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Now that the dust has settled can we talk about Daikatana? Is it worth playing?


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The dust hasnt settled yet so no we cannot talk about it. Think of Daikatana like Chernobyl; its still not advised to venture into that territory for quite some time.

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I've played it co-op and it was fun. By yourself it's a horrible waste of time.

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Daikatana: Once again proving that even the worst games are playable with a bro.

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Actually, Daikatana is even more broken in co-op since a number of important triggers for doors don't activate in that mode.

Good thing the game comes with noclip as a default keybind.

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>Good thing the game comes with noclip as a default keybind.

Holy shit Romero..
my sides. ahaha.

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Man that game was a riot. Shame we lost Looking Glass over it, but that's history.

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$1? Thanks OP.

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I heard that it's good in co-op because the NPC protagonists that follow you around have horrible AI, and replacing those with real players will make them actually helpful.

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What can I expect?

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Is there any way to disable the AI companions? A mod maybe? I never played the game, but I think it would be tedious to look after dumb as rocks NPCs all the time. It seems to me like a giant escort quest...

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Expect not being able to leave without your buddy Superfly.

And pretty good music.

You can't get rid of them but you can give orders to them and, surprisingly, they'll actually follow them. I've found the best thing you can do is tell them to stay put near the start of the level and just go do your thing. They'll automatically head to you when you reach a level trigger and, doubly surprisingly, their path finding actually works to get them there without you having to babysit them.

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Do we really need two threads about this?

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I hope the mods on /vr/ ban everyone doing shit like "Now that the dust has settled" or "What has gone wrong" or "Why /vr/ suddenly"

It's the reason I can't stand to go on /v/ anymore

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>suddenly /vr/ hates overused posting styles

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Cool, thanks, that was my main worry. Maybe I'll buy it if it's cheap...

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not really, no
however, the GBC version actually will make you its bitch with damn decent gameplay (zelda style) and level design
Romero put the rom up on his website since they couldn't release it due to the failure of the PC game.
you can still find it floating around

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>Shame we lost Looking Glass over it
What? They were involved in Daikatana? I thought Looking Glass collapsed because of System Shock 2's weak sales.

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Dude. ANY game can be fun if you play with someone else. Heck, even having a single spectator can make the shittiest game much more enjoyable.

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Eidos kept pumping so much money into Romero that they had to close down Looking Glass Studios.

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The point was don't play it by yourself.

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the point was play a better game with your friends

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>ANY game can be fun if you play with someone else.
That's wrong though.

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>Dude. ANY game can be fun if you play with someone else

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Gee Romero. Why does your mom give you TWO threads?

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