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So this is a kinda vague and hard thing to judge but

What retro games have that 90ish Japanese feel. It's kinda abstract I guess. I remember playing JRPG's back in the day and they just had some kind of magic that won me over. Modern games and anime have lost it, but I'm looking for something to play that just has the aesthetic and music. The whole package.


Something about this trailer made me feel it. So what games for you had that magic?

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I think I know what you mean.

Old games with that magic.. almost everything by squaresoft, konami, capcom

There are very few new games that nail this. Vanillaware is one of the only companies I can think of.

To me its just art style and quality, I think

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Zakuro no aji
Jirou Akagawa - Majotachi no Nemuri (Japan)

It almost feels surreal for those who experienced 90s...

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The other day I finnished Marica Shinjitsu no Sekai on Saturn and it has exactly that 90's feel and the game is kinda structured like it was an anime (it was made by the same people that did Mahou no Shoujo Silky Lip so there is why).


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It think it had to do with a kind of chill and cozy vibe they gave,have a look at pic related OP

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Yeah, I'd also say Goemon.


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Like this?

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Goemon's Great Adventure is pretty awesome too.

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It's hard to find a bad Goemon game. Even the "Next Generation" goemon with these awful redesigns were fun gameplay-wise.

Also you're my nigga for posting my favorite track from the series.

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Great game, one of my NES faves.

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>It's hard to find a bad Goemon game.
I heard the KCE Nagoya games were pretty bad. Also, I didn't care much for the MSX2 Goemon.
>Even the "Next Generation" goemon with these awful redesigns were fun gameplay-wise.
I never understood the hate for the New Generation games. Seems no different from the thousands of spinoff series that Mega Man had back in the day. I didn't think new Goemon and Ebisu looked that bad.

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Pocky & Rocky is still tons of fun.

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I feel you, OP. If you want stuff with DAT 90's Japan feels, check out Snowboard Kids, the Goemon games, Bomberman 64 / Hero, Chameleon Twist.

Also check out Bulk Slash on the Sega Saturn, that game feels like Japan between 1995-1997 in one game.

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If you're into porn this game's almost translated.

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Anything on the FM Towns Marty.

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>Something about this trailer made me feel it.
It's most likely the msuic, which is just 90s pop.

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I get this feel from a lot of old Sega games, stuff like NiGHTS and Sonic but also the old driving games even

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Hell, the entire Saturn library is pretty much the epitome of Japan in the 90's.

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dragon quest 3 nes

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I started trying to think up examples but then I realized that mostly everything that was made in the 90s by Japanese people seems to fulfill what you're asking for.

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This,not OP but that first moment you hear heavenly flight really give me this feeling he described.
Also pic related

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I'd recommend you to watch game center CX OP,the show is exactly about these kind of games you mentioned and the skits besides the main show even more,the arcade trips for instance.

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