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Stayl cool DADDY-O!

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In term of ball physic
Visual Pinball > Future Pinball > Pinball Arcade >>>Pinball FX2

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I deserve to be called stupid but I never got the fucking pinball tables to work

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I'm trying to teach myself proper nudging with real pinball. Such is the problem with git'n gud on visual pinball, since real pinball doesn't have dedicated directional buttons to do the perfect nudge every time. I find I'm sucking hard right now, I just can't get the right movements.

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>blowing up the snackbar for the first time
>choking the snack bar guy
>straight up decapitating the peeping tom

I love when pinball games hide interesting shit in them.

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Who is daddyo anyway ?

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Favorite art on a pinball table?

pic related

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>someone else tries to make a pinball general

well I hope to visit my states pinball museum September.

>Pro Pinball; retro
Estimated delivery: 'would prefer not to announce new dates until were 100% certain we can hit them.' on Timeshock! remake
>VP; 2D recrations
we DX9 nao
>FP; 3D recreations
it isn't VP, muh romz, etc
>TPA; 3D recreations
they should L2Play and fix the damn bugs already
>U3DP; 3D recreations

>discussion and blog posts
>>>/right here/

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I knew the the original deadline (last December) was impossible, but the wait is starting to get pretty frustrating.

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how hard can it be to make one fucking pinball table

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>Fri Aug 22, 2014 6:30 pm
>The second Windows/Mac alpha version was released yesterday. All the animating objects are in the game now and the next step is to optimise in order to get it running well on both mobile and desktop hardware, low and high end.

oh so it's like TPA and they ran themselves thin.
>muh mobile market

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I don't give two fucks about Dr. Who but I played the absolute shit out of this

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does no one find it seriously disturbing that like all the early pinball tables out there are unplayable due to large outlanes and outdated design? that's a lot of pins

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Git gud.

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This was on Kotaku a few days ago. Made me happy to see younger kids appreciating classic tables. Personally, I like Black Knight way more than BK2000 though.


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>Cirqus Voltaire
Only Pinball machine I've ever played
Only Pinball machine I've ever owned
Only Pinball machine I've ever loved

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Nothing wrong with old wedgeheads and woodrails. They're just a different kind of game with different challenges. Sorry you don't enjoy them.

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I should watch that movie.

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That 4 SQUARE lady is so cute

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Why he didn't moved his damn car ?

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IMO, I think Bride of Pin-Bot has better music than Black Knight 2000.

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>got 3m and three squirrels
>didn't get over 148s at any time
I wonder how you get that 500K bonus

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>lite all the lamps AND drain with over 250s left on the clock
kindly go fuck yourself.

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You think they had a plan to do a magic game before? And who did Theatre of Magic? John Popadiuk...the guy doesn't even feel about pinball...he will do anything, he is a chameleon, a lizard...and Python knows it because Python is the king of snakes...I eat Popadiuks for breakfast

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Steve Ritchie jams are the fucking best High Speed / F-14 Eugene Jarvis real man but he has no fire.

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the problem with gettin good with nudging is every machine is slightly different in terms of sensitivity

and the tables have the option to be set pretty loosely. my landlord owned a table from when his father ran a pinball arcade in the 70s and hed practically pick it up when he played because thats the way he liked it

most commerical tables are set pretty strictly though so owners make their money

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i pump so many nickels into this every time i go home

wish the guy would sell it to me, but i can understand why he wont

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Figured I should ask here too
Any help is appreciated

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What's the name of that pinball game that came pre-installed on the old windows operating systems?

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space cadet

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So, I finally tried Medieval Madness IRL, and was this supposed to happen ? A lot of time, when I launched the ball, it went into the magic merlin hole. This never happened in Visual Pinball or Pinball Arcade, and it doesn't seem it supposed to happen.

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I've had it happen only once in TPA, hopefully I can get some experience from a real table soon

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Downloaded this game last night, just got a score of 1.34 billion on this table
Good for a beginner?
I read this on wiki last night
>The game provided a password next to high scores, these could be used on the Kaze Co. website for an online submit system. Although the website is now down, remnants of it can be seen via the Wayback Machine. The second table of the game (Cult of the Bloody Hand) is the only one with a maximized score counter of 999.999.999.
So I was surprised to see it roll over past 1 billion. I guess the score competition guy must have got 99 billion or something

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Yeah wiki has it wrong, par for the course
>999,999,999,990 Hiroshi Suezawa

Damn I'd like to know how long he had to play to get that score

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have their been any innovations in terms of the layout of pinball playfields?

i feel like not much has changed since the 70s, with only a few experimentations outside of normalcy here and there

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My memory is hazy but you can get absolutely ridiculous bonuses on that map just by hitting them in a repetitive pattern - ex. you can rack up increasing millions just by using the top left flipper to continuously send the ball on the little lane on the right that passes the mushrooms on the top and circles back to the top left flipper.
There is also a bonus round where all you have to do is send a ball up the right ramp, then from the right flipper to the left ramp, then from the left flipper to the right ramp, and get ever increasing points (something like 20, 30, 40, 50 million).

And then you have the multiball where:
- every hit anywhere will increase the jackpot bonus up to 100 million
- all the red arrow marked ramps and lanes give you jackpots, even continuously
- after a few of those (they build up a power meter), you can shoot the head in the middle for an even bigger jackpot, then keep going for normal ones until the meter goes up again

Basically that one table is throwing points at you non stop.

The music on that level has to be the best in the game though. Especially the countdown to the multiball theme, the multiball theme, and the the last bonus round theme (titled GOD OF DESTRUCTION, I think on that one EVERY hit gives you millions of points with an ever increasing bonus counter).

I did a small little site for that game once, had most of the manual translated. I have to work on it since it doesn't display on modern browsers anymore.

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There's only so much you can do with such limited space. Ramps and multi-leveled playfields were probably the most important "innovations" as far as design goes. Really, though, the innovation in pinball comes more from the rules than the layouts.

Look at Pin Bot and Jack Bot. Same exact layout, but entirely different games. JB is a lot more complicated than PB due to having multiple modes and more complex rules.

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Last pinball table of Pinball Arcade Season 3 is coming out soon, it'll be Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Never played it myself IRL, but I've heard its a challenging table.

Additionally, supposedly PBA has finally cleared up the legal morass needed to hold a kickstarter for Adam's Family. Conveniently just in time to be the flagship of Season 4. Guess they gotta sell that season somehow (not that Season 3 was bad).

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>tfw you know they're not going to take time between seasons to fix/update the old tables

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>tfw you will never stumble across a hercules out in the wild

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I'll play it for you if this guy doesn't get back to me about his party in September

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They have two of them at Cedar Point if that counts as "in the wild"

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What is the best way to get in to playing virtual pinball with zero experience in any of the pinball emulation software.

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it's fucking giant

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ive heard its appeal is mostly the novelty

apparently the field slope isnt very steep so gameplay is pretty slow

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Yeah, looking back if I had played before checking wiki I would have immediately known that the 999mil cap thing was wrong
Been playing a lot of this lately, doing the Realms mode to try and beat the game, finally made it past the Bloody Hand table in realms mode just not after racking up 3.8 billion
I wish I could find the OST for download, it's great. Too bad that site wouldn't work, I'd love to see a translation for the manual

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Yeah, looking back if I had played before checking wiki I would have immediately known that the 999mil cap thing was wrong
Been playing a lot of this lately, doing the Realms mode to try and beat the game, finally made it past the Bloody Hand table in realms mode just now after racking up 3.8 billion
I wish I could find the OST for download, it's great. Too bad that site wouldn't work, I'd love to see a translation for the manual

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It's very fucking slow. It's not very fun and it's not very well designed.

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i like the gimmic though

the large oversized balls alter the physics of the game to the point where everything you thought about pinball isnt necessarily true anymore

reminds me of a pinball game i had on DS that used balls of different materials (stone, wood, and bone i believe?) to throw a curveball at you

i wish more games would experiment like that, or at least give you balls of different sizes when you arent expecting it

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That shit was cash when I was younger.

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>but I've heard its a challenging table.
It won't be with pin arcs physics.

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why is it so hard to get good pinball physics.
I mean, we have games like Xplane 64 or incredibly deep simulator, what's so hard about a ball's physics ?

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>nudge thread

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Just fucking whack it. Before DS3 shit blew up my install I had the BMPR VP table of Indy going.

The BMPR gave me the skill to get the same score on my first real arcade game of Indy that I get at home, if not higher. I was cradle separating, son. I was nudging that shit, whacking it too. Saving those outlanes and forcing those center drains to come to the flipper. It was like slow motion. Not so with other tables, you need the BMPR.

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>only for visual pinball

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This was my childhood pinball game
Spent dozens of hours playing the tables
Anyone else play this one?

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Name me a better PC pinball simulator than Big Race USA.

(FYI I prefer Big Race USA over Timeshock)

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Mah cracka, this one + Lost continent was THE shit.

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Btw are there any other good horror themed video pinball games? I know of the "Crush" games on TG16, and Necronomicon for Saturn

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>move out of midwest to NYC
>pinball machines in the wild not as common
>find a dedicated pinball arcade
>they dont have medieval madness

blasphemy i say

they did have the new wizard of oz by jersey jack, and metallica by stern

oz was ok, but damn was metallica a good table

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The wild ain't big enough for Hercules.

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i got to play this Wizard of Oz machine. ive played alot of machines but nothing as awesome as this one

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id really like to see these guys work with stern

i feel like each company is holding half the pieces to what makes a truly epic pin

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>Multiball ready

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>no devs have stepped up to make this an esport

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>BSD should come out for tpa tonight
I hope it isn't bug ridden like the comments suggest it was for beta players on android.

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There are streamed tourneys and such just like there are for any other type of game.

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