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Doom thread, (Last thread >>1776706)
(other retro FPS games also welcome, chances are we played 'em too)

FAQ/Pastebin, still updated semi-frequently


##Our WADs can be found here!##

Steam Group:

IRC (The password is in the FAQ.)
Channel: #vr


Wanna learn...

More about Doom? Check the OFFICIAL Doom Wiki!

To create maps?

To open/Edit WADs/PK3/etc for mod compatibility?
http://slade.mancubus.net/index.php?page=downloads (download 3.1.0)

How to load multiple WADS and mods at the same time? - ZDL (v3.2.2.2)

/idgames torrent (as of Nov.25, 2013; 12 GBs of wads, 18 years worth of user-made content!)

Vanilla/Boom related projects can be found here

ZDoom mods/projects can be found here

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-Doom 4 reveal! Well, kinda. Only those dudes who were actually at Quakecon got to see it firsthand, but here's a basic rundown of what happened there. It might not be terrible! http://pastebin.com/W8P7fdq3

-Here's a cool online radio that only plays Doom music, 24/7; feel free to listen if you're interested http://liquiddoom.net/doom

-Some anons did a 200 min. speedmap WAD and this is the result! http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/?id=17781 COMPLETELY VANILLA, tell us what you think!

-Wanna see John Romero deathmatching in 2014? Do you live in England? He will be present at Revival '14 on August 9, see more details here http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/1283115; for reference, this happened at GDC http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLXkipPv0b4KMKE7z3WwlYYUCDLACNoYfE.

-Metroid Dreadnought IS OUT! - http://zandronum.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=4561&pid=61847#pid61847

-Also The Space Pirate got an update! Check the latest ver. here! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BxbbtKR5bll_anFPaVhUQVZqcnM/edit?usp=sharing And be sure to check this tutorial http://youtu.be/mrFF8LCZw5Y [Embed]

-HDoom has its 5th techdemo! happy now? http://www.best-ever.org/download?file=m12-hdoom-techdemo5.pk3

Mods that also got updated (these links include their respective download links for each mod, by the way)

Doom RPG (not the mobile game) - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=33292
Hideous Destructor - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=12973
Pirate Doom - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=32674
DoomRL Arsenal - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=37044
GMOTA - http://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?p=742401

ATTENTION! If you know about something news-worthy PLEASE reply to this so everyone can see it

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what does mancubus say?

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Doom 4 confirmed to be based off of Brewtal Dewm and beings with a tutorial section where you shoot caged imps to learn the controls.

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We can at least breathe a sigh of relief it's not cowadoody, demon edition.

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File: 35 KB, 278x279, Big.Wet.Butts.Samia.Duarte.Fancy.Ass.Anal.XXX.cPORN.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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you're that anon that writes down porn names in filenames right

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No, seriously, that frontend thing is really great, superior to everything else ever. Put that shit in the news.

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yo I forgot because doom 4 okay

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>[Embed] [Embed]


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>gmota's sword is called tear
That's really neat. God I wish I had played this sooner.
It's alright mate.

Hey, is Jenesis good?

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just for you I'll make it [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] [Embed] next time
(probably not)

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>Also for Xbone and PS4 so its designed is going to be crippled to accommodate dudebros playing with thumbsticks

Fucking dropped.

>> No.1778949

>(probably not)

we'll see

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I always think he's saying "MANCUBUS". No seriously.

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>implying the original doom games don't have a sprint button
You probably forgot because you have auto-run on.

>> No.1778959

and when it starts shooting ANDYPAH
and when it dies WUUHHR
so probably they are calling us sluts

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They're telling us to check our thin privilege.

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He probably means the kind of sprinting that not allows you to shoot while using it.

Even then I don't think that's the case here.

>> No.1778964

Sprinting and running aren't the same thing. Sprinting typically disables weapon functionality for a temporary boost in speed. Doom's running has no limit and is just a speed increase with no drawbacks.

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I hear "omnibus", which according to Google is a volume containing several novels or other items previously published separately. Fatso confirmed for most well-read monster.

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His Mom's a slut!

>> No.1778971


Nigger, Doom had an infinite run key. Sprinting implies some kind of modern run-until-your-stamina-bar-drains or go-fast-but-you-can't-shoot bullshit.

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same guy here. I think I read somewhere else (or here) that mancubus said "l'humain!" when it found you.

with that said, you'll never unhear it anymore.

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what a faggot, calling his mum a slut

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No, sprinting implies sprinting.
Whatever other gameplay mechanics you want to imagine are attached to it are up to you.

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His mom is a Succubus, she's a slut by nature it's not an insult it's a statement of fact!

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oh, good point

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I noticed that modern games that have sprinting only make you slightly faster, but increases the FOV to give the illusion of running a lot faster.

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what if the thing that lets you sprint is the same that lets you double jump
a jetpack/thrusters
that you get to use in a zero-grav level

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Am I bad or is the Catacombs stage in DOOM II that hard at the beginning?
I'm playing UV with fast monsters.

>> No.1778993

Sounds like Duke to me.

>> No.1778998


don't worry, the whole game takes another meaning with such a simple command like -fast

Literally any level can get nasty, just look at E1M3

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Well, everybody who worked on Brutal Doom stuff must be chuffed with themselves at influencing Doom 4 this much. Mark especially.

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Why did they choose Brutal Doom of all things to be influenced by?

>> No.1779009


No, actually, Mark is quite jelly. Very, very jelly.
He says "The current personal impact is terrible. [...] It's more like being a cannon fodder. Suddenly your 4 year-long hard voluntary work becomes somebody else's goose of golden eggs."

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most popular mod


this is no laughing matter. I see there's some people who haven't cooled their heads after the nonsense that happened hours ago

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any leaked shots yet?

sauce on the brutal doom guy quote?

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>Reading the pastebin for Doom 4

This sounds far too good to be true...is it?

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>sauce on the brutal doom guy quote?

The one I posted?
It's in the last thread.

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>Contemporary game shares features with a contemporary mod.

It would have been weird if they weren't. While I love Brutal Doom and the innate shitstirring comes with it, it is hardly a creative or an innovative one. It is not the first one to have finishers nor it is the first one to paint the gameplay area red.

Though I can relate with "Suddenly your 4 year-long hard voluntary work becomes somebody else's goose of golden eggs." but he will to deal with it.

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I'm glad you're enjoying it anon. I'm doing everything I can to make it not suck.

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so how about we drop that? I was hoping for suggestions for my mod plan

>> No.1779032

Which mod/plan?

>> No.1779034

>Though I can relate with "Suddenly your 4 year-long hard voluntary work becomes somebody else's goose of golden eggs." but he will to deal with it.

I'm not sure why he's surprised considering BD follows along with most violent games of recent years by having as much gore, finishing moves, etc as possible. BD is not a pioneer in this aspect and to be surprised that a new game, especially a new Doom game, uses those same elements is pretty ridiculous.

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If it's that or COD, Brutal everytime.

If you're meaning other doom related projects, to be fair other WADs had fast paced violent elements to them, Brutal just sort of "popularizes" things. From a marketing standpoint it's also extremely standout, many would think back to the first time they played Brutal at how spectacular the violence could be. Resident evil games have this as one of the selling points.

The only downside is there are still people who want to piss and whine about Mark every time he comes up instead of focusing on the mod itself, which just fosters a lower level of discussion because every time you tell them to stop they think you're Mark and whine even more.

I could sort of see why he'd say that but he should be glad at the influence he's put in. People will know the work of himself and others that contributed to Brutal were a big influence, it's giving back more and he does get the recognition which would be the main thing to be annoyed about.
That is always the thing content creators hate, not getting credited, but it should be obvious that it pretty much is credited and will only get more that way when the games out and people compare.

>> No.1779039

I think its either "HungryMao!"
or "I'm your mom!"

>> No.1779041

This image is kind of silly, but w/e.
You're succeeding, haha. Great work. Specially fond of the earthquake thing and the daggers.
Also I just watched the GMOTA deathmatch vid Term made. That was crazy.

>> No.1779042

>People will know the work of himself and others that contributed to Brutal
>but it should be obvious that it pretty much is credited

If only Brutal Doom had proper credits!

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I forgot how Im supposed to organize my WAD files for Zandorum

>> No.1779047

Didn't Mark fix that?

>> No.1779049

>Also I just watched the GMOTA deathmatch vid Term made. That was crazy.

You're telling me, and what I'm taking away from Term's GMOTA videos more than anything is I need to add a lot of the music he's using in them for Blaz's soundtrack, he probably needs a complete makeover soundtrack wise


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File: 64 KB, 917x384, Sergeant_Mark_IV's Brutal Doom by Sergeant_Mark_IV.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


There's still several areas not credited, he gives himself credit on others' work, not to mention how some people consider it skeezy for filling a credits file for your own mod with your own name everywhere.

>> No.1779051

We know that Brutal Doom takes features from many different sources, but it becomes something at least... intriguing, when all key features of Brutal Doom will be featured in Doom 4. Cruelty Bonus, Fatalities, Curbstomps, Monster vs Monster Fatalities, ridiculous Barrel explosions, etc. I don't think it's just coincidence, specially if you take into account that Matthew Hopper (former id director) took knowledge of Brutal Doom around the same date when they cancelled and restarted the game all over again. It's almost like they were saying "Oh, this is going to suck. It's a COD clone. Let's get some ideas from the fans and start everything from scratch".

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>> No.1779056

Dino Doom, Inspired behind the concept behind the Guardian of hell, the idea is that you play as a warrior of the doomed Saurian civilization, trying to avert your extinction at the hands of Hell's forces, I'm currently working out designs and unique game play features for it.

>> No.1779059

I laughed at that.
Also that telefrag at the beginning with Term not even noticing was funny.

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I assure you, axe takes the utmost skill.

>> No.1779064

>he gives himself credit on others' work

What pieces of work? Was he told about this by the artists?

>filling a credits file for your own mod with your own name everywhere.

Well, people need to know where shit comes from but Mark should have cleaned it up and put everything he did in 1 section so it doesn't look so egotistical.

>> No.1779065


>> No.1779067

I don't deny the influence, I just deny how much.

Some people claiming the entire game is basically BD probably aren't doing it justice. We've already had reports that it wasn't as BD-like as some tweets would suggest.

We'll have to watch whatever footage we eventually get to be sure for ourselves.

>> No.1779068

sorta, see >>1779015

>> No.1779069

that's Old Spice you plebeian! How dare you disgrace his image with AXE!

>> No.1779072

>What pieces of work? Was he told about this by the artists?

For example, the assault rifle, which is credited by Mark IV and edited by Mike12, when the exact opposite is true.
Yes, he was told this.
Mark's reaction essentially boiled down to "get bent".

>> No.1779073

>Brutal Doom v20 released
>Doom 4 released
>comparisons between the mod and the game starts to show up
>"why should I pay $60 on a game that I could get for free, and with customization and mod support?"
>Zenimax sends a Cease and desist letter to Mark

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That's what you get when you work for free, building on top of what other people started. If you want to get paid, you chase a paycheck in the first place. At least mods get you exposure. That's really all he can ask for.

>> No.1779081

C&D Letters have no real legal weight to them

>> No.1779083

>C&D Letters have no real legal weight to them

is this nigga fukken joking

>> No.1779086

do you have any inspirations to draw from?

>> No.1779090

say this to that guys that tried to make Aliens Colonial Marines on Unreal Engine 2 one decade ago, and were gently curbstomped by Fox.

>> No.1779091

To be honest if he was going for a proper industrial career having Brutal Doom on his CV is pretty much the best thing that can happen. Otherwise who cares about Marks "feelings" and he can "get bent" out of shape as much as he wants.

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File: 74 KB, 1079x1228, 1384575045986.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Exactly, people trying to say "oh well, uh, other games have these things, zero connection!" are only deluding themselves. Mark didn't invent the concepts, but putting that stuff together and making it work in Brutal sure as hell popularized things.
Even fucking Romero comments on Brutal.

A lot of this I've found is people and their forum drama against Mark for bullshit I don't care about, wanting others to get involved and joining in their pissing match when I just want to play Doom, say this and you're Mark or something and they fly off the handle.

That's undeniably dickish, wasn't the sprite from a game called "NAM" as well?
Why he'd even do that is weird to me.

Exactly, if anything it adds to a portfolio of work if he ever goes into the industry. Plenty of guys in it have come from making mods.

>> No.1779094

"I'm your mom!" He's joking about how fat he is. It's self-deprecating humor, but also an insult towards your mother.

>> No.1779095

I agree. Having a mod on your resume (and a high-profile one at that) would probably get you an industry job just like that.

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File: 757 KB, 1659x1514, Dino people2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

just some art I've been looking at, trying to give the sauroids a good feel to them without compromising hit box, Or should I switch up the hit box? That could be good.... I'm also tossing around game elements like claw melee, climbable walls, and trying to work out how the weapons will look and work

>> No.1779101

>wasn't the sprite from a game called "NAM" as well?


>> No.1779105

The Doom Bible written in 1992 had you using someone's severed hand to operate a touchpad, this is nothing new.

They did the same thing in the much maligned Doom movie as well, as I recall

>> No.1779106

Mark did the base sprite, Mike12 did the reloading sprites. The big copyright issue is in the shotgun, and not the rifle.

>> No.1779109

yeah that was how The Rock got the BFG in that, I liked the look of it in that movie, also if the Bible had more Doomguy Im sure we'd have less fedoracores

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>> No.1779126

Can you explain this better?

>> No.1779134

Where the fuck are the bottom right dinopeople from?

>> No.1779135

again Nobody cares!

>> No.1779141


The jetpackening has begun


>> No.1779143


Have you considered looking at Jurassic Rift? That might be good inspiration for weapons.

>> No.1779145

a silly mons game called Fossil Fighters, you dig up fossils and revive them into dinosaur like monsters to battle, there are two installments for the DS

>> No.1779148

Said the grain of pepper in a sea of salt.

Personally I think the top leftmost one would make it more plausable, but the more longnecked/raptory looking ones have that awesome feel.

Plus raptor kick.

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File: 254 KB, 500x282, spectating boners.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1779153

well the plan is to composite the best elements in my final design, so likely the Gorn's stance with some of the kaiju's elements and maybe some carefully placed feathers

>> No.1779173

Isn't the assault rifle's sprite derived from an Alpha version of Doom 1 to begin with and then heavily modified?

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File: 142 KB, 473x551, KNOCK KNOCK.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1779205


That fucking fat skeleton

>> No.1779210

For those who missed it last thread, quake live is coming to steam.

>> No.1779214
File: 142 KB, 281x244, 1404615236186.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Man, I remember when the thread that image is referencing first appeared. The OP had a good point, but the edits made were the funniest things.

>> No.1779216

He's not fat, he's just big boned.

>> No.1779221
File: 509 B, 108x64, 4720281780519998.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1779241

saved reaction image, I'm just happy I got it/someone else in here gets it (you, 'cuz, you know, you posted it)

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File: 8 KB, 389x371, 1330742721930.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So...the devs and Betheshit do realize that no one is going to call this game simply Doom?

Mostly everyone will call it DOOM 4, and a select few may add a 2014/2015 at the end. That and the linear level design (unconfirmed) are the two things that are bothering me here.

>> No.1779247
File: 73 KB, 1178x572, 9XOTT[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not again you don't.

>> No.1779253


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File: 2 KB, 128x94, 1368118757531.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Come on anon, let me have a little fun.

>> No.1779256

I'm sorry for being a totaly noob but I'm new to all this and I can't figure out what to do.
I'm trying to play Doom RL Arsenal. I put the wads into the zdoom folder with all the stock wads but it won't detect it.
please help.

>> No.1779260

While I get slightly annoyed at a lot of Doom levels excessive maze-like qualities, I don't want linearity either.

You know what I want? A scoring system. Seriously, make speedrunning and cool kill combos something to strive for (but not necessary to progress in the game).

I'm fine with there being melee executions and shit as long as they aren't some spam shit and they aren't the main focus of the game (main focus being gunplay and interesting monsters/levels).

Nothing wrong with hyperviolence.

>> No.1779262


They're not supposed to be "detected".
Drag DoomRLA on top of GZDoom.exe and run it with Doom 2.

>> No.1779264

boy he seems a little big boned

>> No.1779268

What I do is take both the main DoomRLA file and the HUD, and throw them into a zip file. Then I just drag and drop the zip onto the executable

>> No.1779271

I can't wait for all the agitation maymays we get from Doom 4's revs.

>> No.1779273

You could send a cease and desist letter to anyone and they could laugh it off. It only carries legal weight if you're actually going to take legal action.

Zeni though. They might.

>> No.1779275
File: 176 KB, 800x800, 6e66.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


get boned

>> No.1779281
File: 232 KB, 1487x1111, welcometoAAAAAAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You take that back you...you...DOUBLE SKELETON!

But seriously, revenants with jet packs does sound pretty fucking terrifying. Imagine that on -fast.

>> No.1779283

Thanks much.
Is this how you run all mods?

>> No.1779284

and now they don't just right hook you
they rip your arm off to right hook you with

>> No.1779285

what about enemies? keeping hell timeless or in a state of evolution?

>> No.1779286

So what do we know about DEWM 4?

>> No.1779290
File: 102 KB, 671x333, agqGO[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Jesus, I still have the whole "Making Of" of this thing on Puush.

>> No.1779293

See news post

>> No.1779294

I usually use a frontend like ZDL.
Others use drag-n-drop.
Still others use the command line.

>> No.1779301

So it's Brutal Doom made by competent devs? Good.

>> No.1779305
File: 1.17 MB, 2213x2397, fallout_3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I know I know, they're publishers.

But don't get hyped, anon.......cautiously optimistic. I don't want to see us all get burned.

>> No.1779306
File: 3 KB, 480x640, 1405666481.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So I was just replaying Slough of Despare, this time remembering I have a map, and I realized the level was shaped like a giant hand, are there other levels shaped like body parts? Because that would fit nicely with the Icon of Sin's lore

allegedly House of Pain (e3m4), at least the first part, is meant to resemble the innards of the human body.

i never noticed this until it was pointed out, though.

>> No.1779307

Reminder that Beth published Dishonoured, which was bretty gud, and would have published Prey 2 which looked goddamn orgasmic. EA they're not.

>> No.1779312

>would have published Prey 2 which looked goddamn orgasmic
Before they killed it and Human Head.

>> No.1779313

It's gonna take a long time for them to earn back the goodwill they lost when I found out they pushed Fallout: New Vegas out the door months early.

>> No.1779317

>they pushed Fallout: New Vegas out the door months early
They didn't?

>> No.1779319

But FO:NV was better than FO3

>> No.1779321

They did.

Contained there is all the stuff that would have made it into the final game....plus of course way less bugs.

>> No.1779324
File: 178 KB, 680x545, 1404676792402.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Indeed it was, anon.
Indeed it was.....but it could have been even better still.

>> No.1779325

there's also a map in Cleimos2 shaped like a giant foot. i won't post its title, it's too cringeworthy.

>> No.1779326

>It's Midnight Backup Time Again

Also, cut stuff doesn't mean shit. Stuff gets cut from all games, all the time. Obsidian are known to be bad with time management and also to bite more than they can chew. They got contracted to do FNV in the amount of time they did it.

>> No.1779332

Because extending contracts is hard, the game was only in development for 18 months as well.

Cut stuff means more things would have been there had there been more time to work on them, meaning a richer game.
Giving a tryhard stern talk on "well this time was there" doesn't take away from the point that had there been more time the game would have been better, Beth was even in charge of QA.

>> No.1779339

Yeah, but Obsidian should really learn to manage time and scope better. They fucked up a bit with FNV, but Pillars looks to be developed on a really tight schedule. I love that.
>had there been more time the game would have been better
No shit, but oh well. I'm still amazed they let them tamper with their IP. Anyway, denying them any royalties and making the bonus based on Metascore was a far bigger dick move.

>> No.1779348

It was, they may have even told QA to ok things because they were afraid they'd have to pay up, sadder still they were off by 1 point.
>their IP
Well some guys at Obsidian were original Fallout devs, but in legal terms it's now the property of Beth.

>> No.1779354


Beth aren't the best publisher, but I think people are too hard on them. They do some stupid shit at times, but I honestly see them as much preferable over Activision or EA.

>> No.1779358

Not to mention Bethesda themselves being shit on by Zenimax, alongside Id. And Zenimax taking Elder Scrolls and making a money-grubbing MMO out of it, but that's a different topic entirely.

>> No.1779360

It's not like people really hate them they are just really pissed because bugs and butchered Fallout lore.

>> No.1779363

I know (though actually very little of current Obs worked on FO1/2, Avellone obviously, ScottE, Menze Tim Cain wasn't in Obs back then), I meant in legal sense, yeah.

If you wanna hear a story about Obs getting fucked with time frames, you gotta love this, though: originally, they were actually contracted to make KotOR 2 in a year. They signed it, but somewhere in development they realized they don't really have enough time. So they went to Lucas Arts or whoever they worked with and asked for more time. They were told verbally "okay, sure, take your time". So the contract release date comes and they're suddenly told "Yeah, you know, we'd like you to release the game by the contract date. You don't get additional time." That's how much a verbal agreement costs, I guess.

Well I've read stories about Zenimax intentionally putting up impossible deadlines to make it look like the developer is failing at fulfill the contract and acquire them. Some really shady stuff.

>> No.1779369
File: 92 KB, 341x348, 1386711518219.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Worse too is it's probably some faceless dipshits in suits who don't give a fuck about the game really and just see it as numbers on a spreadsheet.
Plus the butchering of lore is awful, a bit here and there is fine but the brotherhood in fallout 3 for example......cringe inducing.
Wish I had that image that goes over how silly much of it all is.

>> No.1779373
File: 10 KB, 84x84, 1403146150338.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Revenants now have jetpacks and can hover about while firing rockets at you.

>> No.1779374
File: 14 KB, 480x360, lieslieslies.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Worse too is it's probably some faceless dipshits in suits who don't give a fuck about the game really and just see it as numbers on a spreadsheet.

>> No.1779375

Sometime after Morrowind came out, Todd had a stroke and went insane.

>> No.1779380

Wasn't that time when he went CHIM CHIM CHAROO MOTHERFUCKERS or something?

>> No.1779384

Guys. I tried HDoom and is it just me or they used sound effects from MGQ?

>> No.1779387
File: 65 KB, 300x349, 1396973683213.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1779395


Some are, yes.

>> No.1779405

>See that yellow key? You can take it.

>> No.1779407

>>1779374 >>1779375 >>1779380 >>1779387 >>1779405
i have no idea what this thread is even about any more.

>> No.1779408
File: 56 KB, 401x790, ExpanD DONG.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>mfw never played any of the games played in HDoom
>mfw can't associate any of the HDoom monsters with any animu chicks

>> No.1779412
File: 165 KB, 301x245, 1359755520871.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

We need a good old server going. Something to get our minds off of the chaos surrounding Betheshits shenanigans.

Anyone want to play some fucking doom, but with others?

>> No.1779414

I knew it. What about the other games?

>> No.1779415

Eyo guys, I need some help. Occasionally, I wanna play some BD but it's EXTREMELY unstable on both Gzdoom and Zandronum (especially in multiplayer). This instability either results in a client crash at best, or a system crash at worst. What's worse is that this issue has only gotten worse over time where even playing anything but BD can cause the crashes, albeit once in a blue moon. Can ya'll help me out?

>> No.1779417


The credits file lists Soulcalibur 4 and Street Fighter IV.

>> No.1779419

Download the sperglord edition
If shit's unstable then update GZDoom

>> No.1779420


>> No.1779424

>Soulcalibur 4 and Street Fighter IV.
Which sounds?

>> No.1779428

Go download SLADE, open the file, and look for yourself. God.

>> No.1779436


I wouldn't know. I'm not the dev.

>> No.1779448
File: 190 KB, 1280x720, HUUUUGE GUTS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1779449

/VR/ Gauntlet time

>> No.1779461

All this talk about Revenants having jetpacks, but do they still AAAAAA?

>> No.1779472

Even if they don't, that will be a day 1 mod assuming the game supports modding.

>> No.1779474

>Mandrill Ass Project
>Map 3: Doomed City
More like

>> No.1779485

>Published by Bethesda
>implying they will take away their "fix it by yourselves" policy

>> No.1779503

So after the dust is settled, Doom 4 sounds like it might be alright.

My only concerns are how linear the levels are, how Doom or not Doom the melee combat feels, and whether or not keycards are a thing. I heard they're a thing, but I dunno if that was just a reference to that hand-scanning thing, which while sounding novel, hopefully isn't the solution to every door.

>> No.1779504

I think the linear level is because it's a demo level.

>> No.1779508

Well that's the hope, isn't it?

One other thing; Doom 1 and 2 have been kept alive for 20 years because of how easy is it to make maps and mods and all that.
Will Doom 4 have that support for the community? (I know we don't know yet.)

>> No.1779525
File: 16 KB, 250x242, 1360164021834.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A demon ripped the player's arms off and beat him to death with them. The room was breaking out into a standing ovation.

A key feature will be stunning enemies with a shot, then smashing their face with your boots. It's happened five times already.

it's seriously just brutal doom lol

>> No.1779526

> Forget key cards. Player just ripped arm off guard to scan his fingers on a hand scanner.

Wait, that doesn't actually sound good.

>> No.1779529

You did it in Strife.

>> No.1779534


It would mean less exploration to find a key card, and exploration means quite a lot in the first 2 DOOM games.

>> No.1779535

Hopefully the guard was already a zombie or dead.

Because I don't think I like the idea of Doomguy doing that to innocent people.

>> No.1779538

Eh. You could still have to find the guard's body.

>> No.1779540

>Even fucking Romero comments on Brutal.
Romero has commented on a lot of things, he sent a letter of praise to the creator of KDIZD, that doesn't mean shit.

Or Gears of War, or Serious Sam, or God of War

>> No.1779541

Colored Keys and Doors were already confirmed anyways

>> No.1779546

>Pirate Doom still getting updated

That's nice. A shame that I only really want to play the new level instead of the entire wad again.

Doom 4 sounds pretty neat so far. Basically, the things given to players by Brutal Doom now in 3D. Hope it will not be too taxing on my PC, or lower/kill the DOOM modding scene for 1, 2 and related.

>> No.1779547
File: 3 KB, 300x57, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Serious Sam
Totally this.

>> No.1779548

it's right out of the Doom Bible, you have to find the Colonel's Hand to get access to things


>There is a flash of horrible light and energy and two gates open at equidistant points on the moon’s surface, the larger of the two at the lightside. Every awake is quickly killed. One reaching for the alarm button has his hand chopped off.

>Go through Depot 2, Mess toOfficers' Quarters. Get a Colonel's Hand. Use the Colonel's Hand to get into the control center. Get through Power Plant maze and trip the breakers. Power turns on. Use the Colonel's hand to gain access to the Lab (though monorail system, which is dangerous, because there's a lot of demons and not a lot of health) or through main lab entrance. Fight your way through the lab to the Anomaly passage, using the Colonel's Hand. Go down there, and kick some twin demon butt.

>> No.1779552

>or lower/kill the DOOM modding scene for 1, 2 and related.
shrug, we survived doom3, we'll survive this. and even if we don't i'm not even 10% of the way through /idgames yet

>> No.1779553

Rage wasn't very moddable IIRC.

>> No.1779561

And Prey

>> No.1779565

So is this actually going to use id Tech 6 or did someone accidentally mis-type it as that and everybody ended up believing it?

A while ago John Carmack said id Tech 6 was going to be ray-tracing mixed with raster graphics.


I don't believe in it, I'm an atheist.

>> No.1779573


Source: http://tinyurl..com/6xh93z

Not exactly what I said, but yeah...

>> No.1779574
File: 165 KB, 636x480, waitaminutethoseguts.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I heard there was a WAD where you can fuck monsters, where is it? Don't ask why, it's for a friend.

>> No.1779575

A Doom atheist?

You'd hope it was a new engine, given the texture popping of id5.

>> No.1779576

Is it easy to make your own maps for doom?
>Read the fucking FAQ
Yes, yes, I'm going to give it a look, I'm just wondering how difficult it is. I've had some experience with Valve's Hammer for comparison, that's not too hard.

>> No.1779580

it's easier

>> No.1779581

If I made videos on doing random idgames wads, what source port/settings would be preferred?

>> No.1779585

Are there any doom WADs that are intended to be played with mouse-look enabled? i.e. maps with a heavy emphasis on verticality

Is such a thing even possible with the 2.5D engine?

>> No.1779586

personally i would prefer .lmps recorded with prboom in the appropriate compatibility level, but i expect i am in a minority

>> No.1779589

>it's for a friend.
of course, anon, of course...
check the "news" post, look for the hdoom techdemo

>> No.1779591

Yes and no. No true room over room, but GZdoom has some tricks that can pull it off. E.g., the Bantam map in Congestion 1024.

>> No.1779592


I'm not complaining, I'm just surprised they would come out with a new engine this soon. If it's true that is...

>> No.1779593

>maps with a heavy emphasis on verticality
I feel ID's maps are way heavier on having demons in high places that most user maps

>> No.1779597

That's not going to happen, at all. The chances of any mod tools being released for this game are non-existant, and nobody who mods for Doom is going to move to Doom 4 for fairly obvious reasons (ie they are completely different in nearly every way conceivable)

>> No.1779598


He says "come tomorrow"

>> No.1779601

Doombuilder is simple enough once you get all the mechanics figured out
Although you can't make rooms that are above rooms, so no traditional buildings or anything
But that only adds to the design of levels (arguably) so whatever

>> No.1779602

It could be they just slightly modified id Tech 5 and incremented the major version number, like browsers do these days. id Tech 5.1 does not sound as cool as id Tech 6. "But it's better now!"

Of course it's possible they did some major rework and added lots of new stuff, genuinely warranting an increment of the version number. We'll see when the game is released.

>> No.1779604

Remember Unreal Tournament?
Remember how big the modding scene was for that?
Remember Unreal Tournament 2k3/2k4?
Remember how big the modding scene was for that?
Remember Unreal Tournament 3?
...okay, but do you remember how the modding scene for that turned out?

I have to wonder, was it because UT/UT2k3/4 were relative simple, while UT3 was this huge graphical upgrade making non-shit skins/models/levels a huge difficult thing to make,
or was it because UT3 was shit?

>> No.1779606

they already "boosted" idtech 5 for wolfenstein TNO (and have no plans on making mod tools for this one, apparently)

so my guess is that it was so fucked they needed to do some heavy stuff for doom 4 and mod tools

>> No.1779608

Were the weapons in the center/is there an option to put weapons in the center?

Some anon asked in /v/ but got shouted down by some fucking retards who said it was unrealistic (seriously, what fucking faggots).

But I'd also really like to know, because to me it's kind of a big deal and it'd really get the feel of the game going for me.

>> No.1779609

>Not having a lot of mods
u wot m8. I've only played the PS3 version and even that has a lot of mods

>> No.1779610

>going on /v/
Though that's the response I'd imagine from modern day /v/.
I hope so, if not, at least the option.

>> No.1779612

Wait, are they going to pull a reboot without numbering thing?
Fucking hell, it's annoying even if the original isn't a legendary game that's still widely played today, now it's just retarded.

>> No.1779615

comparatively at least

>> No.1779616

>people saying it's like Serious Sam
Guys, don't be throwing this around lightly.

Serious Sam is easily one of my top 3 favourite shooter franchises, and if you're mixing it with Doom, the big bad boy in 1st place of that top 3, you're going to send me into a panic attack from the excitement.

Guys please, you have no idea how much I fucking love the idea of Doom playing like Serious Sam. I've even written a gigantic, shitty guide on Steam for Serious Sam. Please guys, don't burst my heart from this excitement.

>> No.1779617


I'd be great if you had an option like that. They had those options in DOOM 3 (g_guny, g_gunx, g_gunz) to change the weapons' positions, but they were only fucking enabled by enabling cheats and they would always reset.

>> No.1779620

Calm down, it was only brought up as an alternative to where the ripping and tearing could have come from. It couldn't play like Sam anyways since there's infighting

>> No.1779621

Friendly reminder:
Blake Stone Source Code was released a year ago.

Are we going to see anything come out of it?

>> No.1779623

Why would you want Doom to play like SS? Why not wait for SS4?

Also there's no way in hell that fancy "new" id engine will support Sam-like numbers of enemies.

>> No.1779625

Anon I cried at SS3's announcement
Gotta give respect for Croteam though, they're not even hiding the development of SS4.
Somehow that seems like a rare quality for a development company to have, and we should have at least a strong gameplay trailer for it by the end of this year (probably depending on how the sales of The Talos Principle goes)

>> No.1779629

>Serious Sam wasn't made before 2000
>can't technically have a thread and discuss it on /vr/
Stupid shitty board.

>> No.1779630

>they're not even hiding the development of SS4.
What do you mean? Also, I'd love to see more info.

>> No.1779635


Supposedly the ECWolf guy is still working on it.

I can't wait for proper support !

>> No.1779636

No real new info, but if you follow Croteam's Facebook page, or the community "Seriously" page, and ask questions usually the PR dude will talk openly that the game is in fact happening and that they plan on showing it off before the end of the year.

No actual news though, except that they're really regretting how much hitscan they had in the full game (which was pretty much removed in the Jewel of the Nile DLC) with the soldiers and Technopolip/helicopters.

My best guess is that it's either ground to be a pre-prequel to SS3 where Sam in in another continent, or he will in fact be travelling to different planets as a replacement/sequel to the abomination that was SS2.

>> No.1779637

>Deus Ex
>Perfect Dark
>Diablo 2
>CvS 2000
>Red Alert 2
>All those other games

Fuck it

>> No.1779638

I might take the plunge and risk it sometime.
No way a mod would fucking ban someone for discussing a game between 2000-2003 that's having a good discussion, especially when you could refer to that game as 'retro'.

Wish the board didn't go by generations.

>> No.1779639

>that doesn't mean shit.

Any of us would be really chuffed if Romero commented to the doom community about any work that we make as it gets that much more recognition.
Why people with axes to grind think denying obvious realities will change perceptions just beyond me.

>> No.1779642


>> No.1779643

Ugh, but zombies were okay.
>or the community "Seriously" page, and ask questions usually the PR dude will talk openly
Hm, I do have a question I'd like to ask devs, you say there's a chance they'll even answer?

>> No.1779645

MvC2 and CvS 2000 are retro, anon. They both had DC releases. You could even talk about CvS2.

>> No.1779646

Important question I haven't seen answered or asked:

Doors in Doom 4. Do they make the door sound?
They did in that one trailer, but they might've just been for nostalgia grabbing.

>> No.1779647

Oh, the community page is run by members of the community. Granted, they come from the Serious forums who have deep ties with the developers.

You can text your luck, it's 50/50. As long as it's not some unreleased news you're trying to squeeze out of them, then you should get an answer.

>> No.1779649

>the community page
Oh, Facebook? Shit, I don't have an account. Oh well.

>> No.1779651

Worth a shot here if you wanna make an account.

>> No.1779653

they did it with doom3 as well, it didn't take. at least within the doom community, doom3 is always called doom3. i see no reason for doom4 to be different in this regard.

>> No.1779654

Yeah, okay, I guess I'll try that. Thanks.

>> No.1779656

Completely unrelated but that is the main reason I like to turn true iron sights off in New Vegas

>> No.1779657
File: 119 KB, 966x650, Doom 3 cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they did it with doom3 as well

>> No.1779661

i must be misremembering. it was years ago, but i distinctly recall doomworld posts conveying annoyance that doom3 would be called just "doom", making discussion difficult.

>> No.1779664

So the franchise is four games.
One being the classic, two being the sequel.
Three being the reboot despite having '3' in its title.. then four being the reboot without '4' in its title.. alright then.

Developers need to fucking think this shit through.

>> No.1779668

>Ignoring TNT, Plutonia and Doom 64

>> No.1779671

I was thinking PC only, my bad.
Don't even know if I want to count TNT and Plutonia, they seem separate to me somehow.

Might as well include Grazzo.

>> No.1779675

TNT, Plutonia and 64 were not done by Id.

Not even in name only like Doom 4 is.

>> No.1779682

>forgetting NRFTL

Nevertheless, TNT Evilution and Plutonia are PWADs, made by sellouts.

>> No.1779686

They still count in the series, and in the case of Doom 64 an actual sequel to Doom 2

>> No.1779690

Does anyone like how the enemies can kill each other ?
> be playing doom 2
> see a cyberspider and a cyberdemon
> hide in a corner
> one boss takes a stray bullet from the other
> they start to kill each other
> cyberdemon wins
> then I kill him

>> No.1779692

Id didn't really acknowledge any of them though.

Like when Doom 3 was coming around they only talked about Doom 1 and 2.
No Final Doom or Doom 64 mentioned.

Which is a shame since I like Doom 64.

>> No.1779693

yes, i've wasted no end of time orchestrating monster fights and trying to use as little ammo as possible when i could just kill everything myself and get on with it.

>> No.1779695
File: 159 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_Chex_20140717_215410.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf is this game

>> No.1779701

You're a fucking waffle, stop questioning it or eat slime.

>> No.1779702

The best game found in a cereal box, Waffle Mission

>> No.1779703

the kind of game that got distributed in cereal packs back in the 90's?

>> No.1779704

>this post straight from 1994 BBS

>> No.1779707

So lets just bust out the quick question here:

Who here is pleasantly surprised with what was announced? Almost all of us are relying on words from those relying on a few minutes of gameplay footage.

But what we heard and what they saw is pretty fucking phenomenal from what a let down we were immediately expecting to hear (cough, Doom 3 v.2 cough).

>> No.1779710
File: 954 KB, 400x300, SeeYouInHell.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>large ass room filled with billions enemies of all types
>take out my fist
>punch the air
>"Let the games begin"

>> No.1779714

If a game runs on Windows 98, doesn't it fall into the category of games on platforms launched before 1999?

>> No.1779718

>lower/kill the DOOM modding scene for 1, 2

Doom community survived the Quake series, unreal series, Doom 3, and valve's stuff. Doubt it'll be any different when Doom 4 comes around.

>> No.1779721

I just want to see gameplay.

>> No.1779723

There's a ton of modern indie and/or shovelware games you can run on Windows 98, that slope is slippery as hell.

>> No.1779724

I expect the good qualities of Doom 4 to be made into a mod for Doom 1 and 2.
Then expanded and improved upon.

Doom's Mod community is kinda neat like that.

>> No.1779725

What's an overcharge system on DoomRL Arsenal and how do I pick it up and use it?

>> No.1779726
File: 18 KB, 700x139, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>linear level design

>> No.1779727
File: 3 KB, 300x57, from ndedId.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn't it an altreload that primes your gun to explode after one big shot?

>> No.1779732
File: 162 KB, 524x780, 1370288155149.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Any time Gotcha! is brought up in discussion anywhere the Cyberdemon always wins
>Nearly every time I've played through the level the Mastermind ends up winning

>> No.1779737
File: 9 KB, 176x318, 10565700_722143317858263_1850682256_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Revenants now have jetpacks and can hover about while firing rockets at you.

>> No.1779743

I hear "come tomorrow" as well

>> No.1779749

Final Doom was more of a standalone expansion for Doom 2 rather than a full game of its own, IMO.

>> No.1779759 [DELETED] 

Day 1

we don't need him

>> No.1779760

Did any /vr/oopers happen to get any footage that has yet to be uploaded?

>> No.1779764

Don't be silly, they didn't use le meme arrows back then.
>This was used to quote text. Strange as it must seem!

>> No.1779793 [DELETED] 


>> No.1779796 [DELETED] 


the last thread reached bump limit in less than 12 hours, and it seems that it won't change for the rest of the weekend.

>> No.1779814

You can basically use (G)ZDoom for this, though you might want to set compatibility settings to Doom (Strict) when playing wads made with vanilla in mind, Boom (Strict) for Boom wads and Default settings for ZDoom stuff.

>> No.1779826

The High Power Minigun is so broken it's unreal

>> No.1779876

John Romero!

>> No.1779880


Apparently they took everyone's cameras, so probably not.

>> No.1779892

Any idea when they show the demo in public?

>> No.1779912 [DELETED] 
File: 56 KB, 358x429, 1387328853299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

> Demo was played with an Xbox controller on a PC

> Xbox controller

Move on people. The game will be shit.

>> No.1779915 [DELETED] 

You really think we're gonna get a PC exclusive Doom in this day and age?

>> No.1779919
File: 150 KB, 600x690, trolled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sometimes when I open a custom wad Zandronum says "Select an IWAD to play" and most of the time I just select Doom 2 and it works fine, but for some reason I try opening some with Doom 2 and it just plays normal Doom 2. I think I have to put that wad file in a specific folder but I can't remember which one.

>> No.1779924 [DELETED] 

So the game claims to be retro AND to take influence from Brutal Doom.

But Brutal Doom does everything it can NOT be retro...

Yeah, it's going to suck. Everything's falling for their smart marketing though, no media but only a list of "retro FPS features" to try to appeal to people. As if those features alone were the most important and made a good game. I have a feeling it's going to be a mock-up of retro FPS and they have no idea how to handle the "retro features" they forced themselves to use.

>> No.1779930 [DELETED] 

No, I wanted a game designed for the PC with console ports, not a game designed for the consoles with a PC port.

>> No.1779931

Maybe because its a gameplay mod, not a map?

>> No.1779932 [DELETED] 

Like the old Doom. It got released to almost all consoles, but it still was a PC game.

>> No.1779936 [DELETED] 

That's very different. On one hand you have the first Doom, DESIGNED for PC; and then OTHER developers (and sometimes even publishers?) ported it to consoles.

And then you have the new Doom, specifically designed for both consoles and PC.

>> No.1779937

Have you checked if these wads were meant for Doom1?

>> No.1779938

KDIZD is one of the best Doom mods.

>> No.1779942 [DELETED] 

>And then you have the new Doom, specifically designed for both consoles and PC.
Which means that the game will be limited because of consoles.

Look at FEAR 2. Slower and dumber enemies compared to the first game, because aiming with the analog sticker takes more time.

FPS IS a PC genre.

>> No.1779945

I'm almost sure its >>1779931 and I need them in a special folder so Zandronum can ask me to play in that specific IWAD, like it does with Doom 2, Ultimate Doom, Hexen and Heretic

>> No.1779946

> Double-jumping

Is this for real?

I'm... intrigued.

>> No.1779949 [DELETED] 

LOL good one anon.

>> No.1779950

EE would be better to use that Zdoom. Even with compat settings Zdoom doesn't properly emulate a lot of Doom, particularly the movement, the ghost effect (can break some maps), and some other critical shit.

>> No.1779952

I don't think that's posible. Try using launchers.

>> No.1779953 [DELETED] 

I still have to see a better single-player mod.

>> No.1779956

good god do I want to see that gameplay video

carmack why hath thou forsaken us

>> No.1779959

> lighting and atmosphere a lot like Doom 64.


>> No.1779961 [DELETED] 

>Brutal Doom takes 100% of its content ideas from other things that had been doing it way before it and 90% of its actual content from other people's work
>Its creator gets upset when Doom 4 rips it off

>Expecting a rip-off of a rip-off to be good
>Actually caring about a modern id game

>> No.1779962

We only care 'cause it's Doom, I don't think many of us gave much of a shit about Wolf: TNO or Rage

>> No.1779964

Is there a port that lets me play DOOM on android?

>> No.1779965

if he's only making videos it doesn't really matter what he uses

>> No.1779967

what if it was exactly the same thing but named "Attack on Mars"

>> No.1779968
File: 355 KB, 250x183, 1405655434601.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No cameras were not taken up at the door to the event, but they had a ton of staff standing on each row just watching people like a hawk. There was a few people they went to right away when they saw their cell phone taken out and told them to leave. They told people numerous times before the event started and played a short clip stating dont take you cameras, phones, or even google glasses out.

>> No.1779971

Are there any Doom let's players that aren't shit?

>> No.1779972

>carmack why hath thou forsaken us

>> No.1779974

I probably wouldn't give a shit

>> No.1779976

It might as well be. Old school Doom is a complete product of its time and an isolated experience. Any new Doom game is its own thing and must be its own thing.

>> No.1779978

no one would complain about the doom movie if it was called "genetic mutants in space!"

>> No.1779982

I would. It was a pretty shitty genetic-mutants-in-space movie.

>> No.1779983

Psychedelic Eyeball is always good, but I've noticed 4Chan hates Something Awful

Terminus also has a channel, but it isn't LPs

>> No.1779991

NRFTL is a PWAD too, in fact it's more of a PWAD in that it ACTUALLY IS a PWAD unlike TNT and Plutonia which had the common courtesy to be IWADs

>> No.1779995

I mean't more new content and not just playing the original a billion times, like someone who actually knows a lot about Doom

>> No.1779996

the BFG edition IWAD is a PWAD. whoever made it does not have a clue, has so little clue it is insulting

>> No.1780002
File: 212 KB, 429x348, pc mustard race.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any 3D game that plays anything like Doom?

>> No.1780005

IWAD means that it can run with no other content being loaded. You can not run NRFTL, any version, without it loading Doom 2 first. BFG Edition Doom 2 is still an IWAD.

>> No.1780008

Doom plays a lot like Doom

>> No.1780010

>can be run standalone
>has all the lumps that you typically find in an IWAD only
>first four bytes are literally IWAD
>not an IWAD


>> No.1780018


Doom II is also a pretty similar to Doom

>> No.1780021

>>first four bytes are literally IWAD
this is not what i was told.

>> No.1780024

Heard good things about Plutonia, too.

>> No.1780030

>Doom II is also pretty similiar
Are you retarded? Doom II has shit maps, the new weapon feels overpowered and the new enemies are crap and die too fast.

>> No.1780034

If there was it wouldn't be on console

>> No.1780035
File: 64 KB, 780x589, grrr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


you're right, I must be drunk again

>> No.1780039
File: 417 KB, 800x800, Cyberdemon's French cousin.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

EYE: Divine Cybermancy does the whole "shooting demons with guns while going fast" thing. It even has cyberdemons, and they're killed by shooting them until they die. Close enough if you ask me.

>> No.1780045
File: 420 KB, 1723x2154, lol2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



i chortled

>> No.1780049

I found DEs to be really unfun to fight since you can't really dodge its attacks (well, I guess if I had light armour and a ton of leg upgrades), but it's so easy to cheese with BK 444.

>> No.1780060

Your best bet is Tarnsmandw on twitch, he can be dickish but he does know a lot about doom.

>> No.1780064

Nah, his primary shots are hitscan, there's no dodging them no matter how fast you go. It's pretty funny seeing how they react to getting shot with a rapid-fire weapon if you're in their line of fire.

>> No.1780065

>Nah, his primary shots are hitscan
Oh, even that? That's a bit of a bummer, then. I did kill the first one with the minigun, but that took 5 or 6 resurrectors...
>It's pretty funny seeing how they react to getting shot with a rapid-fire weapon if you're in their line of fire.
What happens?

>> No.1780070

He shoots back at the same speed your gun is firing at. It's hilarious (for the few seconds you survive, anyway) if you're using the HS010's alternate mode or the Sulfatum.

>> No.1780073

don't forget to turn your headphones down. in fact, if you watch him live you can turn the sound off because you can hear him shouting from across the continent.

>> No.1780076

Oh, so that happens as well? Goddamn it. The worst part is that, with the way the whole game is, I'm not even sure if it's a bug or a feature.

>> No.1780089
File: 68 KB, 609x181, TimWillits_zpsc45662b9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1780091


.....what is that ranking on the side mean

>> No.1780098

One time I wrote a song called Mancubus Down.

>> No.1780101

Best games of the generation.

>> No.1780102


Um, what's with the stupid games on the side?

>> No.1780105
File: 3 KB, 250x174, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1780108

more like anywhere on the planet

>> No.1780112


WHAT? I disagree, DOOM II's map layouts are much better.

>> No.1780117

probably his favourite games or something

>> No.1780120

>and the new enemies are crap
Now you fucked up

>> No.1780125


... God I hope not.

>> No.1780131

>Check FAQ


>cant open site

What gives

>> No.1780135 [DELETED] 

Why is Hellbound so shit?

>> No.1780182

unrelated but is anyone else having problems with chrome?

>> No.1780225

A score attack mode seems like it'll be more in line for Serious Sam, rather then Doom

>> No.1780227
File: 1017 KB, 310x186, OC_Donut_steel.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

OC donut steel. Are there any good Doom arcade fighter mods?

>> No.1780238

/g/ mode activate! I always had problems with Chrome. Switch to Firefox, it'll be a lot less agitating

>> No.1780239

Steeling right now

>> No.1780241

normally Chrome has been good to me, I think it might have to do with this computer's idiotic bing bar

>> No.1780247

Why the hell do you have Bing? Uninstall that shit friend

>> No.1780248

fukken steeled

>> No.1780250

I cant, this isn't my computer and I'm on a guest profile, I didn't want it to begin with

>> No.1780260


>> No.1780264

Didn't realize he was this much a military nut. All hope is lost with this man now.

>> No.1780272



>> No.1780275


The game is YES.

>> No.1780279

It is for the Marine, then again, that's the best class in DoomRLA

>Marine can have power, crowd clearing and sustainable fire all rolled into one weapon
>Scout has to choose between power and sustainable fire (unless he gets the Nuclear Plasma Storm Pistol) and have to go outside his expertise for the crowd clearing
>Technician gets a early game boost but suffers at late game when his passives became somewhat useless
>Renegade has power and defense, but lacks sustainable fire unless he get the Quadshotgun. Somewhat offset with the insta-switch with weapon. Easily the 2nd best class.

>> No.1780280
File: 103 KB, 500x715, 1404436099996.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least he didn't say Modern Warfare 3
or Ghosts

>> No.1780283 [DELETED] 
File: 103 KB, 642x854, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fuck you all

>> No.1780284
File: 2.26 MB, 480x270, doomtouch.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All the ones I've seen seem to be paid. I'm using an app called Doom Touch, which has PrBoom+ and Chocolate Doom. Touch controls feel awkward as fuck to me, though.

>> No.1780285

Jojo wad when?

>> No.1780286

I've seen it go both ways...

>> No.1780287


Wolf TNO was legit really good so.

>> No.1780292
File: 684 B, 173x34, 631049.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>No 'To be Continued' arrow

>> No.1780293


Working on one right now, complete with combo system and super meter. Hopefully I'll be able to release soon.

>> No.1780295
File: 253 KB, 550x700, Lewd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any .zip or .rar with a shit ton of recommended wads?

>> No.1780303

I'd need to run it as admin and I don't have the password

>> No.1780304

I just started it, and I'm not really enjoying it so far. Seems like all I've done is walk in a straight line with some turrets and crouch behind cover

>> No.1780307



>> No.1780310

Two links at the the top of the thread.

>> No.1780312

Try piratebay.

>> No.1780324 [DELETED] 
File: 78 KB, 960x960, 1384010_666568660034009_960984591_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, when can we expect a full release of HDoom?

Just curious.


>> No.1780329 [DELETED] 



>> No.1780331

It's not that bad. There is enough small side paths and secrets to make it interesting. The game also really rewards you for looking around and exploring. For instance the level where you go through a nazi outpost, it has plenty of small side paths (and a different one depending no which partner you decided to save) and there is also a 'hidden' powerful and useful weapon (first time you get it) if you look around and explore. I hadn't seen this kind of things in modern FPS in a long time.
Gunplay is also very satisfying.

No really the game was really fun. The main issue with the game is that it tries REALLY FUCKING HARD NOT to be a game and to be a movie; and there is more than 1/3rd of the game that's just doing errands or walking around with no enemies; for the sake of the 'story'. Though that's a complain for most modern games and that's why modern gaming fails (games that tries to be movies will ALWAYS fail; because a game is a game and a movie is a movie; and a game trying to be a movie just doesn't fit and feels like a cheap movie knock off).
They had a good game going on but ruined it with shit like that. But as far as level design and gunpaly is concerned, it's actually pretty good. Most of the times you don't HAVE to take cover, either; or at least it's not that cover heavy.
But i had tons of fun with it, I 100%'d it, took me 28hours; but past that it has zero replay value. The skill cap is rather low.

>> No.1780335


I would assume when all of the sprites and monsters are done.
PS: Great job posting porn on a blue board.

>> No.1780339

Yeah, the funny thing is that stock Doom maps still have more verticality than most modern games, even without the ability to look up and down. Most games today rarely bother to put enemies up on a balcony, if that.

>> No.1780340

So... No leak then?

>> No.1780341 [DELETED] 

porn isn't allowed on blue boards, just an fyi
you may want to either delete your pic or expect to be hit with something

>> No.1780347

>DoomRPG + DoomRLA
>Want to sell a weapon and buy a new one to reset the mods I put on it
>Every time I buy the weapon again, it also comes with the mods again, and I can't put more than four mods
Is this supposed to happen?

>> No.1780349

I thought just dropping weapons empties all the mods from them unless they're assemblies

>> No.1780350

Well, Blood Dragon was a fun shooter

Well, maybe I'll give it another try, I only got through a bit of the castle, so maybe it'll pick up? Damn it, after people on /v/ saying how good it was I really though I'd enjoy it more

>> No.1780353

>Well, Blood Dragon was a fun shooter
I strongly disagree.

>> No.1780359

I know that it gets a lot of flak because of the whole aesthetic and its brand of humour, but I'm easily amused

>> No.1780360


I strongly disagree with your disagreement.

>> No.1780361

you can post all the gore and violence you want. but a nipple? heaven forfend!

>> No.1780362

But aesthetic/humor are the only notable things about it. The gameplay is FC3 (a pretty casual shooter), only with main character made 10 times more powerful. It's like playing Doom on ITYTD, and all the enemies are hitscanners or cyberdemons.

>> No.1780368

That was pretty much my complaint as well I just wish modern shooters took a break from hitscans. It takes skill out of the equation

>> No.1780373

I don't mind hitscanners; some of my favorite FPS use almost exclusively hitscan enemies! The way BD did that just wasn't any good, though.

>> No.1780374

Yeah it picks up after the castle.

>> No.1780375

I liked FC3, casual though it may have been... It was fun to go pure bow in it.

>> No.1780385

Well, I'll go at it again then, thanks

>> No.1780391

So what is a hitscan, exactly?

>> No.1780394


>> No.1780397

I like fps because I like fast-paced combat and movement, hitscanning is fine as long as it's not too prevalent. I don't like being forced to take a break from the action to avoid damage.

Hitscan is normally used with guns, basically the bullets are fired and if something is in the line of fire then it has a chance to get hit instantly.

>> No.1780402

Spider Mastermind

>> No.1780404

instead of launching a projectile which travels at a finite speed until it hits something, the game simply draws a line segment extending from the attacker's position until it intersects with something else. if a wall or floor it spawns a bullet puff, if a shootable thing it spawns a blood splat and the thing takes damage. this all happens instantly.

>> No.1780407


>> No.1780408

one of these things is not like the others...

heh but seriously someone on doomworld (i forget who) said the archvile's attack is similar to a powerful hitscan shot with a long wind-up time. i had never thought of it that way, but it is essentially true.

>> No.1780409

Arachnotron isn't a hitscanner, it shoots plasma balls.

>> No.1780412

BFG is a hitscan weapon with a weird wind-up mechanism.

>> No.1780413

LPrs that comment over gameplay, I don't know any good ones.
But there are some guys that play hard wads and shit and they're pretty boss, there are some in the /doom/ playlist.

>> No.1780416

Oh shit, you guys are right. I usually just lump it in with them because of how fast the shots are

>> No.1780417

>>1780408 (me)
i mean, it certainly isn't implemented as a hitscan ray, it just checks line of sight and damages you if so. but that is an implementation detail, to the player i can see how it resembles a hitscan.

>> No.1780418 [DELETED] 

fuck off namefag

>> No.1780421 [DELETED] 

You must be new here or joking, either one

>> No.1780430

How do I edit map music and such? Also where do I upload a map that's not quite perfect but is finished?

>> No.1780438

>How do I edit map music and such?

find the name of the music lump corresponding to your map slot and replace it. e.g. map01 is D_RUNNIN, map28 is D_TENSE, etc.etc.

>Also where do I upload a map that's not quite perfect but is finished?

any suitable file hosting service. lots of people seem to use mediafire as it is not prohibited by 4chan's spam filter (i wonder why, did they pay moot off to disallow all the other common hosting services, or something..?)

>> No.1780442

>download doom 1.03 for android
>no music

>> No.1780451

Ya, that is often said here too.
Joking, but looking back on it it was pretty shitposty.

>> No.1780452

What are you trying to play?

>> No.1780456
File: 51 KB, 400x400, 82299576.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This makes me kinda mad.
Doom has a large ass community. Whats stopping us from making a handheld just for Doom, or even better: Retro FPS, supporting all modern source ports?
>Linux OS
>720p / 1080p
>USB Ports / WLAN / Ethernet port

Controls would be similiar to PS or Xbox, you could Femicon Bluetooth controllers too

>> No.1780458

I meant Famicom....

>> No.1780461
File: 394 KB, 470x595, someone cleverer than me please edit this.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1780463

Works better with the HK on the background IMO.

>> No.1780475
File: 250 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot_Doom_Reverie.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1780482
File: 2.89 MB, 1405x1775, alright funny guy here you go.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1780483

What game is that?

>> No.1780490

camedy gold
Looks like it's called "Screenshot Doom Reverie".

>> No.1780491

An obscure 90's FPS. I forget what its name is... Death, or something...

>> No.1780494

Isn't that Calamity?

>> No.1780495

I think its the first call of duty game where they didnt have graphics just pixels

>> No.1780507


Damned? Demon? Drum? No, something with a D.

>> No.1780508

didnt have ironsights either, it was not very good

>> No.1780510

>Developers need to fucking think this shit through.

>Host Quakecon panel for Doom 4
>Have over 50,000 people stream in to see the reveal

Fucking cunts working at ID now, swear to god.

>> No.1780519
File: 609 KB, 1280x720, Tim.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1780521
File: 64 KB, 260x260, 1401404410979.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1780523
File: 70 KB, 800x600, pugface.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I downloaded the Top 100 list on the OP and I have no clue how to start them up.
I'm incredibly inept when it comes to this sort of stuff

>> No.1780525

It was already widely known that the reveal was not going to be streamed.
Their cuntery has nothing to do with how many streamers were there.

>> No.1780526

Tim WillitSell?

>> No.1780527

Heyyy guys nobody's mentioned this, but the Doom Classic Complete collection is on sale on Steam today!

>> No.1780529
File: 604 KB, 1024x1024, doom4imp.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Let's hope bethesda releases footage soon

>> No.1780531

We all have the iwads and the money doesn't go to anyone (or I think almost noone) of the originial id team, so...

>> No.1780532


>> No.1780534

>It was already widely known that the reveal was not going to be streamed.

It wasn't going to be revealed beyond Quakecon at all, not just on streams.

ID is dead to me, and has been dead to me since Quake 4 anyway.

>> No.1780535
File: 1.85 MB, 400x225, 1397248496829.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>paying for the old ones when nobody that made it is at Id anymore

>> No.1780538

Oh boy, I sure love supporting NONE of the game's creators.

>> No.1780539

Q4 wasn't made by ID.

It was also good.

>> No.1780549

that's a new one...

>> No.1780550

It lists id as a developer.

And I meant that I haven't liked anything they've put out since Quake 4, though technically that's a lie, since I liked Quake Wars.

Quake 4 was okay.

>> No.1780553

It's a Raven game, though. Well, at least as far as I know.

>> No.1780557

Id dev'd the engine.

>> No.1780558

just drag the wad onto whatever sourceport you're using and choose doom 2 as an iwad

>> No.1780560

Maybe never, anon
For example, lots of Marvel movie trailers still haven't seen the light of day on the internet because they keep their Comic-Con secret reveals as actual secrets

>> No.1780562

Get ZDL.
If you want to do it manually, drag the WAD onto your ZDoom / Zandronum executable and choose the IWAD (its Doom 2 99% of the time).

I hope this helps

>> No.1780563

Why do people dislike Quake 4 anyways?
Honest question, I've never even played it, but I played the other ones.

>> No.1780569

>TFW Doom 4 is announced to be "returning to running and gunning territory" with fast paced gameplay
>TFW you played it for the first time up to 2 decades ago
>TFW it was anything but run n gun and fast paced and was practically a horror game
>TFW Doom 3 will most likely be a better Doom sequel than Doom 4 will be

>> No.1780570

Well, it has a bit too much story I guess, and the story isn't really good enough to validate that?

But overall I think it's great, it's like Q2, only better.

>> No.1780574

I played it's online and it was pretty fun, though there were way too many fucking hackers.

I don't know why people didn't like it. I thought they generally liked it.

>> No.1780575

Depends where you are. Officially, as per the rules, gore is prohibited on blue boards. But /a/ is the only place I've ever seen anyone get deleted/banned for it.

>> No.1780576

>TFW it was anything but run n gun
>and was practically a horror game
Ha ha ha

No. Get out.

>> No.1780578

What. Doom 1 and 2 (mostly 1) had some scary moments, and dark parts, but it was still pretty fast paced with saisfying gunplay and projectile avoidance.

>> No.1780583

Are you sure you played Doom?
I dont think you played Doom.

>> No.1780586
File: 138 KB, 951x953, 1405494410580-2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1780591

My hopes were that you'd start out with just a pistol, hiding and getting jump scared, but once you decked out your armory and got into some more open spaces (doom 2 style) you'd get to go full rip and tear. I'm fine with either.
He's right. You have to bear in mind that most people had never played a first person game before doom. You only started running and gunning several hours into gameplay - once you got used to it. Doom was a scary game because it was unfamiliar. I just don't think you could pull it off now that everyone is used to the style.

>> No.1780595

Because nobody here wants to crowdfund a device that just plays fucking Doom
And nobody wants to buy a device that just plays fucking Doom
If the GCWzero was more popular, someone would've ported it anyway

>> No.1780596

Yes this is working right now, kind of, I have watched a YouTube video of the Aliens TC one and most of the sprites and textures are the way it should be, but the guns and music are still the default ones.

>> No.1780601

Well okay, what about a device (handheld of course), which can emulate all retro games (as long as there is a Linux-based / free software emulator out there)
Is there already something like this

>> No.1780605 [DELETED] 

>No. Get out.

Yea, you should get out faggot, since you have no idea what you're talking about. What are you, 18? 19? Yea, lol.

>TFW watching/listening to interviews from both John Romero and John Carmack
>TFW they both, independent of each-other in seperate interviews state that they aimed to make a game that was very atmospheric and scary

>> No.1780612

>He's right. You have to bear in mind that most people had never played a first person game before doom.
>Doom was a scary game because it was unfamiliar.
By your definition I can call ANY game that has scary parts as "pratically a horror game", as long as its my first in the genre and/or the controls are hard to grasp.

>> No.1780614

Dingoo stuff, GCWzero, OpenPandora, JXD, Wikipad, any Windows 8 Tablet, etc etc
Doom's even on the PSP for fuck's sake. It has a more mellow soundtrack, but it's Doom.

>> No.1780623 [DELETED] 

Sure thing kid.

>> No.1780635

Well the monster closets, dark tunnels, and the fact that you're fighting demons helps too.

>> No.1780636

>By your definition I can call ANY game that has scary parts as "pratically a horror game"

Horror is not the same thing as "survival horror".

F.E.A.R. 1 - 3 are all horror games.

>as long as its my first in the genre and/or the controls are hard to grasp.

Quit being autistic.

>> No.1780639 [DELETED] 

>Sure thing kid.

>Get out

Lol, okay junior.

>> No.1780641

>Metal playing in the first level
It's obviously an action game. Whoever thinks otherwise is a retard.

>> No.1780646 [DELETED] 

Report and ignore.

>> No.1780647

How do you summon monsters in Doom RPG? It just plays some "didn't work" sound effect even though I have enough ep, when I try to summon anything. Is there some skill or item I need to get?

>> No.1780649 [DELETED] 


>> No.1780654 [DELETED] 

And ignored.

>> No.1780658

Yeah. It is. It's also a horror game.
Same way that Thief is a stealth game, but also has horror elements. It's an atmospheric horror that falls flat on younger generations because they're desensitized to these things.

>> No.1780662 [DELETED] 

>le ebin response to le shitboster :DDDD
Ignore him ffs

>> No.1780668

No it isnt, its only an action game after you learn how to control your character!

You do know the first post stated Doom "was anything but run n gun and fast paced", right?
Its perfecly possible to be both, but thats not what he said.

>> No.1780670 [DELETED] 

Fuck you IMX hahahaha

>> No.1780672 [DELETED] 


Daily reminder that children on 4chan think DOOM was a "fast action serious sam" type game when it released.

>> No.1780675


It's a horror action game...

>> No.1780678

>Yeah. It is. It's also a horror game.
No, it's horror THEMED, not unlike ghosts n ghouls. It's not a horror game, and obviously the intent is to get players pumped up to blast more lead into demons as is stated over and over again, stop making up crap.
>If you didn't get scared like me you're underage

>> No.1780682 [DELETED] 

Senior Member

Posts: 1575
Registered: 08-13

It was definitely scary. The lighting, increased graphical quality, dynamic levels, and more realistic environments - all compared to previous games at least - made it very immersive. Wandering around a corner and having the lights go out as some enemies came out of the walls and hissed at you was quite different than anything else at the time, especially from a first-person perspective.

That said, it was still an action game, and not a horror game.

Daily reminder that you're reported for shitposting.

>> No.1780684 [DELETED] 

>Announcing reports
guys pls

>> No.1780685 [DELETED] 

Now that the dust has settled, whats /vr/'s opinion on Brutal Doom? /v/ likes it (well, for the most part...)

>> No.1780686


I've played DOOM since I was a little kid, I recently played it again and still get great feelings of suspense and creepiness. E.g. in that dark room in E1M2, that is scary...

>> No.1780687 [DELETED] 

>not unlike ghosts n ghouls

You are the toppest of le ebin shitposters I've ever seen.

>If you didn't get scared like me you're underage
>I was too young to actually be alive when DOOM even released
>my opinion on this matter is completely valid

>> No.1780689
File: 23 KB, 290x360, doom3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1780693 [DELETED] 

lol epik

>> No.1780694 [DELETED] 

>That said, it was still an action game, and not a horror game.

Reported for shilling threads.

Daily reminder that action =/= horror?


>> No.1780695


Why can't it be a HORROR ACTION game?

>> No.1780697
File: 66 KB, 198x169, doom4 gameplay.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1780698

Because this guy is saying it isn't.

>> No.1780701

>What's an overcharge system on DoomRL Arsenal
A Gauntlet whose armor special will increase the damage of plasma weapons, use with overcharged plasma shotgun and enjoy having BFG-tier meatshot damage
>How do i pick it up
Make space in the inventory, drop an armor
>and use it
Bind a key for armor specials

>> No.1780703 [DELETED] 

Fuck off namefag
You are the shitposter

>> No.1780704
File: 240 KB, 800x600, Screenshot_Doom_20140718_001503.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You know nothing

>> No.1780706 [DELETED] 

This looks gay, why does she have thick eyebrows? Are you gay?

>> No.1780708

I like this.

>> No.1780709

>but thats not what he said
Fair enough.
>wikipedia definition
But you are underage. Don't be such a faggot.

>> No.1780710 [DELETED] 


Have you considered reading the FAQ?

>> No.1780714


Yeah, but his logic makes no sense. He admits there are horror aspects to the game, then he says it's not at all an action horror game...



>> No.1780715

If you MUST call it that way, sure, it can be.
Its obviously an ACTION game with horror THEME though, not a horror game with sanic n gun gameplay.
The problem is the ground zero of shitposting pretty much said it was exclusively horror.

>> No.1780718

Is Brutal Doom good guys?

>> No.1780719
File: 236 KB, 800x600, Screenshot_Doom_20140718_001503_01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1780720
File: 113 KB, 432x336, 1378401651842.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Yes, please.

>> No.1780723

i still jump when there's an unexpected monster right next to me.

i remember having an experience with a baron sneaking up on me on e2m6. it put me off replaying the map for a long time. of course these days i know where all the triggers in the maze are, where to get light goggles from, and even how to skip the entire level with speedrunning trickery...

>> No.1780725 [DELETED] 
File: 287 KB, 1024x768, DOOM3_wallpaper1_by_merc360.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>DOOM was a fast paced memeshooter, r-r-r-ight guys? I'm not just a le cool ebin shitposter?


>> No.1780726
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they're not thick enough

>> No.1780727 [DELETED] 


>> No.1780729


Ok, well in that case I agree.


Most people here don't like it, but I think it's good. Sergeant needs to stop being such a spotted dick though...

>> No.1780730 [DELETED] 

Fuck off you nigger

shitposter detected. I swear to god I will kill you you nigger pig

>> No.1780731 [DELETED] 


Why did you respond to the obvious bait? Why? Why, why, why?

>> No.1780732 [DELETED] 


>> No.1780736 [DELETED] 
File: 38 KB, 482x585, 1403648876040.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1780737 [DELETED] 

>Most people here don't like it, but I think it's good. Sergeant needs to stop being such a spotted dick though...
Brutal Doom is CRAP! If you like it, YOU are a shitposter! PERIOD

>> No.1780740 [DELETED] 

My nigger.
They're delicious.

>> No.1780741 [DELETED] 

I know it's you Donald / CZ / Sgt. Mark
Stop it, immediately

>> No.1780743 [DELETED] 

>shitposter detected. I swear to god I will kill you you nigger pig

No you won't, because you're a pathetic faggot who weighs 110 pounds. Fuck off little kiddie and quit shitposting up this thread because mommy bought you DOOM 3 BFG edition and think you're "cool and hip" for liking retro games.

Lol, to think how this pathetic little fucking shit could even kill a rat is beyond me.

>> No.1780745 [DELETED] 


In that case, you're just as much of a shitposter as me for replying to me.

>> No.1780746

>Sergeant needs to stop being such a spotted dick though...
He has acted decently for quite a bit actually. I for one welcome him here.

>> No.1780747

Omg what, WAD?

>> No.1780749

Jaja que maricón.

>> No.1780752 [DELETED] 

Fuck off Mark, we know it's you
Everyone hates you, except Bethesda
Lucky faggot

>> No.1780753 [DELETED] 


>> No.1780754 [DELETED] 
File: 967 KB, 490x367, 1403129080614.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1780757 [DELETED] 


>> No.1780758

scythe2 map10

>> No.1780760

Scythe 2 map 10 with Doom RL Arsenal.

>> No.1780761 [DELETED] 


>> No.1780763 [DELETED] 

You are retarded

Fuck off spic, speak english or die

What the hell are you talking?

>> No.1780764

He was acting decently till the Doom 4 reveal*

>> No.1780765 [DELETED] 


>> No.1780768 [DELETED] 

Reported again.

>> No.1780770 [DELETED] 
File: 66 KB, 530x398, 98889167.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1780774 [DELETED] 

>this thread
Are we being raid?

>> No.1780775


I made a map.

It's my first map ever.

Please tell me what to improve.

>> No.1780776 [DELETED] 

Uh oh, looks like someone rustled the cages of some autistic children, now here comes the shitposting to try and seem le edgy and cool.

>> No.1780781 [DELETED] 

It sucks, kill yourself

>> No.1780782 [DELETED] 


Someone linked /v/ to these threads

>> No.1780783

You picked a bad time to post it. I'll check it out though. See wuts up.

>> No.1780785

I forgot to mention, it might crash on Chocolate Doom because I exceeded the moving plat limit and there's some minor tutti frutti too, but I think it'll work with most source ports.

>> No.1780787 [DELETED] 
File: 68 KB, 600x800, 94553234.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can someone post CP?

>> No.1780789


You may want to post this later, when things are less hectic.

>> No.1780791

Not only does it not go to the devs at all at this point but the DOSBox wrapper fucking sucks. I had to rip out the WADs and put it in Chocolate Doom just to get it to work. I regret the purchase.

>> No.1780794 [DELETED] 

Might explain all the douche-tards getting all aspie at DOOM being called scary and intense.

No, someone pissed on a bunch of shitposting children and now they're getting angry.

>> No.1780795

Will check shortly

>> No.1780796 [DELETED] 

>First map
Never upload your fist map, they are always shit.
Practice and come back when you made at least 50 other maps
Fucking kids these days

>> No.1780804 [DELETED] 

Why haven't we banned every german /vr/ poster?
Shitposting would decrease by 90%

>> No.1780806 [DELETED] 

>Please tell me what to improve


>> No.1780812 [DELETED] 

Why german?

>> No.1780815 [DELETED] 
File: 32 KB, 342x267, Ahahahahahaha.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


No, we occasionally have waves of tryhard shitposting that goes on for a few hours, then stops when they get bored.
This is nothing new or interesting.

Stay calm, go and play Doom for a short bit, and come back later when the mods have had their heyday.

>> No.1780820 [DELETED] 


Wow, you are so edgy!

>> No.1780825 [DELETED] 

Do NOT respond to shitposters at ALL.

>> No.1780826 [DELETED] 

Don't respond.
Not helping m8.

>> No.1780828 [DELETED] 

Jaja que maricón.

>> No.1780830
File: 314 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_Doom_20140718_132538.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

got a hall of mirrors here.

Other than that though, good map. A little revenent crazy but enjoyable.

>> No.1780835 [DELETED] 

What the fuck happened in this thread

I don't even have a reaction image for this

>> No.1780836 [DELETED] 


>> No.1780837 [DELETED] 
File: 54 KB, 500x329, 4551541+_65a05bb7beb18f334cc0e0e05172a646.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Why does this happen? Does the rest of /vr/ not like us or something?

>> No.1780845

Shit that's glaringly obvious, looks like I forgot to put a texture there after removing something. Thanks.

>> No.1780847

it seems to have several zdoomisms

P_LoadLinesSides: linedef 191 (type 62) missing tag
P_LoadLinesSides: linedef 783 (type 62) missing tag
P_LoadLinesSides: linedef 790 (type 62) missing tag

>> No.1780853 [DELETED] 
File: 69 KB, 690x690, skeletonposter.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1780863 [DELETED] 
File: 1.42 MB, 640x402, jason_skeleton4-01.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Shiver ur timbers I come for ur booty

>> No.1780864 [DELETED] 

I am not a skeleton.

>> No.1780870

For anyone who wants to see the other part of this replace the 1 in the filename with a 2.

>> No.1780871

Thanks Doom IIII.

>> No.1780872 [DELETED] 

I didn't say you were, I knew that >>1780863
was about to post

>> No.1780876 [DELETED] 

So..... when is the rest of this shit gonna get deleted?

>> No.1780882


Apparently they're from /v/.


Not bad for a first map.

>> No.1780891 [DELETED] 


Probably when the mods wake up, instead of people deleting their own posts.

>> No.1780894

Waaaaay too much shotgun ammo, specially with all those infighting possibilities.
Remove one of the green armors, make the blue one a big secret or remove it althogether. Going into map 02 with a free 200% armor, SSG, chain and a truck of ammo is usually pretty bad for balance purposes.
Overall its nice, just too easy. Pinky Demons cant possibly hit you, for example.
Minor complaint, but dont give me lots of armor bonuses 20 seconds before giving me a full armor, they will most likely be wasted.

>> No.1780901


So, apparently we won't have a public Doom 4 reveal till 2015.

>> No.1780903 [DELETED] 
File: 14 KB, 800x600, facepalm01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>clicked 'embed'

>> No.1780906


Oh my fucking God, seriously? What the fuck is wrong with id? Ugh, fucking assholes...

>> No.1780908

It's a pretty cool time capsule of an article, but in reference to what was mentioned in that post, it's true.

DOOM was an action game, but that didn't mean it wasn't atmospheric and scary.

Wonder what it would've been like to have had a top-tier gaming PC while playing coop online in DOOM in 1994...

>> No.1780910
File: 54 KB, 294x360, llosysje.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Damn, those guys in the black curtain room were lucky sunsabitches.

>> No.1780914 [DELETED] 

>I knew that >>1780863 was about to post

The reason he posted was because of you...

>> No.1780917
File: 36 KB, 600x300, Hines.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Pete Hines

>> No.1780927
File: 2.36 MB, 400x228, funny-gifs-getting-angry[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1780939 [DELETED] 
File: 113 KB, 200x200, 1398434007083.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying that wasn't my plan all along

>> No.1780942

It's just showing a video, fuck.

All you people have to do is press the "upload" button and place a disclaimer that it's still in development

>> No.1780946

>Oh my fucking God, seriously? What the fuck is wrong with zeimax? Ugh, fucking assholes...
fixed it for you

>> No.1780950


It's been in development since 2007, they're just being assholes at this point...

>> No.1780952
File: 286 KB, 640x361, comfy.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1780957

Oh, looks like I forgot to tag the lift sector and the lift switches together.

Thank you.

Thank you too, I adjusted the ammo and moved some stuff around too.

Is there anything else that stuck out?

>> No.1780963
File: 3 KB, 137x143, 39948348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>lonely, cold, small room with a window looking right into the next forest
>it's raining, rain drops are hitting the window, it sounds like someones walking through the hallway

>> No.1780965



I would....personally stick to reading WAD walkthroughs, if that's the case.

>> No.1780967 [DELETED] 
File: 1.35 MB, 400x224, 1399173231850.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1780969


>> No.1780972 [DELETED] 

>That aren't brazilian

Fixed that for you.

>> No.1780980


>> No.1780982

shit like this is worrying
why are they so afraid of the internet seeing it?

>> No.1780984


it would occupy the passanger's seat and shoot pellets to enemies
riding shotgun, get it

>> No.1780985

>Loves DOOM
>Hates Doom Episodes 2 and 4

Come at me.

>> No.1780986

WAD walkthroughs don't go into depth about why they hate totally unimportant details.

>> No.1780987

So, Mike did the past thread, who did this one?

Time to switch thread makers again

>> No.1780989


You fucking faggot you have a different opinion but that's okay

>> No.1780996

Episode 1 is overrated. E4 is the best part of Doom 1. Doom 2 >>>> Doom 1. The Pit is a masterpiece. TNT is good. Hellbound was terrible.

>> No.1780997
File: 62 KB, 720x540, Spongebobobobobobob.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What are you talking about? It's ZKart, theres no passengers seat

>> No.1781009


That's the joke.

>> No.1781037

Do you think Doom 4 will have it so if you die you lose all your weapons, or will it be pussified so you start off with everything you had?

>> No.1781054

You may want to move the first chaingunner, the first cacodemon or both.
See, if you skip the first door instead of backtracking as soon as you clear the big blue room, you will have the chaingun before going back to pick up the blue key, trivializing those revenants quite a bit (thin maze, they cant surround you and will be flinched to death).
If you pick the keycard first, the acid room will be insanely easy instead. Chaingunner/shotgun guys next to him die instantly, one caco is in perfect range to SSG his face off, while at the same time blocking the line of fire of the second one (assuming you didnt run to pick up goodies without seeing them).
I would also suggest you keep spectres deeper into the maze. They are only threatening when you dont expect them, but spectres are the first thing you see after going up the elevator.
Having all spectres being released from that circular room together with revenants would be much better imo.

>> No.1781059
File: 66 KB, 550x728, ((1)).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

we'll find out when the game comes out

>> No.1781060

Second option probably, but the levels likely won't be balanced for pistol starts, which in a sense makes likely that abstract level design won't be so much of a thing.

>> No.1781063

I hope it'll be like ZDoom / Zanderonum:
You can enable autosave, by default it is disabled.
You can choose on your own if you want to restart with all your weapons.

>> No.1781070

Episode 1 is far from overrated.

I didn't like Episode 4 that much compared to 1 and 3, it was mostly the fact that the levels in episode 4 felt too samey. I also didn't care for the difficulty of them that much. Going mostly off memory, but Episode 3 felt a lot more different than the rest of the doom episodes, had a lot of new assets and felt more like a representation of hell than either 2 or 4.

And it's been a while since I've played Doom 2, but if I'm remembering it correctly, I prefer it over Doom 1 as well. Though, I liked Doom 1's episodic structuring more-so than the continuous format of Doom 2.

TNT and Plutonia I didn't care for.

>> No.1781097

Wat wad?

>> No.1781105

Aliens TC is old as hell and doesn't work right with some modern sourceports

>> No.1781126



Don't worry, there's no need to tell you never tried ChocoDoom to play it.

>> No.1781127
File: 499 KB, 500x281, 2cool4skin.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>this thread

>> No.1781128

You're assuming all levels will give you basic weapons near the start.
Imagine Dead Simple without that super shotty right next to you. Its obviously possible, but such a pain in the ass that nobody would do it for fun.

A good way to avoid having to balance everything from pistol starts is to respawn you with all your previously owned weapons, but only 50 bullets.

>> No.1781137 [DELETED] 

>that gif
Is this some new sharknado-ish movie with ghost sharks?

>> No.1781138

i don't know, but the rainfall effect is from icarus and the windows are from tnt:evilution

it could be reverie (cf. >>1780475)

>> No.1781141

i would, if i weren't going to bed right now

>> No.1781156

Thank you, I'll do that

>> No.1781157
File: 374 KB, 1680x1050, Screenshot_Doom_20140718_231625.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>It's my first map ever.

Actually pretty good for a first. I played on skill3, didn't find the secret, and I agree that there is a bit too much shotgun ammo.

In the 'general' things, there are 2 things that put me off:
1 - I find it a little weird that if you don't go in the path that holds the blue key first, you can go ALL the way to the end of the map killing the vast majority of enemies. This means that if you don't go get the blue key first, you'll have to backtrack that long way empty and come back again, with it empty; and also you'll be killing most enemies WITHOUT the double barrel shotgun (though that's not exactly an issue).
However, the only way to prevent this, would be to change how the locked doors are configured, and for instance make the door on the right of where i stand in this pic locked by the blue key (and then replace the blue elevator lock by a button triggered elevator; using the same button in the adjacent room).
This however, would make the map a bit more linear. I personally would like it better that way, but maybe you don't.

2- The revenants. I think NONE of the revenant encounters are good for revenants. For instance, imo the one in the dark area calls more for invisible pinkies. The one in the small room that unlocks the eleavtor, i'd put chaingunners.

The rest of my 'complains' aren't as important :
- I think you need more variety in textures. For instance the room in the pic; it's a different room than the rest, could use another set of textures. That white wall texture is everywhere, i'd suggest change some rooms of that (or like, keep it for corridors and have 'rooms' use another texture, or vice versa; or find one or two textures that you can combine with that texture a bit everywhere to make it look less bland and repetitive)
- quite a lot of misaligned textures a bit everywhere
- i don't really like when you get chaingun/shotgun from enemies, but that's just me i guess

>> No.1781169

>music are still the default ones.
AlienTC doesn't come with new music.

>> No.1781172


- Missing texture behind the imp platform in the tox section.

- All the Tox sections don't even cause damage

- You don't even need to find the blue key to get to the exit, you can still drop the lift, walk to the side of the lift and go up it. Worst yet, you don't even need to fight the revenants after the lift because the exit switch is right behind them.

Suggestion 1: Just have the Blue Key Wall on top of the platform with revenants, have the Blue Key Switch drop the wall exposing the Revenants, causing a final conflict in the tox area when you emerge from the Blue Key Room.

Suggestion 2: Playtest your own damn maps before posting this shit... everything I found in this map was blatantly obvious. LAZY.

>> No.1781176

>>1781157 (cont)

- i'd add a pair of nightvision glasses in the dark area in a secret-ish area (if not the case already)
- some enemy placement could be better. for instance not found of the big group of imps in the big room near the start
- There are 2 sets of bluebars that lock the path at the end; once you have the blue if you press use on one you can open it, but if press use on the other, you can't. imo you should make that consistant. Replace the first set of blue bars, the one that you can't press 'use' on, by something else for instance

But good map for a first map.

>> No.1781198
File: 2.62 MB, 320x240, ssgless-map07.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Imagine Dead Simple without that super shotty right next to you. Its obviously possible, but such a pain in the ass that nobody would do it for fun.
>>1781141 (me)
i lied


-complevel 2 uvmax

>> No.1781209

Cutting through the shitstorm with detailed feedback!

-Work on your texture alignments, a lot. DB can even do this for you--I think the default key is A, and Shift+A will align the other way.
-You have a good grasp on varied lighting and, for the most part, room design. Keep this up. Every area looked (relatively) unique and different, and I never felt like I was going the wrong way or that the areas were boring. I also commend you on making a MyFirstMap.wad with more than 3 rooms in it.
-Similarly, excellent job on not just handing the player a shotgun in the first room with no opposition. I can't stress this enough!
-You do have some strange texturing choices that could use work. For example, the COMPBLUE in the opening room is totally out of place. You use it in a few more places surrounding computer window wall decorations but this texture doesn't really serve that purpose; it looks amateurish in this context. Replace it with lights.
-Big DOORSTOP texture on the side of the lift in the room to the blue key maze; looks like shit. I don't understand, the platform looks big enough that you could just use PLAT1 again on the sides, so why didn't you?
Alternately, this is why most lifts you'll see will be inset to the platform they're rising up to; it's a lot easier to texture the inside of the lift than it is the outside, SUPPORT2 and 3 exist pretty much for that purpose (depending on your texture theme)

>> No.1781219

>- i don't really like when you get chaingun/shotgun from enemies, but that's just me i guess
This is more acceptable in a level that's not your Map01, or wherever you introduce the weapons at. For example, if you first introduce the chaingun in Map02 of your wad, I think it's perfectly acceptable to have the only chainguns in Map03 or Map04 be from enemies.

>> No.1781223
File: 117 KB, 900x1200, crow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any hard science fiction doom wads?
Image unrelated

>> No.1781229

Dont most people like getting weapons as drops, or is that only for shotguns?
Fighting a group of chaingunners for your first one is perfect for me.

>> No.1781238

What is the definitive brutal doom video to show someone who's never played it?

>> No.1781241

-The map is designed in a way that it's possible to non-linearly end up at the blue key switch before you have the blue key. This is in itself NOT a bad thing, it's actually pretty cool, BUT it's possible to activate the Revenant trap before you even have the blue key--and by extension, the SSG. Fighting a pair of Revenants with only a Shotgun (and maybe a chaingun) is NO FUN. I would change your trap layout to make it only activate AFTER you've got the blue key (you can do this with some linedefs that are BEHIND the blue key rising barrier as opposed to in front of it.)
-Similarly all the blue key barriers look like shit, you should never have that texture crowding the walls as much as it is. Break it up into separate sectors (look at Map02 of Doom 2 for reference on how to do this)
-You can skip right past the Revenants at the end to exit, bad design there, and having an area drop down that just holds two Revenants as an obvious end fight is a shitty idea. IMO this map has too many Revenants as it is and not nearly enough Hell Knights (of which there are none).
-Don't use a different or misaligned texture to indicate a secret door and then have the door opened by some other method. If I can see that the wall is an obvious misaligned/different texture secret door, I should be rewarded.
-Speaking of, I can jump right out the fucking window in ZDoom and get to the outside secret. Make the window Impassible to prevent this. It is my opinion that you shouldn't forbid the player from jumping if they desire, and you should balance your map around this fact, preventing the player from accessing areas they aren't supposed to with clever design or, as above, Impassible flags on windows
-I feel like that initial big room with a bunch of Imps and shit is TOO big. Just bring it in by a few. The reason it's too big is because there isn't enough "stuff" to populate it, just a bunch of enemies. Bringing it in just a little bit will help cease that illusion.

>> No.1781245


>> No.1781251

John Romero @romero 29 min

Here. — at ID Software http://fb.me/19JxLHMB2

>> No.1781257
File: 30 KB, 246x257, lift linedefs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The missing texture was because I moved a textured linedef to where it was but forgot the wrong sidedef was textured, from a last minute change before it was uploaded.

The tox section was something I assumed I had done and it's embarassing I forgot to do that.

I didn't notice you could still drop the lift even with the blue bars up either, the trigger for those is on the other side of them. I'll change that.

I did a lot of auto aligning but I'm never pleased with it. Thank you for the feedback.

I did a lot of fiddling with the blue key switch trap but it would never activate unless it was on the outside, though that's really my fault. Those are some useful points though, thank you.

>> No.1781261

Honestly it depends on how much thought you're giving to your map and enemy placements. I like to hand a player a chaingun and then make them fight Chaingunners, rather than the inverse.

All in all, I think the map is pretty good. You obviously need a little help in the texturing department and there are a few gameplay kinks to work out, but you have a great grasp on the basics and could easily become good over time. Keep at it, don't get discouraged, and get better!

One last thing, and this is a tip for everybody new to making maps: Play with the themes and textures. It's VERY easy to get caught up in doing E1 techbases and doing ONLY that, but the Hell textures and E2 Hellbase stuff can be equally fun to make, ESPECIALLY if you have no experience doing so. You may have an idea of how techbases are supposed to look like, but Hell can look like fucking anything, just start splattering those weird fucking textures everywhere and make it look really cool. My appreciation for hell maps went up tenfold after I made a few myself. I even like that damn green marble now, and I used to hate it.

>> No.1781278
File: 517 KB, 245x182, tumblr_mgfozleELP1r426i4o5_r1_250.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Hard science fiction
>About a game involving super-natural elements

>> No.1781282
File: 422 KB, 1680x1050, Screenshot_Doom_20140718_231604.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is nitpicking but it bothered me a little while playing : In this pic, the part on the right. Why does it exist? It's big, empty, has no purpose. Why not drag the wall closer, NOT directly along the 'doorpath in between both rooms' (dunno how to call that) but close to it.

That or find some use for it, even if minor.

I mean, it looks like nothing but this DOES help give this whole part the feeling of being too big and empty; and that texture is already overused in the level so no need to add extra useless spaces with it.

>> No.1781303

You're gonna have to give some examples.

>> No.1781309

it's a general term. in this case he means mod

>> No.1781315
File: 601 KB, 1280x964, welcometoborders.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I did a lot of auto aligning but I'm never pleased with it.
It can be hard with STARTAN type textures, IMO those are the hardest thing to align. The BEST way I've found is to only make STARTAN rooms be completely square/rectangular and completely aligned to the grid, and ANY time there's a weird angle or something, border it off with SUPPORT2 textures somewhere so it can be isolated. This has the double advantage of looking pretty good while allowing you to align the textures easily. Check this out as an example (from my new WIP map).

>> No.1781317

I wish people made less maps with outdoors, huge arenas with lots of enemies. Its pretty cheap, imo. Why don't people create more complex enviroment, nonlinear levels with lost keycards, closed doors, switches etc that are fun to explore?

>> No.1781324

As a map designer, I hate making large "arena" fights. I hate any time there's just a big shitfest with enemies everywhere. Ten times out of ten, I would rather fight 4-5 carefully chosen and placed enemies with a limited inventory than face 15 monsters with every weapon up to the plasma gun.

>> No.1781328

no m8, i'm sure it's still doom

>> No.1781338

ive been inspired from the earlier anon making his first map so I made mine too
I didnt put very much detail into it and I only watched 5 of the official doombuilder tutorial but I hope I can get better

>> No.1781339

I see, thanks.

>> No.1781341

I know what WAD means...I wasn't ready to hear "hard science fiction" and "DOOM" included in the same sentence.

>> No.1781342

I agree, this area could deal with a little bit of a redesign. There's also a lot of weird superfluous sectors that seem to be designed to do lighting tricks but most of the textures are set to the same lighting, so I think it needs another pass

>> No.1781346


The commando is gonna be the most fun:

>bottomless supply of knives to cut shit up with and throw
>most likely to be inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger from his 80s flicks
>melee stronk

>> No.1781350

There's one for STRIFE.

I forget exactly what it's called, but in it, you're a cyborg on board a space ship where a bunch of demons and shit start appearing. I played it a little bit, but it had a lot of background and sciency stuff.

>> No.1781351
File: 116 KB, 1024x768, Screenshot_Doom_20140718_182454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

-Never give the player the shotgun in the first room with no opposition
-Never make a door that looks like a door but doesn't open like a door, and not make it immediately obvious why
-Never have the player fight 80 Revenants with a shotgun with no health, what the fuck dude
I can't even escape from the fight

Nevermind, this is clearly a joke

>> No.1781352

my anus is bleeding

>> No.1781359

alright after a while I made a second map with a lot less agitation

>> No.1781367

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice...I won't get fooled again.

>> No.1781372


you dumbasses always get fooled by the same dude everyday at the same hour and do nothing about it.

>> No.1781374

I lied, I got fooled again.

There's really nothing to actually criticise here but that's only because it's impossible to criticise nothing. To me, these aren't "maps," they're experiments to get used to using the editor. Come back when it's more than 5 rooms with the same textures, heights, and random monsters and items thrown in.

OBLIGE makes better maps than this, and it's a machine.

>> No.1781385
File: 142 KB, 640x480, bull.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Needs more quality.

>> No.1781401

>SLIGE makes better mapa that this


>> No.1781402
File: 143 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_Doom_20140718_154245.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Beat it. What >>1781374 said.

>> No.1781416
File: 1.03 MB, 1280x720, Screenshot_Doom_20140718_174827.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1781426

No, you fucked it up. SLIGE is shit, OBLIGE is awesome and just got a new update

>> No.1781428

Speaking of, what's the best version of oblige?

>> No.1781429

The newest one, it brings back elements from version 3 while keeping the new shit from 4 and 5

>> No.1781449

He had a lets play of pol.wad on twitch where he spent the entire time after the computer room going OH!! MY!! GOD!!, but then he deleted it.

>> No.1781464

well, looks like we got a new doom trailer after all
brutal doom v20, that is
that E1 remake looks great if you ask me

>> No.1781476

he doesn't even know how to even play. And has lag spikes even on his own pc

>> No.1781484

>And has lag spikes even on his own pc
dude, i think he said a good amount of time that his computer was pretty crappy, and yeah, he was recording it, that never helps

>> No.1781492

It's a problem with Fraps. My computer laughs at Wolfenstein New Order on max settings.

>> No.1781501

use bandicam dude, Fraps kinda sucks

>> No.1781503
File: 42 KB, 386x530, 1325196093216.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1781504

That new pump animation for the shotgun looks really really off.

>> No.1781505

>My computer laughs at Wolfenstein New Order on max settings.
mine can't even launch the game ;_;

>> No.1781508

Link because u r a faget http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mn2J4Loe57g&list=UU_NSOckDnuypJK_FpCO6ogA&feature=player_detailpage

It seems pretty nice. Ragdolls look like they would feel great, even if they're a bit "fuck physics." Game's still a bit too loud and the sounds too "metallic" for my tastes, and I still don't really love some of the sprites (shotgun in particular). But BDSE fixes those things for me so whatever. As I said, it looks pretty great.
Start of the vid m8.

>> No.1781509

I just checked Youtube, I just see his already existing preview vids

>> No.1781516

Agreed. Too "tilted", I guess?

>> No.1781523

or maybe it's because it suffers from random buffering on every pc, I wonder

>> No.1781526

next you're telling me you use VLC you little bitch

>> No.1781531

I think so.
Also feels like if it's angled like that for the pump it shouldn't be getting pulled back that far.

The new chaingun looks nice though, I really dig that.

>> No.1781541

I gotta say I'm liking the new animations, are the spiffed up levels a part of this or are they something to get separately? I cant wait to see what how Spearglord Edition makes it even better

>> No.1781545


What's wrong with Fraps?
I use it for everything and it's been fine so far.

>> No.1781558

Well except for the shotgun side pump looking a bit funky that's nice.
>Look through other videos
>Shotgun ragdolling

>> No.1781567
File: 90 KB, 500x667, 1405274834013.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh wow its designed for consoles like every game ever i'm sure this means it will be shit

>> No.1781568

Yup. I wasn't specially thrilled by the stealth but the other things look bretty gud.
Say, how long do you think it's left till release?
Also what was the trick for making blood and stuff dissappear faster? I forgot.

>> No.1781576

I thought the stealth was kinda neat considering how simple Doom's AI is.

Also the new rocket launcher sprite? Fucking nice.

>> No.1781579

>Also the new rocket launcher sprite? Fucking nice.
Yeah that was neat.

>> No.1781580

I was wanting to make it look like JoeyTD's centered Duke shotgun. This alt animation was supposed to play 50% of times. Was it a bad idea?

Yeah, I'm tired of it now, and I am going to start looking for alternatives. I definitely don't want to record the release trailer with Fraps and face these same problems again.

mid-August maybe.
Open Blood folder, Ctrl F, replace everything that is a 4004 by 100

These maps are from Recurring Nightmare. Not a part of Brutal Doom. It's a different mod.

>> No.1781583

>demons give up and start crying like babies when they lose a limb
Brutal Doom's biggest flaw. They're pissed-off killing machines, not humans. The only time they should stop fighting is when they're dead.

>> No.1781584

thanks, they look like cool levels

>> No.1781587


The problem is that's exactly what makes the stealth so underwhelming.
It's just an A_JumpIfTargetInLos check.

>> No.1781593

The start of the vid says it's a separate levelpack man.
That kinds of tickles me too, but some of them do keep fighting. Sgts on their knees keep shooting, revenants torn in half keep moving and blasting your ass, etc.

>> No.1781594

>This alt animation was supposed to play 50% of times. Was it a bad idea?
It's not a bad idea but the sprite looks kinda awkward when tilted.
It might need to be redrawn to look more natural.

Nothing wrong with the concept of multiple animations for the pump animation though. I like that.

>> No.1781595

They bleed out in just 2 seconds. It's only there to make the Chaingun cause the same effect as the Zombies/Imps.

I'm probably going to give every bleeding monster a "last stand" mode.

>> No.1781598

yeah it should be more necromorphs, they only stop when too crippled to continue

>> No.1781602

>Open Blood folder, Ctrl F, replace everything that is a 4004 by 100
Alright, thanks a lot!
Does that work with casings and stuff though?
>I'm probably going to give every bleeding monster a "last stand" mode.
That sounds cool.

>> No.1781604

>Legless imps decide to start hopping at you
>Hellknights try to attack you with one arm
Really it could be like Ninja Gaiden 2 where enemies missing a limb were still really really dangerous if you left them alone.

>> No.1781606

which foe is most likely to go on without a head? just thinking Deadspace

>> No.1781607

Yes. Replace 250 by 1. But keep in mind that casings works in a different way, and will only disappear when out of the player's line of sight.

>> No.1781608

revenant, obviously

>> No.1781610

Without a head?

Pinkies and Cyberdemons

>> No.1781612 [SPOILER] 
File: 575 KB, 1000x1258, 1405727878514.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.1781613


>Barons in level 2.

This really bugs me for some reason. They saved the barons for the final level because it was supposed to be a big twist. "turns out you're not fighting aliens... You're fighting HELL" The demons and imps look ambigous enough that you'd believe they're aliens, but the Baron ?

Other than that. Looks great.

>> No.1781615

just great now Im stuck here waiting for Recurring nightmares to get a release! Sweet Christmas I'm always waiting for something!

>> No.1781617

I was actually thinking that but then I think about their homing rockets and it feels like they actually do need to see what they are locking on to.


>> No.1781618 [SPOILER] 
File: 221 KB, 623x1000, 1405727953218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Cacodemon so lewd

>> No.1781619

personally for me it's more about the power Scaling and the buildup, should at least be Hellknights

>> No.1781621

but it'd be funny seeing a revenant spastically run around headless punching the air and firing rockets all over the place

>> No.1781624

9/10 would cuddle with both.
Especially to stop the Pain Elemental lady from making more lost souls.

>> No.1781625

Imps being all badass and shit, throwing fireballs and leaping to claw you off then watching horrified as their guts spill off their bodies is kind of pathetic. I mean, I guess it's satisfying in a primal level to see suffer something that wants to hurt you but doesn't make much sense when that thing is a demon. The "stunned" ones though, where you fuck them up so badly they can't react are nice tho, but the whole "fight till the end" thing fits and seems like it would be cool.

>> No.1781627

you forgot losing it's course on the jetpack, it's more terrifying headless!

>> No.1781628

whats the point if they still have ugly demonfaces

>> No.1781632

>Ugly demon faces

I thought they were cute anon.

>> No.1781634

Same folder right?

>> No.1781636

How the fuck do I play doom on Xubuntu 14.04?

This shit's an absolute pain, I just want to shoot demons

>> No.1781637

them fighting words

>> No.1781638
File: 118 KB, 580x363, 1350365985695.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1781639

The Belphegors will take place on the Baron's Fight. (Not stock Brutal Doom ones. I will rescript them into Recurring Nightmare, to allow compatibility without Brutal Doom)

That's exactly what I was going for.

I'm going to remove all the "sad" faces made by Dr. Doctor. Also, remember, I will give them last stand modes.

No, it's on the CASING lump

>> No.1781642
File: 36 KB, 291x365, boner.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


you now notice the barrettes

>> No.1781652

the Belphegors are the big Centaurs right?

>> No.1781662

since we're on page 5, new thread guys




>> No.1781663
File: 905 KB, 800x800, mama mia.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.1781664

hey sgt mark, when are you going to implement explosive suplexes?

>> No.1781734

It looks like the top 100 wads in the pastebin has been flagged as malicious. Is there a reason for this?

>> No.1781771 [DELETED] 
File: 130 KB, 640x1272, doom 4 reveal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey guys, Doombro here! Hope you're all having a good evening!

I made a new comic. Enjoy! ᕦ(ò_óˇ)ᕤ

>> No.1781774

Everyone's flocked to the newest thread, you should post it there >>1781658 (Cross-thread)

>> No.1781778

Alright, thanks for the heads up.

>> No.1781981

is it on idgames?

>> No.1782261


Am I just retarded or is Recurring Nightmare no longer on Moddb?

>> No.1782279

Never mind i'm retarded.

>> No.1782442

Are the iwads from the web site loaded through GZDOOM the same as playing the game vanilla when I don't mess with default settings?

>> No.1782451


Poor guy.
Thread is here:

>> No.1783130

Im suggesting about putting a succubus in hdoom.

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