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How much of this came true?

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Multiplayer stuff came about during the /vr/ era, but the rest is fairly recent evolution.

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is that pic from one of those old Commodore 64 books? I've got a bunch of those...somewhere

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>quadrophonic sound
How old is this?

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Looks to be about 40 years old, based on the drawing style.

The Usborne Book of the Future is another interesting catalog of retro-futurism.

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>The Ultimate Game

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Surround sound for games started in the late 90s.

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>laser lighting
Yeah I guess if you want eye damage.

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Found 'em


No wonder I thought it looked familiar. Unfortunately I don't have that one, it sounds awesome as fuck.

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Did any game actually use quadrophonic sound though?
I mean the retarded 70's kind not Dolby Digital or what have you now.

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>2000 is closer to 1987 than 2014

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PC Gaming Master Race is almost there with creating "The Ultimate Game", what with expensive components, 4K resolution, and multi monitor setups.

As for handhelds with realistic graphics, don't count on Nintendo doing that any time soon, the 3DS' successor will be lucky to be just as powerful as the PSP was. The Vita can do that just fine though, despite having such a poor library.

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EAX and A3D were originally for quadraphonic setups.

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>the ultimate game will be a super-realistic simulation
God realismfags are such cancer.

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Seems to me pretty much everything in that page not only became true, thing went a lot further since then. Most games today combine all of these advancements. When seeing this retarded-looking arcade multiplayer game I remembered the racing arcade games from the 90s with multiple linked machines such as Daytona USA. Or the Capcom and Konami beat'em ups that allowed up to 4 simultaneous players - was ever there an arcade beat'em up that allowed more than 4 players?

While "The Ultimate Game" doesn't exist in the exact form they describe yet, the technology is already here cheap and accessible. Seems to me it would basically be an MMO similar to Elite 2: Frontier with contemporary graphics. Something like Oculus Rift could take the role of the "special games cubicle". The main problem would be development costs for something so massive.

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>sports game
>control each team member individually

I guess they meant it in the way we have it today, with AI taking over every player you aren't focused on, but I can only imagine a soccer game where you're trying to control eleven players at the same time, each with their own controls, and it's just blowing my mind right now.

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In NBA Live '95 for SNES, with the multitap, each player could be one of the players on the court, provided it was 5vComp. I played that mode ONCE, and it was fun times for all.

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The ultimate game is the "happening" process with flight simulators.

It's not a game anymore. You gotta learn shit. So much for casuals.

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Starting upper left, per row:
>3D rasterizsation
>Sadly soundfonts for voice is not a thing yet, but we got enough space to have audio on
>"Board and counters", what?
>Cube controller super screen: Online gaming pre online, its real
>Most basic prediction
>Ping for other wise of the world is currently 300-500ping depending on how shit the cables and routing are, since Internet became a thing
>Occulus Rift + Steel Battalion(xbox game with special controller, thats with metal)

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>millions of pieces of information
A Megabyte? You could store that on 3 5.25" floppies. MB size HDD for home computers were available in the early 80s.

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1.2 MB on a late-model high density dual sided disk. 256kB and 512kB disks were much more common.

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Pretty much all of that shit has happened. Not necessarily simultaneously, i.e. some of it we're far beyond and some is a bit more contemporary. Their "ultimate game" concept has been realized many times but immersion isn't as popular as people thought it would be.

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>the ultimate game

Soon it will be reality. Picture related.

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>multiple floppy drives
>CD rom drive for audio
>laser disk drive for video
>one monitor for gameplay
>second monitor for stats
>a microphone for voice commands

Haha, oh god, I want to see this abomination of gaming in action. Was it really so hard to imagine that media technology would simply improve to the point where you wouldn't need all those drives and disks? Or that displays would become higher resolution? Or that voice commands would be shit?

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>Haha, oh god, I want to see this abomination of gaming in action.
Sega came close.

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SEGA Mega-CD-32x-Drive

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That sounds fucking amazing.

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Not impossible to reproduce. Hard part now, is finding four other people willing to play a 20 year old basketball game.

I live in the same town as one of my best friends, and I can't drag his ass online to play Double Dragon Neon or Dragon's Crown, and he bought both before I did.

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>tfw no gigantic space battle tower with all your friends controlling X-wings making a run on the Death Star

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You could always play Autism Online with all the other anal-retentive assholes in the game whose name I have blocked from my memory.

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I'm honestly not sure why there's no really popular multiplayer space combat simulators. Seems like it'd be the ultimate e-sport game.

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How about Galaxian 3 instead?

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Holy shit! That's awesome!

... what does it say in English?

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There was some game kind of like that which traveled around America like a decade back. Rather than piloting fighters it was more like every player was in charge of a station on a starship sort of Star Trek-style.

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lol this

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>Or the Capcom and Konami beat'em ups that allowed up to 4 simultaneous players - was ever there an arcade beat'em up that allowed more than 4 players?
Some X-men cabinets allowed for 6.

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"The Ultimate Game" sounds like shit

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There's a Pirate of the Caribbean themed one at Disney Quest in Florida. Large room filled with screens, one person captains the boat, everyone else mans a cannon.

Kinda neat.

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Did it involve Mars?

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>The ultimate game
That already exists though, its called Space Engine

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>the retarded 70's kind
Man, Quadrophonic was cool. It was for music. Surround sound is what's shit.

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>The Ultimate Game
sounds like No Man's Sky.

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or anyone committed to those Flight Simulator games

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Star Citizen?

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>you're trying to control eleven players at the same time, each with their own controls

You'd have to be a dual-octopus

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>tfw quadrophonic infinity cabinet setup w/ Harmon Kardon preamps/amps

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>The Ultimate Game

greetings from /m/

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>All that talk about soundfonts and procedurally generated voice

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"Ultimate game" is really only a matter of opinion, but I will say everything else has come to fruition.

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