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Did anyone actually use TEN? Apparently it's some subscription based network gaming service.
I remember seeing this on Duke 3D but I have never in my life met a single person who had subscribed to TEN, and I've been playing Douk since it was released.
I felt that paying extra to play multiplayer was a ridiculous idea.
Null modem cable was the shit, though only handful of games supported that or at least the few games that I owned such as Doom, Heretic, and Duke 3D.

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>Megaton's multiplayer has bigger latency than multiplayer through TEN

A+ programming right there

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When will we have eduke multiplayer ?

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I played Diablo over null modem together with my brother. It wasn't properly synchronized so I regularly hit him with my arrows.
AoE1 was the only other game we played over it.

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I have a vague memory of maybe playing on TEN during a free trial or something. But I didn't really get into multiplayer online gaming until Quake came along.

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No, I playong MPlayer

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I also remember something called Kali which I could never get to work.

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I was huge into MPBT: Solaris on AOL and later on Kesmai's Gamestorm. 3025 was great and then it just shut down. I was bummed, I had played it through most of my teen years and it was always a joke that 3025 was never going to happen, and then it finally did and was dead in less than a year.

I played Air Warrior on the MSN Gaming Zone a bunch too.

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TEN was a dial-in service. Analog telephone lines have essentially 0 latency (they were physically circuit-switched initially, or made to seem as such later). Good modems didn't buffer anything (or had a mode where they wouldn't), so a direct modem-to-modem connection was potentially extremely low-latency and high-reliability.

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DWANGO was here.

Everyone else a shit

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Did you actually subscribe to DWANGO?

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My dad had a subscription that he'd let me play every now and then.

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I played Duke3D modem-to-modem by going to a bulletin board and arranging matches. After I got an Internet connection (1997) I started playing Quake deathmatch via Quakeworld, and later Team Fortress. I think most of the servers I used then were ran by ISPs, which is unthinkable today.

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Believe it or not, Kali is still alive and well.


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>get postal 2 from steam
>check out multiplayer servers
>mfw they're still active

Also, I could swear that about 5 years I ago I tried Half-Life GOTY non-steam version and it had multiplayer servers running.

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Discuss Build engine games

>Duke Nukem 3D
>Shadow Warrior
>Redneck Rampage series
>Exhumed aka Powerslave

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the only thing I ever saw when I logged in was 1 person running a blood server

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I remember few years ago when I tried GTA 2 multiplayer online. It had one server, I joined it, and the guy in the served called me noob and then logged out. That was the last time I saw anybody on GTA multiplayer, ever.

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and ?
Quake 2 still have some servers.

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And... the dude didn't know, and was sharing it with others who might not know. You did, congratulations. You win nothing.

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Why would anyone want eduke32 to have proper multiplayer in first place?

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Because back when EDuke32 online worked, it was the most comfortable way to play multiplayer. Much better than xduke.
Also because Megaton online is fucking laggy, while also not having true widescreen ('widescreen' that zooms in...) and that is probably never going to change.

Also because EDuke32 is the port which has the most and best port-exclusive maps and mods, which would be cool to play in multiplayer.

And also because when it works again, people could create multiplayer mods for EDuke32 that you just can not create for the vanilla game or for another port. Like, i dunno, a multi-character multiplayer.

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>a multi-character multiplayer

Lo Wang, Caleb, and Douk shooting aliums together.

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God, yes please. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE.

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My brother and I used to play LAN matches in Jedi Knight for hours at a time. Good stuff.

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There's a doom wad that has a ton of selectable characters from their respective games with their original guns, sadly the name eludes me

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