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I just got a Dreamcast. What are the best games to get for this thing? Any multiplats that perform better on it or anything?

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Play Jet Grind Radio, then throw the dreamcast away.

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awesome 2d fighter library

gigawing 2 (4 player shmup)

PSO (play online)

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Get both Shenmue games, and then cry because we'll never get a conclusion.

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If you play Shenmue make sure you play the undub version. The dub is really bad. Shenmue II on the Dreamcast is thankfully in Japanese with English subs.

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Just don't be tricked into playing anything that was updated and improved later. Dreamcast had a lot of great games but very few of them are true exclusives lost in time forever.

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Di you like arcade games? Because that's the main appeal of the system. That and better versions of games that were on 5th gen consoles (Tony Hawk and Rayman 2 for instance).

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Elemental Gimmick Gear is a system exclusive.

It's a Action/Adventure (zelda like)
in that you collect powerups to continue traveling around the world.

The boss fights kinda suck as they're in 3D while the rest of the gameplay is top down 2D, but I love the game anyway.

Nobody else seems to like it as I'm the only person I've ever seen post it on 4chan.

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I know it has the definitive versions of Rush 2049 and Dead or Alive 2 (also Chu Chu Rocket), but I can't think of any others at the top of my head.
Jet Set Radio is available on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, so you don't NEED a dreamcast to play it.

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Any capcom fighter. Seriously. Pick one and buy it. You'll be entertained for a long time

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My advice: invest in a spindle of blank CDs.


>Power Stone 1/2
>Sonic Adventure 1/2
>Quake 3 Arena
>Jet Grind Radio
>Phantasy Star Online 1/2 (if you don't mind using a deserted pirate server or playing by yourself, even solo it's worth a run through for the music and atmosphere alone)
>Space Channel 5 1/2
>Soul Caliber
>Chu-Chu Rocket
>Crazy Taxi 1/2
>Elemental Gimmick Gear
>Virtual On Oratorio Tangram
>Skies of Arcadia


>Rayman 2
>Tony Hawk
>Dead or Alive 2
>Rush 2049
>Marvel v. Capcom 1/2
>Hydro Thunder
>Resident Evil: Code Veronica

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Skies and Jet Grind aren't exclusive.

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Well they were at first, damn it. Sonic Adventure, Phantasy Star, Crazy Taxi, Chu-Chu Rocket, and Virtual On aren't exclusive anymore either, but they count regardless.

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Count for what? Most of those literally have IMPROVED versions elsewhere, not just being multiplats. You only screw yourself by playing them on Dreamcast.

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The games I seem to play most: Unreal Tournament, Soul Calibur, Jet Grind Radio, Project Justice, Shenmue/II, OutTrigger, D2, RE: Code Veronica, Super Runabout, San Francisco Rush 2049, Crazy Taxi, Spawn, Heavy Metal, Marvel vs Capcom 2, THPS 2, Skies of Arcadia, Grandia II, and PSO.

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Is the DC version of Spiderman worth it if I've already played the PS1 version to death?

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Are there any online functions left on the Dreamcast? Is there literally any reason to get a Dreamkey?

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You forgot RE2 and 3.
>dem 60fps
>all that unlockable shit

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Phantasy star online is available through a private server.

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You forgot Soul Reaver, RE2 and 3.
>dem 60fps
>all that unlockable shit
>better graphics, SR only

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Are the DC versions the definite versions? Like I should ignore the PS1/GC versions in favor for these?

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I swear I have an image showing the difference between all versions but I can't find it, if someone here have it please post. Oh yeah DC version also has Mercenaries unlocked from the start.

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For the RE3s: The PSX versions aren't ideal because of how gross the system's semi-broken 3D rendering is.
The GCN version is essentially a direct port of the original with no batshit 3D glitching.
The Dreamcast version unlocks the postgame mode and costume shop at the start as well as adding costumes.
PC port is just the original at highest res, but if I remember, it's tricky to run.

You'll have to look up RE2 on your own since it's so odd. Know that there is an updated PSX version that the PC and GCN ports are based on. The Dreamcast is perhaps the definitive port of that particular version, with other stuff added. The N64 version has loads of its own exclusive features including a lot of new files as well as a randomized-item playthrough option.

RE2 had a weird history.

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In short, Dreamcast and PC versions of both RE2 and 3 are the best versions. Best graphics, smoother gameplay (no loading times between camera angles like on PS1), they also have the most bonuses (DC&PC versions have the Nightmare difficulty mode for RE2 which is the greatest thing ever).
The PC versions also have the advantage to you can skip doors.

But yes, GC versions are great.

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>which is the greatest thing ever

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Even if you know RE2 by heart, Nightmare difficulty will put you on the edge as if you were playing the game for the first time again.
Here is an example
>zombies take a random amount of bullets to die, which can range from 1 to 32 ; which can lead to fucking awesome situations
>lickers can perform a quick 2 hit combos (jump+small hit when they land) to take 100% of your HP
>tons of ammo/hp items location changed
>slightly more handgun ammo, less ammo for all other weapons

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Aw fuck that's awesome.

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Bleemcast Metal Gear Solid

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>Forgetting the Fishing games

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they count as games that defined the dreamcast library, even though technically theyre multiplats

easily burning them to cd-r is so much more convenient than buying a copy of skies of arcadia legends too

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Tokyo Extreme Racer, almost as good as GT. Cars are awesome, the racing is like an rpg; while driving the city a challenger will appear and you race for pinks. You eventually create a racing team and logo and even more challengers become available. I love Japanese sport cars past and present (not civics, integras, or preludes; any front wheel drive shit).

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this fucking game one of the best racing games.

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Goddamn, Chris is so cute. And before you ask, yes, I'm a fag.

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well considering you have to buy a special controller it's a bit of an issue
plus Naka already put out Fishing Resort for the Wii I'm sure thats much easier to get ahold of

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it's a pretty cheap controller . I always wanted to try it

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I had a blast with the fishing games.
armada is a hidden gem I love.
Incoming is a fun arcade game, short but very fun.
rainbow six, get the keyboard and mouse.
I personally love star wars pod racer and star wars demolition (even though it is shit, very fun)
toy story 2 is a game that i had fun with.
sonic shuffle?
worms is a must.
grandia, fun jap rpg.
Also the dream cast has some of the best sports games. Sega tennis 2k2 is the best tennis games I have played.

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Star Wars Episode One Racer.
Crazy Taxi (both)
Tokyo Extreem Racing.
Anything that made it to the N64 also, it looks so much better on DC.

The Dreamcast was a damn fine console, my second favorite (5200 #1 I like the under dog). There are not that many bad games.

Sega got it so right, but too late.

I recommend a VGA cable as well. The DC runs Windows CE, at 640X480 Looks great on a monitor. Get an HDMI converter for your big arse TV's. This is the oldest console I will hook up to my main TV, my pre-crash 8 bit is on a different TV.

Don't let anyone tell you this system is shit, as they just released a brand new game for the system in Japan, this year.

Happy Gaming.

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I agree many titles went to another console. It is hard to get Crazy Taxi with the Offspring, and Name Branding.

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dreamcast is a hearty motherfucker.

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Good advice.

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This and Toy Racer.

Both great exclusives.

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Dead or Alive 2
Marvel vs Capcom 1 and 2
Power Stone 1 and 2
Soul Calibur
Street Fighter (all of them)
Tech Romancer

Crazy Taxi 1 and 2
Metropolis Street Racer
San Francisco Rush 2049
Test Drive Le Mans

Grandia II
Skies of Arcadia

Everything else:
Jet Grind Radio
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Maken X
Rayman 2
Resident Evil (all of them)
Sonic Adventure
Tony Hawk 1 and 2
Unreal Tournament

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I don't care if these got to be in new consoles, There are some differences. THPS is shit on any other platform, but the classic ones.
Technically on this board, none of those new versions exist yet.

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I put hours into that game!

>> No.1821569

trick style wasn't half bad.

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Record of Lodoss Wars (A Diablo clone)
Grandia 2 (The best version of that game)
Project Justice (rival schools 2)
Skies of Arcadia
Power Stone (A party fighting game)
Jet Grind radio (Tho Jet set radio future for the xbox had better controls and more abilities)
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver
Phantasy Star Online
Virtual On: Oratorio Tangaram
There was this one RPG that I played the first and second of, but I can't remember the name. I remember it had something to do with mining and your team consisted of three characters and you had to maintain them in a forward, middle or rear position on the battlefield. Enemies would try to knock them into prime position to attack.

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Oh, also, I forgot Marver vs Capcom 2. The best version on home consoles.

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>Quake 3 Arena

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best part was the snake game for the VMU you got from it

>> No.1822090

thats what it was? My vmus were always dead. battery lasted 2 days max.

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Grab 2 or 3 friends and play some fucking Power Stone 2! Did that a couple weeks ago having never played the game before and had a blast. I was also high as fuck, so that probably made the experience even better. You can't beat a game that has an indian transforming into a robot.

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god some one needs to set up a server so we could do a turry.

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>Forgetting the Fishing games
He mentioned Sonic Adventure.

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Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX

though you can get it for PC also

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Do I need to play Grandia 1 to play 2 or is it a Final Fantasy deal and they're standlon?

>> No.1822879

Totally. Toy commander needs more love

>> No.1822930

dude don't you know they've been playing on dreamcasts at quakecon and dreamhack all these years? Try downloading quake-live. it only works on dreamcast! us 90's gaymers

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No. Stop it.
This is a board based on retro games, it doesn't mean that everything after 2000 ceases to be relevant.
PC ports of the best games on the Dreamcast exist, and they are easier to come across than the Dreamcast counterparts.
You can argue "burning a cd is easier", but you'd be wrong. If you're going to pirate anyway, it's dumb to not go full software, especially when the PC version has so many improvements.

>> No.1822964

You can jump right into 2.

>> No.1822970

I used to own it.

EB games had it for $2.99 back when they still sold DC

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Evolution 1 & 2?

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>dem minigames

Egg Roll racing is fun as fuck.

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Is there any way to get online anymore?

>> No.1825789

Phantasy star online works.
Also Web browsing should still work...

Also you can buy broadband adapters for it.

>> No.1825792


Phantasy star online (PRIVATE SERVER)*

>> No.1825797

Is there a special way to do it? I got a Dreamkey 1.5 today, do I need that?

>> No.1825807

There is a Phantasy Star Online General here on /vr/ check it out. Or google. I haven't tried it myself.

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I loved that game and played it all the time. Can't seem to find it though, one of my friends must have stolen it.

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Any racing game like Super Mario 64? Silly weapons and overall cheating stuff.

I´ve seen a bunch that look very good, but all of them are just plain racing. It´s just not the same if you can´t blow someone up on the way

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Crash Team Racing is the best.

Also theres Diddy Kong Racing.

>> No.1826568

Oops. Dreamcast thread.

>> No.1826578

Yep. I just got a Dreamcast, just like OP, and am looking for something to play. My buddy and I are already tired of Super Mario 64 tracks and want something new. Diddy Kong is also burnt, although we´ve never played Crash Team. Off topic, but thanks anyways

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Looney Tunes Space Race

>> No.1826735

No one has mentioned Cannon Spike? Seriously?

>> No.1828259


Eh, they're really similar. Dreamcast version has shorter load times, and in my experience it just felt smoother.



Really? Goodness the DC is so great.


They weren't really my thing...



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Bumping because great thread

Anybody has any other recommendation?

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Zombie Revenge.

It's an arcade style action/beatem up.

It's fun with other people.

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>Zombie Revenge
Hell. Fucking. Yes.

Sword of the Berserk Guts' Rage
Dynamite Cop
Mortal Kombat Gold wasn't too bad imo

>> No.1830000


>tfw noone to play Zombie Revenge with
>why did I even buy all these controllers

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Are there any good shumps?

Also any idea why the PAL version of Sonic Shuffle is so expensive when compared to NTSC versions? I was going to get it just because it's one of the only Sonic games I've never played but it's over £20 at least for PAL while Japanese version can be about £12 in some places. Is it just because PAL stuff is generally more expensive anyway?

>> No.1831225

Is a racing wheel worth it? Only driving game I have right now is MSR, are there any other notable ones?

>> No.1831230

Are console racing wheels ever worth it?
They always felt weird and gimmicky/awkward to me.

>> No.1831241

I had a PS1 wheel once and it was OK.
Also, what about the fight sticks. Was thinking about picking up JoJo and maybe MvC, worth it?

>> No.1831262

The official dreamcast one seems like good build quality, I don't see why not.

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>Are there any good shmups?

Daytona, both Crazy Taxis, Le Mans, F355 Challenge. Since they're mainly ports of arcade games that used steering wheels, it should work pretty well. I recommend a Concept 4 wheel over some others.

The official stick (Green stick & buttons w/ DC logo) works well for fighting games, shmups, arcade collections, and certain other games that map identical controls to both the analog stick and d-pad. (Ms. Pac-Man Maze Madness and a few others I've forgotten)
Some have modded their official sticks to improve it further, like adding microswitches to the buttons to match the ones on the stick itself, which I'm looking into as well.

>> No.1831305

>Some have modded their official sticks to improve it further,


>> No.1831334

How the hell do you play fighters comfortably on the regular dreamcast controller? It's annoying as shit. I'm thinking of getting an arcade stick

>> No.1831357


> recall years spend on wangan midnight at arcade
> still not regretting those awesome moments and friendships

>> No.1831446

Third Strike, but I don't really know good of a port it is.

>> No.1831969

Any games with good VMU minigames?

>> No.1831973

I remember that, I think Sakamoto Maaya did all the music for it?

>> No.1831975

Zombie Revenge.

>There are three VMU games in all; Zombie Doubt, a memory testing game, Zombie Fishing, a fish-for-zombies game, and Zombie Raising, a Tamagotchi-style pet sim where you feed your Zombie Revenge character to help him/her become a better person. If the sound of there three VMU exclusives haven't sold you on Zombie Revenge, I don't know what will.

>> No.1831980

PROJECT JUSTICE mother fucker

>> No.1831981

Also a neat cheat

>Accumulate points in the VMU mini-game to unlock "Eternal Life", "Area Select", "Free Continue" and "Free Time Limit" cheat options in original mode.

>> No.1831984

I can confirm, this is a great game. It's the first game I finished since I got my first DC this year. The game is actually difficult and the puzzles require some creative thinking, some parts also require dexterity from the player. The downside is that the scenario is clichéd. I still liked it though.

The lab theme song is amazing.

>> No.1832034

Also, Illbleed. You play as a bunch of inflatable teenagers. The graphics are great though, very colorful too.

>> No.1832037 [DELETED] 

Did you get stuck near the part where you have to burn the log too? shit is so not obvious, looks like background fodder.

>> No.1832305

Gigawing and Street Fighter 3, in SF3 if playing on a crt, hold L and start before the Capcom logo appears and the game with out put progressive, and look just like the arcade.

>> No.1832316


Just get almost everything made by Capcom.

>> No.1832441

Just got through the main campaign in Metropolis Street Racer. It took forever but it's a great game. The cities are incredibly detailed and the racing is great too, the music sucks though IMO.

I wonder how much further the DC could have been pushed graphically had it lived

>> No.1832475

just burn your games, lol..

yea, it plays them :D

>> No.1832535

I'm also going to buy a dreamcast, but I heard that playing burned games on it, is bad for the lens.. is that true? I've heard that somewhere, because it isnt made to read burned cds.

>> No.1832538

I don't believe there is any hard proof this is true.
I think it's just a none-proven "fact"

>> No.1832560


That shit's an urban myth. Plus, most modern game rips are full of dummy data so the laser doesn't have to move as far.

>> No.1833252

Personally, I liked the music. Except the country station. Fuck the country station.

>> No.1833261

>definitive version of Dead or Alive 2
The devs said it was DoA2 Hardcore.

To answer OP, Marvel vs Capcom.

>> No.1833348

Be SURE to get Draconus: Cult of the Wyrm.
Never ever mentioned on /vr/, not sure why but it's a gem. Just keeps getting better and better.

Also record of the lodoss war is amazing

>> No.1833351

Man that shit was fun the first time I played it with my little bro...but after a while it loses it's appeal. Play it in moderation to make it last.

Btw, has the Dreamcast ever released a fighting game pad? Thing is I had a lot of fighters but most of them where SNK games and when ever I played 6 button stuff, I converted the buttons to SNK mode and cheesed my way to victory cuz the controller aint built for those games.

Is there a way I can finally use the elusive medium button?

>> No.1833474

I have Space Channel on the PS2, Crazy Taxi on the GCN, and Q3A on my toaster.

>> No.1833506

Playing them both says otherwise

>> No.1834338

Can PAL ISOs be used with NTSC consoles? I can only seem to find PAL downloads for Crazy Taxi and I want to make sure before I waste a CD.

>> No.1834387

I thought DoA Ultimate on Xbox is the definitive version.

>> No.1834404

Google it. Should be able too though.

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I love me some Dreamcast, it's that one console that I can bring somewhere and there's always someone willing to play.
Right now I'm playing San Francisco Rush 2049 and my god.

>Those graphics
>This music
>This atmosphere
>All these unlockables
>All this content
>All these shortcuts and hidden areas
>Tired of racing? BATTLE MODE

This game came out in 1999, and is probably the best arcade racer I've ever played.

>> No.1834420
File: 1.26 MB, 260x173, rush2049.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It really is one of the best. It's essentially 3 games in 1. Also that fucking Gauntlet course is awesome but I could never complete it. Probably using the wrong car setup.

>> No.1834490

Protip of the Kings: Download ReviveDC or DCRes releases whenever possible.

>> No.1835826

Shenmue 2
Skies of Arcadia
Jet Set Radio
Soul Calibur
Power Stone
F355 Challenge
Metropolis Street Racer
Chu Chu Rocket
Under Defeat
Daytona USA 2001

Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver (best version)
Le Mans ( best version)
Quake III Arena
Dead or Alive 2
Marvel Vs Capcom 2
Tony Hawk (especially 2)
Rayman 2
Cannon Spike
Hydro Thunder
Grandia 2

>> No.1835850

The DC had an arcade stick.

>> No.1835857

Playing the port of these on gamecube as we speak.

Really good games.

>> No.1836326

sigh...so there is no fightpad. So either go with stick or get a saturn/ps2 converter. Wonder how much dc sticks go for these days?

>> No.1836349
File: 1.52 MB, 2448x2448, IMG_20140804_191153.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Just got one today from a friend, though it's just the console and 1 controller. Ordered a new VMU for $6, an original AV cable, and a complete copy of Shenmue. I can't wait until everything arrives.

>> No.1837183

I'm eagerly waiting on the mail too.
Just got the system, 2 controllers, and Tony Hawk for $20

>> No.1837692

Nice. I'm going to have to try burning a copy of Pro Skater soon. I've only played the PS1 version, before. Will you be buying, or burning a majority of your games?

>> No.1837798

Do you just need CD-Rs? Anything special I need to do or just put the discs in and play?

>> No.1837825

Look up a Dreamcast burning guide so you burn it nice and cleanly. After you burn it, yeah you just stick it in the dreamcast and play.

>> No.1837880

If you're interested in just playing PSO you're better off playing Blue Burst on PC than figuring out how to set up the internet on your Dreamcast.
Use DiscJuggler or ImgBurn. Some images only work on older Dreamcasts, does your console have a 0, 1 or 2 on the bottom?

>> No.1838109

You mean the number next to the area code? Mine has a one.

>> No.1838190

Mine has a one too. ImgBurn, CD-R and just burn disk into it at x16 speed and put it in. So far, all of them worked wonders

>> No.1838246

Protip: if you have the space for it, download the torrent of the DCRES complete pack.

>> No.1838253


>> No.1838263

Most of the games are good, and it's the best releases of all of them.

>> No.1838476

It should. I don't have any PAL ISOs but I'm able to play Ikaruga (JP only release) perfectly fine.

>> No.1838506
File: 60 KB, 848x477, 1406508244662.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>primarily a Sega family
>got the Dreamcast for Christmas
>months of us enjoying Sonic Adventure, the fishing games (still got the damn special rod controller), Grandia 2, Power Stone, etc..

>almost 14 years later I still enjoy the system and regularly play it with my friends

>> No.1838552

Traditionally, people that rip Dreamcast games change the flags in the executable to make the game every region and VGA compatible.

>> No.1838557

meant as reply to >>1834338

>> No.1838564


What about all the shit added to N64 RE2?
I still play that from time to time, wouldn't feel bad about ditching it for the DC version if it were all there though.

>> No.1838587

Burning. Buying the originals won't support the game developers anyways so I'll save my cashola :)

>> No.1838614


Bothers me that this title is always overlooked when people mention DC games/exclusives when a lot of arguably poorly aged games get mentioned all the time.

PJ has a large diverse cast of characters, timeless stylised graphics, great music, great single player "story" mode, humour, board game/character creator feature and of course solid gameplay.

I'd suck a mans dick for a good sequel.

>> No.1839705

Does Shenmue works on a burned CD? Isn't there issues cause you know, it's a multi-CD games and everything? If it does work I'm gonna take back that bad motherfucker that has been sleeping in my sheelves for so long

>> No.1839707

You ever think of burning BOTH DISC?

>> No.1839712
File: 11 KB, 400x300, george.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know I just figured that there would be some issues because you know my friends told me this and... ok I'll try...

>> No.1839732

Just do some google research on burning that game. If there is major problems, there should be info on it.

>> No.1840264

Nah. It´s like Resident Evil 2 - you just burn both disks and use them exactly as you would use the original two disks.

The only games that give trouble are those that are bigger than a CD and require overburning, which is not compatible with all burners and I´ve read has a chance to fuck up your recorder, although I don´t really have any idea about it

>> No.1843056

>this title is always overlooked when people mention DC games/exclusives


It's a Capcom fighter, during the golden age of Capcom fighters. That ALONE should guarantee that a good amount of people have played it.

Don't tell me that everyone skipped over this just to play Mahvel and Power Stone?

>> No.1844873

holy shit, george takei narrates that game

>> No.1844961

Wouldn't those old PC versions be difficult to run in Window 7 though? It is in fact easier to play them on the Dreamcast.

>> No.1844963

Yep, Soul Reaver is awesome on the Dreamcast. I'd also recommend Shadow Man and Blue Stinger. Blue Stinger only if you enjoy cheesy, so bad it's good games.

>> No.1844965

All of the official DC accessories were high quality. It just depends on whether or not you want all that plastic clutter. The arcade stick is well worth the investment since the standard controller is garbage for fighting games.

>> No.1844967

It's excellent. That was honestly a golden age for Capcom. The Dreamcast got arcade perfect ports of their fighters from that era.

>> No.1844975

I'd say that it's underrated in that Rival Schools never really achieved mainstream popularity, at least in the US. I bought a Dreamcast on 9/9/99 and I never played PJ until just a few years ago. Great fighter though.

>> No.1847040

Get the sd card reader and dreamshell for home brew :)

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