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I feel placated /vr/

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Fuck marketers and the shit-smeared hole that once housed their souls

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What's wrong with it? If you're close to your 30s then hell yeah you should be feeling old.

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just the fact that retro gaming is now marketable...shits depressing

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Tired of lying in the sunshine staying home to watch the rain.
You are young and life is long and there is time to kill today.
And then one day you find ten years have got behind you.
No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking
Racing around to come up behind you again.
The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older,
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death.

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I am older now than they were when they wrote it

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Feeling placated means you feel like someone or something made you feel less angry about something.

Your thread seems to imply the opposite.

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I was blown away when I realised that Bob Dylan wrote Desolation Row when he was 24.

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At least look up a word before trying to sound smart.

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I can't really feel old if the game predates me.

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The OP feels placated.

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>is now marketable

Surprise, before internet you had to pay to play most of the games. Surprise, if you aren't a collector and still pay to only play old games you're a retard.

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he was so much older then, hes younger than that now

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lets not be truculent now guys. this thread makes me feel positively geriatric and i think we should acquiesce ourselves to OPs placation

also pic related

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every cloud is grey
dreams of yesterday

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>mfw I heard that album for the first time when I was 18 smoking pot
>tfw I'm suddenly 28 now
where has the time gone man?

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every sky is blue
but not for me and you

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why the placebo reference?

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can't stop growing old

>captcha: Past tselyss

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You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older.
And now you're even older.
And now you're even older.
You're older than you've ever been and now you're even older.
And now you're older still.

Time... is marching on..
And time...
...is still marching on.

The day will soon be at an end and now it's even sooner.
And now it's even sooner.
And now it's even sooner.
The day will soon be at an end and now it's even sooner.
And now it's sooner still.

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How does it feel
How does it feel
To be without a home
Like a complete unknown
Like a rolling stone?

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you guys sit in the corner everyday sobbing because you are getting older? Buck up, everybody has to do get old, that's the sweet part.

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Official thread theme:


Some dad rock for good measure.

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it's only dad rock if it plays on the radio. you can't call ten years gone dad rock. that's like calling "In The Light" dad rock. no one even knows that song.

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/mu/fags will call it dadrock

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we dont lament the fewer years we have left to live. we lament the years we've lost and the feels we'll never have again

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i didn't know dadrock was a thing until i browsed /mu/ do kids really think about music that way? it seems like a negative term.

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because music that's masterfully written like "Time" are simply too good to REALLY be considered good, so, they degrade it in such a disrespectful manner.

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eh /mu/ is one of the worst boards on 4chan, no denying.

there's only one good thing I've ever heard from them and that Kanye West - MBDTF

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i dunno man i used to browse /lit/ for a while. pretentious people bitching at other pretentious people for being pretentious.

or just the usual, you like "author/book" you're stupid/edgy/pretentious

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>or just the usual, you like "author/book" you're stupid/edgy/pretentious
that sounds like every 4chan board though m8

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Has anyone even checked out this Super Mario Online from the OP?

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>Progressive Rock is now called "Dad Rock"
Bullshit, that's just edgenerds being edgey.

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It's probably going to be awful since it requires a fagbook to play and the "New Levels" won't even be near the quality of Miyamoto's obstacle course from hell.

Heck, the "New Levels" are probably all going to be from Lost Levels or shitty romhacks that they stole.

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>requires a fagbook to play
Are they retarded? They'll get C&D'd in no time

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>tfw they make it pay to play
>tfw you can buy more lives
>tfw you can buy power ups
>tfw you can pay to skip levels

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Exactly. It's ludicrous to put mullet rock, prog, and first-generation grunge in the same category.

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it's basically /v/, only every book is a console and the console wars never end

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>Go to the site
>Leads me to a completely unrelated site
Jesus what?

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but being placated is typically a good thing

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let the hipsters wallow in their pool of mud, they'll switch to whatever else becomes hip next week and this will be quickly forgotten.

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I think most of the "dadrock" thing is just a backlash against these tunes being played absolutely everywhere all the time. Even the best tunes will get old if you hear them once, sometimes twice or three times every day.

Hell, I now listen to early Pink Floyd far more often than DSOTM and later, because there's just nothing there that I've not already noticed a few dozen times over.

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Like you ever hear anything from Animals and The Final Cut on the radio.

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can i get toolbar with that please?

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Someone owns a thesaurus.

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I bet you also thought the hate over the virtual boy was "undeserved" and "only a fad".

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Actually, Pigs and Sheep both pop up semi-often on the classic rock stations in STL, and I also listen to that the most of Waters' stuff. Final Cut just isn't very good regardless of airplay, anyways.

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Dadrock isn't a thing. It's a meme that edgy hipster-fags from /mu/ are trying to force so that people take their shitty new-age music seriously and not like the fucking joke that it actually is.

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If by "dadrock" they mean "mature", "skillful", and "intelligently structured" music, well then okay.


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i hope i never hear this shit on my fav station

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Confirmed for not having a dad or dads

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There's a reason they play those songs absolutely everywhere, because majority of modern is fucking garbage.

It's either some shitty rap song about doing drugs or how hard the "ghetto" is when barely anyone lives in the fucking ghetto, some pop bitch screeching in a whiny voice how she wants to fuck a lot of men, or the music of some faggot with an acoustic guitar that's the equivalent of huffing cough syrup.

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>went to /mu/
>read about new amazing rock band that is the greatest thing ever
>link to youtube
> a bunch of teens screaming and playing the worst music ever among baffled sounds and screams from the public
>fuck this shit i will never come back here

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>Confirmed for not having a dad

I have no idea what you're trying to imply. Are you trying to say that older people have better taste and there-for you adopt their tastes because listening to your generations music is complete shit in comparison to what your "dad" listens to?

>or dads

Implying I wouldn't of killed both my dads had I grown up and realized I was raised by a couple of fags.

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its not that i have anything personal against dubstep but


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Go back to /mu/ dadfag

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Seems like the only "/mu/" fag here is you. Go back to listening to your shitty buttrock /mu/fag.

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Why does good music make you angry?


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Lets do a little comparing shall we? Most popular Pop Song of the 80's:


Most Popular Pop Song of the 2000's:



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How bout dat vidya doh

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>They can't even type "you".

Why can't these people who write the travesty known as modern music even type properly?

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Thriller? Yea, fucking kick-ass music video.

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You'd never kill anyone you fucking pussy, quit acting like you're tough

>> No.1826239

>quit acting like you're tough

Hahah, go back to sucking your boyfriends cock.

>> No.1826243

>TFW The Gorillaz are the only good "pop" band left


How did it come to this...

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Wow, weekend /vr/ started early this week.

>> No.1826309 [DELETED] 

Wow, /mu/fags have breached their containment board early this week.

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Not all dadrock meets those criteria. I wouldn't call anything AC/DC ever wrote to be mature, skillful, or intelligently structured. Unless you count Angus Young's ability to still make coherent musical sounds come out of his guitar when he's that shitfaced - that's kind of skillful.

>> No.1826463

The poem pictured
Simply isn't a haiku
At least you tried, though

>> No.1826467

>I wouldn't call anything AC/DC

I didn't list them, did I?

I never really liked AC/DC, only when I was a child did I find their music entertaining.

I consider Guns n Roses to be the "adult" version of AC/DC:


>> No.1826473

> the adult version of AC/DC

What fucking bizarro world did I stumble into?

>> No.1826479

>Not all dadrock meets those criteria
>Implying it has criteria

Dadrock is a newfag label for old music that's better than what they listen to and they don't like that it is so they contemptibly insult it.

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Go back to /mu/ please.

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God damn it, I was drinking.

>> No.1826505

Nah, there's nothing interesting going on over there today.

>> No.1826514

>Implying /mu/ is ever interesting.

then go back to listening to your childrock.

>> No.1826529

/mu/ can be interesting, but most of the time it isn't. They have some really great late night/very early morning threads that are actually about music instead of dick waving.

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No, but I was pointing out that not everything called "dadrock" is "mature," "skillful," or "intelligently structured." Also, not all of us have cable internet; I don't ever watch embedded youtube links. I kind of assumed you didn't post AC/DC, anyway. That was actually my point.

It's a term that exists. The criteria are that it's popular rock music and that it came out before the late 80s. It doesn't matter if you think the connotation is negative or positive; it is a term used to describe popular rock music from 30+ years ago. I like Kansas; that doesn't mean it isn't dadrock.

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>I like Kansas; that doesn't mean it isn't dadrock.

Yes, it does. It's not an official term, so it's subject to whatever anyone wants it to mean.

I from hence-forth now declare that the term Dadrock means "I'm a faggot who doesn't like older music because I'm a little 16 year old cunt who thinks modern bands need more air-time".

It's official.

I also officially label "Kidz Bop" as the alternative come-back to any faggot who uses the term dadcore.

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Well then it sounds like you have pretty good radio stations brah. They'd never play stuff like that in the UK. Over here we'd get the usual Pink Floyd radio plays; like 'Another Brick in the Wall' or 'Comfortably Numb'.

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It actually is a haiku, it's just a direct translation from Japanese because conveying the meaning of the poem in English is more important than the 5/7/5 syllable count.
>Yuki aki no
>tsuchi ni osamaru
>kawazu kana

>> No.1826559

Holy thread derail Batman

>> No.1826561

*yuku aki no

>> No.1826569

Please, you fuckers get BBC radio and some of those stations still have real DJs sometimes instead of the computer-automated always-repeating Clear Channel shit we get in the States. The only good radio here is the college and independently-/publicly-financed stuff.

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>Not reading what I said
>"I consider it the adult version of AC/DC"

I don't care what you think.

>> No.1826594

yeah OP stop being such a malapropist

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>MP3, FLAC, and Vinyl listerners hold hands in harmony smiling

I don't even go to /mu/, I fucking lost my shit at this.

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I personally find myself feeling rather sporadic lately at all this retro marketing.

>> No.1826613 [DELETED] 

secularism results in popular music (trash).

>> No.1826660 [DELETED] 

I personally find myself cutting again now that I remembered the term "dadrock" thanks to the /mu/ faggots leaking onto this board.

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Think of it this way: if there is some order to things, and there are souls, God and all that, it would make sense that there were some common element shared by all religions. Monotheism and disbelief in reincarnation are "recent" things. The opposite has been going on for thousands of years before. In fact, there has probably been more progress and greatness done before Christ than after, relatively (with the times) speaking. That's not to say that he wasn't an avatar, like other supposed avatars that came to Earth to guide mankind.

We do know however that the Bible is full of metaphors. And supposedly Hermes Trimegistus foretold of the rise of monotheism over a hundred years before Christ. And as has been pointed out by many scholars of Gnosticism and Occultism in general, there are certain common elements like the Caduceus, present in Greek, Egyptian and even Native American societies. Also, it's no wonder certain great minds like Isaac Newton had great interest in all this, because truly it's an amazing puzzle of mysteries.

There is however some other element in all that which is the suppression of one's carnal desires. Interestingly, alchemists saw celibacy as one of the key elements of sex alchemy, and that might just explain the link between virginity and becoming a wizard.

Thus, if we were to disregard skepticism and admit that there is some greater power, or universally linked collective consciousness, which possess an understanding beyond what a human mind could logically understand, seeing beyond the very concept of logic itself, much like how time and space are relative, we can conclude that: not only are you likely to live on this planet again, or somewhere else different, but being a celibate (even if involuntary, see ">tfw no gf") means your soul is in a more advanced state. That, of course, if you're not a creature of filth and degeneracy. So your suffering may net you positive consequences.

>> No.1827095

> pic

This looks like /v/

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>> No.1827432 [DELETED] 

oh my gosh literally go back to reddit where you can talk about your >lewronggenerashun bullshit

>> No.1827439

if you think that way then i think you havent been searching hard enough

>> No.1827451

opinion discarded

>> No.1827463 [DELETED] 

cherry-picking will get you nowhere

not all 80's pop rules, not all modern pop sucks, not all modern music is on the radio, etc.

>> No.1827475

woops meant to reply to the person you were replying too

>> No.1828179

Is it a mario MMO?

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>Being young

>> No.1828220 [DELETED] 

>It's either some shitty rap song about doing drugs or how hard the "ghetto" is when barely anyone lives in the fucking ghetto, some pop bitch screeching in a whiny voice how she wants to fuck a lot of men, or the music of some faggot with an acoustic guitar that's the equivalent of huffing cough syrup.

Deep, man.

You sound like me in highschool. I was an edgemaster.

>> No.1828261

Why didn't we get a Prince game like Moonwalker /vr/?

>> No.1828358

Or just listens to Eminem songs from a decade ago.

>> No.1829553

20 years from now replace that with Skyrim.

>> No.1829584


>> No.1829996 [DELETED] 

A Saucerful of Secret, Atom Heart Mother, and Meddle are fucking awesome anyway. Not to mention the side albums like More, Obscure by Clouds, etc.

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