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So uh...
Adventure game general?

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Yes, please. I just finished playing all of the (relatively) new Sam & Max games as well as the latest Monkey Island. I've played all of the original Monkey Island games but I never played Sam & Max Hit the Road. So I definitely wanna check that out. I'd also like to go back and play Full Throttle again. I very fond memories of Full Throttle. Man, I love adventure games!

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Oh! I also wanna play The Dig even though I've read some very uncomplimentary reviews of it.

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My first adventure game was Curse of Monkey Island. I tried to get my friend into it, except the cartoony visuals turned him off and he dismissed it as "that Freddi Fish Pajama Sam bullshit."

He was actually aggressively dismissive of a lot of crap I tried to introduce him to. Not just adventure games, but comic books, movies, cartoons and anime. Eventually I started to wonder why I even bothered to hang out with that asshole.

Turned out he only hung out to leech my free internet. I proved it one day when he asked to come over, and I casually mentioned we could maybe play some Street Fighter 3 since my internet's out. Conveniently, he then decided he had something else to do.

Hey, OP, fuck you for dredging up a fucked up memory.

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Oh, shit! I just realized I never played Curse of Monkey Island. I only had a demo of it on a CD-ROM that came with a magazine. How was it, Anon? I love the look of the game.

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Many of my friends don't know anything about my hobbies, yet we perfectly understand each other, seems like you've been hanging out with a jackass.

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The post was about how the guy only liked him for his internet. I think he knows.

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I am shamefully guilty of playing Day of the Tentacle, but not giving a second glance to Maniac Mansion. I will admit, that I was turned off of Maniac Mansion because my first experience with it was on the NES, which looked and sounded terrible, and moving a cursor with a D-Pad became very tedious.

It's about time I remedied that. Gonna get me some scummVM here in a bit.

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Maniac Mansion Deluxe updates the audiovisuals and leaves all else alone: http://www.adventuregamestudio.co.uk/site/games/game/401/

I'm going to go through this one soon myself.

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So we all agree that Riven is a masterpiece and a work of genius and art, right? Amazing setting, cool villian and puzzles that were both logical and made sense to be in the world. Plus the visuals still look beautiful to this day.
10/10 would stumble around aimlessly again.

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I am writing a text adventure in Adrift, it's basically a big love letter to old games like Zork, which I loved as a child.

Maybe this thread is the best place to ask: what do you love to see in games like that, and what do you hate?

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This is a general thread by name and content. Please send it over to /vg/

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Not until Doom, Roller Coaster Tycoon, shmups, and Game Center 9X generals are in /vg/

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Has Sierra ever made an adventure game without shit voice acting?
I'm playing Quest for Glory 4 now, and after about an hour I had to turn the voices off.
The narrator was good, but once I heard that kermit-the-frog sounding retard and that table full of bad comedian impersonators (who kept fucking up their lines) it ruined it for me.

I remember having to turn off the voices in KQ6 after hearing Jollo too.

I've never heard quality voices in any fucking adventure game, other than Lucas Arts adventure games.

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nigga are you tellin me you didn't jizz yourself after hearing this silky smooth motherfucker right here

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> Have sex with prostitute
> Don't have a condom
> Didn't even know what a condom was
> Die from an STD some time later during the game

That's realism, man.

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Played the shit out of this game as a kid. God I miss the humor in these games.

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Wht Space Quest game should I play first ?

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THIS GUY WANTS A [Option] [Option] [Option] [Option] PROPHYLACTIC!

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Play the Space Quest 1 VGA remake
if you like it, play the rest in order

and you WILL need the manuals:

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also avoid SQ6, it's shit

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I'm going through Loom on expert for the first time, it's a completely new experience

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Does anyone here agree that Sierra had some of the best jokes but Lucas Arts had the best games since they didn't have you force to restart the game because you missed one pixel size item?

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That little tune has a special place in my heart right next to the space quest theme and the opening of KQ1.

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any /vr/ troopers want to stream this gem?

Hell: A Cyberpunk adventure

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>Power goes out
>Phone immediately rings

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make sense.

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Actually, corded land-line phones work just fine when the power is out. Well, it depends on the region and network I guess, but growing up I remember the phone working during power outages.

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I feel you anon, I had a similar story

>Hey, OP, fuck you for dredging up a fucked up memory.
+1 and kek

But your friend was right about the cartoony visuals of Curse of MI though. That game kinda sucked because of that.

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this is true. phone lines have their own power.

way back in the day they even used to sell adapters so you could plug lightbulbs and shit into them

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I, think MI1 ist my ALL TIME most played most loved game, since i was about 8 i play it every year at least once ;)

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I liked the Laura Bow games, especially the 2nd. Can anyone recommend any other murder mystery adventure games?

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