link to SMW Central/FPI's site is because I had those two links at hand

I forgot to add, that the other reason I linked to pre-patched ROM's is because FPI's site/SMW Central only offer download links to IPS patches .I don't really want my fellow /vr/os to bother with patching tools and such when perfectly fine pre-patched version exists.

>> No.1975621

This has probably been discussed to death but could someone mention the best hacks for pokeman games on the gb advance? By the way is that handheld no considered retro?

>> No.1975696

The GBA is from 2001. It's only considered /vr/ if you're talking about one of its ports of an actual /vr/ game. You can usually sneak that into a discussion, but I wouldn't try starting a thread talking about a GBA game.

>> No.1975781

>there still isn't a good pokemon hack with fakemons that aren't complete shit

>> No.1976593

Is it really a bad thing, though? Every Fakemon I have seen looked laughable.

I remember seeing a collection of good Gen 3 Pokemon hacks floating around on some boards. Ask on /vp/, maybe they will know where to find it. .

>> No.1977336


>> No.1978242
File: 363 KB, 500x370, File (hide)- 1411078699834.png .png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>custom music

>> No.1978284

>custom music
>it's some shit music ripped from a totally different genre
Every fucking time.

>> No.1978312

That point is universally true. Ive never ever seen an instance where changing the music in a rom hack was an improvement.

>> No.1978351

Any cool Castlevania hack for nes-snes-gba?

>> No.1978368


You should check out Rockman no Constancy, Deus Ex Machina, and Exhaust. Their soundtracks are all popular video game tracks adapted to NES chiptunes.


>> No.1978383


I got into Romancing SaGa thanks to its godly music being used in Mega Man hacks so yeah, you guys are both dicks.

>> No.1979318

Try Castlevania Remix and Castlevania: Overflow Darkness.

I don't mind it, unless it's done really badly.

>> No.1979390

It's funny because before music hacks became common, everybody fucking hated hearing the same few tracks over and over. I can't even tell you how sick I got of SMW's "Athletic" theme.

>> No.1979726

For me it's more about there are a wealth of awesome hacks out there with custom music that don't work on real hardware.

>> No.1979751

I remember when I was a kid, I was pissed off that none of the subsequent Donkey Kong country games actually had Donkey Kong in them. I was excited for Donkey Kong 64 just because it had been so many years since DK was actually the star of his own series. Fucking Dixie Kong had a bigger presence in the DKC series than the title character.

>> No.1980525

>Overflow Darkness
Thanks Specter, I will try them.

>> No.1980628

Here's an idea: don't overuse the Athletic theme.

Wow, so hard.

>> No.1980869

Overworld is no better. What else are you gonna use for outdoor areas, Swimming? Ghost House? There's like 6 available tracks. Even the castle theme gets irritating if you dip into the hours and hours of castle levels out there.

It's like this for nearly every commonly hacked game.

>> No.1980987

any good halloween themed hacks?

>> No.1981894

>Overworld is no better. What else are you gonna use for outdoor areas, Swimming? Ghost House? There's like 6 available tracks. Even the castle theme gets irritating if you dip into the hours and hours of castle levels out there.

Funny how the music isn't annoying at all in the original SMW. Probably because Nintendo knew how to create levels with variety.

It sounds like the romhackers are the problem here, not the game itself. It's especially a problem if they have to directly lift music from other games to add variety since they're entirely incapable of composing music themselves.

Maybe romhackers should just stick to the only thing they're useful for: translations.

>> No.1981904


romhacks tend to be too unbalanced and extreme imo. even if they're competent, they go to excess with everything, especially difficulty, and there's often a lack of polish.

overall, you can always see the difference between game designers who know what they're doing and amateur romhackers.

>> No.1982427
File: 778 KB, 716x403, 2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>state 0 saved
>state 0 loaded
>state 0 loaded
>state 0 loaded
>state 0 loaded
>state 0 saved
>state 1 saved
>state 1 loaded

>> No.1982434

There's good music in SMW hacks now. Try "An SMW Central Production" for some good custom music that works on a real SNES.


>> No.1982461

That's an example of good custom music? Could've fooled me. It's poorly-composed and the "instrument" choices are grating.

All that video does is prove to me even further that romhackers don't have the talent to make a game anywhere near as good as what they're hacking.

They should stick to translations instead of ruining games made by people with actual talent.

>> No.1982468

whatever dude

>> No.1982592

So, you excepted hacks, which are usually one-man hobby projects, to be as polished as
commercial titles created by 20 or so people? Come on, son.

>> No.1983443

Not really Halloween-themed, but Monster Party: Let's Go Again is one crazy hack that makes the original game look tame and generic by comprassion. It's perfect for playing on Halloween, at least in my opinion.

>> No.1983510 [DELETED] 

If you're going to hack a good game, you'd better be damn sure what you're making is going to be able to live up to what you're hacking.

Here's an idea though. Maybe instead of ruining good games hackers should hack bad games to try to make them good.

If they can't do that, then they should only do translations.

>> No.1983520


Wow, great help. Thanks a lot.

>> No.1983553

I've never seen someone so angry over something that didn't cost them anything.

>> No.1983606

>ruining good games
maybe you don't understand how data works
if you make a copy of a file, and change the copied file, the original file remains unchanged
so nothing you could do would "ruin" the original software
it's not like piracy, where downloading a song illegally is literally the same thing as stealing the song from the artist

>> No.1983634 [DELETED] 

Ha, good troll. Almost had me until that last sentence.

>> No.1983671 [DELETED] 

that last line was supposed to sound absurd but I guess that went over your head
I was making fun of you
you overuse hyperbole to persuade people to subscribe to an antiquated worldview that doesn't make much rational sense, much like the music industry
you don't think, you make lazy appeals to emotion, like a woman

(since you didn't get the last one, that was supposed to sound dismissive, like calling someone a troll because you don't feel like engaging them)

>> No.1983686



>> No.1983739 [DELETED] 

Every single romhack I've ever played that wasn't a translation or something like Simon's Quest Redaction that fixes objective problems with a game has made me wish I was playing the original game instead of the hack. Isn't the point of a romhack to make you want to play it over the original game? They are incapable of creating anything on the level of what they are hacking, which is why they hack in the first place. Truly a sad state of affairs.

>> No.1983742 [DELETED] 

Every romhack I've ever played that wasn't a translation or something like Simon's Quest Redaction that fixes objective problems with a game has made me wish I was playing the original game instead of the hack. Isn't the point of a romhack to make you want to play it over the original game? They are incapable of creating anything on the level of what they are hacking, which is why they hack in the first place. Truly a sad state of affairs.

>> No.1983747

>Isn't the point of a romhack to make you want to play it over the original game?

I have never heard a romhack author say that.

Back to your containment board

>> No.1983750

if you don't want him to keep posting stop fucking replying

>> No.1983785 [DELETED] 

Not just 20 regular old people. 20 Japanese programmers, who eat nothing but rice and gruel while their supervisor gets all the credit and gets constant threads on /v/, parroting one of his quotes.

>> No.1983792
File: 1.03 MB, 948x4953, 1396097118065.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Recommended SMW hack list.

Somebody posted it ages ago, but I still use it as a guide.

>> No.1983806
File: 181 KB, 900x550, my eyes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anyone got a romhack that restore Earthbound Zero's pallets and music? I'd like to play through the more polished translation without my ears bleeding.

>> No.1983807

I meant for Mother 1 + 2 on Game Boy Advance.

>> No.1984060

You've got it all wrong. Most ROM hacks are extensions of the original game. A 2nd quest or challenge mode if you will. It's for people who have achieved complete mastery of the original game, and want to continue playing in new levels and worlds.

If someone wanted to play Super Metroid I would never point them at Super Metroid: Redesign first.

>> No.1984067

Do NOT respond to shitposters.

>> No.1984070

Sadly, if I followed that rule I would often have no one to talk to at all.

>> No.1984745


>> No.1985043

>it's not like piracy, where downloading a song illegally is literally the same thing as stealing the song from the artist

top lel

>> No.1986616
File: 5 KB, 256x224, Title Screen.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The 7th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack

>'vanilla' level design

>doesn't work on a real SNES

SMW central is a fucking joke.

>> No.1986636


After looking closer, it looks like it uses the no-intro rom instead of the typical one. 10 minutes of looking through usual channels and I can't find it.

Fuck it.

>> No.1986675

Found it, and then realized that when you unzip the file containing the IPS patch you must specifically extract ONLY the IPS file.

If you try to extract the archive normally it will hang on the stupid password protected file for the "spooky mystery", and give you a corrupted IPS file.

AND you have to add a header to the SMW rom. Nowhere in the read me does it mention this, and the info given on romhacking.net refers to the unheadered rom that doesn't work.

>> No.1986679

Has this version of Gradius II been emulated yet? I can't find it on MAME.

>> No.1987149

Torrent when

>> No.1987173

DKC was my favorite of the three, and Kiddy never bothered me. Why do people hate him so much?

>> No.1987181

My best friend is a few years younger than me (I'm 27, she's 21) and has played all the Mario & Luigi and Paper Mario games, but never played Super Mario RPG.

Should I give her this hack or the original ROM to play?

>> No.1987267

It doesn't really matter since its just bunch of minor changes

>> No.1987814

It's been ages since I last played Gradius II, what does this hack chance?

>> No.1988204

This is a vast understatement, the level of polish this hack has is tremendous. The only other Super Metroid hack I ever finished was Legacy, as it can be played comfortably without frustration leading to either ditching the game or lingering on with savestate abuse. Super Zero Mission tops that easily given the mastery with which the Zero Mission graphics were utilized, and the overall great design and difficulty curve. Definitely recommended, especially if you made bad experience with Super Metroid hacks in the past - this one will convince you that a truly awesome SM hack is indeed possible.

>> No.1988209

Should also rename "Yo'ster" to "Yoshi" ("Yo'ster", seriously? wtf?!).

And where's the SMRPG hack that makes Booster into Wario, who he should have been in the first place...?

>> No.1988225

>proper sequel to SMW

Not sure about that, but there are a few that are rooted in SMAS SMB3 design and graphics (but also throw in other SNES Mario graphics, enemies, items etc. in here and there, with great effect):

Super Mario Bros. 3 X
Super Mario Omega
Super Mario 2D Land

The level design quality of these hacks is very high. Omega is fair to the point where as an intermediately good player you can enjoy it withour savestates for the most part. The other two have very fair difficulty as well, but are a bit tougher than Omega. Overall, these hacks are truly a great enjoyment, especially if you have a soft spot for the SMB3 aesthetics and design style.

(If someone knows more SMW hacks of this type, speak up).

>> No.1988245

While this is generally true and the overwhelming majority of romhacks are indeed bad due to various reasons, there are the occasional gems that actually have a potential to blow you away with their polish and design quality (examples being Super Mario Bros. 3 X and Metroid: Super Zero Mission).

>> No.1988282
File: 25 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can choose the loop and stage you start the game at, as well as change the color of your force field.

>> No.1988538

I believe Yo]ster isle was actually the japanese name of Yoshi's Island in Super Mario World.

>> No.1990038

Actually, I was thinking about this, but my upload speed is too slow to make it work.

Ah, I see. Thanks.

>> No.1990062

It's Yossy Island

>> No.1990070

I was wondering if anyone knows of any for Super Conflict or Mutant League Football. I have beaten them both countless times in every way possible with every handicap I can think of. I tried google but couldn't find anything.

>> No.1990630

Does anyone here know about hacking Pokemon RBY? More namely, injecting music? I have a question but I don't know what exactly I'm doing wrong.

>> No.1990676


>> No.1990734

Oh sorry for the delay.

Okay so I tried injecting a .fma (famitracker music) into a rom using rbyInject to replace the battle theme, but for some reason it gets stuck when I try to play it. Why would that happen, given I place the correct memory addresses? (tried injecting a shorter music in the same address and it worked)

>> No.1990787

>Download ROM hack
>M3h, seems to just be themed well, seems clever enouh
>Gets to Non-Euclidean Geometry.

Holy crap, I'm not very far but props to the maker for making a ROM hack that's hard but not punishing, and actually works with his theme.

>Will this kill me?

>> No.1990791

Couldn't tell you without seeing the file it generated. There's probably a null pointer somewhere. Put it on pastebin or something.

>> No.1990795

Wait, what do I paste? Because I'm not using a hex editor here. rbyImport (that was the name, sorry) just lets me inject the music in the specified position.

>> No.1990798

it should generate an asm file that it uses to make the bin

>> No.1990812

>or Mutant League Football
just like I keep praying for a new MLF, I know of none

>> No.1990816

This is it


>> No.1990840

Game Boy addresses are mapped to 0x4000-7fff in ram. Subtract 0x4000 until you hit that range. 0xa7c5 in the rom would be $67C5 here.

If you're trying to put the song in any old free space, it won't work. The music engine can only read songs from within the same bank, so it's cut and pasted three times for the three sets of songs, and all 3 banks are basically full.

Crystal's bank-agnostic sound engine has been backported to pokered, but the jury's still out on sfx. Just replace existing songs until then.

>> No.1990849

Scratch the part about free space, you're in bank 2 so it's fine.

>> No.1990859

I'm using Crystal's pokemon RBY mapping and it does say the song starts at that address. Moreover I tried injecting another song at that same address and it works.

>> No.1990870


Yeah I know... I have played Blood Bowl and while that's cool and all it isn't the same as MLF

With Super Conflict I would be happy with some new maps or slightly smarter AI that didn't just leave the planes where they could be shot down, or just ignore everything to go after the factories.... maybe some levels where you have to eliminate the flag ship rather than the flag tank or even just have to do both. I would do it myself but I haven't the first clue as to how.

>> No.1990897

>Crystal's pokemon RBY mapping
???? you're using crystal?

Anyway the problem is that there are no notes. The game just keeps reading commands until it hits the next note. Since there are no notes, it never stops reading.

>> No.1990913


What the shit?! This program didn't convert the FTS correctly or something! Thank you for pointing the issue!

>> No.1991020

Has there ever been a romhack of a generic RPG ( say, MOTHER, Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy ) which basically reskins everything to make it an RPG for a different series ( I'd love me a Zelda RPG ), while at the same time, not leaving the story and maps pretty much untouched?

>> No.1991453


>> No.1991701

>the slowdown is absolutely abysmal

You can only squezze so much from the NES, and no more. The very recent "Zelda: the Legend of Link", which also goes way over what was considered possible for the NES, is plagued by slowdown as well.

SMB3mix could probably easily be implemented in the SMW engine these days, with all the SMAS resources and whatnot. But no, instead the creator had to go full autist and do it on mario3.nes with all repercussions of that decision (i.e. inferior visuals, sound, and slowdown), because of "muh 8-bit".

>> No.1992248
File: 26 KB, 332x318, powerglove.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw beat another hack on a flash cart

>> No.1992365


Pokemon battle fire has nice but it's been abandoned long ago and the creator has a hard-on for wings.

I also got pokemon Altair/Sirius which have pretty nice designs, but the rest of the game is literally a shittier looking version of hoenn as far as I know.

>> No.1992441

>pokemon Altair/Sirius

They ran out of colors, and are now using star names instead?

>> No.1992574
File: 51 KB, 192x222, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

> pokemon Altair/Sirius which have pretty nice designs
>this is the fire starter

>> No.1992576
File: 75 KB, 251x251, 1385401938279.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nothing? It seems like it'd be a no-brainer for anyone with the ability to hack roms.

>> No.1992604

Well someone's working on it at least:

>> No.1992617


Well it's not the most Pokemon like but the shading is nice and the more bizarre designs have the "muh meteorite virus mutated pokemon" excuse to fall back on.

>> No.1993003

Where can I find version 5 0 of Sonic Megamix?

>> No.1993041
File: 1007 KB, 332x187, 29RcJT1.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that final ganon fight

>> No.1993686

Sadly, I don't know but from what I gathered it is a rather outdated and buggy build, so I think we aren't missing much. As a side node, I'm quite surprised that Sonic Megamix is still in development, considering what happened to Team Megamix's leader.

>> No.1994247


For real. I have a lot of nostalgia for this game too. It really had a lot going for it. Excellent artwork and atmosphere.

>> No.1994265

>tfw no good DKC hacks

>> No.1995857


See: >>1950317

>> No.1996765


>> No.1996781
File: 115 KB, 316x193, 1412202590342.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would it be possible ot make a super metroid from hack where you play as a different bounty hunter?
I know that there is one where you can play as dark samus, but she's pretty much just a pallette swap.
If I want a hack where I could play as rundas, could it be made?

>> No.1996804

Haven't read the whole thread. But whatever happened to that one SMB3 hack where you had to collect stars to open doors on the world map?

>> No.1996813

There's a Heroes hack for just Sonic 1 or do you mean Classic Heroes where you play through 1 and 2?

When are they going to update that and let you play through 3&K and CD?

>> No.1996816

There was one I saw that gave Zero a more X series style sprite. Because of how the game worked Omega got one too.

>> No.1996842

Are there any Ristar hacks?

>> No.1996870

Sorry, I haven't been working on it. I'm not in a good place right now and I'm not sure sinking my time into rom hacking is going to help. I'm also not happy with the spastic difficulty and I've been putting off the major overhaul I need to fix it.

Here's the old download link if you don't have the ~2 world demo yet.

>> No.1997778

So... what would I need to know to get started in rom hacking? I literally know 0 about how to do it or what is involved. Since it seems no one else wants to hack the games I want changed I figure I would have to do it myself. Where should I start reading and learning?

>> No.1998094
File: 9 KB, 640x480, Sonic 2 Delta (Rev 0.24a)000.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It took me time than it should, but I finally updated my ROM hack list.


>> No.1998423

I'd recommend heading to Romhacking.net, and checking out the documentation catagory. Pick the console you plan on hacking on, and look for general tutorial type things. Google into the concept of Pointers, hexadecimal, and start messing with the smallest and simplest game you can find. If you really wanna get deep, figure out what processor the console uses, and start learning the ASM.

That's if you actually want to get into hacking. If you just wanna futz around with rom hacks, just download Lunar Magic and start playing around with the SMW rom.

>> No.1998771


I just want to add more maps and such to Super Conflict. Ideally something like a random map generator or something. I have beaten it multiple times using every handicap I can think to give myself.

>> No.1999814

Is there list like this for Megaman hacks?

>> No.2000441

Never seen one, unfortunately.

>> No.2000620

Well, I'm not seeing any tools for that game, so you will have to go the hard hack route.

Easiest route to start working on new levels or changing the existing levels is to ID how the game stores level data, how it builds levels, etc. First, you need to know where the level graphics are. Download Tile Layer Pro or a similar graphical editing program. Keep in mind, the palette displayed is generic, you will need to change it if you can't find the graphics since the colors are off. Now, locate all the graphics used for levels. Mark down their addresses on the ROM. Now search for those hex addresses within the ROM, find the pointers. If you are lucky, they will be in a list, along with some other data. That other data may be how levels are created/stored. If not, then you need to mess around until you figure out that part.

>> No.2000659


Thanks a lot for recommending this, I am liking it thus far.

>> No.2002424


>> No.2002658

Why haven't you made the sequel banjo deserves in banjos backpack?

>> No.2003024

I just don't care enough.
Someone should try to remake Grunty's Revenge in 3D, though.

>> No.2003996

Is Banjo-Kazooie hacking even a thing?

>> No.2004003


Nigga do you even Blender and Banjo's Backpack?

>> No.2004081

This is probably one of the best hacks out there for banjo right now.
I try to bring attention to the fact that a banjo editing tool exists, because it really doesn't get as much attention as it deserves.
I feel like a lot of people don't even know it exists. To be fair though, it has only been out for a little over a year.

>> No.2004082

Meant to reply to>>2003996

>> No.2004106


>if I drag and drop things randomly I'll surely make a good level design someday

2D romhacks can be pretty bad, but I've never seen a good 3D romhack.


>Banjo walking around a lifeless whomp's fortress

That isn't even a little bit impressive

>> No.2004127

>if I drag and drop things randomly I'll surely make a good level design someday

Don't be a faggot, that's not how developing skills for rom hacking is made, everybody has to start somewhere.

>Banjo walking around a lifeless whomp's fortress

No shit, the description says it's a straight port of the map.

>> No.2004781

I see, thank you both for clarifying. Let's hope we will get some good B-K hacks in the future .

>> No.2005972


>> No.2006034

Can't be assed to make an account, but couldn't he expand the ROM (and/or wipe the Mother 2 data) and just push all the tracks through direct sound? It'd require a replacement of the sound engine though, which would probably be tough.

Still probably easier than trying to fuck with the GB synth code. He should talk to the dude who did Pokemon Throwback. They didn't even use the built in synth for the GB music. Might be a start.

>> No.2006658

I found some interesting hacks on that list, thanks for sharing.

>> No.2007540

How come there is like no cool rom hacks of Mega man 7 OR Mega man the Wily Wars?

>> No.2008147

Glad to be of help.

>> No.2008156
File: 809 KB, 1600x3000, sonic_the_hedgehog_rom_hack_list.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And here's a Sonic chart.

>> No.2008238

>never played megamix
>give it a shot because of this post

Holy shit, thank you so much.

>> No.2008242

>a month ago
Gonna answer anyway.

It's a solid hack, but the dialog is just shy of Shadow the Hedgehog levels of edgy. It's the only reason I didn't finish it.

>> No.2008243

Why do romhackers try to write their own dialog?

>> No.2008245

Glad I could help. It's definitely a classic.

>> No.2008247

It's not bad when done right. Brown just does it really really far from right.
Some of the dialog is decent, humorous and fourth-wall breaking. But the bad outnumbers the good.

>> No.2008252

I know this isn't /vr/ but it's extremely related. Do any of you guys think that Mario Maker will allow, for example, that all these hacks make their way to NSMB style?

Obviously they would have to be made from scratch, but I'm actually excited for all these people who make romhacks to get their hands on Mario Maker.

>> No.2008405

As far as mario maker goes, it seems to just be a level editor. Most of the good Mario hacks use custom (or stolen from other games) graphics, and alter the way the game works on a mechanical level, and both of those don't appear like they would be possible with Mario maker.

Besides, most of the Mario games have far more powerful editors already compared to Mario maker.

And on top of that, after all the work that went into these hacks, I doubt someone would want to start it all over from scratch just for "muh NSMB graphics"

>> No.2008458

Sounds reasonable. Yet, I'm still excited to see what will be done with Mario Maker by these people. Hell, I'm excited to play levels designed by /vr/ posters. Huge Mario fan here.

>> No.2008472

Speaking of which, did any of the people who make Mega Man romhacks do anything with Mega Man: Powered Up's level editor? I remember seeing some pretty cool stuff on there.

>> No.2008480

And on top of that, after all the work that went into these hacks, I doubt someone would want to start it all over from scratch just for "muh NSMB graphics"
And there are already few NSMB and NSMBW hacks, most popular being "newer super mario bros" which also has new music, graphics and they even modified bosses and shit, which will never be possible with mario maker.

>> No.2009094

Is version 3.0 of Sonic Megamix really that different from 4.0 Beta?

>> No.2010552

What hacks are you playing right now?

>> No.2010554

I'm not playing anything right now but I'm working on making some custom levels for Super Mario 64

>> No.2010828

So, I'm sure most of you are aware of the SuperFX chip over clocking that most emulators can do, which significantly reduces slowdown in games like starfox.

The issue is, since certain game events are linked to the chip's refresh rate, it also screws up the timing of a number of things. Has anyone done any work into making hacks that can preserve the timing while also keeping the smoothness from over clocking?

Is the SNES even capable of running code to make things process independently from frame rate?

>> No.2012443

So I played the newest "reloaded" version of this shit tonight.

Verdict: BORING

Same old hack shit. "get through a bunch of random hard shit from the left side to the right side of the level" and "lol more munchers and spikes everywhere lolol"

>> No.2012445
File: 11 KB, 256x224, TSRP2_Title.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2012510

Every platforner out there can be described like this.

>> No.2012520

Yeah I like seeing rom hacks that challenge the player in unique, inventive ways, not just "lol pixel-perfect jumping with spikes everywhere"

>> No.2012662

If the game encourages savestate abuse, it's a bad romhack, and bad game design.

>> No.2013279

This is why I don't understand the appeal of kaizo/pit hacks.

>> No.2013293

>Has all that cool shit in it

>> No.2013601

It is man, it is. It's kind of tragic.

>> No.2013603

This is a huge problem in the SMW hacking community. Most of the authors expect the player to use save states. Finding a decent hack to play on a real SNES is a pain in the ass.

>> No.2014739

Nowadays, SMWC's staff rejects hacks that
have cheap difficulty level, for better or worse.

>> No.2014763

Their definition of cheap and mine are radically different. And don't think I'm some cream puff that can't hang with the difficulty, it's just the opposite. Once you play so many kaizo hard levels it starts to grate on your nerves and you just wish for the whimsy and inventiveness of the original SMW.

There are plenty of levels in the Vanilla Level Design Hack which are good, and a few which are trash. And then there are a lot of levels which could be great if the designer just had an editor to real them to say "you know what, this should be twice as short" or "how about either chargin' chucks OR munchers?" or just "how about freakin' mushroom?".

>> No.2014765

*to reign them in

but to real them sounds good too tho

>> No.2014771

Also, how many levels in the original Super Mario World even used munchers? I don't recall seeing them very often at all. In most hacks they are in every single level, just jizzed about as the author feels to add additional "challenge".

If I ever make a SMW hack I'll probably have two rules, and

>no munchers
>no chargin' chucks

Both these guys are crutches.

>> No.2014840

No, not every platformer fits the description of "random hard shit".

>> No.2014849

>>no chargin' chucks

To me the chucks always felt out of place and totally non-mario. The great SMB3X hack substituted their sprites for the rogue from Yoshi's Island and it somehow felt much better (even though I'm not a YI fan at all).

>> No.2014852

So, have they retrospectively rejected their own SMWC Production hack?

>> No.2014853

>chucks OR munchers
How about a level consisting only of munchers, chucks (where the latter provide the only means to traverse the former), and goal?

>> No.2014929

I'm fairly certain levels such as the one you are describing exist. They're terrible.

>> No.2015154

They have a little bit. It's not super respected on the board, and there is a project to redo it.

>> No.2015262
File: 91 KB, 670x447, 1446-pokemon-red-game-boy-color-version-rom-jpg[1].3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Is there a chart for Pokemon?

I feel like there's a few worthy mentions there. The Gen 1 colour hack being one of them

>> No.2015664

>Also, how many levels in the original Super Mario World even used munchers?
Literally two, and in total probably less than 10 or so.

>> No.2015847


>the level in Vanilla Dome with the blarggs

This two definitely. I guess there also was some level with a silver P-block that would turn the munchers into coins.

>> No.2015897

Oh yeah there was third level too, but still they weren't that common nor threat

>> No.2016537

>I feel like there's a few worthy mentions there

Feel free to share these hacks here., I'll gladly add them to the Pastebin list (>>1998094).

>> No.2016550

Tubular! Hell. On. Earth

>> No.2017071

Tubular is probably the hardest level in the original SMW, and it would be about a 3/10 in difficulty for the average hack. That says something about the mind of the authors.

To me a hack ought to feel like a sequel to a game, or an expansion. It should perhaps be more difficult overall if it is considered something like a Lost Levels to to SMW, but you have to also remember that Lost Levels started out pretty easy too. The difficulty should be along a scale.

>> No.2017115

Honestly, most of the big hacks aren't worth playing. they are more focused on looking cool than being cohesive in any way. And all the "stories" in them are beyond cringe worthy.

The Second Reality Project and Mario Gives up are both shit. Mario Gives Up doesn't work on a real SNES either.

I'll try SMW2+3 The Essence Star tonight and see how it is.

>> No.2017921


Just give me a hack that adds running shoes.. that's all I want. MAYBE speed up battle animations. Why has it not been done?

>> No.2018827

I personally liked the hacks you mentioned more than vanilla SMW

>> No.2019763
File: 104 KB, 847x697, SpeedUp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Because emulators can do that already?

>> No.2019927

Some actually good hacks were named in >>1988225. Check these out if you haven't, shouldn't disappoint you (especially if you are into SMB3-style aesthetics/level design). The first two are definitely playable without save states, the third one gets a bit hard eventually, but the design and polish are superb.

>> No.2020075

I want the music to play at a normal pace, and I only want to speed up my movement speed, not everything else around me.

>> No.2020661


>Super Mario Bros. 3 X

Well, I played this tonight, and it is pretty good. Definitely a lot better than the 2nd Reality Project 1 or 2, and better than the VLDC.

One of the prettiest hacks I've seen so far, and the only one that really makes me think I'm playing a new mario game.

Levels are fairly challenging, but not too tough. I played up to the Seaside fortress and only died on the castle levels.

>> No.2021408

Super Mario Bros. 3X is shockingly good. It's definitely one of the best SMW hacks out there. I haven't played much of Super Mario 2D Land, but it's weird. Not horrible by any stretch (at least in my opinion), but the "messy" level design sure put me off of it. A lot of people claim that's it's a great hack, so maybe I'm just weird. Haven't played Super Mario Omega, so I dunno what's it's like.

>> No.2023246


>> No.2023705

Use the GameShark code to move at bicycle speed:
You'll have to turn it off when going inside/outside, otherwise the bicycle music will start up.

>> No.2025069

Sonic Tetris was released at this year's Sonic Hacking showcase and it's really impressive. It turns original Sonic into a pretty good Tetris clone. I think it should be added to the pastebin.

>> No.2025082

Omega is a bit like a cross between SMB3 and SMW both considering graphical and level-design styles, and has a SMW-style overworld with secret exits. It's pretty much the lame league quality-wise as SMB 3X, definitely worth playing (all the more if you enjoyed SMB 3X and are disappointed with the hacks popularly considered "best" like TSRP series etc.)

>> No.2025089

>One of the prettiest hacks I've seen so far
That one definitely. The hack's creator has shown a true mastery of blending SMAS, SMW and even some YI graphics assets in a coherent and satisfying way that makes every level's atmosphere both familiar yet very refreshing and enjoyable.

>> No.2025093

>lame league
Wtf, sorry. I obviously meant "Same league". What a stupid, miserable typo. Argh.

>> No.2025695

Speaking of Sonic Hacking Contests, are any hacks made for those contests worth playing/adding to the list?


I'll check it out, thanks.

>> No.2025904

>tfw you are to stupid to romhack and no one has any interest in doing it for games you enjoy

>> No.2026561

Anyone here still care about sonic megamix?

>> No.2026576

>Darkwing Duck

>> No.2027642

>Super Mario 3X
I wasn't quite feeling it, even the stupid hard difficulty of TSRP still felt like a better hack. Then I got to Grassland 4, and the game hung after I went through the door while using the bsnes accuracy core.

I'll give the hack credit for one thing though, it did a better job of SMB3 physics than the All-Stars remake.

>> No.2027773
File: 1.90 MB, 489x359, 1392175217845.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is Koopa Kingdom Escape the new title of Mario Adventure 3?

>> No.2027809

What game man?

>> No.2027885

>got to Grassland 4
Then you have hardly seen much of it. Later worlds are arguably better than the traditionally generic Grassland.

As for the problem that occured, make sure you use the latest version of the hack (2.6 final) and it persist, try out the compatibility core.

>> No.2027938

>stupid hard

Maybe the final level or the special world, you should play the original hack the remake is based on if you want to see stupid hard.

>> No.2028024

There is a Kirby's Adventure bootleg/hack that replaces him with Wario.

>> No.2028046

>compatibility core.
Ok, and where do I get that? I only have Accuracy, Performance, and Balanced. Is it in the latest version of Retroarch or something?

I'm just tired of romhacks that are only designed to work on one emulator. If nothing else romhackers should do testing under the most accurate emulator, that way there's actually a chance of being able to play it on real hardware.

>> No.2028051

It's a very small amount of players interested to play it in real hardware, though

>> No.2028053

Hell, I could say that ZSnes 1.42/1.51 are the de facto standards for SMW hacking, and trying to change that would mess up the hacking tools something fierce

>> No.2028056

Yes, but it it works fine under an accurate emulator, then it's going to work fine under ANY emulator that's capable of actually emulating. By testing it to only work under an old version of ZSNES, it can't be played under any other emulator since it depends on the behavior of ZSNES.

On a seperate note, does anyone know of an actual GUI for Retroarch? As in one that actually lets me use my mouse like a GUI should? Ever since they dropped Phoenix, all I've been able to find is half-assed shit that expects me to navigate around by keyboard or controller.

>> No.2028058


Is this only due to ZSnes popularity back in the emulation craze in the 90's? Because from what I've seen romhacks for games on other platforms seem to work on the real hardware.

>> No.2028139


>> No.2028167 [DELETED] 
File: 447 KB, 1280x720, xjnl2kqv.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm probably late but


>> No.2029137

If that's what the Compatibility core is called these days, then try that.

>> No.2029821

Are there any, and I mean even a single one, rom hacks of Super Mario World that feel like a sequel in the sense that Lost Levels and SMB3 feel like sequels to the first Super Mario Bros.?

New world, new levels, roughly the same difficulty or a bit harder, possibly some new powerups, but neither a series of 10-second challenges that expect you to abuse savestates nor a totally different game with different characters and such?

Something that feels like Nintendo could've put it out as an actual sequel to Super Mario World?

With gameplay like SMW, not Yoshi's Island, please.

Is there even one?

Bonus points if it's compatible with original hardware, but that's really not important.

>> No.2030210

I'm on the quest to find this myself right now. Super Mario Omega is close, but it has a certain somber quality of theme that doesn't match what I think Nintendo would create for a Mario game.

It's still very worth playing.

And it gives you the CAPE in the first level and subsequent ones. So many fucking hacks are afraid of the cape.

>> No.2030213

A small but growing number. Flash carts are becoming more affordable all the time. A SNES flash cart can now be had for $60.

>> No.2030237
File: 225 KB, 625x468, msh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Metal sonic hyperdrive is breddy good.
Kirby in sonic the hedgehog is breddy good too.

>> No.2032047


>> No.2032259

Pure vanilla SMW: "Return to Dinosaur Land"
SMB3/SMAS-oriented: "Super Mario Bros 3 X"
SMW/SMB3/SMAS hybrid: "Super Mario Omega"

>Omega is close, but it has a certain somber quality of theme

If you mean the music theme that's on most of the levels, that's somewhat downbeat indeed and could probably be different for the better of it. Still, the hack is simply amazing for its level design and overworld, and the very fair difficulty. Also, with 100 exits, it's an extreme rarity to find a hack *that* big and with such quality at the same time.

>> No.2032682

Have you tried Super Mario World: The Lost Levels. Haven't played it myself, but it looks pretty decent.


>> No.2034275

Any good Megaman hacks besides R4MI?

>> No.2034280

Megaman Unlimited.
Feels like a legit MegaMan game. Has a damn good end to it, too. And good music.

>> No.2034457

>tfw no snes harvest moon hacks.
Time to learn about all this hex code shit.

Likewise, are there good resources you guys might know about for creating homebrew for nes/snes/gb/genesis?

>> No.2034481

Learn 6502/z-80/68k assembly.

>> No.2034968
File: 34 KB, 500x365, funny-dog-pictures-not-sure-if-trolling-or-just-stupid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.2034992

>No Genesis port of Sonic.EXE

>> No.2035206

Very much so.

>> No.2035279

Do not play Sonic 2 Delta, it's complete shit.
Play Sonic 2 Long Version instead.

>> No.2035436

so this is only sort of related, but do any of you have experience with repro and homebrew carts? I recently bought an english translation cart for clock tower on the snes and a physical copy of legend of zelda parallel worlds from some site called ocdreproductions. hoping i didn't get scammed or will get sued

>> No.2036382

Mega Man 5: Indonesian Artifact was a very big surprise for me. Go play it.

I agree, if they replaced MegaPhilX's tracks with something that's actually listenable and touched up cutscene graphics so that they wouldn't be off-model, MMU could easily be passed off as an official game.

Does it have hyper realistic blood and dead girlfriends? If not, then I'm not interested.

Huh? I thought they are one and the same hack.

>> No.2037492


>> No.2037642


What the difference between those two hacks?

>> No.2037650


There is and it's called An Ordinary Sonic ROM Hack

>> No.2038328

Sonic 2 Delta directly inserts a ton of shit from Sonic 1 to point where it's a bloated mess, and makes the special stage entrances appear as they do in Sonic 1, as a big ring at the end, instead of at checkpoints.
If I wanted to play every sonic 1 level, I'd just play sonic 1. The guy is just throwing in filler to grind through/showing off.

The restored stages are far closer to what they were supposed to be in Sonic 2 Long Version. In Sonic 2 Delta, some stages don't even resemble what it's based on. And it's far buggier and rougher.

The music choices in Long Version are great, sometimes they seem off or unfitting in Delta.

You can compare theme here:

>> No.2039472

Sonic 2 Long Version looks better than Delta, I give you that. They are both interesting hacks, wish more hackers did something like this.

This hack is actually not so bad. I appreciate the fact that rather than trying to replicate that graphomania (to put it lightly), it offers a fun twist on the original. If I knew how to make repros I would put this hack on the cartridge and sell it as normal Sonic 1.

>> No.2039509

The most faithful recreation of the scrapped levels is right here, but it doesn't also include the final levels.

>> No.2039705

It's kinda sad how people don't know about all the great stuff going on in Sonic hacking. Most people just associate Sonic with the autistic kids.

>> No.2039847
File: 24 KB, 290x225, chen.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How about some music?

>> No.2039919

I know people who flat out refuse to play the Genesis platformers simply because furries drew porn of it once.

They're goons.

>> No.2040645

I know this hack from somewhere:


Are those real in-game graphics or just a mock-up?

To be honest, I am no better. Replace Genesis platformers with Five Nights at Freddy's and you get me.

>> No.2041164

I guess that's because most Sonic hacks are just cool little demos rather than proper full-length hacks.

>> No.2042868

And then there's Sonic Megamix, where the guys started hacking Sonic 1 and never fucking stopped.

Seriously they added so much shit they had to turn it into a Sega CD game.

>> No.2043082

>Are those real in-game graphics or just a mock-up?
They're real.

>> No.2043134
File: 49 KB, 367x451, flash man is angry.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>To be honest, I am no better. Replace Genesis platformers with Five Nights at Freddy's and you get me.

Kick them in the genitals and tell them to stop being bitches

>> No.2043204

People have drawn Peach getting gangbanged by Goombas.

No more Mario for those people either.

>> No.2043626

there literally is

>> No.2043780

>a Metroid/SMB hybrid

A Metroid-type game where you can die in one hit as in SMB? No thanks.

>> No.2043785
File: 6 KB, 256x224, 2187screenshot3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Anybody tried Captain America and the Winter Soldiers ? (hack of Power Blade 2). Is it just a reskin or does it have new levels as well?


>> No.2043796


Saw this just now, any good ones? Still downloading it, though

>> No.2044498
File: 1.13 MB, 160x160, piggy.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Is there an english version for FF5r? It's a really cool romhack that adds a shit ton of music, enemies, bosses, and classes to FFV but it's only in moon runes.

>> No.2044636

If you have no skill the hack won't be fun for you, no.

>> No.2044669

so pretty

>> No.2044678

but TSRP doesnt really use the story that much, is just there.

its only important if go for the big secrets.
i agree though, the level design is not exactly the best for moments.

>> No.2045704

Sadly, Super Mario Omega does not work on a real SNES.

The game starts up fine and the first world is completable. But at the end of the water levels in the second world the game locks up.

Could I use lunar magic to put the old music back in and fix this glitch?

>> No.2045763

>Could I use lunar magic to put the old music back in and fix this glitch?
Yes, if the hack isn't locked.
If the hack is locked, you can use RLM to (attempt) to unlock it. However, the program is really old and only works for ROMs modified with LM1.7 or below, I'm guessing (whenever the fuck the way levels are stored was overhauled).

God damn, I'm so tired of this music that locks up the game on a real console business. It happens in VIP Mario 4 and 5 too, and quite a few other things I really want to play. Sadly quite a few authors locked their hacks so it's a pain or impossible to get in and change it.

>> No.2046303

Why the fuck would they lock their hacks? Do they not realize the sheer hypocrisy?

>> No.2046405

could someone giveme a link to that? looks pretty nice.

>> No.2046559

Are you using the latest version (v1.10)? It should be compatible with the real SNES, as it works fine in bsnes.

>> No.2046824

Version 1.00

I'll try 1.10

>> No.2046825

Now that I look at it there are several other versions and a music fix


>> No.2046860

Version 1.50 worked on a real SNES, albeit on the levels that would crash there is now about 5 seconds of black screen loading time when entering the level or going through pipes and the occasional music glitch. Other levels are unaffected.

>> No.2047563

Sadly, it seems like Super Mario Omega descends into Muncher madness in the fifth world.

It causes massive amounts of slow down.

>> No.2047673

>It causes massive amounts of slow down.
Munchers are just tiles. They can't cause slowdown any more than ? blocks or coins can.

>> No.2047836

>Version 1.50

That's interesting, I was't aware there was a version 1.50 (if you search "Super Mario Omega 1.50" you'll see that it isn't even mentioned literally anywhere else). That should be the latest I guess, and should also supersede the "music fix" patch (also no info on this to be found) as it has a later upload date.

>> No.2048019

>Download zsnes
>Download SMW (U)
>Download Lunar IPS
>Download ips patch
>Apply patch

Every fucking time. I can't play any romhacks and i'm sad

>> No.2048074

sometimes people upload the hacked roms, you can always take a look over there.

>> No.2048412

The slowdown is there in any case. It only gets worse in later levels. One of the "beta mystery" worlds is almost unplayable.

>> No.2048427

Lots of the new roms require a header before patcher. Download nsort and add one.

>> No.2048581

>Muncher madness
I thought people were saying it was one of the few SMW hacks close to what a SMW sequel would feel like?

Seems like only RPGs get decent hacks. Or at least hacks that aren't designed to be played with savestates.

>> No.2048592

Copier headers are an old obsolete zombie thing kept up by inertia. Actually they are less needed these days than they used to, but most patches need headered ROMs while some don't. It's hit and miss actually, sometimes there's a readme or other info, but just as often there isn't. Best start patching a headered ROM and if that does not work try an unheadered.

As mentioned, copier headers have been absolutely useless for emulation since well over a decade and should just die immediately, but the inertia is so strong that it seems nigh impossible to get rid of them (mostly thanks to the "fuck accurate emulation and clean ROMs, just use ZSNES and headered ROMs, hurrrrh duhr" dickheads.

>> No.2048596

I hardly recall any "muncher madness", it may wll be that anon just overreacting. If there are multiple levels with munchers, they should fit the theme of the world. There were no poorly designed levels really like most other hacks from what I recall (played it over 4 years ago, sorry).

>> No.2048605

Lel? You meant NSRT I'd suppose.

>> No.2048608

nice. some of those sound awesome, going to try them tonight

>> No.2048635

It's better than most hacks, but world 5 in particular starts to lean on them far too much.

>> No.2048760


From what I've seen so far version 1.50 has some small differences from 1.00, notably the title screen music and a different track on the water levels.

I've tried the 1.50 version with and without the music fix and it still crashes the game when you die in certain levels, notably all the special world levels.

>> No.2048782

Tried the 1.10 version with BSNES compatibility. Tried the music fix with that same version.

Still crashes when you die in certain levels.

>> No.2049538



>> No.2049556

That's just a graphics hack.

As far as I know, no.

That's just a mock-up, not a real hack.