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People who say the Mega CD was bad are morons who are just parroting others. Sure it had a bad rep at the time but it had awesome games like Snatcher, Lunar, and Sonic CD.

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Ecco music made me love the Sega CD:


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It's mainly because there's a tremendous presence of shitty FMV games on it. They were the initial thrust and saw the highest print runs and so many developers just thought they could lean on the novelty and cash in. When you go to a used game store and browse their Sega CD shelf that's pretty much all you see because 99% of the good stuff is already in the hands of collectors or maybe a single example will be in your local store's showcase.

There are even good solid FMV games for it that's the sad thing - one can see that they too can be good.

Laseractive is really the best for FMV games, though.

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you named 3 non-exclusives . gimme exclusives

lunar would be pretty cool on the original console though

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Those were exclusives. The future games were ports.

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what year is it? They're not exclusive anymore man. That's what a port is ? What great games are there for SCD that are still exclusive

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I think there's a pretty big difference between a good game console to own and a good game console to experience later when you can just pirate all the games you want.

The Sega CD was, by any account I've heard, kind of a crappy console.

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>English Snatcher
>Not an exclusive
Pick one

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It had a couple of interesting games, but when you compare it to the PC Engine CD you see why the Genesis/Megadrive ended up in third place...


There are a couple of interesting exclusives that were not released for other consoles like Dark Wizard and Captain Tsubasa. Popful Mail was exclusive too if you take in mind that every version of the game is unique.

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good argument

sorry not a fan of adventure "games" . Any real games?

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yeah popful mail is definitely a good one. hadn't heard of dark wizard before, looks pretty good

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>sorry not a fan of adventure "games" . Any real games?
Translation: I only care about joystick wiggling and button pushing.

Here's a list if you're legitimately interested in Sega CD games.

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There is no such thing as exclusive retro games since they can all be emulated on PCs. You play them on original hardware if you want to have an authentic experience and nothing is as authentic as the original version - though in the case of Snatcher it's just the best version.

I don't know exactly what you're trying to say but why don't you try forming your own opinions instead of going by accounts you've heard? At least before you opine.

Anyway, good "exclusives" on Sega CD:
Shining Force CD
Keio Flying Squadron
Robo Aleste
Dark Wizard
Silpheed is technically multiplat but the Sega CD is the most accessible platform to play it on, and the best.

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They were released exclusively on those consoles then ported years later. Exclusives count during the time period

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Sega CD games aren't that expensive, with a few exceptions. You don't need to pirate them.

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Sega/Mega CD wasn't bad, but the PCE/TG CD was better.

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pretty much. if I want a story I'll watch a movie or read a book. adventure games have never interested me. different strokes

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are they cheaper than blank CDs ?

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Snatcher was made on the PC-88 and ported to the PCE-CD in 92. The Mega CD port came two years later. Only in America was it exclusive to Sega.

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Just because it had a few noteworthy games does not mean it was not bad. Its library overall is incredibly small and lackluster.

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The TG CD was what the Sega CD aspired to be but failed to reach in every regard.

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>Snatcher was made on the PC-88 and ported to the PCE-CD in 92.
None of those were in English. :p

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>downloaded Mega CD collection back before UG went down
>just get around to sorting through it and grabbing some games to play
>all split into mp3s
What the fuck is this shit. Why can't it just be a bin and a cue file.

Sure the game still plays, but what's the point if there's no music.

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Its the same stuff with PCE CDs,finding good rips with working pre-made cuesheets is a nightmare.

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>It's mainly because there's a tremendous presence of shitty FMV games on it. They were the initial thrust and saw the highest print runs and so many developers just thought they could lean on the novelty and cash in.

This wasn't a problem with the segaCD in particular though. These were msotly PC ports.

FMV games were "the next big thing" on PC as well.

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guys i was playing a Sega CD i just bought and the volume on Sonic CD (the only game i have) its preety weird... the songs are preety low and the sound FX are preety high, is there a way to fix this?

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There may be relative volume settings in the control panel or you may need to make sure the sega cd is connected well to the console with no corrosion. You might want to use the RCA jacks on the Sega CD itself to get the sound. I'm not sure since I mainly play on my X'Eye.

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>lists a couple good games
>thinks this is enough to justify useless accessory
segacd was mostly worthless, but it's still better than 32x

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Keio Flying Squadron, it is literally the only game worth owning the system for anyway.

Shame that original copies go for retarded prices, though.

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If you have the system connected to a Megadrive 1, with the crossover cable for stereo audio, you may need to increase/decrease the headphone volume.

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>are morons who are just parroting others

I don't think that's the case. It's just most people even who were around during the time it came out only know of those awful FMV games because damn near all the marketing for the CD revolved around them instead of the good stuff like Final Fight, Lunar, Lords of Thunder, and Snatcher.

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In a alternate universe, Sega would have just focused on making good, 2-D 16-bit games that were super long and had great music. Could have been a great system for RPGs.

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dem shmups are good
i wish Popful Mail was cheaper though.
and Shining Force CD.

Christ now that I think about it, this thing is more expensive to collect for than Saturn

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you need sega cue maker and sega region patcher to check them. CDmage can help with corrupt images too sometimes.

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Robo Aleste, Sonic CD, and Sol-Feace are enough to make me love the Sega CD. But there definitely was a ton of crap on the Sega CD. It's almost like the Wii in that regard, overflowing with crap, but tons of good games if you know where to look.

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The Sega CD was one of the best sounding consoles.

Thanks to this young, handsome man.

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>sonic thread
>someone states that the SegaCD was a failure
>butthurt fanboy spits ad hominem in response
>so buttblasted that he makes this thread

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>console didn't do too good in sales
>that automatically means it's worthless

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Would bang.

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Lunar 2 is the shit. No, the PSX version is not the same and not as good.

Popful Mail is pretty overrated. Its no Sanic 2: the Heggog and Tails. And its not a fucking RPG, despite what the packaging says. Kind of cool, but not worth buying a system over.

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>People who say the Mega CD was bad
Never spent 200$ on a 32x.

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Nowhere in that post was worth mentioned.


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>Popful Mail is pretty overrated

Finally somebody said it.

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I'm having fun with it, but Working Designs really fucked the pacing with their difficulty adjustment.

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Didn't say it was terrible. Just overrated.

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My list of good sega cd games.

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What are some good Sega CD games that aren't ports or remakes of already existing game?

>>1898926 this list has a lot of ports like Mortal Kombat, Mickey Mania, Shining Force, Earthworm Jim, Flashback, Ecco the Dolphin, Lunar etc

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Holy shit, thanks for posting this it's amazing, I can't stop listening to it.

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Lunar isn't a port or a remake. It WAS ported and remade on other systems.

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