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What a horrible night to have a curse.

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>Meaning: And then descended the horrible night.
>Explanation: The style of narration in the Japanese version of this dialog is similar to the style in the ending text in the Japanese version.
>Also, the original text speaks nothing of curse here.

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>Some say that this is a reference to Japanese folklore that stated that seeing a particular star served as an omen of death.

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>some say this means to get the power. Nintendo power.

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I don't care what anyone says. I love this game and it's stupidity. One of the few Classicvania I can boot up at any time and just have fun with.

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Agreed. I enjoyed this game more than ducktales the game.

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I wounder if you would said the same if back on late 80's you were nintendo power less, friendless, alone in Australia, and being this the only cartridge in your entire collection (not even duck hunt alone), with no rental stores or any swaping change available. Jesus, if It weren't for books I would have hated videogames forever!

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I played it without a guide and don't see the issue. In fact I am getting ready to beat it right now. Probably was because you were a kid.

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How could you guess the tornado shit? I mean... how could you back then have fucking know it, without any aid external the game?

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The only way you could have guessed that was to be lucky or have enough time on your hands to try literally everything.

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Dear dumb privileged nugamer child:

I was gaming in the late 80s with this game, no hint books, nothing, and figured everything out just fucking fine.


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Ugh. There are hints to EVERYTHING in the game. EVERYTHING.

You just didn't pay attention or look hard enough. It's not going to fucking hold your hand or give you a "quest log" or put a fucking arrow over your goddamn head pointing to your next objective like new games.

Holy fuck. I hate new gamers.

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Where's the hint for the tornado?
>Hint: Nintendo Power doesn't count

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Please "git" back to /v/.

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did you figure out that part where you have to kneel at a random wall though

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Notice how no one can answer that simple question. You guys do realize it can still be a good game if it has flaws, right? If you can't admit the flaws in a favorite game of yours than you are doing it a disservice. I personally enjoy SQ, but saying it doesn't have cheap secrets and bullshit hints is just lying.

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OP here. Not that guy. But I just assumed since you have to kneel with the blue crystal for the water to be revealed as a illusion. I just went for it.

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C'mon... I mean, you have to select the crystal, kneel down FACING the wall for several seconds..... Why? Why would you try that? If you tried that... did you also tried that inside every door and trying for left or time every time... and how long? 5 seconds? Why not 10, 15 or maybe a whole minute?

"One minute is too long..." "It doesn't has any logic..." "It cannot be..."

And which logic would have done that in that specific place?

It's like if in startropics, there were no hint for wetting the instruction manual's letter and just hope for the user to "find" de the frequency

"747 is easy.... 7 is a magic number we all know and 4 is 2 times 2, so it's easy to guess the frequency should be 747... if not, it's only a 3 digit guess so the user can try the 10^3 combinations if he is not "smart enough" to guess the number"

Castlevania II is an awesome adventure game, but we have to accept that this was concept/design flow that is not possible to be accepted.

In the original LoZ there are hints that show you that you can bomb or burn things in order to reveal secrets, and there are many of it in all the game, in order to make the player guess about if "there are any other hidden places like this" in other parts of the map/dungeons...

But in Simon's Quest... damn...

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I got all the way up to that wall as a kid but got completely stuck. other than that, it's hard but fun.

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I remember when I found out about this. I was like, so I had to kneel facing the wall with the crystal for a TORNADO? are you SERIOUS

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I tried out the other dead ends as well. But as I said I knew that it had to do with the red crystal. Although I will admit that they should have made that part a bit better. I still enjoyed the game, I just beat it a hour ago. I actually liked the game a lot. Would replay it.

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Yes, I mean... without anybody telling you this or the Nintendo power, this is total cruelty...

Did nobody imagined that alone kid, wanting to finish the game and going back and forth, guessing about all the hoaxes and nonsense engrish translations the NPCs tells you... investing, and investing time... and not getting anywhere?

It's was like an omen for my present life

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indeed. they should've at least given it to you in obscure npc dialogue.

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You get one clue for it

...Too bad the only "Deborah Cliff" the game tells you about (the one with the diamond NPC) is in a completely different location, and has no effect with the red crystal.

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>Trying to play the git gud card on an anonymous image board for a 29 year old game

Why are you retards to prove here.

And why is it so hard for retro fans to admit their favorite games had flaws, Simon's Quest had one of the worst translations in gaming history and most of the hints where incredibly obtuse.

Yea its a good game, but its quite flawed in some places, the hacked version with the updated script feels more like the developers true intention.

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You guys are trying to play the git gud card on an anonymous image board for a 29 year old game, the fuck are you trying to prove.

Simon's Quest was a fine game but it has many flaws and the script for it is one the worst translations jobs in NES history, I feel the one with the updated script is more in line with the vision of the creators.

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>There are hints
Such as?

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How to get the silk bag, what crystals do, etcetera.

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I want to say the part with the blue crystal is before the part at the cliffs, and is largely the same puzzle.

For that part you kneel at a lake with a blue crystal and the camera pans down and allows you to pass through it.

I feel like that part shows you that If you're faced with a dead end, try using a crystal.

I might be wrong though considering so many people complain about the red crystal and not the blue crystal in spite of them being the same puzzle in different areas.

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The blue one has a clue that straight up tells you to crouch by the lake with it. The red one doesn't.

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While the red crystal tornado is obviously a part of the game that people bring up, the one that always gets me is:
Talking to the ferryman with The hert to get to Deaths Castle.
I mean, at least the red crystal had that incredibly obtuse hint but the heart thing has NO allusionto it at all, no clue or anything.
As a kid i did eventually get the red crystal thing by kneeling everywhere but I never once got to Deaths mansion without help and I dont see how anyone could.

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>The Dead River waits to be freed from its curse.
>Destroy the curse with Dracula's Heart.

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>What a horrible night to play the shittiest Classicvania

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I'm pretty attached to the american NES release, since that's the one I grew up with. Some things you just don't mess with, gives the game some unique character. You start ripping stuff out and changing things 30 years later (and not even in any official capacity) and it just ends up feeling fake to me, no matter how accurate their translation is. You just can't undo history man.

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This game sucks.

Castlevania 1 and 3 are great classic Nintendo games, but for Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest, the game designers obviously were not thinking straight. At first it seems like a pretty decent game, a little different from the first in the series but, that's okay. Zelda 2 was different from the first, Mario 2 was different, but they were all good.

The first thing that's strikingly different is the fact that you have to go through towns, talk to people and buy stuff. I never really minded that, it makes it a little more like an adventure story and it's kinda like Zelda, so that's okay. But the first problem comes in when it changes from day to night.


Why does this need to happen so often, like, every five minutes? Why does it take so long? Nobody feels like sitting through this every time. How would you like it if you were playin' a game and then every five minutes I came over, and paused it, then counted ten tedious seconds, and then let you continue play the game?

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Now, I mean, why did they think that that would be a good idea and interrupt the game play, did they think it would be more realistic? I mean, in real life I don't have to stop in my tracks when the sun sets and a fuckin' box doesn't pop up in the air. I mean, this is one of the most annoying features in any game ever. What's the point? Yeah, the, I mean, the monsters are stronger at night and the stores are closed, but why's that necessary and why does the game have to stop? It's fuckin' retarded.

And why do you have to die when you fall in the water? That's the stupidest thing I've ever seen. This guy can go all over fightin' hordes of evil monsters, but he can't even fuckin' swim?

Sometimes I don't feel like goin' down the stairs just to get down to ground level, I mean, there's no reason I should have to do that when I can just take a shortcut and jump down. But, oops! I shouldn't do that, there might be water down there.

Another thing that's really annoying about this game is the fact that you have to buy weapons and items. I mean, still, that's not uncommon, you know like I said: that's the same thing you have to do in many great games, like Zelda, but, lemme explain.

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Here you have to collect hearts, which count as money. I mean, that's kinda odd, because usually hearts count as life or energy, y'know, so that's kinda strange. But, y'know that's not the point. The point is that the items you need to buy are too fuckin' expensive, and the hearts don't add up enough. It takes too long to get enough of them to buy something, and it gets boring wandering around killing the same monsters over and over again just so you can buy a Flame Whip or somethin'.

Speaking of Flame Whip, that's pretty weird itself, isn't it? I mean, they were really being creative with that one, the FLAME WHIP.

Anyway, about the hearts: It takes too long to buy stuff, and, to add onto the problem, when you die, you lose all your hearts and you have to start all over again. I mean, doing this doesn't add to any of the games' difficulty or challenge, it just makes us have to do more of the same monotonous stuff over again, and it's not fun, it's boring.

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wait a minute, that copypasta...

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Every time.

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>You just can't undo history man.
Sure you can, all you have to do is to be more popular than the original.

Case in point: pretty much all music covers from the 80's that people swear are the originals today.

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