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Anyone use the 'Buffalo Retro SNES Controller' before? What do you think of it? I am thinking of buying this to play it on the SNES emulator.

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I have one.
Likintg it so far.

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Unless you only play SNES games you're better off getting a DS3/4.

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DS/4 are aweful.

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It feels just like a Super Famicom controller except not broken-in. Good for SNES games and systems with similar button layouts, but not anything beyond. It's comfortable enough to be worth the purchase.

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Bullshit. The DS4 is amazing. People just claim it sucks because it costs sixty goddamn dollars.

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And you don't need fucking sixty dollars on a controller, especially for retro game. A simple 1( bucks dualmaster 4 from Thrustmaster do a fucking better job.

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*15 bucks

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Logitech chillstream is superior.

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I wouldn't use that for digital-only controls like SNES though, even if it has a usable D-pad.

I distrust computer company gamepads.

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I own a Buffalo Famicom USB Controller. It's like the Buffalo Super Famicom USB Controller but it has the Famicom Structure, Feel and the buttons needed to play Anything that uses 8 buttons or less.

I love that controller. It is so rad!

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I tend to switch between four controllers depending on the situation.
The Buffalo SNES controller, the Classic Controller Pro + Mayflash adapter, a Saturn controller + adapter, and the DS4.

I'm enjoying the setup so far and I can't think of a downside aside from having four different controllers.

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someone recommends this thing every day and someone magically asks "DUHH HAVE ANY OF YOU GUYS EVER USED THIS BEFORE"

yeah ok ibuffalo you can chill with the viral marketing now

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I can imagine that square button layout getting annoying.

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the plus is much more ergonomic, but the square is more accurate to the famicom.

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Ive used it. It's mediocre. But since you plan on emulating I guess you're willing to settle for that.

You distrust Logitech but not Buffalo? Clearly you've never used products from either company.

I wish. Unfortunately emufags are actually stupid enough to hype whatever shit they see in a lets play video

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You can use an authentic controller to emulate though, which is why I say don't go for it OP. You can play the same games, with the same controller, on a CRT, without purchasing overpriced games, and additionally having many other options as well, such as reducing sprite flicker. Are you just bitter to try and justify spending thousands of dollars on overpriced videogames? Or are you just trying to make emulator users insecure so they will buy your games?

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But this blows air. You can't sweat in hands.

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There's always some kid who knows best
Ignorance is bliss

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I got one for my niece since her hands were too small to use a logitrash f310. It's a good controller. It was a little stiff when it came in, but I'm not sure if that's due to the hardware or the winter weather (this was about nine months ago). There are common complaints in reviews about a flimsy y button. It is, but only by a negligible amount.

Is it worth the purchase? Yes. If possible, though, I'd much rather have a USB PS1 controller. Extra trigger, grips for bigger hands. I don't use the analog sticks for anything, so I'd rather not have those. Plus, I have an XBox controller laying around somewhere.

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get out of here. the buttons are soft as shit on the dualshock, which is awful for playing old games a lot the time.

wow, can you be any more of a faggot?

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Right, a five dollar DS2 with a $2 USB adapter has worked fine for me for over ten years.

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>wow, can you be any more of a faggot?
I can't. The top tier of faggotry if full of you.

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i have one it sucks balls

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>If you don't like my choice you're a poopy head i'm taking my toys and going home!

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Never seen these before, $12 on Amazon. Think I'll try one out. Currently using some shitty Tomee SNES pad which is failing.

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Xbox <3 you

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Find an old classic controller. Its pretty much the SNES controller but better in every way.

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where do you get 5$ dual shock 2s

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thrift shop

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Got mine for $20, no complaints here. Certainly the best option if you don't want to deal with finding a legit SNES and an adaptor.

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I just brought a Buffalo Retro SNES Controller and its fucking awesome. Don't know how long it'll last though, some people complained about buttons fucking up after just a few hours of use.

BTW, I brought mine from ebay and it was delivered the next day which is awesome.

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Just use an SNES controller with an adapter.

That's what I do.

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>playing retro games on a fucking dual-shock

No. That is a terrible suggestion. The buttons are horrible and the d-pad is crap. There's also that added authenticity of playing with a controller that accurately mimics the SNES. Really adds to the experience.

Dual-shocks are great for modern games but not retro.

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Thank you. I know it's personal preference but it makes me rage when someone recommends a PS3/4 or Xbox controller. Why on earth would that be someone's choice when it's clearly a bottom-tier option

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what are the drivers like?

does it do D-input/X-input?

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D-input only (of course)

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