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I've played Ocarina plenty but never played Majora's Mask. Is the constant time limit thing as annoying as it seems like it would be? What does it do better than OoT and what does OoT do better? Where does it sit in the timeline in relation to OoT?

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>s the constant time limit thing as annoying as it seems like it would be?

No. You can slow down the passage of time and do a lot of stuff before resetting.

> What does it do better than OoT and what does OoT do better?

MM does sidequests better. Game's more challenging. Link can change to different forms (for each race +special masks). There's a lot of stuff to hunt if you're a completionist.

OoT is much longer and has a more "epic" plot.

>Where does it sit in the timeline in relation to OoT?

Just after OoT. It's the follow-up plot of Link trying to find navi as a kid.

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Just play the game faggot.
The whole game is built around that time limit.

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>is the time limit as anoying as it seems
yes. there is a song you can use to slow down the timer, though it is never told to you in the game. the annoying part is in side quests where you just have to stand around for in game hours until an event finally happens. even worse if you don't know where an event is you only have like 3 minutes to rush around everywhere to try to find it, and if you fuck up you have to go back and do all the waiting again. having to reset time is also annoying in that they take all of your stuff, so you will be wasting time cutting grass at the start of every cycle

>what does it do better
side quests. the main game is so laughably short that the game survives pretty much entirely on sidequests. the only problem with this is not very many sidequests actually have a plot attached to them so, to me personally, most of them just felt like a chore but there are a few really good ones

>what does OoT do better
nearly everything. mainly the main quest is longer and OoT has 8 dungeons compared to MM's 4

>where in the timeline
MM takes place in an alternate dimension very shortly after link goes back in time after defeating ganon. the intro cutscene states he goes there to search for navi but navi is never in the game at all and the game never even mentions this again. it's really weird and dumb that they even put it in at all

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>The song to slow down time is never told to you in game.
The scarecrow in the observatory tells you. Since he's the only way to skip ahead in time before getting the Ocarina, It's a given that anything he talks about will be time related.

Only way you can miss this info is if you're purposely avoiding things. or skipping through dialogue like Egoraptor.

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>MM takes place in an alternate dimension very shortly after link goes back in time after defeating ganon.
For the sake of this thread, please do not bring up that tragedy of an "official" "timeline."

But to answer OP's question: MM is a very different game from OoT. OoT is a grand, heroic adventure against evil while MM is a subtle, strange journey about redemption and accepting loss. One of the main quests has you reuniting two lovers who get together just as the moon is about to fall, and you have to rewind time so it never happened.

Most people who find MM's time system annoying or frustrating are almost playing into a weird sort of irony, because the people in Clocktown express the same frustrations. Once you learn how to manipulate and make the most out of your 3 days, it's not frustrating in the least.

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>For the sake of this thread, please do not bring up that tragedy of an "official" "timeline."
Nevermind, I was reading your post wrong.

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>or skipping through dialogue like Egoraptor.

This much projecting in a single sentence

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That's not how projecting works.

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I can telll you have a short attention span.

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The time limit is a little annoying, but it's manageable. It only really gets particularly frustrating in that some of the sidequests can only be completed if a certain area's dungeon has been completed, and dungeons get reset every time you reset the clock. It makes sense, and it's honestly the only way the game could work without scrapping the whole concept entirely or making it possible to miss/break sidequests completely, but it can still be a little annoying. Really helps increase the tension and feeling of just not having enough time to do everything you want, which is so central to the games themes, though.

OoT is the better pure Zelda game, in my opinion. It's has the typical hero's journey story archetype, the usual focus on exploring dungeons and collecting tools and weapons to progress, etc. MM is a sidestory (original name was Zelda Gaiden IIRC), and it's far more of a sort of "art house" game. The focus is shifted to character relationships, sidequests, and exploring the thematic elements of the story and setting. It's very much focused around accepting and dealing with loss, mortality, etc. Incredibly melancholy if you pay attention to the subtle details.

To boil it down into much more simple terms, Majora's Mask is to Ocarina of Time what Link's Awakening was to Link to the Past.

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That would imply that Link's Awakening was half a Zelda game which is a bit unfair.

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Wasn't it?

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the only thing MM does worse than OoT is the sidequests for the upgraded sword. I feel like the smith's are really underutilized characters, they were really charming and interesting. Would have been more fun to do more than just bring them two bottles of gold dust.

BUT, you can't win everything. Still, the great fairy's sword is an awesome addition and is really enjoyable to use.

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Yah, this might sound a bit weird but MM felt closer to Link's Awakening to me just like OoT felt like a revamp of Link to the Past.
Know what I'm saying? It's not perfect in execution, newer Zeldas are probably better at that, but it's certainly the most memorable game in the series.

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The 3D Zelda that got closer to doing the Dungeons "right". The little fairy collectables are the best thing in the game and the bosses are piss easy once you figure them out, but pretty hard when you go in blind. Also I love the morbid tone of the story.

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The way I see it, there are two main storylines repeating throughout the Zelda series. The "main" storyline is the one everybody thinks of with Link fighting Ganon, saving Hyrule, etc., then there's a sort of "sidestory" that has a darker, more introspective tone.

I don't think it's a coincidence that both LA and MM feature new settings (Koholint and Termina), Neither have Zelda or Ganon factoring into the story at all, both have a very surreal, dream-like feel to them, etc. They both stand out in stark contrast from the main games, but they do so in extremely similar ways.

I also don't think it's a coincidence that LA and MM are both in my top 3 games in the franchise.

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Majora's Mask and OoT is better than the shit that is the new 3D Zelda...... Yeah yeah I know that comment is not retro but I am just saying. Of course nothing is better than Zelda A Link to the Past, Link's Awakening and Oracle of Seasons/Ages IMO.

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Egoraptor pls go

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>OoT is much longer
MM is waaaaaaay longer if you actually do everything there is to do

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>Is the constant time limit thing as annoying as it seems like it would be?
No. You have 72 minutes normally, and something like three hours if you slow down the timer. I believe >>1810042
is wrong though, it is told to you in the game by the scarecrow on the lower floor of the observatory, although not explicitly. Still obscured though. I never had any problem getting anything done on time. Three hours is a long time and if you've beaten a dungeon before you can warp straight to the boss to clear it, as some conditions are only available when a dungeon boss is dead.

>What does it do better than OoT and what does OoT do better?
The game looks slightly better, probably because of the expansion pak. I personally prefer the atmosphere over OoT, and while there are only a few dungeons, I think all of them are among the best designed in the series. I personally enjoyed the story more as well.

OoT had more items to use and it was probably a longer game overall, although you can easily waste hours in MM if you want.

>caring about the timeline.

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The expansion pack for Majora's Mask was a bit of a scam really. Conker's Bad Fur Day does a lot more graphically than Majora's Mask and no expansion pack required or supported.

inb4 somebody says the game is tracking a lot of NPCs, it doesn't track NPCs that are off screen dammit, that's not how game programming works

when you enter a room it just uses a lookup table to see if an NPC should be at position X at time X

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Please stop this shit, that's not true at all and you know it. A good fraction of the side quests aren't even new content but direct analogs to stuff you already do in Ocarina of Time.

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Majora needed the expansion pack?
I remember playing it without it.
I also recall a lot of games that recognized the expansion pack but it wasn't required to play the game.

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It is better than Oot in terms of story, gameplay wise, fuck no. It's much shorter, has weak puzzles that seemed more reliant on nintendo power magazines than Oot, plus the water temple area/ the place with pirate girls can ruin the entire game. No joke.

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The time limit isn't nearly as annoying as people say it is. It's a problem before you get the ocarina back, but afterwards, the only risk is lost expendables and lost progress, but that's only if you're dawdling.

The expendables can easily be regained from rolling around in Termina Field for a minute. Literally, after you get the Goron mask.

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I think it needed the expansion pack for saving

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It was required. As far as I know, only Majora's Mask, Donkey Kong 64, and Perfect Dark absolutely required the expansion.

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>I remember playing it without it

No you don't. Majora's Mask straight-up won't start without the expansion pack

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Great Bay Temple
and i agree, worst dungeon in the entire series

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>Is the constant time limit thing as annoying as it seems like it would be?

No, it adds to it, it's fun

>What does it do better than OoT?

do you like masks? also, side quests, side quests everywhere

and what does OoT do better? Where does it sit in the timeline in relation to OoT?

directly after. I wish Majoras mask had at least four more dungeons or the main quest was just longer in someway, y'know? also, the water temple in majoras mask is even more fucked in my opinion

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To the extent that the time limit is a problem it is mostly a psychological problem. Having a timer tick away seems sort of inappropriate in a Zelda game because the fun thing about Zelda games is to get off task and goof off but the timer is there to constantly remind you that you have shit you need to be doing and you only have so much time left to do it. That being said, I've never run out of time while playing MM, I've always had time to spare.

Of course, MM isn't a very pro-exploration Zelda game to begin with; the game even gives you a checklist of shit that needs to get done and the time it has to get done by.

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Perfect Dark technically could be played without the expansion, however the game would limit you to splitscreen multiplayer with no bots. You needed the expansion if you wanted singleplayer or more complex multiplayer.

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I actually rather like the Great Bay Temple, since it makes really good use of the Zora form (which imo, is the most fun you'll ever have navigating water in a game ever... though I guess that isn't saying much).

If the game has to have a shit temple, I'd argue it's Snowhead... something about its droning music, and the way you ascend the place makes it feel very tedious.

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The main draw for Majora's Mask is the surreal atmosphere. Since it was kind of a side project, they let their hair down and delivered a really unique-feeling game.

I'm not going to do the whole WOW SO SCARE 2SPOOKY GAME SLENDERMAN GET U BEN DROWNED thing, that ruins it for people. It's not going to make you pee your pants and punch your mom in fright. If you love losing yourself in a gameworld though, the atmosphere is just incredible. It's manages to be more bustling and lively than OoT (Clock Town is wonderful), and also bleaker and lonelier and far darker in parts. Other than the whole EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE main plot, most of the rest of the unsettling stuff is just sort of...there, unexplained.

As for the time limit, think of it more like a "Multiple runs" thing, but integrated into the plot itself. It's literally like Groundhog Day. You have a 3-day period that you play through, during which a bunch of the NPCs and gameworld stuff goes through a set schedule of events. You play through the three days and learn how they unfold, and start trying to influence them.

And it's not like "oh, every single third day I have to go do X". You do it piece by piece. You help villagers, almost like a Love De Lic game. Say you've taken an interest in the lady at the bar. You check in on her during the time period, find out where she goes at what time, talk to her in different locations to gather clues. Eventually you figure out her problems enough to help her out. Once you've fully helped her out, you unlock (usually) a new Mask, and then you don't have to worry about her anymore and can move on to different parts of the three days.

Also you have a new fairy named Tatl. She makes a tinkerbell gentle chime instead of Navi's HEY, and is all sassy and standoffish instead of nice.

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>Is the constant time limit thing as annoying as it seems like it would be?
It's not annoying at all.
Majora's Mask does everything better than Oot except dungeons.

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dungeons is Zelda, idiom

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>mm does everything better except the only important thing in a zelda game

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I'd say it does the dungeons better, since all of them (except for Woodfall) have a centralized puzzle the ties the whole of the dungeon together, and many of puzzles required something other than "Use [dungeon item] on [dungeon-specific object]."

The only thing I'd say is that the background music for said dungeons tends be forgettable, Stone Tower exempted. Something OOT definitely does better than MM is give its dungeons more atmosphere. MM's dungeons, while interesting, don't always seem to mesh with the rest of the game world so well.