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wtf is the point of this game?

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eat fruits, complete frame with fruits, go next page

just like life

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...decent n64 platformer? not a bad game by any means but obviously doesn't hold a candle to Yoshi's Island.

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Find 3 hearts, find the black and white eggs, beat some arbitrary high score at the end of the game (slightly changes the ending text and music), grab 30 melons in each level. Which is a bitch because it literally requires you to sniff every ground pixel of every screen.
Honestly, what killed it was the voice acting.

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Just checked out Gamefaqs, here:
Ending 1 Get over 30,000 points
Ending 2 Get between 20,000 - 30,000 points
Ending 3 Get between 10,000 - 20,000 points
Ending 4 Get less than 10,000 points

Unlike what most people think, this game is really a score attack. Also, only the white and black yoshis are relevant for scoring, so theorically you have to all stages in 2 lives if you want a decent score.

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You guys are idiots, this game is very deep.

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Eating all 30 melons is too hard and tedious, you should really stick to 15 of whatever lucky fruit you got in sequence (there's a multiplier going on so the more fruits of the same kind you eat in a row the more points they're worth) and then eat 15 melons, which give you a special bonus at the stage end. Every time you eat 8 fruits of the same kind in sequence an invincibility heart gets spawned, which gives you 8 points and might make coins appear. And if you eat the first 8 melons in the stage in the order they appear coins will always appear. So grabbing the melons in order is probably a good idea.

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Also, you need Glide64's plugin to emulate this thing properly.

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Of the things this game did wrong, imo, one of them was not giving you a NiGHTS/Sonic Team style grade at the end of each level.
Without any form of grading or online leaderboards, beating your own high scores feel kinda pointless and autistic.

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> online high scores
> on a n64 game

you've got a very valid point but the tech wasn't around then in common use.

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Nothing. It's an awful game, average at best, that only hardened Nintendo fans defend. Imagine if it wasn't a Yoshi game, featuring Yoshi enemies? Imagine if it was "Ungo The Caveman" or something. The reviews would have been awful and it would have been rightfully forgotten. It's just not very good, especially when you look at it's predecessor.

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The reviews were awful, and imo it's way way better than Yoshi Island 2 on the NDS.

I think comparing this to island is a bit of a mistake, actually the mario name does more harm than good. I think this compares better to NiGHTS, a game that's impossible to lose and kinda short and pointless on first glance, but if you get into the mechanics it's a pretty fun time waster.

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I mean, the reviews were indeed awful at the time of release. I'm not even a mario fanboy but I actually love this little gay faggot game.
You can skip the end of level intermissions if you reset the game just as they start to sing. It helps a lot.

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Another game this compares nicely to, was Keioh Flying Squadron 2 on the saturn. It's a cutesy platformer that's apparently pointless and very short at first glance, you're effectively invincible the entire game as long as you find one object to hold and it was literally bashed by reviewers. But the real goal of that game is to beat the high score to unlock the extra pictures of artwork and developer in-jokes in the extra menu. They even put a hard difficulty setting in with more enemies so people would stop complaining about the lack of challenge, but as it turns out scoring on hard mode is the antithesis of fun. I think it makes perfect sense to keep your platformer as short and easy as can be if you're designing it around scoring mechanics.

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Biggest fault with Keio I thought was that you could enter a loop of collecting an extra life and killing yourself in one of the later stages in the game, the one with the ninjas. So most people unlocked the bonus pictures by milking that stage over and over rather than playing it "properly". A bit of a designer's oversight.

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>wtf is the point of this game?

its comfy as fuck


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I just like yoshi and the goofy noises they made

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Couldn't tell you. It's been years since I've picked it up.

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Thanks for sharing.
I'm amazed I even played this in front of my family with a straight face. This game's pretty gay, yo.

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this game is homosexual without a doubt in my mind

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It really is, they tried making it nostalgic and childish like kirby or animal crossing but overshoot and ended up being fabulous.

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also, the artstyle is nice but the shitty n64 graphic filters fuck it up. Sometimes the background and sprites will be sharp and sometimes they will get blurry for no reason.

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you can only get black and white yoshis on 2 levels? do you have to unlock them every time?

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No, you got it all wrong. If you die with the black and white yoshis you can't use them again in that run, not even if you get a white shyguy. You can find the black yoshi egg in any stage at page 2 and the white one at page 3.

If you did with them, just reset before they get taken away. The game saves after you die or beat a level, as long as you are reset quickly you can keep them. You get a huge score bonus just by selecting them, and they don't have a favorite color so you can chain shyguys of any color - always jump on them, never turn them into eggs.

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>If you die with them, just reset before they get taken away.

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whats the point of any game? whats the point of you? whats the point of life?

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Also they do saved and get carried on to new games as long as they don't die.

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Also they do get saved and carried on to new games as long as they don't die.

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Yo, I just checked and you do get a bonus for every additional yoshi alive at the end of the level.

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thanks i was worried for a second

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I think you have to save the fruit tree at the last level

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stop using shitty emulators.
game looks gorgeous on real hardware and a CRT TV

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I played it like that and I don't remember being blown away.

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so it got a 8.0 instead of a 10 in Nintendo circlejerk magazine

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aint nothin bad gonna happen today

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im not using an emulator