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And yes this is a real game

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>James rolfe will never review this.

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And here's the Japanese version

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That is amazing.
Donkey kong is a scary motherfucker.

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So what is this game actually about?

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It's a carbon Copy of Pacman but it makes an "OH SHIT!" sound when you die

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Living on the edge'

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For a split second my mind went to "Based on the real story" instead of "based on the real arcade game". That would have been some shit.

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>he's never seen King Kong

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I'm pretty sure King Kong wasn't a real thing that happened.

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My grandfather was there when it happened

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Harry potter is a real story.
"Based on a real story" Does not mean "Based on real life events"

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You're right. I think I combined "true story" and "real events"

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>this is a real game
No it's fucking not.
The hell is wrong with you?

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It's possible some cheeky fucks stole the artwork isnt it?

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That's not how "real story" works, you kumquat. It's implied by default it's a story that exists because you can't possibly base something on a story that DOESN'T exist. Real story means it actually happened, that it's not fiction.

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Educate yourself, bro.

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Mexican Mario is the best Mario.

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Wow, it's like a fever dream I once had while watching Demolition Man. Wesley Snipes was a beast a in that movie but I don't remember Stalone looking so...Cuban.

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So? He's a fucking idiot.

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you made my day with this post

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but screaming "sucks donkey diarrhea through a straw" is the height of comedy

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>Tom Selleck vs Sasquatch

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I bet you two are fun guys that all the babes love being around :^). If it's one thing people love, it's whiney fat slobs that can't enjoy themselves.

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Not that weird, most Master System boxes are way more minimalistic than that.

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I always think the publisher logo in the bottom left says "from EUROSHIT" from the thumbnail

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My sides.

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Someone should edit that

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It's just pac-man with the main difference is that when you die the character screams "oh shit!"

It was also called oh shit originally

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That's a hell of a thing. All that 80's action!


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Am i the only one who genuinely like those box covers?

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You beat me to it.

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I don't know what's better in this art, the disembodied Arnie head or the little Ainsley

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Obligatory, with the way this thread's going.

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Stand back.

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As a kid seeing them in the video stores I always thought they looked like graph paper, which reminded me of math, and homework, and school, so it was sort of a turn off. Now I can see they were kinda cool.

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Holy cow I've seen this box-art hundreds of times and this is the first time I've noticed that the starfighter is literally an x-wing with the guns photoshopped off the wings.

You can even see R2-D2.

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why an old man with a banjo wtf were they thinking i need to know there reasoning

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Someone photoshop it so they all have different Knuckles faces.

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According to wikipedia the localization team did it on purpose to make it stand out from all the other generic space shooters at the time.

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fuck i still remember that cover
>going to the flea market
>see this old lady with a bunch of snes boxes and snes sport cassettes
>see this in the box in pretty good condition
>wtf a old man and a banjo?
>put it back next to the other sports cassettes
why i was so stupid

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Yeah alright

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anal rapist robot uprising.

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i-is that the Caretaker?

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Step up your game

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This cover is fucking amazing. If anything it's too indicative of the gameplay. Nobody actually likes that novelty game where you wave a metal rod through a maze

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>"So, this is the cover art I was thinking of using for the home console game."
-Conversation that never happened

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fucking shit

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I still have the copy of Playstation Underground (ass end of '98, I believe) that has this game in it's imports.

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I liked the grid and the white background, and the cases, which were wonderful. In some cases the minimalist style works, such as with the underrated classic Penguin Land. But I prefer the later covers, such as the glorious Thunderblade, Kenseiden, Space Harrier 3D, and Phantasy Star.

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I'm kind of glad the whole "let's just throw something out from left field and see if it sticks" thing went away in the 90's. It was like trying to manufacture a black swan event.

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Reminds me of Dizzy Fast Food.

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That professor is pretty alpha with those swirly glasses

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What's with box artists and making chefs look sinister?

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To appeal to the kids who like violent shit I guess

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What does a guy pulling his own head off and attempting to breastfeed it have to do with wrestling...?

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the apex of awesome boxart

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Looks like the turrican guy turned into some crazy muscle mech

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is that Jack Nicholson?

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you can shoot at guys too

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well anyone earth expecting roy and snake got satisfied with frying pan

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And then you rush home, boot it up on your old IBM, wait for it to load and it's not amazing

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>other sports cassettes

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>tax avoision

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is this a panel de pon clone?

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I always liked this one

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PS4 port when

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It's surprisingly a really fun game. Easily one of the best on the 7800...not that that's saying much.

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I don't know whether to make a Dr. Wily joke or a Heihachi joke.

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That scooter is some Escher-esque shit.

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>that Kindergarten Cop/Silent Hill connection

What the fuck?

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I've got a few. Here is a little sample.

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Another one.

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>Root out and destroy Planetary Insanity with The Extirpator.
?Syntax Error

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Megapanel predates Panel de Pon by half a decade.


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It was the only movie the team had that showed contemporary rural american architecture

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>edit that

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I hate sliding puzzles. This video just made me sick to the stomach.

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is the cover calling the sega card its hero? is this the cover for a book report?

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i always read that as snake boy and get surprised to find out it's called snake roy everytime

>> No.1848929

bluhh, looks like garb
age pail kids

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I'm sorry, I learned that there was a duplicate file
>Greetings anon, care to come into the hot tub and play a little game?

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>90's: The Game

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mirin dem robogains

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That giant iguana has People teeth.

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now post this in every boxart thread ever and see who notices

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That's pretty fucking radical dude

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That's some fantastic artwork

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Woah, Donkey Kong on another cover?

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>otherwise solid game with good graphics and music
>you have to disarm nukes
>fucking sliding puzzles

I hate them. I hate them so much.

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Mystery of Convoy

Spelled wrong on the box and does not even have Convoy/Optimus Prime on the box, or heck in the game.

Heck most of the game is not Transformers characters:

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Forgot the image, sorry chums

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I must be the only person who knows it exists. Yet another wacky Game Boy game by a defunct publisher, programmed by a Japanese company that only made a few games to begin with.

>> No.1858494

Anything the UK had

>> No.1858516

>does not even have Convoy/Optimus Prime on the box, or heck in the game

It isn't supposed to, it's called Mystery of Convoy because you're supposed to find out where the fuck Optimus/Convoy went.

This is all wiki stuff, so it may not be totally accurate, but it's said the game bridged the end of Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers' season 2 with the start of season 3, as in Japan the movie wasn't released over there yet.

Still, that misspelling is pretty terrible.

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the sequels boxart was pretty out there too

>> No.1858553

Nope I had this one since I was a kid. This actually was a pretty original concept, but the gameplay is just tedious and not very rewarding.

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I like them now, but if Sega thought this was how you market to kids, they were retarded... Obviously.

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Ok. I laughed audibly

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I guess it's up to me, then

>> No.1859085

Tonka, actually.

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>Doesn't know that Shiggy got the inspiration to Donkey Kong from the incident where his wife was kidnapped and beaten to death by a gorilla during one of their trips to the local zoo

>> No.1860264

Slider? I hardly knew her!

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It's the other way around. OP is the Japanese boxart.

>> No.1863836

no it's not, the original is just SHIT and they renamed it to oh shit in japan

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>> No.1863846

both of those are great, the realistic one is pretty badass looking but the QT japanese one gives me a boner.

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>Only I have the brains to rule Lylat

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>the enchilada

Photoshopper had ONE fucking job.

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Eleven out of fucking ten. Outstanding.

>> No.1864454

That fucking kid is so swag.

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>the Famicom cartridge has a face on it

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Somewhat relevant, I remember seeing this on /co/ a few months, maybe a year, back.

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It's a "two-knee" fish

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What's so interesting about that?

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That's not a Famicom cart. It's a cassette tape, something that came with the game.

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It's a shame that the Famicom version is so fucking awful...and expensive 'cause I'd totally buy it just to get a hold of the cassette.

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>> No.1864684

>It's a shame that the Famicom version is so fucking awful

You can thank Micronics for that. Then again, Micronics' SNK ports were unusually bad, at least compared to their Capcom ports. SNK then made some of the better games for the console, barring Alpha Mission.

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>that Grim Reaper in the background driving a tractor with scythes for mower blades...

>> No.1864957

It's weird how every game with a clearly Anime as fuck girl in it always gets their boxart changed to generic "Warrior girl!" art.

>> No.1866829


>> No.1866853

shit that's worse than "nintendo tapes."

>> No.1866868

Thank you. I worried I was to do this myself.

>> No.1866885

At least they kept the outfit and hairstyle pretty much the same.

>> No.1866894
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Today's teenagers dress this way again. Oh dear.

pic unrelated.

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The Japanese devs must've thought it was hilarious since they put it their later game, Game Tengoku:


>> No.1866948


Bad Rats prequel?

>> No.1867025

What in the name of all that's holy...?

>> No.1867131

It's like George Grosz for the Thatcher years

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I can't believe no one has posted this yet. I really like the box art for it though, but it seems to be hit and miss

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Glad I played this on Virtual Console before seeing the box art.

>> No.1867261

I need this in poster size.

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Does anyone have the modern, moe-style drawing of Athena? I need it to murder half a billion people I will never know.

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File: 71 KB, 450x635, athenafullthrottle.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You mean this?

>> No.1869365

That's it, shame there aren't any bigger scans. Thanks.

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